Trials in Tainted Space [v0.9.100] [Fenoxo]

Trials in Tainted Space [v0.9.100] [Fenoxo]

June 15, 2024F95

Trials in Tainted Space is a text game about exploring the universe, yourself, and its myriad inhabitants in fun and customizable ways. Because the entire game is made in text, it’s easy to change scenes on the fly. The game is built to accommodate everything from you playing a studly ship captain to a busty space-slattern to a masculine-looking hermaphrodite to a hard-working mercenary just looking for his next job.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-14
Release Date: 2024-06-12
Developer: Fenoxo WebsitePatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.100
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Language: English
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2DCG, Text based, Adventure, Sci-fi, Character creation, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Furry, Futa/trans, Gay, Lesbian, Mobile game, Monster, Monster girl, Rape, Tentacles, Transformation, Trap, Combat, Turn based combat, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Big tits, Big ass, Pregnancy, Sandbox, Milf, Big Ass, Masturbation, Religion, BDSM, Ahegao, Humor, Handjob, Groping, Tit Fuck, Puzzle, Romance, Sex Toys, Sissification, Spanking, Teasing, Tentacles, Virgin, Voyeurism, Dilf, Male Dom, Female Dom, Multiple Penetration, Multiple Endings, Lactation.
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1. Extract and run.
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  • ANDROID WARNING: Due to changes made to our deployment pipeline, the new version cannot access old save slot data. Make sure to back up with save to file before updating!
  • [Backers] Experience Dhaal’s infamous Mindstream entertainment at Paragon Playground! To give it a shot, select the ‘VR Space’ option the Paragon Playground’s menu. (Written by William, coded by Leek.)
  • [Public] Velta’s Workout Option
  • [Public] Edan’s Bi-curious Expansion
  • [Android] Gedan reworked the android build deployment for both TiTS and the CoC2 folks to better keep up with Google’s bullshittery.
  • New Bust: Horkenn (by Adjatha)
  • New CG: Gabilani Cyborg loss (see this post’s image, by ToonNik)
  • Siegwulfe’s “Domwulfe” mode should now activate whether you are carrying her or not while in “Crew Toy” mode. (Leek)
  • Gravitational Anomaly now applies the kinetic-reduction effect on all foes when upgraded. (Fenoxo)
  • Restored missing combat texts for Goo Armor. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixes for Tika vanishing for public build players. (lowercase donkey)
  • More blinding attacks now respect blind immunity. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed stubborn Shalin Shaman issues that have persisted because of an obvious oversight on how the Shaman’s data connects between the two halves. (Gedan)
  • Olympia’s “Crew Toy” content should be fixed. (Not sure who to credit, but I was told at meeting it was fixed! -F)
  • Fixed bug which caused Deepsea Lab elevator to be open/closed incorrectly. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Fixed bug in Deepsea Lab airlock to ocean that allowed use without depthsuit. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Various fixes to Flurry’s pureblood pregnancy. Correct scene variants should now be used and codex will increment pureblood kips. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Cleaned up some Phaedran codices with references to “Xandam”.
  • Buttloads of fixes and tweaks to combat systems! Having both Gedan and I chunking at big, multi-NPC fights has done a lot to reveal minor issues we can sand down. (Gedan & Fenners)
  • And many more smaller fixes for things like lone typos, slight word adjustments, etc. (The Team)
  • [Backers] T1K4 is expanded to be obtainable as crew and usable as an accessory for once-per-fight heals to shields and HP. Written by Magenta Needle and coded by Lowercase Donkey.
  • [Public] Dhaal’s post-party party is now accessible to the general public. It’s a great way to pass the time until Feruze is ready for a Taxi ride…
  • New Bust: Station Mistress (part of Tessa’s quest)
  • Under the hood work was done to better consolodate status effect notification text in combat – for example, blinding a large number of enemies at once should report on all of them in one of the little SMS-style text windows. (Gedan)
  • Fixed busted parser calls in the post-party party. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for some appearance sub-menus. (Jacques00)
  • Gel Zon’s femboy scenes should trigger properly. (Jacques00)
  • Improvements to Kattom’s name display. (Jacques00)
  • Tweaks to the player immobilization systems. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for large eggs & Ovilium. (Jacques00)
  • Accupitch labs now has a disabled tooltip with an explanation for why you can’t get in. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed an Extrameet crash. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for the Great Majin and stepping off of her. (Jacques00)
  • Updated Smuggled Stimulant’s combat use text for NPCs.
  • More fixes for the Shalin Shaman (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Lots more subtle fixes and tweaks!
[Backers] A new New Texan encounter! Are you a horny enough dude(tte) to please a family of sexually ravenous dragon-cow hybrids? Written by Sil the Dragon Lover and coded by Leek. It should start out as a random encounter while exploring New Texas. It requires the player character to have a penis.
[Backers] Thanks to Sil the Dragon Lover (writer) and Leek (coder), it’s now possible to flag yourself as your crew’s toy, and get used sexually by a wide swatch of potential crewmates. Note, not every crew member has interactions.
[Backers] A gabilani has been added to the extrameet encounters on Tarkus. She’s looking for someone to clean up all her creampies…Written by HatTrick3010 and coded by Leek.
[Public] Tessa’s Quest is now live for the general public!
The Uveto elevator should work more consistently.
Fix: The Shalin Shaman can no longer get shot out of the air, land on you, shoot you with her crossbow, and then trample you in one round of combat.
Quest log fixes.
Lights Out puzzles with limited failures should now function correctly.
Various other small fixes, particularly typos.
  • [Backers] Edan seemed a little bit lonely sitting around in the Mess all by himself, so he got an expansion to broaden his choices and give the boys some love too! When on the Rush, it’s never too late to explore something new – even your sexuality! (Written by Skom, coded by Leek)
  • [Backers] Velta has a new workout option… an anal workout option. (Written by melonear, coded by Leek)
  • [Backers] Tessa acquired more post-quest sex-scenes! These will go public simultaneously with the rest of the quest, so non-backers won’t have to wait quite as long as usual! (Written by Fr0sty, coded by Leek)
  • [Public] The new Techie scenes on FIRST-14 and the Gabilani Pirate’s panty content are both now available to the general public.
  • Fixes for Sophora’s ability to subdue the PC in combat. (Jacques00)
  • Emblems for the Black Void, Stormguard, and Joint Ausar Federation were added to the game. (Jacques00)
  • Under the hood improvements for doing melee or ranged disarms independently and correctly. (Jacques00)
  • Assorted typo fixes.
  • In order to improve the flow of Dhaal’s Party event, the player will now be invited to a party after the party where they can spend 36 hours fucking around with Elyrrin (the Gryvain) or Mz. Taldri (the snake). In order to encounter Elyrrin, you will need to have flirted with her during the party itself. (Elyrrin by Savin, Taldri by Adjatha, coded by Fenoxo)
    • Added a new “Backrooms” button to Paragon Playground. There, you can encounter Mz. Taldri again, assuming you have completed the party event. (Written by Adjatha, coded by Fenoxo)
    • Because the above encounter changes the party event flow, I am releasing this simultaneously for all instead of doing additional scripting to maintain the “old” outro.
  • [Backer Hotfix]: Added another option to the post-party party: Party Girls! Pal around with four Zaika Peers out on the town. (Written by Adjatha, coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Public] A Gabilani Pirate loss scene has gone from backers-only to publicly available.
  • Blind Immunity will now work vs the Milodan Infiltrator’s Flashbangs. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Added simple preg logic to Milodan Temptress (ends rut and added number of pregnancies counter in codex) (Drunk Zombie)
  • The button to start Tessa’s quest should now function properly. (lowercase donkey)
  • Reaha’s nude bust should no longer disappear in some instances. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixes for broken italics. (lowercase donkey)
  • Improvements to the save/load menu. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for the Heavy Munitions Bot encounter text. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for how Bianca’s thigh sex scene is gated. (Jacques00)
  • Improved collar detection for shock hoppers, bored jumpers, and ardia. (They now detect more than just Maike’s). (lowercase donkey)
  • Updated the minigame UI to make the toggle settings persistent. For the Lights Out minigame, there is now a toggle to hide/show the hint markers (appears on hovering over switches or when using keybind controls). (Jacques00)
  • Changed the Achievement control feature to now be available to the public. Users should now be able to toggle whether or not they want to track achievements or re-lock any or all (native-side) achievements. (Jacques00)
  • The Plasma Torch key item from the Hazard Suit Trooper should now be obtainable from repeat Hazard Suit Trooper encounters. The first Hazard Suit Trooper encounter should now be flee-disabled. For the key item, it will only be obtainable if the character doesn’t already have it and the safe has yet to be opened (however this condition can be changed if we want other uses for the torch). (Jacques00)
  • Typo fixes. (Jacques00, lowercase donkey, Drunk Zombie)
  • [Backers] Tessa has received an expansion that is literally hundreds of pages long, written by Fr0sty. To get started, you’ll need Tessa’s panties and to have Zheng Shi’s probe coordinates, after which you can encounter Tessa on Zheng Shi’s recreational deck for a business proposition. (Coded by Leek)
  • [Public] Anyxine Milking
  • [Public] Thraggen Gardeners
  • [Public] Gabilani Pirate Cowgirl
  • The Zaika milk thief’s leap will now occur less often if she is tripped, and properly remove the tripped status when used.
  • Reaha’s bust should display correctly again.
  • Fixed isolated rooms not displaying features correctly.
  • Fixes for Saendra having some duplicate buttons.
  • Various under the hood tweaks to items to chase down a crash.
Hotfix, builds 4783 up:
  • Fixed broken imagepack paths for public electron builds.
  • Fixed a crash with some bothrioc combat scenes.
  • [Backers] The Gryvain Techie in FIRST-14 got two new scenes – a victorious facefuck and a defeated dick-teasing for player characters with penises under six inches long. (Written by TheIrishOtaku, coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] It is now possible to acquire the gabilani pirate’s panties from two of her victory sex scenes, and then use them as a masturbation aid in the future. They come with a unique scene for penis-toting players written by yours truly with accompanying art by Adjatha. The new scene is approximately ~4000 words of possible text variants but likely displays less than 1000 for a single character’s run through – and I still want to bolt some more options in for the future. (Written by Fenoxo, coded by Fenoxo, endorsed by five out of five goblins.)
  • [Public] The new throbbed cheetah pirate scene is now publicly available.
  • [Public] William’s “Titfuck the Goblin Pirate” scene is now publicly available.
  • Some downloadable image pack bug fixes. (By Gedan)
  • The Gabilani Pirate is now only able to be bribed if you can afford to bribe her. (Jacques00)
  • Dropships are no longer able to be tripped. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed a crash in the Rat’s Raiders encounter. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Added Amazon Reaha busts.  (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed a crash for the “unlock all decorations” cheat. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed text issue for a Mitch scene when the player has multiple cocks. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed taint check in a Milodan scene that was comparing functions instead of what they returned. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed a reversed dick size check in a Molli scene. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed text issue in a Bothrioc scene caused by a reversed race check (By Lowercase Donkey)
0.9.093 Changelog:
  • BACKER: Another gabilani pirate loss scene, written by William and coded by Gedan.
  • PUBLIC: The image pack has been enabled in the public electron builds. Still playing it by ear, if this stays on will depend how on fire the webserver is dealing with all the traffic. But this should also mean the image gallery is now available in public download builds as well.
  • Added tooltip hints to every character in the image gallery index. Many of them are very light at present, but the ultimate goal is to have there be strong enough hints for how to first interact with a character to unlock them right there, in the game. Expect this to improve over time. (Gedan, Jacques00, with assistance from various writers filling in details for their characters.)
  • Added a generic system to handle side-effects during the application and removal of a variety of common status effects, like Stunned, Blinded etc. This opens the door for some of the things being implemented in the next Dungeons combat design, requiring reacting to certain attacks. (Gedan)
  • Added usability features to the mail system, including better navigation and keyboard handling, tooltips, etc. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a missing Paulette bust. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed potential issues with some gated Reaha menu buttons (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a “temp nudity” issue with the Ten Tom Gym. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some potential crashes with the item spawning cheat code. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash in some halloween events with malformed override parsers. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash with some keyboard navigation control handling. (Gedan)
  • Fixed issues with Gabilani race scores. They have gained more specific body parts, and their TF items have been updated to provide them. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some issues with Gene’s scene loops to stop them from potentially infinitely retriggering when returning to main text layout. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a broken logic test in some Naleen Male scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a few missing tags in the image manifest so that the image gallery interacts with certain images better when they are used as locked index images. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some issues with the Goo Armors menu interactions. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some issues with combat for the Shalin Shaman. (Jacques00)
  • Various typos fixed. (The Usual Suspects™)
v0.9.092 Hotfix
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Scenes with multiple busts displayed should no longer crash.
Snakebyte should now show up as a perk instead of a hidden flag. If you have the flag version, it will still work, but it will convert to a perk when viewing your perks menu.
Some item prices should now display in tooltip footers.
To prevent confusion with clickable buttons, the flat buttons (usually reserved for labeling) will be a slightly different color (semi-transparent shadow color).
Fixed gallery typos.
Fixed a bug that allowed infinite piercings.
Fixed a  potential GaloMax softlock.
Various other under the hood changes and improvements.
Potentially a fix for recruiting Amber.
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[Backers] New encounter: Thraggen Gardeners. This orcy pair can be encountered in central Irestead in the new tile. (Written by Sil the Dragon Lover & coded by Leek.)
[Backers] New scene: cow-girl with the pirate gabilani. This can occur when losing to her if the player character has a penis, has had sex with her before, and loses her space battle. (Written by William and edited/coded by Fenoxo)
[Backers] New scene: Anyxine milkies. To encounter it, you’ll need to enter her office with full, lactating breasts – and have done the “Suck & Stroke” scene during a date with her. (Written by Savin and coded by Fenoxo)
[Now Public] Nimue!
Reaha’s appearance has tweaks to reference potential variants. (Jacques00)
Many small UI updates. (Jacques00)
Third Eye Aim now works for the Nastizia invasion contest. (Drunk Zombie)
Improvements for how Mimbranes interact with the “lipMod” variable. (Jacques00)
Improvements for the Nuka Psyker’s interactions with airtight equipment.
Add toggle option for the Match Bust To Artist feature. (Jacques00)
Added Bust Controls Opacity option to adjust the visibility of the bust corner buttons. (Jacques00)
Unused or unneeded entries have been removed from the gallery. (Jacques00)
Fixed a Paige-related crash. (Lowercase_donkey)
Fixed a Seer-related crash. (Lowercase_donkey)
0.9.091, builds #4687 and up hotfix:
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  • Fixed an issue with bust string generation on New Texas with Ogram and Amma. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed incorrect feature flagging note- Reaha’s Amazon expansion actually wasn’t intended to be public (and was not flagged to be public), I copied the wrong line from the patchnotes for what I was making public, so…
  • Fixed Amazon Reaha expansion so that it actually is public. (Gedan)
  • PUBLIC: Shierra can now be facefucked. Written by Savin, coded by Leek. (This is what I was originally making public…)
0.9.091 Backer
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  • BACKERS: A new scene for the cheetah pirate has been added, available once they are throbbed up. (William & Fenoxo)
  • BACKERS: Gabilani pirate loss available after the first loss as long as the player has a dongle, written by William and coded by Fenoxo.
