The Zeta Sector [v1.0.3a] [Primal356]

The Zeta Sector [v1.0.3a] [Primal356]

July 19, 2024F95

You are Adelyn Blake, twenty-six years old, commander of the rogue vessel called the Emerald Grace. You venture to the land of fanatic slavers in the hope that you could make enough cash to settle your debt back home. Problem is: You are kinky as fuck. And you find yourself wanting to be a slave the moment you enter the sector. Can you resist the urge? Or will you end up with a collar on your neck like so many before you?
Thread Updated: 2024-07-19
Release Date: 2024-07-19
Developer: Primal356Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.3a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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AI CG, Sci-fi, Bdsm, latex, Slave, Text based, RPG, Female protagonist,
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Extract and run.
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– Added keyboard support.
– Added and extended 2 missions from the 0.1.0 version, including 2 new ways to get a bad end, a new minigame + new images (you can download the 0.1.0 version through Mega or play it through itch.io).
– Added more images to the alien mission so you could see some goodies as you roam around the town.
There are also a couple changes compared to the 1.0.2 version that was released on May 19 (hence calling it 1.0.3a). These changes are the following:
– Fixed some bugs with the keyboard support.
– Replaced some of the NSFW images from the new missions with ones that are from 1.0.5 version.
– Replaced the cover image to the new one.
– Added a new enslavement path under the boot of Princess Keith (you can encounter her on Ranak II at the end of the milk facility mission).
– Added a new mini game as part of the enslavement path, where Adelyn and Elena are forced to lick each other to orgasm. The mini game has two possible outcomes depending on how clever Adelyn proves to be during this trial.
– Added images to the 12th chapter for Aarla’s Descent (you can buy it on Jafar in the holo-vid store for five telers).
– Added images to the 1st chapter for Lauren’s Nightmare (you can buy it in the same store as above for five telers).
– Replaced the old 2nd chapter for Lauren’s Nightmare with the new new one and added images.
– Added the 3rd chapter for Lauren’s Nightmare (technically the free release date would be July 15, but what the hell :D).
– Added walkthrough under the FAQ section.
– Replaced the cover image with the new one (technically I already had a new one, so this is the new new one).
v1.0.2 Demo
– Replaced some images that I found lacking on replays.
– Added new chapters to the Aarla’s Descent story that the MC could read in the cabin.
– Fixed some minor errors in the text that I found.
v1.0.1 Demo
Merged the planet hubs with the 0.1.0 version. The list of changes are the following:
– Added the catlady path with 14 NSFW images.
– Added the Elizabeth path with 11 NSFW images.
– Added the Neil path with 3 NSFW images.
– Added the Milk Facility mission with 2 NSFW images.
– Added the Alien mission with 1 NSFW image.
v0.1.0 Demo
Added “DEMO” to the title to indicate that the free release is a short version.
Added the catlady route so Helcion IV could be opened up a bit.
Added the Neil slave path with an additional 8000 words of content.
Fixed the issue with the Alien mission where the player is unable to get back to the beginning after a bad end.
Added the pony path for Alescia with 8000 words of content.
Updated the code that initiates the crash in the second part of the game. This way the player can visit all three planets + complete the two missions before the ship crashes. I also found a bug in the crash portion that prevented some text from playing out.
Added the option to return at the end of longer game end paths.
Extended the space battle. The player can die, however there is plenty of foreshadowing.
Added back Alescia to the beginning section so the player could get to the pony bad end.
Added a new button to the sidebar so the player could track his/her skills.
The player can now go back to the previous passage.
Removed the bad ends and to be continued scenarios from the first part of the game and from certain points of the second part. The rest of them are later on during the game, so they should be less of a problem.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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First game here. Wish me luck!
I’m happy to announce that the planet hubs are ready for testing! I named this version to 1.0.0 (DEMO) since it is much more uplifting to read on the sidebar than “planet hubs”, but technically this is just the hubs and a couple new mechanics I started to play around with.


I also published the version on itch.io for those who prefer to play it through browser:

Merged the game with the planet hubs!
You can download the old version here. Or you can play it through itch.io.
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The 1.0.3 version has three enslavement paths with images:
1. Catlady: After the introduction you have to choose Helcion IV and keep exploring the city.
2. Elizabeth: You have to buy the water gun on Jafar and visit the mechanic on Helcion IV (yupp, she is the one). Once you shoot her, the enslavement starts.
3. Princess Keith: You have to complete the Ranak II mission and ask to be her slave. The slavery path should start right away.
In order to complete the introduction the player has to get closer to the Zheng He. If you try to get away after the warning, the Emerald Grace will be destroyed.
In order to get the alien mission you will have to speak to the Caregiver on Jafar. To do this you will have to give five hundred telers to the guy in the holovid store.
In order to get the milk facility mission, you need to speak to the Caregiver on Alescia. To do that you will have to give five hundred telers to the guy in the sex shop.
There is a hidden quest that involves Adelyn and a buttplug. To start you will have to buy the buttplug from the guy in the sex shop and use it onboard the ship.
There is a fourth enslavement path that starts after the player talks with Neil on Jafar (you have to keep exploring the station in order to get to him). This path however is very scarce on graphic content.
If you ask the guy on Jafar about his tattoos, you will get a second donation. This one will be more substantial.

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    The Zeta Sector [v1.0.3a] [Primal356]