Training Space Station [Build 21] [GoodBadRobot]

Training Space Station [Build 21] [GoodBadRobot]

January 16, 2024F95

You control a little lusty Robot who decided he wanted to become real boy.
“Greatest girls hunter in the galaxy.”

Thread Updated: 2024-01-01
Release Date: 2023-12-17
Developer: GoodBadRobot Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Build 21
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3D game, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-fi, Animated, BDSM, Corruption, Humiliation, Monster, Oral sex, Simulator, Superpowers, Vaginal sex, Tentacles, Rape
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1. Extract and run.
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Build 21
Build 20
  • New brain merging machine
  • New resources – Energies and Research Points
  • 2 Science station quests
  • New upgradable station deck (Deck C)
  • Station core console deck
  • New upgrade console
  • New EMP weapon
  • Damage types system (EMP/Physic/Energy)
  • Development of samples reaction system depending on their skills
  • Some new skills
  • Auto orientation for machines in build mode
  • A few of new icons
  • ScienceStation and TentacleWorld level updates
  • Random skills chances tweak
  • Performance optimization
  • Cutscenes skip function [Esc]
  • Station navmesh bug fixed
  • Sex Spot losing samples bug fixed
  • Journal tasks bug fixed
  • Tattoos size bug fixed
  • Quests bugs fixed
  • Dialog camera bug fixed
  • A lot of small bug fixed
  • A bunch of new uncharted bugs
  • A very screwed up balance
Build 19
  • New sex transforming machine
  • Tentacles world drop items update
  • Tentacles world nursery zone update
  • Black market new lab building
  • Finished quest “Nursery zone”
  • Ability to change samples name
  • Transforming machine multiple bugs fix
  • Wrong avatars bug fix
  • Some idle animation fix
  • Quest and dialogs fixes
  • UI fixes
Build 18
  • Ability to collect and manage male samples
  • Khindarian male and female crew members on the Science Station
  • 3 Levels of capture scanner (Base info, Number of skills and scaning option, All skills info)
  • Audio-visual amplification module for “BW3 improving skills Machine”, “Milking Machine” and “Sex Machine”
  • Finding and collecting new tattoos
  • New elements of appearance (haircuts,glasses,beards)
  • Aliance Scoutship Level Update
  • Aliance Science-Station Level Update
  • New Science-Station related quest (Ask Jerom’s friend about captain’s notes)
  • New combat skills: dodge and energy shield
  • 9998 Bugs fixed & 9999 New bugs added
Build 17
Build 16
  • New quests just a little bit begins to explain the universe (I’ll try to write a detailed post with a walkthrough during the playtests)
  • UI upgrade, minimizing, cam points (for public scenes), auto-save screenshots to the game folder (Gamefolder/Screenshots)
  • Public scenes (by one in Trashworld, Tentacles Planet, and in Blackmarket)
  • Updates to previous levels
  • Sound system (without sound samples)
  • Dialogs with external load (See GamefolderTrainingSpaceStation_DataModsDialogsPublicScenes )
  • New sex machine with custom frame rotation and modules support
  • New npc with new animations
  • New modules
  • Skills, Levels, Quests descriptions.
  • Dialog animations and cam points
  • CPU loading performance improving
  • Experience per/h display fix
  • Friendly fier bug
  • Fixed losing modules
  • Thousand of tiny bugs
Build 12
Build 11
  • Huge amount of bugfix
  • Tentacle quest finish fix
  • Balance improvements
Build 10
  • New tentacle level
  • New enemies (some of them drops useful resources)
  • New girls visuals, new tentacle suit
  • Quests and storyline introduction
  • Selling items vending machine in tradepost
  • New Milking machine with production
  • New pose for sex-spot
  • Resource withdrawing (except bioprinter it broke in last moment )
  • Cheat button
  • Bunch of new bugs
  • Independent Machine Work – delayed
  • Advanced AI – delayed
  • Ability to interaction now shown by brighter selection outline
  • Trader have one new lingerie for girls
  • Unable to firing caused by stuck selected object
  • UI layer now is not prevent firing
  • Bot firing range skill calculation fix
  • Resources withdraw fix (still have bug with spending when build teleport cell, but when reopen build bar it will not active)
  • *Spending resources to run machines is disabled specifically for alpha version
  • Loading saved game with occupied sex spot crash fix
  • Bridge lever action description
  • Test item key is now always interactive
  • Far door console is now always interactive
  • Selling not add money bug fix
  • Teleport to station cabin fix
  • Bunch UI text fixes
  • Bunch of minor bugs fixes
  • bug fix
  • new renderpipeline with more bugs
  • *pre tutorial: Build “Teleport Cell” at Station tab to able to capture someone
  • *note: Store your samples in the tubes, only there you can save them

Extras: Mouse cursor patch* – CheatUnofficial Game Wiki

axelblade13 thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version/code is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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