  • PUBLIC: Eloise got a Doll play expansion. Written by Magenta Needle, coded by Leek.
  • PUBLIC: Reaha’s Amazon expansion has been added. To engage it, Reaha must be crew, cured, and you must meet a Milodan futazon on Uveto. Written by Couch, coded by Leek.
  • Added position memory to the inventory and shop interfaces, allowing the game to remember which item was highlighted before the interface is hidden, making using the interface feel much nicer. (Jacques00)
  • Added keybinds to a variety of buttons around the game, further increasing our keyboard coverage. (Jacques00)
  • Added x4 images to the imagepack download process. We want to see how this goes for people, but we may need to make an option for only grabbing the x2 and optionally further upgrading to x4. (Gedan)
  • Added approximately 400 descriptive strings to the gallery database. These are not yet visible, but there are approximately another 400 to go to provide complete coverage. These strings are intended to give a hint as to where to unlock a particular character, and then act as a more detailed reminder or cheat to go and find them again without needing to look it up outside of the game. (Gedan)
  • Added some data warnings to the save system when using save slots, notifying you that this data can be lost at any time thanks to the vagaries of browsers doing what browsers will. (Jacques00)
  • Added sorting to the players inventory interface, allowing items to be rearranged in various ways. (Jacques00)
  • Added keybind navigation to the Status Effect and Perk lists under Appearance. (Jacques00)
  • Add an automatic sorting to the gallery which prioritizes Bust first, then CG, then Video for a character. More sorting rules may be added later, if needed. (Jacques00)
  • Added cover indicators for the Rogue Bot fight. (Jacques00)
  • Added an item’s icon and rarity color in the corner to better distinguish the item’s type. (Jacques00)
  • Added the long descriptions we have to the Image Gallery image viewer, the same as when they are being displayed elsewhere in gameplay. (Jacques00)
  • Added some utility functions for us to animate portions of text. (Jacques00)
  • Added cycling busts in the bust window if there is more than one bust being displayed (Jacques00)
  • Added media embedding to the e-mail body. (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted how Grapple and Stun are applied and they should now have some kind of shared lockout, making it impossible for the player to be back-to-back stunned and grappled. (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted interactions with Siegwulfe to return to the inventory display if that’s where the interaction started. (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted buttons in the combat menu. SThe Specials menu has been split into Special Attacks (moved to left side with other attacks) and Special Abilities (same button location), Sense button to center, above Closer Look. Special menus should now support multipage buttons, in case the lists ever get any longer. Attack button tooltips will now show weapon names for clarity. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed eyecount being missing from eye descriptions. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a text parsing issue with inspection strings. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issue with the Frostbane Bikini. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with removing Reaha from your crew. Booting crew-Reaha on New Texas will no longer send her to the Shadow Realm and she can now be reclaimed after 12 hours from the boot. She will appear in the Milking Stalls (far back, east stall). Non-Nice characters can choose to not reclaim her (and try again in another hour).(Jacques00)
  • Fixed some issues with debts owed to Lane (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some issues with negative money values. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some issues when attempting to recruit Syri. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some issues with the Syri gaming event and supporting her not being properly tracked. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues when Eitan is your selected sleep-with partner. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with the shop interface in various Sera states. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with encountering Nimue. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with Syri appearing with an incorrect bust selection. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed spelling inconsistents for Bridget vs Briget (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some issues with the ship inspection interface. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with codex entry arrangement and tooltips. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with certain grapples and various escape bonus perks. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some inconsistent combat output and formatting. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some opportunities for the game to hang whilst loading a save with certain character states. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some issues with various outfit items. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed missing rarity and sexiness values for a handful of items from the new item packs. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some keybinds previous displaying the wrong key on various buttons. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed tooltips not being cleared under some circumstances. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed keyboard controls for modal overlays. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a visual glitch when switching between Art Gallery and Save menu screens. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some inconsistent option card formatting. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed an issue with Mitch bust selections. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed inconsistent spellings with Hyraxi. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed weapons tagged with CHANCE_APPLY_FREEZE from testing burning resistances instead of freezing resistances. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed how some keybinds are executed to prevent random crashes in some instances. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with implant quantity values sometimes making them vanish when installed. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some text formatting issues for lists in the item card and inspect interfaces. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed Nudity Score clarity issues. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed unclear button names when displaying colours from certain items. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed various issues with the Shalin Shaman. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a variety of gallery immages that really didn’t need to be shown, hiding them from the gallery but allowing them to be shown in the places they are intended to show up. The majority of these will be close-in cropped versions of larger images, used for multi-foe combat busts. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed and review entries in the image manifest. We’ve collected a lot of cruft over the years, and with the Gallery now is a fantastic time for us to straighten things out as data that didn’t used to matter now drives the gallery systems. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed poetential issues with certain combat effects over time. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with Bizzy+Mitzi pussyhypno scenes. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the ability to ask Eitan to sleep with you aboard your ship before you recruit him as crew. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed an inconsistency with the Hyrax Bike Raider’s shock collar duration. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed how percentage valus are formatted so they display better. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with the Shalin Shaman using Take Flight. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed various bust logic errors with a handful of characters. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed missing warnings leading into a potential bad-end. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some incorrect uses of isSillyModeEnabled (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a path reference used in placeholder CG image assets so that they will work under electron properly (relative vs absolute path specification for uris) (Gedan)
0.9.090 Backer
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  • [Backers] New NPC: Nimue the plush vanae (by Magenta Needle). Players of level 10 or greater can encounter her on Myrellion after having Dhaal’s travel coordinates unlocked. (Coded by Leek)
  • [Public] Relly the Mad Scientist has been made public (on Tarkus). Responsible for the hardlight taur & naga suits, this fella was coded by Leek and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
  • [Public] Items: SteeleTechJungleJumpsuit (Anno@lv9+), Dhaal Maid Outfit (Gabmart Threadz).
  • The Sledgehammer has had descriptions appear on its interior rooms. (Fenoxo)
  • Ship items should now show “shipPowerCost”. (Jacques00)
  • Deployed a fix for selling negative credit amounts (Jacques00)
  • The Codex should now be able to display an author header. (Jacques00)
  • Frostwyrm and Frosty should be renamable if their names didn’t properly carry over from an older save. (Jacques00)
  • Improvements to the “Dumb4Cum” perk’s time passage procs triggering. (Jacques00)
  • Lots of fixes in Reaha’s content. (Jacques00)
  • Added a toggle in the options for the prompt alerting the player of overwriting a current game’s progress on loading a save slot. (Jacques00)
  • Moved “Ship Stats” button on ship to a common location (button slot 13). (Jacques00)
  • Items should now have “combatUsable” and “requiresTarget” display in the special flags list, where applicable. (Jacques00)
  • Kally’s quest will no longer start if Kiro is already a bimbo or of her rescue quest has been started and not yet completed. (Jacques00)
  • Kiro’s rescue quest’s distress call will be prevented from triggering if Kally’s Picardine quest has been started and not yet completed. (Jacques00)
  • The nipple parser was not being used properly in the Sam birth scene and if the pc was lactating and had inverted nipples it would cause a crash. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed parser code for Sam’s kids to use the right pronouns. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed a Sam-related crash. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Numerous other small fixes. (Various)
0.9.089 Backer
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  • [Backers] Reaha’s Amazon expansion has been added. To engage it, Reaha must be crew, cured, and you must meet a Milodan futazon on Uveto. Written by Couch, coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Ship vendors (and part vendors) should now have a “Licensing” dialogue that allows you to gain access to their wares at home, with Vahn. (Fenoxo)
  • [Public] Eitan Sleep-with content is now available for everyone.
  • Sam can now be impregnated as crew. Pup visit events are also in (though they require her to be on crew and your ship docked at Tavros). Coded by DrunkZombie.
    • Sam’s trust level can now be checked in the codex.
    • Time now properly passes while sleeping with Sam.
    • Various other small fixes to her existing content.
  • The Sidewinder got room descriptions. Big thanks to Couch for writing what Fendon’t.
  • Added CG and video thumbnails for the gallery. (Jacques00)
  • Improved gallery scroll performance. (Jacques00)
  • Improved image rescaling settings. (Jacques00)
  • Improved keybindings across the game. It should be fully playable with keyboard now. (Jacques00)
  • Added indicators to the light’s out minigame to make it clearer what the effects of a click will be. (Jacques00)
  • Clicking on blackjack cards should make them viewable in the image viewer. (Jacques00)
  • Turrets should now escape grapples. (Jacques00)
0.9.088 Backer
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  • [Backers] [Imagepack Only] A character art gallery has been added to the game. It should track viewed busts & art as they are encountered and unlock them no matter which of your save files you are playing on. Because the intent of this is to show full resolution art, it’s only available once the full art pack has been downloaded. (By Gedan)
  • [Backers] Shierra can now be facefucked. Written by Savin, coded by Leek.
  • [Backers] Eloise got a Doll play expansion. Written by Magenta Needle, coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Sam’s crew expansion is now public!
  • [Public] Shierra and Farine are now publicly available!
  • [Accidentally Public] The Cheetah Pirate got a small expansion to her content – if you Throbb her, she keeps the dick now. This makes a lot of little tweaks to her texts and adds an entire to new “Fuck Her” scene written by William. I also modified the oral loss scene to make use of her new equipment once you give it to her. Coded by Fenoxo.
  • New Art: Cheetah Pirate, now with a dong.
  • Gwen & Eimeer can now call you up for some exhibitionism. It should then be added to your smut menu. (Written by Gardeford years ago, lost in the shuffle, and added now!) (Includes art by Fralea!)
  • Easy Mode should now reduce the amount of turns for recovering from stuns to 1 at the most, as well as add a +10 bonus chance for success when trying to break from a grapple. (Jacques00)
  • Drones can now toggle their attack type if they have multiple. Currently this is just Domwulfe. (Coded by Jacques00)
  • Fixed selene knowing your name when they shouldn’t and vice-versa. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Vanae now properly have their tail data set for auto-generated tail descriptions to generate properly. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixes for status effects with typos not working properly in the following content: Bothrioc’s, X-Zil-rate, Myr Venom, Gender overrides for Gan’rael, Syri, Jasvalla checking “stuck” instead of “stun”, several improper “NO AI” checks, pirate snake, narc myr venom fix, mega milk, and priapin. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Zaika Ganger heavy did not have the Juggernaut perk set correctly. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Sharp eyes now properly clear smoke grenades a turn early. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Remove Sam from Gastigoth after being freed. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Added logic to remove Sam from Gastigoth if she joins Steele’s crew. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Added an animated T.S.C. emblem to the potential splash screens list that should appear for about a week around the time of Earth Day (~April 22nd). (Jacques00)
  • Made the TamaniCorp logo reappear in May for a couple weeks for Mayturnity. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some minor issues with Dicksprout, and Dicksprout can now increase the length & thickness of tail cocks. (Jacques00)
  • NPC off-screen orgasms should no longer be tracked, unless it is during silly mode and the PC has sexed them before (affects Aliss, Malai and Rivet). (Jacques00)
  • Did some refinments to Geddy’s Image Gallery. The image viewer in that mode can be toggled to expand to fill the entire screen. There is also a toggle to hide the controls for better viewing. (Jacques00)
0.9.087 Backer
  • [Backers] Relly the Mad Scientist has been added to the game (on Tarkus). Responsible for the hardlight taur & naga suits, this fella was coded by Leek and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
  • [Backers] New Items: SteeleTechJungleJumpsuit (Anno@lv9+), Dhaal Maid Outfit (Gabmart Threadz), coded by Leek.
  • [Public] The Gabilani Pirate can now be encountered by all.
  • [Public] Items available to all: Hardlight Bracelets, Vintage Zaika Purse, Lazy Ball Bra, Powerboner, Protein Power, Phoenix Shine, Easyslip Stud Piercing, Edging Ring, Hardlight Cockring, Hardlight Hoop Piercing, Rainbow Hoops Piercing, Vibroring.
  • Pheromone bonuses have been capped at 10, 15 with the new “Concentrated Pheromones” temporary buff. There’s no gain in becoming even more of a walking sexual biohazard past a certain point. (Fenoxo)
  • Airtight armor got a large amount of interactions with pheromones and other statuses. (Fenoxo)
    • Airtight armor now effectively sets your in-combat pheromone bonus to 0. Note that non-combat scenarios should still act as if you got the good smells.
    • Wearing airtight armor now creates the “concentrated pheromones” buff, which applies a temporary buff to your pheromone bonus.
    • Wearing airtight armor now passively causes the sweaty debuff to accumulate over time.
    • Added a new tease attack, “Waft Musk” that deals pure pheromone damage. This ability is only usable once per combat and comes with the downside of mitigating the effects of your airtight armor (but does allow your pheromone bonus to apply afterward. Comes with ~6 new texts depending on appropriate pheromone-generating perks.
    • Swapping armor sets reduces the magnitude of your concentrated pheromones bonus.
  • Tease attack reactions were moved into the same text bubble so that the entire tease & it’s results are cohesively attached, for better combat readability in busy encounters. (Fenoxo)
  • Lust weapons are allowed to crit again, but only for +50% damage. (Fenoxo)
  • Smugglers now have a base evasion cap of 60% (up from 50%). (Fenoxo)
  • Lowercase donkey pruned a number of references to an old miss calculation methodology from a ton of old NPC content.
    • I went through and added increased miss odds to the attacks that seemed to indicate they should have heightened miss chances in that junk data so that it wouldn’t be lost to time and space
  • A number of items had their icons updated to better match their descriptions. (Jacques00)
  • Added a “Legacy Sidebar Layout” that attempts to emulate something closer to the old flash style while adhering to our current design goals. See this image for more information! If this becomes a source of major issues, I’ll put my (Fenoxo’s) angry eyebrows on. Coded by Jacques00.
  • Improvements for how enemy counterattacks are tracked and displayed. (Jacques00)
  • Added visual cover strength bars for fights with cover mechanics. (Jacques00)
  • “Federation Quest” no longer uses the map for Tarkus’s cover-based fight for its cover-based fight. (Jacques00)
  • The sidebars can now scroll in group fights that are too large to display all at once (though we do not intend to make use of this in future content, there were a few places it could crop up.)
  • The “Undo” and “Redo” buttons can now be used in combat to scroll the combat text window to view previous turns quickly.
  • Added an “Extra Item Stat Detail” toggle as an Option under the Display category. Enabling it will allow the item tooltips and item preview card to display the full stats of an item, so they can be visible outside of the Inspect screen. So this makes it similar to how the old Flash TiTS had the item information displayed. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a “smallestVagina” crash. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed scales of color being limited only to full scalies. Should now work for full/partial, scale/chitin, as intended. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed some flags becoming NaN. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed Sidewinder name hardcoded in description. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed a softlock in Sera (Apparently nobody ever chose not to cuddle her when they had a chance). (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixes for some scenes that needed a double click to get through a choice to sleep. (lowercase donkey)
  • Spelling fixes. (lowercase donkey)
0.9.086 Backer
  • [Backers] Farine can now be impregnated (by her wife, but you help). About two months in, she should send you a message about it. About seven months in, she’ll start lactating. Around nine, she’ll give birth. Note that the game will attempt to prevent her pregnancy from progressing while you’re hanging out with her to avoid weirdness (but after a month it’ll tick over anyway). (Written by Savin, coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] After Farine is milky, the milky sex scene should open up. (Written by Savin, coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] Eitan can now be taken to bed when he is on your crew. (Written by Reathe, coded by lowercase donkey)
  • [Public] Scales of Color, Selene and Neil’s Expansion, and Color Changing Clothes are all now available for the public!
  • A variety of small fixes, but not that many because :holidays:
0.9.085 Backer
  • [Backers] Shierra and Farine are now available in rough form! They’re a pair of dick-girl half-breeds looking for a little extra in their marriage. You can bump into them around the admin offices of Uveto Station – bounce in and out of the room approximately five times. Right now they’re up for some fun in their apartment with three scenes, but they’re going to catch an update next week that introduces a little pregnancy to the mix – and unleashes the final, locked-off milk scene. (Written by Savin, coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] Sam, the black void techie you could get locked up in Gastigoth, now has a recruitment path! This is the first pass on the expansion, so be sure to smack us upside the head – and look forward to implementation of pregnancy options. (Are we sure this isn’t Mayternity or Pregtober?) (Written by Night Trap and coded by Leek)
  • [Public] Paulette is now public!
  • [Public] A clown-related dream I don’t want to think about. We all float down here.
  • New UI bits: A player preview card when accessing the Data Menu. On game over, the Level Up screen should be reviewable but changes are disabled. (Coded by Jacques00)
  • Added keybinds for the screen missing keybinds. Mail, Decorate and Data Menu should now have available keybinds. The F1-F5 and 1-5 and W,S,A,D,Q,E keys are valid. Keybinds for the Codex require you to hold down Shift since the menu has the 5×3 button menu already. The game should be pure-keyboard compatible now. (Coded by Jacques00)
  • Fixed some more instances of the push-pop UI state related to the inventory, so hopefully that situation is solved. (Coded by Jacques00)
  • Fixed a crash for the gabilani pirate. (Coded by Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixes for Aliss’ color changing items. (Coded by Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fix for CockVine bikini purchase crash. (Coded by Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fix for a softlock in Circumscriber. (Coded by Lowercase Donkey)
  • Questlog fix for Emese saying you had left her when you had not. (Coded by Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fix slutmas donate issue where the player gets stuck after giving an invalid amount the first time. (Coded by Lowercase Donkey)
  • Add adjs art for: Mia, Synphia, Shierra & Farine, DEE-SL, and Wall Bull. (Coded by Lowercase Donkey)


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  • PUBLIC Hardlight Taursuit is now available to the public which can be found out in the Rust Fields on Tarkus. By donning this lower undergarment, you can sprout a fully realized, fully sensitized taur body to experience how things are on the other side of the pasture. When you take it off, things should go back to normal.
  • PUBLIC Medical Milkers and MedImplants are now available from Implantation Station and KreamyFroot is available from Ellie.
  • BACKER Some new on-ship scenes are available for Nova and Kiro/Azra. They can randomly proc when Nova is in your ship storage and Kiro is horny enough or Azra is just generally available, with a 14 day cooldown between repeats. (The Biologist & Gedan)
  • Added a confirmation step for the rivals gender to the new game character creation flow. (Jacques)
  • Added a jetpack icon for jetpack accessories. (Jacques)
  • Added the ability to view the codex after a game over so that it’s possible to review playstats. (Jacques)
  • Added a means for us to forcibly update the mannequin display so that we can trigger it early for a variety of purposes, namely for bad ends that involve transforming the player. (Jacques)
  • Added another rendering mode to display art assets that should work better with pixel-art style images. (Jacques)
  • Added the start of various quest log structures for Phaedra content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Added better clarity to the inventory set buttons to make it clear that the buttons can be used to access the set category. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some inconsistencies relating to freedom beef and sillymode availability internal to the means by which she is encountered. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some unclear layout when creating a new game when a game is already in progress. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some potential issues with how we check for a variety of hardlight suits. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some issuew with liferoot and radglow clamping an internal number in an invalid way. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed blackjack stats not being displayed in the quest log encounters. (Jacques)
  • Fixed side buttons not properly displaying as disabled on certain screens. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some number display inconsistenties with game stats. (Jacques)
  • Fixed flags being removed from display when comparing items. (Jacques)
  • Fixed tease reaction text box positioning so that it aligns to the targets side of the display. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the First-14 achievement so that it triggers if the player decides not to fast travel to their ship. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Kattom showing up in the encounter log for no reason. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the internal VSCode tool to help structure scene content to better handle quotes around certain special characters, which should further reduce the rate we introduce italic bleed issues. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a milodan infiltrator bust from not being displayed. (Jacques)
  • Fixed milodan males not properly adjusting their combat description. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a gryvain techie loss scene not properly functioning. (Jacques)
  • Fixed levitation overriding flight, and it not clearing properly when we attempt to clear other modes of flight. (Jacques)
  • Fixed wing descriptions sometimes being able to double-describe their color. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some scenes not being properly setup to handle varied modes of flight that are now available. (Jacques)
  • Fixed simple melee attacks not properly missing levitating targets. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Sturm and Drang from being able to fire multiple times per turn, and enahnced this limit to apply to any weapon flagged as “Low Hit Rate”. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Flurry not being included in the questlog. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the mindwash visor not appearing in the list of installed devices under the masturbation menu. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the currency type used in Kiona’s shop being displayed inconsistently. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Tuuva’s credits not being displayed in the log. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Sera having morning sickness when she has no reason to have morning sickness. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the Bimboleum Emitter being infinitely lootable. (Jacques)
  • Fixed and updated the tooltip for the grey goo armor. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the locked passages around the Pump King not actually being locked and requiring the key, and that Pump King was missing from the log. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a potential re-activation of the “you are ready to level up” prompt if you haven’t yet actually levelled up. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the Uveto “Bitterly Cold” effect from being applied whilst in some caves and other indoor environments. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a variety of inconsistencies with elevator floor selection in different areas of the game, and added this system to Zheng Shi. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some incorrect parsers in an Anyxine scene. (Gedan)
  • Fixed an inverted lock configuration on one of the Zheng Shi elevator exits. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some issues relating to claiming the grey goo armor. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Bulky Belly being applied when wearing an item that puports to provide “belly support” like the Thraggen Harness. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a variety of issues and crashes behind the scenes with Rats Raiders content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the shock hopper stats not properly querying the flag used to determine if you have looted the probe or not. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Siobhan’s bust not being used in as many places as it could. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a few issues with some of the ship weapon attacks. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a missing bust variation from one of our artists that was improperly configured in the manifest. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an inconsistent icon used for the Myrna event. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the usual assortment of typos, whitespace issues and italic bleeds. (Jacques, Gedan)
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  • Hotfix #1: Corrected crashes caused by incorrectly addressing the character’s inventory.
  • [Backer Content] A hardlight naga suit has been added to the same location where the hardlight taursuit can be found in the Tarkus wastes, after taking the taursuit. Coded by Fenoxo and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
  • [Backer Content] Terrence the booty bot was added to Canadia Station over Vesperia. Coded by Leek and written by Yobo Dicky.
  • [Now Public] The “Misc Items” from a few weeks back are now accessible to all. (Cow Print Ball Bra, Thraggen Harness, Xenogen Slimesuit, etc.)
  • [Now Public] The “Erika Caged” expansion is now publicly accessible.
  • Rohezk’s lovely art was added to Kaska’s bad-end for those with the artpack enabled who are undergoing the vaginal or anal forks. (Coded by Fenoxo)
  • Improvements to Blackjack’s betting systems were added by Jacques00.
  • Rat’s Raiders’ grapple attacks were apparently broken, so lowercase donkey gave them a fixing up.
  • A few other small fixes.
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  • PUBLIC: Lorelei Cosplay – Lorelai has a new suit and scenes to enjoy if you go visit her! (B & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Demon Dream Expansion – The trick or treat dream demons have new content! (Doots & Leek)
  • BACKER: Treat the Tricks – Halloween event on New Texas that can be randomly encountered. (HatTrick3010 & Leek)
  • BACKER: Neil & Selene Halloween – A couple of extra scenes available for spookoween! (Magenta Needle & Fenoxo)
  • Some assorted fixes relating to the barcode, roxy preg bust, zilpack crashes, and a handful of other smaller tweaks may not have been appropriately merged into the backer release- these should be present and accounted for now.
  • Fixed the pregnancy handler for Flurry and made adjustments to block the system we use for handling impregnantion events from possibly erronously trying to apply to NPC on NPC orgasms. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed inconsistent menu generation between Frostwyrm and Flurry interactions. (Leek)
  • Fixed some events around the players ship being in a placeholder-triggering state dating to prior to ships having “real” interiors; events aboard the ship, as well as approaching, entering and leaving the ship should fire more appropriately. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed airtight flagged armors not approriately blocking various gas or fluid based attacks from having an effect on the wearer. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some more balance issues around racial scoring including worg face types not counting towards worg scoring, avian subraces inheriting base score values improperly. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the two maid uniforms not being different enough from each other to justify the price difference. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the Gryvain Techie enemies shot not having appropriate implementation. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with Nayna and Quaelle’s busts. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a state cleanup hack that was attempting to handle some weird quest states around the Lab on Uveto not including ALL of the rooms relevant, functionally resetting the quest state to undone the moment you walked out and completed it. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Kaska’s, Hellhound Syri’s busts not displaying properly. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a couple of typos. (lowercase_donkey)
0.9.077 + Hotfix 1&2
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0.9.077 Hotfixed (two deployed):
Fixed combat getting stuck with a “Next” prompt.
  • The werewolf costume should be properly enabled on Poe A. (By Doots)
  • Added an option to hunt for space encounters. (This was a scrap of code on my laptop from last week, so ymmv.)
  • Fixed a Mia softlock for no genital PCs. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Changed how game over scenes move the PC to an empty room (for the map.) (lowercase-donkey)
  • Several masturbation scenes had changes made relating to how they signal back to the masturbation menu systems, as well as some tweaks to the system itself. If forced fap/suck/milk scenes are bugging out or no longer occurring, PLEASE scream about it. We all scream for October-ween. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Several Phaedra II bust files have been slotted into the game. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of other small bugs tooooooo~ (lowercase-donkey)
0.9.077 Changelog:
  • [Backers] Flurry (written by B, coded by Leek) is now available on Uveto. To get the ball rolling, you’ll need at least 3 kips with “Frosty” or whatever you have personally named her. You should get an email when taking the Uveto space elevator if conditions are right…
  • [Backers] Werewolf Costume (written by Doots, coded by Leek). It’s a new costume for Poe A, everybody’s favorite Halloween-themed transformative rave event!
  • [Public] The Hydra “Firehose” mini-expansion is now available for everyone. It adds a new attack scene for bimbos & similarly semen-addicted characters. She also got a new victory scene for players carrying some White Suma Cream to enjoy “firehose” mode.
  • [Public] Everyone can now wait for Anyxine’s kiss during her date, instead of just our lovely supporters!
  • Fixed a crash after exiting a Sera sex scene. (Jacques00)
  • Improvements to clean up invalid gamestate issues. (Gedan)
  • Fixed sidebar visual inconsistencies. (Jacques00)
  • The character mannequin can now refresh and render during combat to reflect mid-combat TFs and appearance changes. (Jacques00)
  • Spooky loading screen color for October added. (Jacques00)
  • Several adjustments were made to item stats to bring them to their intended values or otherwise improve them: SteeleTech Laser Sentry, Business Clothes, Shibari Bottoms, Shibari Top, Behemoth Scale, XIMK5 Second Skin, Cryo Fang, Ice Lance, Volcano Cannon, Acid Lash, Blaze Whip, Frozen Spire, Shock Gear, Zil Spear, Dumbfuck (new icon), and Arctic Warfare Belt. (Jacques00)
  • Replaced a bust image for Tika that was accidentally low resolution. (Jacques00)
  • Corrected several incorrect dimensions for images in the bust manifest that could lead to some looking slightly stretched. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Removed a coder note in a Feruze scene. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed an incorrect combat pronoun. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Restrict Shekka’s feather unlock to only occur if she is a crew member. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Corrected the item tags on Cow Print Stockings to properly expose places. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed a crash in the hardlight taursuit. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a check in the Amber Cure event being reversed. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed Nykke crashing you when you moved rooms during one of her events. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Restored cover notices for the robot you fight during the Fungal Queen miniquest on Myrellion. (lowercase-donkey)
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  • [Public] Twilit is now accessible to the general public. Enjoy bein’ a purple space elf with titty-based cum-tanks.
  • [Backers] New Character Expansion: Erika Caged, by Doots. This expansion allows you to put Erika in a cage supplied by Inessa. You’ll need to have some sexual interactions with her first, of course. Approximately six new scenes are on the table with this one, two of which involve Syri.
  • [Backers] The Zaika Hydra got a small expansion with a new attack scene for bimbos similarly semen-addicted characters. She also got a new victory scene for players carrying some White Suma Cream to enjoy “firehose” mode. (Leek & Fenoxo)
  • The Zaika Hydra was overperforming in combat against a level 12 test character and caught a few nerfs to make her a little easier to handle. Most notably she will start with more lust to make an initial tease to maximum easier. IMO, the easiest way to defeat them is to tease to max lust once, then slug down their HP twice. (Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] A user-submitted item pack was added to the game. (Initial coding by Leek, balance and tweak pass by Fenoxo)
    • [Backers] New Item: Cow Print Ball Bra. This item is sold by Ellie on New Texas, and reduces the calculated weight of testes by 50% when equipped.
    • [Backers] New Item: Thraggen Harness. This item is sold by Inessa on Tavros Station. It reduces the calculated weight of a character’s belly when equipped by 50%.
    • [Backers] New Item: TamaniCorp PregSuit. This item is sold by Lerris on Tavros Station. Its provides significant electrical resistance, a small shield bonus, and some bonus shields if you have the preg-style belly to give its space-age electric-generating fibers a stretch.
    • [Backers] New Item: Xenogen Biosuit. This item is sold by Nerassa on Uveto. It is rare quality armor and provides a once-per-battle healing event that consumes a skin-covering fluid as fuel. It also provides significant evasion and fortification bonuses.
    • [Backers] New Item: Xenogen Slimesuit. This item is sold by Nerassa on Uveto. It is rare quality armor and provides a bonus to grapple escape attempts. It also provides significant evasion and some resistance to burning attacks.
    • [Backers] New Item: Silent Shrimp. This item is sold by Kattom Osgood when found on Dhaal. It is a rare quality ranged weapon with split burning/electric damage and a complete inability to be used with multi-attack talents; it will only ever attack once when used as a basic ranged attack, no matter your feats.
    • [Backers] New Item: Deconstructor Gauntlets. This item is found by defeating the Ancient Warbot on Phaedra II. These rare grade melee fist weapons deal high corrosive damage and boost flurry attacks as well as evasion.
    • [Backers] New Item: NeverfapCockSock. This item is sold by Busky on New Texas. While worn (and with full balls), physique gains are increased by 50%, with a small accompanying taint gain.
    • [Backers] New Item: Sterilex Band. This item is sold by Doctor Lash on Tarkus. While worn, it reduces your “cum quality” to 0, effectively preventing you from knocking someone up. It does nothing to prevent “received” pregnancies.
  • Added text to Siegwulfe preg egglaying scenes to make auto pregnancy obvious. Over the years there are periodically bug reports about unending siegwulfe pregs, however it is by design that the pregnancy restarts three extra times. I have added some bold text to the end of the egglaying scenes to make this more clear. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Added some logic to the gate for the Spend Time button for Amber to make sure it only shows while she is pregnant. (Drunk Zombie)
  • We ran down some issues with lower level utility functions crashing (or otherwise bugging out) when they did not used to. Turns out someone had been casually refactoring some pretty core things without doing a ton of testing to ensure they’d still work as intended. Gedan & I got some of the worst ones, like Second Shot / Second Striker not functioning properly, or holeChange causes crashes, or puffiestVaginaIndexes causing crashes.
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  • BACKER: An additional Anyxine date with a couple of smut scenes is available. (Savin, Leek & Gedan)
  • PUBLIC: Additional Slavesuit anal scenes, Elcine, and the additional Punishment wall scenes are now public. (Many people)
  • Added: New Adjatha art for Creed, Howinn and hyrax.
  • Added: A bunch of new class-specific scenes and variants for kinetcistics has been implemented, generally wherever there was already an existing all-classes-unique variant. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed: Some special unique text for Tuuva and Mioldan Priestesses during combat has been re-enabled. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed: Terran Treat possibly trying to trigger the leg TF multiple times. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed: A bunch of image/CG titles have been updated. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed: Crashes with puffiestVaginaIndexes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed: A crash with gooArmor during Amber content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed: DongDesigner going walkabout. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed: Mome codex not being marked as read. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed: Incorrect usage of vaginaRouter and penisRouter in a bunch of Paige scenes. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: Saves created in much older versions of TiTSJS during two very early versions should no longer have issues with inactivePlayerOwnedShips. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: The Specialized Combatant perk not properly applying bonuses to ranged attacks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: Siegewulfes menu returning to inventory. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: The duel with Riya should no longer have the possibility of poisoning certain stat values when we swap them out for the ones used to masquerade the duel; this primarily impacts HPMod and energyMod. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: A crash with the 2018 XMas event attempting to move the player to a room across place boundaries casuing a crash. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: Concentrated Fire should no longer add physical damage to attacks with weapons that did not have any HP damage to begin with; this primarily impacts lust-only weapons. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: The Sidewinder did not properly update the ship storage limits when first being taken until the game was saved and loaded. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: Frostfire’s menu potentially breaking the UI state stack. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: The WarAlpha that is actually Eitan before the player knows who they are now has a custom description, block and dodge to account for the different in height between generic War Alphas and Eitan. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: shortestCockLength not returning a length and returning the cock object directly, breaking gates to certain scenes. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: skinFurScalesNoun sometimes not returning a value, and thus emitting an error during parsing. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: Shop state being maintained across loading a save. (Gedan)
  • Fixed: The level up screen now ignores bonuses to stat maximums when allowing you to assign points, which should avoid the possibility of investing stat points in stats that are transient. (Gedan)
0.9.072 Hotfix 1+2
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Hotfix #2:
  • Rolled in some corrections for the damage scalers on the height-dependent kineticist attacks.
Hotfix #1:
  • Instinctive Psyfocus, Bodily Psi Aim, and Dexterous Psi Aim unlock events have better pre-requisites: you must be a kineticist, the stat the perk replaces must be low (below 50%) and the stat that is used in its place must be high (libido/phys/aim).
  • Made some textual tweaks to the sub-scenes for the cheetah pirate.
  • Gedan had flipped a switch to make some UI things related to mainGameMenu() calls hard crash instead of silently fail, getting us a lot of good data on UI-related misdeeds in the code. A bunch of them have been patched up as a result – some good examples being the decorate and masturbation menus.
  • Gedan added a hard crash to some of the code dealing with sensor scans/sense in combat, to try and track down a problem with some damage types failing to look up their extended data properly on occasion.
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  • New scene: use Throbb on the cheetah pirate you rarely encounter in space – comes with two tiny sub-scenes depending what you want to do with her. I wrote this one myself, but I’m sure I’m gonna be hot-fixing the errors in the text tomorrow. Obviously it requires you to have Throbb in your inventory and defeat her in a space battle. (Written by Fenoxo, coded by Fenoxo, proofread by nobody yet – please forgive my sins.)
  • New Kineticist Perks: Instinctive Psyfocus, Bodily Psi Aim, and Dexterous Psi Aim. Captain Steeles with their willpower and intelligence abraded by bimbo/bro transformations will unlock these via dream-sequences during sleeps. They will allow other stats to determine the strength and accuracy of your psionics. As I write this, I’m realizing that it may be too broadly proccing – I will deploy a hot-fix tomorrow to tweak the conditions to ensure that unusually smart and focused bimbos don’t have their stats switcharooed. (Fenoxo)
  • An old Penny scene that was disconnected has been re-linked, and the accompanying CheshireCatSmile37 art was added to the scene to go with it. (Fenoxo)
  • New NPC Bust: the Silicone Eater (Jacques00 drawn & coded)
  • New Rare Item on Uveto: The Sleet Staff. This level 8 rare quarterstaff is buried deep in the wilds of Uveto and can inflict both trip and freeze on its own, but beware: something about it does not feel right. Maybe it’s the -5 accuracy. (Fenoxo)
    • This was a good opportunity to clean up an abandoned segment of the Uvetan wilds that was meant for a now-abandoned community project. I adjusted a handful of descriptions to account for it. (Fenoxo)
  • New Rare Staff on Myrellion: The Xukwood Staff. This lovely crit stick lives near a certain brawler’s place of residence, if you can get past him and his dog… (Fenoxo)
  • New Common Staff in Nerassa’s Shop: the Hookstaff. This evasive little number can sometimes trip your foes. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a typo in the tooltip for the Tripped status. (Jacques00)
  • You should no longer be able to open your personal inventory in ship battles with the “C” hotkey when the button is grayed out. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a UI crash related to pressing the back button in the rest menu while in your ship’s cabin. (Gedan)
  • Freedom Beef now has a cooldown in silly mode. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a post-combat issue with Radglow. (Jacques00)
  • Added Opaque toggling for the scanline backdrop effect and the mannequin color fill. (Jacques00)
    • This should hopefully help in reducing instances of alpha render processing.
    • Combined “bg” and “bg-filter” class definitions that use the scanline effect into one universal function for convenience.
  • Gedan has been ripping through the auto-reported crash bugs something fierce.
0.9.071 Hotfix:
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  • Twilit’s breast-swelling perk is now properly gainable.
  • Twilit’s swelling code was overhauled to work a little more like the in-game zaika, and have a higher swelling limit than originally intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Twilit’s swelling mechanic that could have resulted into orphaned breastMod values permanently offsetting your cup size.
  • Nerfed the black void juggernaut’s weapon damage bonus from 35 to 15.
  • Nerfed
See More
  • Twilit’s breast-swelling perk is now properly gainable.
  • Twilit’s swelling code was overhauled to work a little more like the in-game zaika, and have a higher swelling limit than originally intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Twilit’s swelling mechanic that could have resulted into orphaned breastMod values permanently offsetting your cup size.
  • Nerfed the black void juggernaut’s weapon damage bonus from 35 to 15.
  • Nerfed the black void juggernaut’s spray attacks to be tagged as flurry attacks with higher miss rates.
See More
  • [Backers] New transformation item: Twilit! This tasty Dhaalian beverage will do its damnedest to turn you into one of the locals – complete with combination genital-tail and a perk that allows your chest to rise and fall in accordance with your lusts. I suspect there could be some sketchy edge-cases with the breast expansion stuff, so be sure to let us know if you bump into any janky issues in the bug report forum! (Coded by lowercase-donkey, written by Adjatha, and polished by Fenoxo)
    • You can purchase Twilit from Harru after completing Dhaal’s main plot.
  • Inspecting rocks should no longer crash the game. (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • Some minor edits and fixes to backend things that aren’t easily explained in patchnotes. (Thanks team!)
Changelog 0.9.070 Hotfixes:
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  • The button to levitate should no longer be overwritten by other special attack buttons.
  • Fixed Debris Field having an incorrect tooltip.
  • Fixed Acid Cloud’s tooltip listing an incorrect damage type.
  • New Item: Sizzlepod Staff, a level 3 rare staff that deals corrosive damage and can be found in the deepest forests of Mhen’ga.
  • Improved text field input limitations for things like names and email addresses.
  • Fiddled with some kineticist damage calculations in an eternal quest for big round numbers that probably don’t change anything for you but give me more chances to accidentally introduce an error into the code…
  • “canFly” and “isFlying” are now tracked independently. Previously nearly everything flying-related was derived from the “canFly” check.
  • The levitation perk now makes “canFly” true, which should allow for all the flight-based transit events in the game world to work seamlessly with it.
  • “canFly” no longer matters for most combat events – isFlying is far more important.
  • Creatures that are flying are now immune to most traditional trip attacks. Sweeping the legs doesn’t do much to a flappin’ bird! Not all attacks that respect this have special text to notify you that it’s working, but it should be.
  • Added a “hasTripImmunity” function under the hood, and having the “Planted” feat or being tripped already both set it to true, as well as flying or the generic “trip immune” status many NPCs have. This should simplify checking if a creature can be tripped down to one value to check.
    • I touched a lot of combat encounters wiring this up, so I may have introduced a fat-finger bug somewhere along the line.
  • Added an argument to “hasTripImmunity” to ignore the flight-based immunity for flight-countering trip effects like the kineticist has.
  • The jetpack accessory and flight-capable wings now allow you to “lift off” in combat. The “lift off” option shares a button with levitate ability and its ilk, and I tried to be intelligent about how they all nest together so that natural wings don’t prevent you from using your levitate ability (since that grants +10 evasion and is the “better” choice) – but the wing option will appear when your energy is too low. I also made them respect flight-disabling effects like the web status.
Changelog 0.9.070:
See More
  • BACKER: Amber’s cure quest; simply talk to her about a cure whilst aboard your ship to get started. (Skom, AveryBirb and MoonKitten & DrunkZombie)
  • PUBLIC: Spacewizards. Sorry, I mean kineticists can now be created in the public build. (Fen, Fen, Fen, and some guy called Fen. Savin, whoever that guy is, also too)
  • Fixed Syri’s coat bust appearing when it should/shouldn’t be doing. (Jacques00)
  • Added orgasm calls to a soaked raskvel scene where they were previously missing. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Syne showing the wrong bust in a scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed further potential crashing issues around the keybind implementation for hitting Accept and Cancel buttons on the UI, no matter where they appear. (Gedan)
  • Fixed more improper uses of inventory handling interfaces caused by Telekinetic Warrior – these were much easier to find and eradicate with proper error messages! (Gedan)
  • Fixed how the players last location is stored when boarding the Great Majin so that we can more safely return the player when they leave. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some unparsed content in some Anyxine content. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some potential crashes caused by new parser tags dealing with cock size parsing. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some potential crashes with the keyboard navigation controls for the inventory, where it was possible for them to execute mid-transition to another UI layout and then immediately blow up. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a stack state creation issue during the Ara diplomacy mission. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash on some platforms returning weird and improper messages when the OS rejects a users request to fullscreen the page content. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a further potential crash on some platforms where not only do they not return messages when emitting an exception, they don’t provide the stack either. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash caused by using the Undo system immediately after fighting the Overqueen during First 14. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash after ship combat against a Cyberpunk K7. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash when changing cocksocks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash with the Ziltrap Vines when the player uses a deployable turret, and also possibly fixed some other issues with their AI not properly processing allied creature states. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash with remove junk attempting to loot invalid piercings. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a bunch more typos. (Jacques00)
Changelog 0.9.069:
See More
  • PUBLIC: Hazard Armor, Mome Codex, Anyxine Standing Bone and Mia.
  • BACKER: Elcine is available at Shineglass Station on Phaedra. (Savin & Leek)
  • BACKER: Additional punishment scenes for Cherry’s Wall are now available. (Redknight910 & Leek)
  • Added Phaedra, Jasvalla, Sophora and Ardia encounter details to the quest log. (Jacques00)
  • Added Dzan addicition details to the quest log. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a crash with staff weapons. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a softlock in Ramis content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed gravity rush persisting between fights. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a reversed Luca check that blocked her sub-switch option. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed how the status effect that controls Capraphorm is created and updated. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a temporary value set during trade that was breaking Undo state creation. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some crashes with certain Zaika combat encounters. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Telekenetic Warrior eating melee weapons when the player had no equipped ranged weapon. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few more unessencery calls forcing the combat UI to be shown, this time in the mock-combat interface. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some crashes with the duel with Riya in some Nastizia content. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Ecstasy Enlargers expiry proc, allowing it to work properly with how time passage is actually implemented. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the cooldown handling for the Thirsting status effect. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed some error handling code to better handle certain mobile browsers not passing along an error object when an error happens. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some crashes with a handful of room configurations that were still referencing rooms that either didn’t exist, or have been moved in the new map structure. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash in some keybind-implementation code for finding “Accept” buttons, anywhere on the UI, and executing them. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash with code that handles player children states and unique Zil children. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash with a sexdoll in Kiroquest and a Sophora defeat scene where a scene may be entered without passing along the appropriate selected vagina index of the player to use. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash with the Gallery and Trade back buttons being double-activated. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash in some Paige content where the action history wasn’t being passed along properly. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some class combat perks being able to activate whilst in Ship combat, causing a crash when they try to apply an attack that doesn’t work against Ship objects. (Gedan)
0.9.068 Hotfix #1:
See More
Hotfix #1:
  • Fixed staves crashing for kineticists when swung. This one was due to me incorrectly trying to add damage to “kinetic” instead of “kinetic.damageValue” because apparently any time I touch damage values, there’s a 50% chance I mess it up the first time. (It’s me, Fen!)
  • Fix PsiNoiseGenerator not being collectible because the collection function wasn’t properly committed. It was in a file I had a half-written, WIP scene in that masked it when I was doing the commit, causing me to miss pushing that essential bit of code. (Goddamnit, Fen!)
  • Fixed tripped enemies targeting themselves while tripped. The combatAI function got some dyslexic arguments slipped into it.
Changelog 0.9.068:
  • [BACKER] Additional slavesuit anal scenes (Will & Leek)
  • [PUBLIC] Femmitch (Wifely & lowercase_donkey)
  • New bust by Jacques00: Slamwulfe.
  • New busts by Adjatha:  Eloise, Neil, Selene, Warboy’s Bike and the Warboy.
  • New common items: Staves! You can pick up a Quarterstaff at Carl’s on Mhen’ga, a “Steelestaff” from Anno on Tarkus (or in your hold if you’ve recruited the alabaster assistant), or a Shieldwall Staff from Emmy on Myrellion. They’re all tagged as psionically attuned – which will grant kineticists a little extra kinetic damage when striking with them. I’m not done yet either – expect more staves and some rare ones to slip in soon. -Fenoxo
  • New rare item: Psinoise Generator. This rare accessory can be found in Zheng Shi’s mines by kineticists. When equipped, it should increased energy recovery by 25%. This was actually in the last patch but unobtainable due to non-final, buggy coding. (Fenoxo)
  • Adjusted the dom siegewulfe collaring lead-up scenes to give hints as to the requirements required for the scene happen and added further details about them to the quest log. (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted isHuman tests to better incorporate the reworked racial scoring system and its primary/secondary scoring to determine humanity-factor. (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted Deep Freeze shatters to trigger with non-melee tagged crushing attacks. (Fenoxo)
  • Adjusted Terran Treats so that certain bodypart flags can be cleared even if you already have the human type-version of a bodypart those flags apply to. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Adjusted changeEnergy() to more accurately display energy change. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a crash with the Forgehound’s combat interception. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few more potential operation errors with the data menu after loading a save on a slower/touch device. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few potential pathways where some menu buttons might leak over into the game menu. (Gedan)
  • Fixed combat not being properly completed after the Hyrax Raider BDP scene. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some missing instances of fluid-ingestion and taint in scenes that mention these things are happening. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed instances of Damage Flags not being properly configured on some combat enemies, or more accurately, not being properly configured on their equipment damage values. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the new Tripped/Get Up mechanics to apply to hostile NPCs as well as friendlies. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a handful of abilities requesting target selection even though they don’t actually require a target. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the Siegewolfe renaming button option from its quick little holiday out of the reworked siegewulfe menu. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the reversed value reporting from some feminization changes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some typos in Gianna bust names, effectively disabling them from being used. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some issues with parser tags and support functions used by frostwyrm content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some issues in Overqueen content relating to how it was attempting to use changeEnergy() previous. (Leek)
  • Fixed typos. (Jacques00, lowercase_donkey, Fenoxo)
0.9.067 Hotfix #2:
See More
  • Foes do not always get up from trip immediately – the chance now scales with their intelligence and increases every round.
  • Telekinetic Warrior attacks now count as “Crushing” damage.
  • Improved damage scaling on most higher level kineticist abilities:
    • Concussive Augmentation will scaling 50%->75%
    • Goethermal Spike will scaling 50->75% for thermal and kinetic portions.
    • Acid Cloud will scaling 100->125%
    • Mind Crush scaling 100->150%
    • Psychic Slam scaling 50->75%
    • Gravity Crush scaling 100->250%
  • Psychogenic Vim: Improved tooltip, removed activation cost
  • Vitality Siphon: Improved tooltip, removed 1/combat restriction.
  • Vortex Brand: +5% more damage boost. Fixed miss chance modification on psi attacks.
  • Debris Field: Added damage component, added bonus damage to flyers.
  • Fixed Entropy Waves’ tooltip.
  • Fixed some typos.
0.9.067 Hotfix #1:
See More
  • Fixed issues with New Game not properly initializing some UI elements, leading to a crash.
  • Fixed the panic/fullscreen buttons being present when they shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed Korgonne females crashing when being encountered for fightin’
See More
  • [Backers]The Kineticist class can now be created! This psionic character class allows you to start with psionic aptitude and the ability to skewer your foes with pure force, leech away their heat to restore your energy, and more!
    • The kineticist should focus on willpower & intelligence when leveling up. Willpower drives the damage scaling & saving throw difficulty levels, and intelligence powers your to-hit rolls with abilities that can miss.
    • Kineticists should not partake in bimbo content if they wish to be viable – for now. An event to allow low will and/or intelligence kineticists to apply themselves in other ways will be deployed in a future patch.
    • I recommend stocking a weapon with the crushing flag to take advantage of any “Deep Freeze” procs you manage. We need to add some lovely staves with which to break the ice in the future.
    • [Tiny Savin Edit]: There’s a forum thread for feedback on the class! Let us know what you think!
  • [Backer] Slavesuit anal scenes.
  • [Public] Bimbo Siegwulfe content.
  • The “Sundered” condition will now expire if created with a limited duration. (Fenoxo)
  • Added and adjusted a great many map icons on and around Tavros station. (lowercase_donkey & Jacques00)
  • Added some additional utility to functions governing combat attack output, allowing us to group the results of certain things together in a more logical manner, no matter where and when we calculate the various components that constitute an attack and its resolution. (Gedan)
  • Adjusted the Nuki score required to be afflicted by Cum Cascade without explicitly having the relevant perk, as the old trigger number was set based on old racial scoring values and not the newer, higher potential score. (Gedan)
  • Adjusted some Rad penalties applied during puzzle failure on Phaedra. (Gedan)
  • Adjusted the log event when Blue Balls gets removed; if the player also has Nuki Nuts, there’s a very high chance that both Blue Balls and Nuki Nuts event will fire simultaneously, and they both effectively do the same thing. Blue Balls will still be cleared, but Nuki Nuts will be the only event that makes it to the event log to cut down on spammy events. (Gedan)
  • Adjusted Lorelei’s menu to remove allusions that there would be future collar control of the PCs collar here, as it was sketched out long before we settled on having this functionality present as part of the Codex instead. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a great many combat-process interruptions that provided additional options to the player mid-fight. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a handful of card-position and formatting errors with various combat attacks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few oversights with modified combat card output handling that should better handle certain formatting tasks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed parser overrides for combat card formatting calls. (Gedan)
  • Fixed errant UI state pushes caused by combat interruptions. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential state corruption issue during save loading by injecting a dialog overlay earlier in the process to block additional inputs during asyncronous data loading. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some missing vendor icons, and others that should have been hidden at various times. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed “Roshan Blue” not being applied to certain XP sources. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some room linkages that would be better served as locks instead of one-way paths. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Kanes story process not properly masking out stories that the player has already been told until all stories have been presented. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a crash with setStatusIconShade(). (Jacques00)
  • Fixed various submenus from the masturbate menu from causing UI state stack corruption. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some potential UI state stack corruption from occuring during the ship purchase/trade flow. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some potential UI State stack corruption whilst closing shops. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential instant crash under some browsers failing to handle autoplaying media when the dev aid vaporwave mode had been enabled (by removing the vaporwave mode as it was mostly intended as a proof of concept of how best to include animated content). (Gedan)
  • Fixed the spawn rate of Nyrea Betas not being adjusted after certain outcomes with the queen. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed potential navigation issues through various menus with Carrie scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed missing Haley nursery content. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed a Po bad end crash. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed inconsistencies around all of the rooms on the Tavros ResDeck. (lowercase_donkey & Jacques00)
  • Fixed crashes with the teleport cheat (mainly by removing the Skip To option as it didn’t make any sense for it to be in the Cheat menu considering what it does differently versus Move To) (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed and adjusted many details relating to SSTDs. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Reaha’s bust configuration so certain states are less likely to overwrite other, more pressing states from being displayed. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Mhorgen being encounterable in the bar before completing the Dhaal dungeon. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Ardia’s give-item menu not always returning to the correct parent menu. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed possible errors with the rotate minigame when displaying the tutorial helper trying to reference certain specific cells in the play area. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some scrolling issues when text changes. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some event log issues with mimbranes causing spamming or invalid log entries. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Synes menu not backing out to the corrent parent version if not immediately accepting the proffered task. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the PC getting statistically buttstuffed during a Syne scene where the PC is stuffing Synes butt. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a vew status effects that should have been hidden from not being hidden. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the crash handler from skipping version update check cooldowns to determine if a new version was available to prompt for an update on the crash screen, unless at least some time had passed. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash with Resin Aroma. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of output formatting for Resin Aroma. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the Reload Game button when the game crashes under electron, so it should now properly actually reload the game. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Mitch using the incorrect busts during some scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an inverted test for Air Tight during the Zaika Hazard Troopers aphro-gas attack. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of calls using penisRouter that may have been causing issues. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an oversight in the button gating for some Olympia scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a great many typos. (lowercase_donkey & Jaques00)
See More
  • BACKER: Anyxine standing bone scene, available once you’ve been on a date with the self-same bone-haver. (Savin & Gedan)
  • BACKER: Mome codex entry – Some background about the Tove homeworld. (Frogapus & Leek)
  • BACKER: Paragon Hazard Armor – A new powerarmor source, dropped by Hazard Troopers and available to purchase from Rivet (Leek)
  • BACKER: Mia – A bar encounter on Mhen’ga, bump into another traveller who took a shine to the Vanae… (SheepPun & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Eloise, located in the Crash Landing on Dhaal. Why not wander over and see what she’s about? Written by Magenta Needle and coded by Leek.
  • PUBLIC: New Penny Scene/Event: Roleplay! Written by William and coded by Leek, this event lets you request Penny jump you for some cop-on-PC roleplay sucky-fucky!
  • Added an additional validation step when loading creatures, allowing for the game to ensure certain datastructures are present that may have been removed via save editing, which would ultimately crash the game without thier presence. (Gedan)
  • Added additional bust art for Sylvie and Siegwulfe. (Jacques)
  • Adjusted the presence of the fullscreen overlay shortcut for various subdisplays. (Jacques)
  • Fixed display issues with double goo busts. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a reversed virginity check, some unparsed output, missing text clears and a crash in mitch scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed unparsed tags in some rats raiders content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an incorrectly implemented test for a lumi defeat scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed incorrect parser tags in some malai content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an incorrectly configured button not properly continuing to the next scene in a cherry’s wall scene, and a similar case in some Paige content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the rest and masturbate menus not properly navigating the UI state stack system. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the error handling around the media play calls used to play animated busts/CGs, so that this should no longer trigger a crash under certain browsers where playback is disallowed. (Gedan)
  • Fixed and reimplemented the “Try On” options for Aliss’ store, returning all of them to existence under the Inspect menu. Additionally, the Buy button that is surfaced as part of this will push the item in question into the shopping cart and return to the Shop interface rather than immediately completing a transaction, as well as fixing UI state stack navigation for the Try On scenes, as well as the event triggered via Aliss’ lust. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a handful of pathways where a flag related the farrowquest could potentially be unset or invalid, safely reconfiguring it toward an expected value rather than crashing. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the teleport cheat not triggering a UI state stack navigation to occur, leaving additional states in the stack. (Gedan)
  • Fixed potential crash issues with hasCockType() when it is called with potentially invalid index values. Some of these tweaks have been applied to a handful of other cock-based functions to handle a similar gap in the usual logic we used in the past to ensure these were executed safely. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some old AS3-era UI calls that still existed in the combat code that were no longer nessecery, and were potentially injecting additional states into the UI state stack that didn’t need to exist. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few potential crashes when leaving the Options menu via certain toggles that would immediately close the display through a non-standard pathway. (Jacques)
See More
  • BACKER: Mitch can now be given gifts, specifically, the gift of vagizzle and boobona. Or dongles. Up to you! (Wheatly & lowercase_donkey)
  • PUBLIC: New “Wall” character in Cherry’s Taphall: the Bull. Written by Reathe and Magenta Needle, coded by Leek.
  • PUBLIC: Have you ever wanted to meet up with Mhorgenn again? In a bar? Well now you can, after meeting her on Dhaal she’ll be showing in the crash landing going forward. Written by Sil and coded by Gedan.
  • PUBLIC: A new mini-boss encounter is available on Phaedra II, written by Magenta Needle. It features the tag-team of Selene and Neil, a semi-treated Thraggen with his mutant Rahn “slave”. They come with fourish win scenes and another fourish loss scenes AND a bad end. It’s also a pretty challenging fight, so for now they’re confined to one tagged square and respawn after three hours – but once I break the Phaedra encounters in the plains into sub-zones they’ll be part of the random encounters in a sub-area…
  • Fixed Siegwulfe being able to offer the collaring process without being in the correct mode, or even a crewmember. (Gedan)
  • Fixed (potentially) some issues around animated media being played on some browsers. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the potential for tracking functions used by the achievement system to sometimes execute whilst a save is being loaded, resulting in potentially invalid objects being navigated and crashing. (Gedan)
  • Fixed sleep is not defined crash on some electron platforms. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few more interface buttons not properly debouncing input actions. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash with vaginalPuffiness when given invalid arguments, likely to happen in scenes that use vagRouter where the provided index could be the butt indicator rather than vagina index. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash relating to ballFullness calculations with weird body setup combinations. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash when navigating internal map data in the teleport cheat UI. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Stelle scenes to use correct cock, fix possible collar crash. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a paige function’s arguments. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed vagina description that could dump a long list of descriptions instead of just picking one. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed breast description missing nouns in some cases. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Maja scene that players could enter with an invalid cock. Added a new error message that should help us track down more of these. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed for Dhaal CEO crashes in some cases. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed art used for post combat scenes with the zaika peers, should show pets now. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the usual spread of typos. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed bust gallery not always respecting a defined artist override when paging through busts. (Jacques)
  • Fixed display process used to generate and render shopkeeper interaction blurbs, ensuring it should be stable. (Jacques)
  • Fixed calculator rotation shadows. (Jacques)
  • Adjusted bubblegum theme colours. (Jacques)
  • Added a display option for a grayscale filter overlay. (Jacques)
  • Added some explicit crashes around breastRow management in the hopes it will help track down the true source of a (very) rare crash. (Gedan)
  • Added some additional logging and errors around some ballFullness math to help track down the true source of a (very) rare crash. (Gedan)
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  • BACKERS: Siegwulfe has had an expansion for her dom/bimbo path, adding a new repeatable scene as well as a collaring event (for the PC), and an option to ride back to your ship underslung. (Azthra & Gedan)
  • PUBLIC: Emese, the cat mommy (written by Doots), can be found on Uveto’s main street. (Doots & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Sisterly Ruuing by William: With both Anno and Syri as crew members, and after both have acquired their maid costumes, players with a penis can trigger a new random event by simply boarding their ship in which the two Dornas tempt you with the prospect of domming them both in bed. Which of the two siblings gets to be first? (William & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: New encounter on Phaedra: the Kihan Armature. It happens in a specific location on the way northwards in the east half of the map. This peaceful encounter will give you a little lore and set you up for the next piece of content…
  • Fixed a parser crash with Dhaal dungeon parser tags.
  • Fixed Penny’s sexmenu blowing up.
  • Fixed Penny’s old roleplay scene going mia.
  • Fixed Penny’s new roleplay scene clashing with the old scene button, and is listed as “Surprise Roleplay”.
  • Fixed a crash with flash goggles. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the unintended availability of hardlight usage for a Dez anal scene that resulted in a crash. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs around Synvanol that could erroneously drop important arguments. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a rarely encountered crash with nukaPsykers. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a few unparsed tags and variants in Neil scenes, Tarratch Slaver scenes and Codex entries. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a bug allowing for the purchase more GaloMax than intended from Sera. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed inconsistencies with cowScore() checks. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some Shalin Shaman scene openers not properly presenting genitalia selection options to the player, potentially allowing selection of a dongue that is not too large for the scenes to continue. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed the event queue from being erroneously serialized when saving game-state. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some instances of amazonian race overriding other race checks for the purposes of scene variations. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Frostwyrm scenes not properly identifying the players race. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a title naming bug with Bess allowing multiple titles to be stacked up inappropriately. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some Eloise bugs. (Jacques)
0.9.062 Hotfix:
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  • Penny’s sex menu should no longer blow up.
  • Penny’s old roleplay scene should be back in it’s old place again and available in public once again. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Penny’s new roleplay scene should be available on her base crew menu only, now labelled “Surprise Roleplay”. This works doubly well since her crew sex menu was running out of button space, AND the scene was written from the perspective of being an “out of nowhere” request and not something following the normal sex-approach lead-up.
  • An optimization to the parser was exploding some of the Dhaal dungeon parsers, hard breaking that content. This should be fixed.
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  • [Public] Azra has a new blowjob scene, by William. Originally it was written such that Azra would surprise you with a bunch of sweat and musk, but that didn’t quite align with my vision of the proper shark-woman less physical job and high hygene standards. I reworked it to the PC to blow her without mention of extra sweat/must, or adjust the lab’s thermostat to get yourself a lil extra to sniff. It doesn’t make a tremendous difference in the overall scene text, but it’s another notch in player agency. In my haste to do all that, I forgot to tag the content for backers-only. My foible is your gain! Written by William, coded by Fenoxo.
  • New image pack scene: Azra getting blown by the PC. The lines are by MrPink and the colors are by Waru-Geli, and the full resolution version of the image is available on our Patreon or SubscribeStar posts.
  • New Bust art: Reaha’s cow-print bikini, by Adjatha. (Lowercase-Donkey)
  • Fixed a handful of modal dialog issues that were probably the primary cause of the “shipMode” crash errors, and possibly some of the inventory and storage issues. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Ramis’ sleep with button options and clarified what the switch button is going to do without needing to look at the tooltip. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a broken call to itemCollect() blowing up using the black market options from Orryx. (Gedan)
  • Fixed another pathway through combat cleanup that wasn’t properly clearing text output before emitting loss scenes. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the tightness of checks around masturbation with toys, where the menu to pick a toy could pull from ship storage whilst onboard the ship, but was requiring a toy to be in the players inventory to enable the toy menu itself. (Gedan)
  • Fixed gooballs not applying the correct color. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Sophora’s rend attack improperly calling applyBleed(). (Gedan)
  • Fixed another way the shower masturbation scene buttons could blow up in rare circumstances. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Mirrin’s DP scene and how it offers selections for genitalia to use, streamlining the process and avoiding invalid index errors. (Gedan)
  • Fixed clarity issues with the save buttons disabled tooltip, making it clearer that it is not possible to save whilst the codex is active. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Kitty Courtesans not actually taking their credits for services rendered. (Gedan)
  • Using the spreadsheets in “panic mode” should no longer bloat saves quite so much. Jacques00 has made improvements that should greatly reduce save file size for those that use them as a place to take notes.
  • Jacques00 grabbed the source PSD for much of the old Gats art and pulled higher resolution variants for use in game.
  • Added an overwrite option for if the user has at least one saved spreadsheet when saving the current spreadsheet. (Jacques00)
  • Dark mode toggle is now a persistent option in spreadsheet mode. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed being unable to remove piercings. (Jacques00)
  • Refinements to the piercing menu for equipping and unequipping. (Jacques00)
  • Added icons for piercing menu filters. (Jacques00)
  • Prettified the Inventory item lists. (Jacques00)
  • Panties and the Bimbo Ray key items will now read better in the key items list. (Jacques00)
  • Added title attributes to inventory set buttons for clarity. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the Ganger Heavy target selection button. (Lowercase-Donkey)
  • Prevented Bimbo Kiro from showing up in Kally’s bar as a patron that acts like normal Kiro. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a number of places where Kiro’s name was hard-coded and not properly dynamic. (Lowercase-Donkey)
  • Extrameet fixes for fast travelling to the milk bar on Dhaal. (Lowercase-Donkey)
  • Prevented codex output from displaying inline bust images outside of the codex display. (Jacques00)
  • Viewing codex entries should now properly clear the menu before displaying the next entry (in case of any extra generated buttons). (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted Korgonne’s Translate button for better navigation. (Jacques00)
  • Grouped some codex bust images instead of having them be a randomized single. (Jacques00)
  • Change sand worm/butt bug image names for clarity. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the deployable drone disabling your ability to duck under the overpass during the Feruze fight on Dhaal. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a crash in Steele Biomedical. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed displaying the wrong Syri image based on her coat status. (Jacques00)
  • A metric bug-ton of typo fixes, under the hood adjustments to base systems, and small bug fixes.
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  • BACKER: There is now a tainted rusher that you can encounter on a variety of planets as a random combat event. (Fr0sty & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Added scene for Naomi, a cowgirl on New Texas that got stood-up and is looking for revenge. Available to bipedal Steeles with a cock. Will trigger randomly along the main street between the hours of 1800 and 2400 with a 1 week cooldown. (Written by Damie, coded by DrunkZombie)
  • Added cheats to reset Delilah and Akane content. (Jacques)
  • Added an extra option to TapTooltip mode; you can now choose to have buttons generate a filler tooltip (thus always requiring two taps to activate buttons), or only require two taps on buttons that have actual tooltips (and buttons without tooltips will activate on the first tap). (Gedan)
  • Fixed the control overlay not quite working with the new UI state stack. (Jacques)
  • Fixed mail buttons, enabling and disabling them respective to the currently viewed folder. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some lingering remnants of the old UI state system. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the data menu state code to align more with how all other UI states are transitioned in and out. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash backing up from the data menu when on the main menu without a gamestate active. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the findLast crashes under android. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a ton of potential null/undefined checks inherited from AS3 era code. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the experimental undo system not cooperating with the new UI state stack system. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Bizzy busts going missing when she wears a collar outside the matching body type in the art. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Sera busts showing a dongle when clothed. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some missing descriptions in the image manifest. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some scroll height issues in the codex when the control overlay is enabled. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a crash with Black Void grunts. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a variety of issues and oversights with the porting of Mimbranes, re-enabling some combat and time-passage events. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Sturm and Drang using an incorrect accuracy value. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the placement of some tease buttons in the combat menu. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Jasvalla becoming inactive when levelling past her existing level ranges. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some inactive content that was waiting for Gianna crew to happen in some Bess scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed potential issues with the way saving is blocked, unifying access to the variable that controls it. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some issues with Leithan and Raskvel body part type instances. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Galomax consumption softlocks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash in Riyaquest relating to the Security Droids blowing up (in this case, literally). (Gedan)
  • Fixed typos in many places. (Jacques, lowercase_donkey, Gedan)
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Walking around on New Texas should no longer crash due to a misconfigured feature flag on the newer cow-girl encounter.
  • BACKER: Anno can introduce you to a trio of kitty cats when boarding your ship at Tavros station once you have met Urbolg, adding a new repeatable fap scene. (William & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: There’s a new extrameet scene variant for some Kaede and Anno funtimes. (Savin & Gedan)
  • PUBLIC: Bizzy has a couple of extra scenes, one some solo action and a few involving Reaha. (Nonesuch & Leek)
  • Added additional clarity when taking actions via the inventory. (Jacques)
  • Added an icon for skintight/underlayer armor. (Jacques)
  • Added scanlines behind big item images. (Jacques)
  • Rebalanced how blindMiss was implemented, effectively removing it as a seperate step in the combat calculation flow, thus allowing blind status effects to more consistently be applied. (Fenoxo)
  • Rebalanced how status effects are processed for combat, aligning the processing step with how general status effects are handled and also hopefully scraping a bit more performance out of combat processing at the same time. This process also likely fixed some lingering/hidden issues with some combat effect processing that have gone unreported, but it has also probably introduced entirely new fun bugs as well! Whee! (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed verbiage and application of gas grenade damage when used against the player. (lowercase_donkey & Fenoxo)
  • Fixed GaloMax softlock. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an errant unimplemented text variant in a Sophora scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a lot of errant variable shadowing issues behind the scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed many typos throughout the Hyrax content (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed typo in Twist the Knifes perk description. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a variety of issues relating to the additional buttons displayed on the main menu for fullscreen & panic mode. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some layout issues relating to Android browser page rendering by forcibly moving the entire game UI out from under being overlapped by the address bar. Fullscreen mode is the intended means to work around the remaining layout issues whilst we investigate the true causes of a few other overlapped-by-system-component issues. (Jacques & Gedan)
  • Fixed a variety of issues with Zaalts attack implementations. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed how damage stacking works with Power Strike. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed errant text formatting issues with Low Blow. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a variety of typos throughout the spreadsheet panic screen. (Jacques)
  • Fixed NPC auto-orgasms from being tracked before the player has met the NPC in question. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a variety of lingering issues with the Grey Goo armor. Subscenes and features that were disabled as part of the port have been re-enabled, removing the Undroppable and Unsellable flags – if she is discarded, she can be reacquired on Myrellion via a random bar event or via Anno’s store. (Jacques)
  • Fixed typo in icon selection for acessory items. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some layout issues with the Achievement and Credit display screens. (Jacques)
  • Fixed crashes with the Tarratch Slaves. (Lighterflud)
  • Fixed potential Flash-to-JS imported save issues with broken ship weapon configurations. Ships with broken weapons should fix themselves. (Gedan)
  • Fixed crashes with the Akkadi Security Robots and the Target Link ability. (Gedan)
  • Fixed crashes with the Zaika Hazard Trooper. (Gedan)
  • Fixed text generation issues with the Zaika Hazard Troopers shield-break state. (Gedan)
  • Fixed issues with Bess/Ben’s title selection menu. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Extrameet codex entries being missing. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed typos with the Easter Jumper. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed missing virginity counts. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Kattom being able to show up on Phaedra. (Gedan)
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the implementation of Vaulting Strike. The cooldown should now be appropriately tracked as a combat effect, as well as have a one-round cooldown, as indicated by the perk text. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some border display issues with the control overlay button graphics. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a typo in a flag tracking some Vanae content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a typo in a flag tracking some Shou content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the ordering of Vaulting Strike and Sturm und Drang so that the perks better fit the columns they are presented in the level up screen as part of. (Gedan)
  • Fixed typos in many places. (DrunkZombie, lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a flipped Lust/HP victory variant descriptor with the Tarratch Slavers. (Gedan)
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  • BACKER: Started implementing the parts of the proper Phaedra landing events. (Fenoxo)
  • BACKER: Shalin & Hyrax can now be encountered on Phaedra. (Nonesuch & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Anno’s off-screen encounter with a Thraggen now has an actual scene rather than being behind closed doors (Professor Poprocks & lighterfluid)
  • PUBLIC: Tarratch Slavers are now roaming Mhen’ga for the public builds. (Nonesuch & lighterfluid)
  • Added greater awareness of combat state to enemy ship AI, allowing them to better select which weapons to use. (Fenoxo)
  • Added additional settings to the control overlay, allowing it to be moved, resized and to change its appearance for better accessibility. (Jacques)
  • Added some additional breast shapes to the mannequin bust to aid with size transitions. (Jacques)
  • Added some sorting to option entries in the options menus. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the position-targetting code used for status effect tooltips to work better in multi-enemy fights by disambiguating the targeted elements id. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some ship combat-only status effects not being cleared when combat ends. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a crash during character creation relating to the new control overlay. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a handful of instances where the control overlay remains present when movement is otherwise not available. (Jacques)
  • Fixed forcibly opening the large mapview not always properly minimizing the big bust display, leading to a failure to display the larger minimap. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a handful of older checks for a variety of “aphrodisiac tongue” that were hard-wired to search for specific sub-triggers, rather than using a now more encompassing check. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the layout of the status effect display which should help when many effects are being displayed. (Jacques)
  • Fixed animation toggles for various UI components not respecting the configured option. (Jacques)
  • Fixed “Unknown Artist” from appearing in the artist priority list. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a few issues with image paths in the image manifest. (Jacques)
  • Fixed appearance display for multi-cocked characters. (Jacques)
  • Fixed ship missile bays using awkward phrasing for attacking. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed combat text vanishing when fighting NymFoe, when the “Bouncy!” effect blocks a basic attack. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Quinns pregnancy bust display. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an issue with the multi-stage combat Feruze uses when the player is using a weapon that has the BYPASS_SHIELD damage flag, end-running around how the triggers operate to move the staged fight along. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some Sela busts being missing. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Ilaria never displaying her preg bust. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a handful of issues with the myr deserter. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a reversed check with the Zheng Shi elevator block. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a scene gating issue with Sophora that could result in crashes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the mannequin bust containing some duplicate path data. (Jacques)
  • Fixed hiding the control overlay not always hiding both the D-Pad and the in/out buttons. (Jacques)
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  • Fixed NOT ACTUALLY SETTING THE FEATURE FLAG for the control overlay, so it’s actually present in release builds. (Gedan, weeping)
  • Fixed a room on the top floor of Zheng Shi that linked to The Void. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed lust values not displaying properly via outputDamage(). (Jacques)
  • Fixed missing tooltips for a porn button. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a possible means of squeezing past SmallDeviceMode with weird userAgents. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a variety of UI elements displaying too early when in character creation. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Geoff/Arties bust causing crashes. (Gedan & Jacques)
  • Fixed another means that the new layout couldn’t force itself into place on devices that require it. (Jacques)
v0.0.036 backers edition
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  • BACKER: Nuka Psykers are now available in the Phaedra testing locale. (Gardeford & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Gwon, the owner of Gabmart Threadz on Dhaal got a small expansion written by Adjatha that gives her a whole mess of new interactions and fun and is now available to the public. (Adjatha & lowercase_donkey)
  • PUBLIC: The option to train Anno to enjoy anal sex was added previously, but was part 1 of a 3 part series. The second part is now added for public consumption, written by William. It will organically appear after doing the training enough times (3+). (William & Leek)
  • Public: Shalena, the team captain of a sports team on Uveto now has an option to date her through extrameet after you become the team’s towel(boy/girl/person). You can get more personal with her as a result and find out that the big kitty-cat likes to play the doting mommy who takes good care of young space adventurers! (William & Leek)
  • New codex display for race scores, driven by a new back end! Players can now not only see the requirements for each race in their codex, but they can see how heavily each is weighed and which ones they have and do not have. The menu is only available if cheats have been enabled to make it clear this is not really a game system but a debugging tool. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Several race scores have been tweaked based on findings from the new menu:
  • Plants: Instead of being included in the list of other planty skintypes, latex skin was a second test. This inflated the number of tests, while keeping players from ever maxing out. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Cat tails: similar weirdness, players can now max out cat score. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Lizan should have been checking for a muzzle. Instead it was checking if it was possible to check for a muzzle. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Removed duplicate checks for feathers on races similar to avians. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Red myr venom is now consumed an item at a time as intended, instead of a stack at a time. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix some Chery crashes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix yet another ballFullness NaN issue. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Add support for larger units, including tons. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a looseness crash in a bored jumper scene. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed breedwell contracts ending after 1 day. (DrunkZombie)
  • The full suite of custom card faces should now be in place and finished. (Jacques)
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  • [Backers] The Zaika Gang encounter is now live in the Gyre! This encounter, as penned by Adjatha, includes approximately a dozen new sex scenes and a few fun micro-events when you greet the misguided alien gals! (Coded by Fen)
0.9.032 :
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  • BACKER: The very first initial Phaedra content is available. There is a lot more work to do here, but it is now possible to fly to a very barebones starting area for the planet and experience the first encounter, The Fuckplants. (Skom, Leek & Fenoxo)
  • PUBLIC: Malai is now available to the public. A big boy rask with a weapons shop at the south-end of Gabtown. (Doots & Leek) Evidently just copying the previous patchnote is not ideal™
  • Wired up Shalena busts. (Leek & Adj)
  • Fix Anno’s crew button vanishing. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix big green potion so that players can properly get Blueberry Yogurt lacation what the fuck who put this in the game. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix the counter for Gwon bondage scenes so players can unlock her fourth scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix for dong designer; players should no longer get null type dongs. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Update dong designer to support large numbers of options. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix scope issues for goo boobs and crotch adjustments (lowercase_donkey)
  • Added code to clear rut after pc impregnates Nastizia. (DrunkZombie)
  • Also some typo cleanup in Roxy scene. (DrunkZombie)
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  • [Backers] The option to train Anno to enjoy anal sex was added previously, but was part 1 of a 3 part series. The second part is now added, written by William. It will organically appear after doing the training enough times (3+). Part three TBD. (Leek)
  • [Backers] There should now be an alternate route in the Brightwater path through Dhaal’s final dungeon. Instead of fighting the last boss, you can volunteer to take your rival’s place as a lab rat for a while to pay off the debts. (lowercase_donkey) I added the feature flag wrapping myself (Fen), so if for some reason the button is missing on backer builds, you can totally Me. If you didn’t take the Brightwater Path, you should be able to proc an event to encounter an NPC in a bar to peruse the content as well. Written by Adjatha.
  • [Backers] Shalena, the team captain of a sports team on Uveto now has an option to date her through extrameet after you become the team’s towel(boy/girl/person). You can get more personal with her as a result and find out that the big kitty-cat likes to play the doting mommy who takes good care of young space adventurers! By William. (Leek)
  • [New Bust] Ohrskun (& nude)
  • [New Image] Hellhound Syri – appears when approaching the crew version of Hellhounded Syri. Art by Blizzmaster, used with permission. (Fen)
  • [New Image] Kiro Poster – found in Onsen of Kally’s bar after the Kiro/Kally threesome events. Art by Blizzmaster, used with permission. (Fen)
  • [Tweak] The trip status effect is now assigned the STATUS_BAD coloration, so it should now display its icon as red instead of default. (Fen)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed several issues with downloading the image pack. (Gedan)
  • [Bugfix] Stray { or } outputs in text have been hunted and chewed up. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a softlock with ChameleonArmor and Slavesuit menus in the appearance menu. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fix issues with the Myr Pills not properly checking the status of the PC’s arms. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Verusha’s content got some cleanup to remove placeholder value functions and reference the NPC statblock directly. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] “Sleep prick” became “sleek prick” as intended. (lowercase_donkey) :)3)
  • [Bugfix] Slave collars should properly equip as needed, and properly save the item they replace in inventory. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fix being able to walk away from a Sophora combat encounter. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a Bess crash related to checking for a holodeck. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed the Colt XLR’s bust connection.
  • [Bugfix…ish?] Lowercase_Donkey decided to merge the Myr Pill items together into one item handler, so please don’t Me if something explodes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfixes] A few other smaller or non-user-facing improvements, or more difficult to describe tiny tweaks. (Mostly the donkey of lowercastion.)
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  • The imagepack download process has been heavily reworked behind the scenes and should be more reliable. There is now also an additional option under the Graphics settings menu to delete the imagepack if it is installed. (Gedan)
  • Tweaked how bulk descriptions for multifoe fights overwrite individual combat descs to be more standardized and efficient. Previously it was converting the character’s class name into a string and checking against a list of strings. Now it’s just a boolean slapped on a character object. This was done for working on the unreleased zaika gang encounter. (Fen)
  • Standardized stun immunity checks to check a function in the creature object instead only checking for a specific status (which the function now checks). (Fen)
  • Fixed a possible error with Bhakar’s vaginal fuck scene where it could try to route him into your ass, which the scene didn’t support. (Fen)
  • Allow players to win ties with Roo. Remove some text that had her sneaking into basic blackjack. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Players can no longer bet negative amounts of money in blackjack and throw the game. Honestly, who cheats at cards?! (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix Nykke’s missing pregnant bust (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix Rats Raider busts being attached to the wrong raiders (lowercase_donkey)
  • Siegwulf item fix. Item stats will now correctly display on the item. Stats also changed slightly. The new stats are:
    Normal: 3 evasion, Bimbo, not Dom: 2 evasion, 5 sexiness, Bimbo Dom: 2 resolve, 4 sexiness (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix CyberneticExoskeleton to actually allow you to carry heavy weapons (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix some items softlocking player when inspected (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix for LionOS not showing options. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Crash fix: Sera “sex party.” (lowercase_donkey)
  • Crash fixes: Gianna sex and Mirin sex. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Crash fix: majinUpdate() not found. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Sophora fixes: isHard() crash; intro showing wrong text based on players experiences; `legOrLegsNoun` error. (lowercase_donkey)
  • FIRST-14 tutorial fixes: players will no longer get mail before they have an email set up, stop Krissy and possibly others from appearing. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Improve the hints for players looking for Una bad end. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Update character data on a few NPCs so it includes their canonical heights. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix Myrna and Mirin scenes warping players back to ship. This warping is a fallback when the game can’t find the place a scene is looking for; it’s helpful when you report these. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fix for quest log not showing Dhaal dungeon as complete (lowercase_donkey)
  • Stop Kane from hurting himself in confusion when he is supposed to be interrupting the player (lowercase_donkey)
  • Porno hacked drones will no longer attack their original target in the same turn they are teasing the player. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Syri’s idle crew text now has the correct line breaks. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Many spelling fixes. Did you know it’s “gabilani” and not “gabiliani”? (lowercase_donkey)
  • Added some autofiltering to the equipment screen that should autofilter available items when selecting an item slot. (Jacques) (I believe this still needs a little work to polish it, but I ran out of time before getting to it tonight…)
  • Added and fixed a few more completed cards to the set. (Jacques00)
  • Cleaned up a lot of stat change displays across the game. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a bunch of Sylvie typos. (Jacques00)
  • Tweaked item card renders in the equipment screen. (Jacques00)
  • Minor tweaks to gooArmor text display when handled during item collection. (Jacques00)
  • Tweaked item rarity colours. (Jacques00)
  • Consistency for showName() capitalization. (Jacques00)
See More
  • Backer: Malai is now available to backers. A big boy rask with a weapons shop at the south-end of Gabtown. (Doots & Leek)
  • Fixed a few crashes with new keybinds. (Gedan)
  • Jasvalla art has arrived and been implemented! (Adjatha)
  • Fixed issues with a Stormguard scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed issues with a Pippa scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an errant empty combat text container involving stuns. (lowercase_donkey)
  • The usual assortment of bust fixes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Tweaks have been made to Bess/Bens menus in various places. (lowercase_donkey)
  • A bunch of cleanup has been done for the new Dhaal dungeon – too many little things to exhaustively list.
  • Attempts have been made to recover frosty’s custom name from older saves. (lowercase_donkey)
  • The ability to refund perk selections has been enabled as a cheat. (I think Leek originally made the UI, donkey wired it up as a cheat)
  • Final cleanup of Sophora issues; a few combat tweaks, a bad end properly implemented. (Gedan)
Changelog 0.9.025, 0.9.026 & 0.9.027:
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  • [Backers] Dhaal’s final dungeon is complete and accessible in game. To get to it, you’ll have to complete the existing party and Feruze ambush events, then wait for an email from the scary shark-girl. You can meet her at the brothel afterward, track down Jack/Jill’s contact, and score the details on where they disappeared to. Then it’s just a matter of hitting up your local Taxi and visiting the new stop!
    • Make a save before starting the dungeon: This is one of the more ambitious final dungeons we’ve ever designed. From the get-go, you’re presented with a choice of fights, and that’s thread that follows through the entire experience, all the way to the final boss. There’s an entire floor you can skip depending on your choices – and all these variances are fertile breeding ground for bugs. There may be softlocks. There may be spots that should track an event but don’t. We may change or add to the rewards at the end as we continue to iterate and polish. For that reason, a save-to-file before the dungeon can be a lifesaver – and a quick way to get back in and try an alternate path.
    • At least nine new fights added, by my quick reckoning, many of which feature multiple foes.
    • Multiple new bad-ends, and plenty of win options as well as a chance to get up-close-and-personal with Feruze in a freight container.
    • Fight with Feruze by your side for the entire dungeon.
  • Inventory UI controls have been updated! Basic hotkeys for the bottom buttons are present now, and there is a highlighted option you can move up & down with W and S. Moving an item to another column (for dropping – or undropping) can be accomplished with the Q & E keys. Changing the column you have highlighted (for drop and shop UIs) is done with the tab key.
    • This is a first, rough pass on this. We will continue to iterate, refine, and improve this system – though I suspect Gedan may need a break from UI hell soon :3
    • I don’t fully understand the where, whys, and hows of it, but we had to drop the “double-click to buy” functionality to get the hotkeys going. Hopefully we can bring it back later, but who knows with the hell that is Javascrypt.
  • Touch tooltip support should be vastly improved; there’s a new option under gameplay called “Tooltip On Tap”; the first tap of a button that has a tooltip will display the tooltip, the second tap will activate the button. Buttons without a tooltip will immediately activate. This system should have no effect when using mouse input. This should also work with Status Effects. There’s probably more places this can be rolled out to, but I want to make sure it works exactly as intended first; this was kinda tricky to figure out a good way to handle!
  • Feruze’s child has a small post-dungeon bit of content, implemented by DrunkZombie.
  • Lowercase-Donkey did a lot of the usual under the hood cleaning and rearranging. :donkPog:
  • Lots of other fixes and tweaks…
0.9.024 Changelog:
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  • [BACKER] Una has a new series of facesitting scenes, along with a potential bad-end for good boys who prove they know their place under her booty. (William, Nonesuch & Gedan)
  • Bakhar’s menu being funky has been fixed. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a handful of character names not being consistently displayed in the UI. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a couple of oversights with parser tags in lovestarz content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed where the displayability of the update notification message is determined which should ensure it can be consistently displayed across different build types. (Gedan)
  • Fixed milk thief crashes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Credits always being listed as the currency during a shop checkout process, even when another currency is being used. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Improved the parser to support literal arguments. (leek)
  • Tweaked all of the current race scoring parameters to more closely align with expected results under the old system. All of the starting race options should now properly result in half-race outputs as expected. Where possible, the new system avoids using specific genitalia as a scoring element and instead relies purely on other appearance factors but there are a handful of cases where this is impossible or clearly does not make sense to avoid. (Gedan)
  • Tweaked all of the different ways the player can acquire Kiro’s ship for themselves, hopefully resulting in a more consistent experience. (Gedan)
  • Deduplicated a bunch of old content as well as cleaning up the scope of a lot of functions across the codebase. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Undo states should be properly created in more instances when the parser has been provided temporary parser tags. (Gedan)
  • A variety of scene and tag fixes, along with the usual assortment of bust tweaks have been performed. (lowercase_donkey)
0.9.021 Changelog:
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  • Added some more of the completed card assets. (Jacques)
  • Staggered has been buffed to a 20% stat reduction, up from 10%. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed crashes relating to the Combat UI and non-standard exits from the combat process. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few more items that didn’t return to the inventory after consumption. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Skin Clears bad end process. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a bunch of items that trigger masturbation scenes not properly generating menus. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Grenade crashes. (Leek)
  • Fixed cancelling the image upload process for avatars. (Leek)
  • Made the Android app package use Fullscreen an added a dedicated close button to the main menu. (Leek, Jacques, Gedan)
  • Clarified the equip button tooltips. (Leek)
  • Fixed a fated name. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Usual assortment of bust tweaking. (lowercase_donkey)
  • SlutRay now does 5 psionic damage instead of 4 tease damage. Advanced SlutRay now does psionic damage. The Heavy SlutRay now does 9 psionic damage instead of 8 tease damage. (Fenoxo)
  • Sophora has had a great many more fixes, balance changes and tweaks. (Leek)
  • SynthSheath should now have proper sales limits from Shekka. (Gedan)
  • Tweaked the damage output for smuggler grenades. (Gedan)
  • Tweaked part of rescuring Kiro to ensure the final scene in the chain cannot be overwritten by another event happening. (Gedan)
  • Renvara should no longer freeze the game. (Fenoxo)
  • There is now an option to disable the “Hologram” effect used in various places of the UI (Jacques)
  • Fixed the “Shopkeeper is null” error when sometimes using the drop interface. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a softlock on Poe A. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed cocksocks not allowing target selection. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a couple of unparsed variants in FarrowQuest. (lowercase_donkey)
v0.9.020 Changelog:
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  • Backer: Two new extra scenes; Olympia Facesmothering and Kui-Rodenian Porno. (William & Leek)
  • Public: The LoveStarz expansion is now public.
  • Public: The Anyxine Worship & Assfuck scenes are also now publically accessible. (William & Leek)
  • There are handful of new items available from Xanthe, Busky and Inessa, and a few that are tied to certain holiday events. (??? & Leek)
  • More items that were causing menu generation issues have been fixed. (Basically everybody)
  • The way ship events are triggered has been juggled a little further to make more sense with the new ships-have-actual-interiors paradigm we now have. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Attacks that hit multiple enemies but didn’t primarily target the first enemy in the list should no longer hit the attacker. (Gedan)
  • The usual assortment of typo fixes and bust tweaking. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Attempted to catch issues with calcSalePrice vanishing when using the Drop Item UI component. (Gedan)
  • A great many tweaks once more to Sophora. (Many fingies in this pie, but mostly Fen & Leek)
  • Paige has had more work done to ensure scenes work properly with the modernized versions of our genitalia selection menus. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Dropping an item should no longer crash the game. (Thanks, Geddy!)
  • Renvra pregnancy no longer eats all the movement buttons at a certain stage. (Thanks DrunkZombie for helping me track this one down!)
  • Added a toggle for the animation of scanlines in the player character outline. (Thanks, Jacques00!)
  • Art for the Diamond suit of playing cards should be added, completing the set. (Thanks, Jacques00!)
  • Fixed a softlock on Poe A (Thanks, lowercase donkey!)
  • Cocksocks should now allow you to select the penis you wish to wear one on. (Thanks, donkey!)
  • Lots of textual issues resolved. (Thanks, lowercase donkey!)
  • Pregnancy speed should be correctly displayed in the codex. (Thanks, DrunkZombie)
TiTS 0.9.018:
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  • Holiday’s halloween event shouldn’t lose the final scene when returning to the players ship. (Gedan)
  • Shop-specific exit code should now be properly called, and should now avoid a handful of vendor-specific softlocks. (Gedan)
  • The Omnisuit and Goo Armor should be properly marked as not usable, and instead only exposes equippable and interactable prompts. (Gedan)
  • Item usage flow has been tweaked. Consumable items used outside of combat should now by default return to the inventory display after whatever scenes and menus they create are complete, and leaving the inventory display should no longer return to the last item consumption prompt display. (Gedan)
  • The shop interface should now display alternate currency types more consistently. (Gedan)
  • Some typos and busts fixes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Being moved to Frosty’s cave as part of a scene should no longer get you stuck there. (Gedan)
  • Appearance buttons should be better behaved and generate appropriately. (Gedan)
  • Fleeing from combat should no longer crash. (Gedan)
  • Dropping items should no longer softlock. (Gedan)
TiTS 0.9.014:
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  • Backer: A weighty expansion to the Love Starz is now available. Once you’ve worked your way through the existing events, the group will split up and head off for their own little vay-cays that the player can stumble across. (Fr0sty & Gedan).
  • Backer: A buttstuff scene for Anyxine as a bonus! (William & Leek)
  • Public: Jasvalla is now available to the public; a Dzaan Alpha stalker seeking to make the player her beta. The player can submit outright, make her earn the right to collar them, or have her dealt with by the proper authorities. If the player chooses to submit to her, they will be invited to her home to undergo repeatable training events and eventually a Bad End. You can kick things off by bumping into her in the Tavros elevator, after visiting Mhen’ga at least once. (Nonesuch & Leek)
  • A credits screen has been built to handle all of our staff, contributors and backers. (Gedan)
  • RotateMinigame beams can now properly reach the far edge of the right and top sides of the board when passed into a 4-way-open node. (Gedan)
  • More Dhaal busts should be working and wired up appropriately. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Inseminator Pro should ensure an absolute minimum cum value that won’t potentially break things. (DrunkZombie)
  • Cleaned up some more combat things, including a reworking of Charge Shield that should better format its output. (Fenoxo)
    • [Fen wrote ‘dis part] – Previously charge shield would simply wedge a damage pop-up into the text of enemy’s attack, often with the descriptive output suppressed. There were some real confusing moments this would cause where it would look like you were getting hit harder than you were. I made it proc once per turn max and made it show up in the end of round procs with full descriptive text. I also change the combat initializing code to assign every combatant a unique number so that the charge shield statuses can better “remember” who set them off.
    • [More Fen] Urbolg’s combat will now end if you defeat him, even if his drone is still up.
    • [More Fen] Cleaned up a number of issues with the Queensguard/Taivra fights.
    • [More Fen] Adjustments to HP made via “changeHP” should properly output the HP change in combat.
  • Gabilani Chemists should no longer progressively increase the amount of loot they’re carting around. (DrunkZombie)
  • Roxy should no longer break the buttons during her first encounter. (DrunkZombie)
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  • Backer: Jasvalla has been added to the game, a Dzaan Alpha stalker seeking to make the player her beta. The player can submit outright, make her earn the right to collar them, or have her dealt with by the proper authorities. If the player chooses to submit to her, they will be invited to her home to undergo repeatable training events and eventually a Bad End. You can kick things off by bumping into her in the Tavros elevator, after visiting Mhen’ga at least once. (Nonesuch & Leek)
  • Public: Now available to the public, Bizzy’s mom, Deziere, has been added to the Paragon Playground brothel on Dhaal, as well as a substantial recruitment pack that will allow the player to reunite mother and daughter and put them to work together in the player’s porn studio. (Nonesuch & Leek)
  • Fixed the piercing equip menu so that it can actually support more than 14 concurrent options. Also fixed a few crashes around the process not directly related to the menu. (Gedan)
  • Cleaned up more Verusha things, including some errant broken tags and time-access issues. (Leek & Gedan)
  • GooArmor now properly modifies player ass/vag during penetration. (Gedan)
  • More bust tweaks and fixes across the game. (Gedan)
  • A lot of internal character data setup got cleaned up as part of further standardization of character data that will allow us to better handle menus in various parts of the game. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Reworked some portions of the inventory ui to avoid a few issues cropping up as part of the system calculating open/free slots. (Gedan)
  • Made some changes to how lipMod works to better support the ability for lipMod to potentially completely override lipRating as that value is entirely derived from femininity, this avoiding the fixModSize handler from firing. (Gedan)
  • Mitch tweaks and fixes. (lowercase_donkey & Leek)
  • Equipping weapons in combat should now work. (Gedan)
  • Playing cards got some more updates. (Jacques)
  • Rare Drops have been reworked somewhat to reduce the effect of having a stuffed potential loot list reducing the drop chance of certain items. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed some keybinding issues relating to opening and closing the inventory. This should allow the inventory to be closed using the keybind whilst in combat, without escaping combat. (Gedan)
  • Lots of other assorted fixes around content all across the game. (Leek, lowecase_donkey & Gedan).
Hotfix builds #2245 and up:
  • Properly renamed the new piercing equipment menu generation function.
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  • BACKER: Eden pregnancy is now available for backers. I don’t think I need to explain any more than that! (Skom & DrunkZombie)
  • BACKER: The Pudding Panic Porno codex is available. (Frogapus (maybe, didn’t put a name in the source document so who knows!) & Leek)
  • BACKER: A bevy of scenes from Will, spread around the game. Something for Shekka, Able and Anyxine. (William & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Mitch is now available for public consumption. Check ’em out on Canadia Station. (Mitch & Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Verusha has had a bunch of bugs fixed. She should no longer appear in Anon’s bar before she should, multiple sequence breaks in the process have been closed up. There may still be a few lingering issues because the process is complicated behind the scenes, but it should be much more correct. (Gedan)
  • The Zil Village on Mhen’ga has had a few tweaks to block access to scene-only rooms. (Gedan)
  • The Omnisuit should no longer duplicate itself when resetting it through the Interact interface. (Gedan)
  • Using a Taxi on Uveto should no longer skip proper execution of a Syri scene on arrival, replacing the buttons to continue the interaction with her with one that just dumps you back to gameplay. (Gedan)
  • Clobbered a bunch of missing variables in various places in the code. (Gedan)
  • Reworked how we handle the active NPCs at a bar so that the active one should serialise appropriately when saving. (Gedan)
  • Removed the big warning shown when loading out of date saves; it has served its purpose and now things should be much more stable. The message was only ever intended as a heads up to pay attention to the details because something might be off with the loading process considering how quickly things were being moved around. (Gedan)
  • Cleaned up the save version upgraders to handle older saves with much more grace. This should resolve a bunch of undefined/push errors when loading saves. (Gedan)
  • “Limber” now counts as part of the isFlexible check. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Player character names should no longer display with extra spaces at the beginning or end. (Gedan)
  • Bunch more busts are fixed. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • The ship inspect interface now lists the available storage spaces and categories of the ship- these might not yet be fully wired up to actually limit the stored items properly, but I don’t think we’ve ever really had any different values so I trust if we do, we’ll find out about it pretty quickly. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • The map now displays tooltips if you hover over a room for a bit to show the name of it- will likely see more tweaking in future. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Fix hard light items that were in storage rather than just in the players inventory directly when importing a save. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a map rendering style issue with rooms flagged as SPIDER_WEB. (Jacques)
  • Feian flags have been fixed. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Fixed a few lingering logic statements that could never trigger. (DrunkZombie)
See More
  • Backer: Verusha’s lover expansion is now available. I don’t know much about her, but I’m sure somebody will be along before too long to update the post with some better details! (By Doots!)
  • Backer: Backer Downloaded builds now have an option for larger resolution images; the main menu will kind of guide you through the process.
  • Public: Dating Teyaal’s daughter is now available to the public. Take her out on the town! (Savin & Leek)
  • Paige should have better navigation between menus. (Leek)
  • SumaCream should work better. (Leek)
  • Bust gallery images should no longer be missing/broken in electron builds. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a bunch of wetnessRange things. (Leek)
  • Piles of little fixes all over the place. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Locked rooms now show with a locked connector more generally than a one-way connector. (Fenoxo)
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  • Fixed the missing edanPregHandler function reference.
See More
  • Backers: Narc the Nurse-droid has a new quest that ultimately unlocks the ability to give her a dongle of her very own, and a few new scenes to go along with it. (Fr0sty & Gedan)
  • Public: Salvaging the Mastodon is now available to the public build. Get real friendly with all the people populating the Crash Landing bar, and two weeks after your most recent visit you’ll be getting a message requesting help…. (Slab, Leek & Fenoxo)
  • Electron builds should not immediately whitescreen. This was caused by unzipping the game into a folder structure that contained a # in the folder names somewhere. (Gedan)
  • The FZR Fire Suppression System’s mechanics have been tweaked. Previously it would apply a status that caused -50 evade and doubled damage from crushing attacks. On foes with no inherent evasion, this would result in a 4x damage increase. I’ve (Fenoxo) standardized the “Deep Freeze” affect so that triggering the 2x bonus damage consumes the status and reports it in text (and reduced the evasion penalty significantly). I’ve also tweaked a number of cold damage weapons to be able to apply the effect: Cryolizer, Entropy, and the Glacial Auger.
  • Frosty the Frostwyrm’s cold resistance has been increased somewhat. (Fenoxo)
  • The usual assortment of various bust tweaks and fixes across the game. (lOWERCASE_dONKEY)
  • Embedded image displays of very wide images should display better. Additionally images should render the same the first time they are displayed as every subsequent time they are shown. (Leek)
  • Busky’s shop interface has been moved to the new system. (Leek)
  • Mirrin had a bunch of formatting fixes that didn’t align with the games style standards fixed. (Leek)
  • Bizzy hasArmor crash fixed. (lOWERCASE_dONKEY)
  • Kiro & Kally doubleteam softlock fixed. (lOWERCASE_dONKEY)
  • A pile of dead code that also includes incorrect value assignments and logic tests have been hunted down and removed. This may clean up a lot of as-yet unreported strangeness in various places. (lOWERCASE_dONKEY)
  • Dong Designers color selection should work properly. (Leek)
  • Lorelei’s grab attack has been fixed. (Leek)
  • A bunch of Bothrioc stuff has been cleaned up. (lOWERCASE_dONKEY)
  • TechSpecs “Advanced Shielding” got nerfed a bit (From 20% to 10%) (Fenoxo)
  • TechSpecs “Charge Weapon” ability had its damage bonus lowered from 100% of intelligence to 66%. (Fenoxo)
  • TechSpecs “Rapid Recharge” passive had its shield change reduced from (int / 3) + 3 to (int / 5) + 3 (Fenoxo)
  • The code that drives applying damage was overhauled to help the game better track modifiers like “melee” or “explosion” without having it overwritten by display notes like “minimal.” This should make damage more accurate across the board when interacting with perks and abilities that hook into melee or ranged damage. It will also let us do things like making certain classes more resistant to certain types of attacks in the future – like giving Smugglers an evasion-style ability to reduce explosion damage. I had to change thousands of lines of code all across the game to do this. (Fenoxo)
  • A bunch of assorted other little one-liner fixes all over the place that I’m not going to catalogue otherwise this post will literally be about 200 lines long. (Leek)
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  • [Backers] Bizzy’s mom, Deziere, has been added to the Paragon Playground brothel on Dhaal, as well as a substantial recruitment pack that will allow the player to reunite mother and daughter and put them to work together in the player’s porn studio. (Nonesuch & Leek)
  • [Public] Ardia’s Wine’n’Dine expansion is now available to public players. Once you’ve visited her folks at least once, the next time you’re warming Ardia’s bed Ardia is warming your bed, you’ll get a little treat and an offer to visit her home again. (Savin & Gedan)
  • Windows downloadable builds are now available for both Backer and Public releases. (Gedan)
  • Various fixes for Mitch, including crashes and Trust values not being saved have been fixed. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Avoid crashes in the inventory display when viewing another inventory set and attempting to click on equipped items in the left pane. (Gedan)
  • Reworked a lot of the code behind the Nursery. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Mioldan Priestess softlock. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed a crash in the LDC and ShockHopper drainbunnies scene. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed a crash with Chance and treated Zil Bull encounters. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Bothrioc Quadomme spawn resetting. (DrunkZombie)
  • A lot of image manifest tweaks for many NPCs. (Lowercase_Donkey)
See More
  • Backers: Salvaging the Mastodon. Get real friendly with all the people populating the Crash Landing bar, and two weeks after your most recent visit you’ll be getting a message requesting help…. (Slab, Leek & Fenoxo)
  • Backers: Dating Teyaal’s daughter. Take her out on the town! (Savin & Leek)
  • A bunch of work has gone into tweaking the Inventory screen. There’s now a few extra buttons available in the layout, and many of the Hot Topic interactable items that we were having issues with can now be directly interacted with through the Inventory screen. (Gedan)
  • The OmniSuit and GooArmor had a lot of tweaking behind the scenes so there may be issues lurking; these two items need a lot of unique special cases in the code behind inventory handling, so there may be weirdness and issues lurking anew. (Gedan)
  • The Crash Landing entry door is now properly locked, requiring a scene action to enter the place proper, forcing all of the state tracking to happen. (Gedan)
  • Mid-combat scenes for the Raskvel should work properly again. (DrunkZombie)
  • Salvager Brute pregnancy should no longer crash. (DrunkZombie)
  • Ballistic Breast Liners should be in Sabrae’s store again. (DrunkZombie)
  • Chance’s offspring should be listed correctly. (DrunkZombie)
  • Naming the Sidewinder should be more resilient. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Many bust fixes spread around the code. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Onboard-ship event chances have been reduced. (DrunkZombie)
See More
  • Removed some duplicated fixed tail genital stats output. (Gedan)
  • Cleaned up some parser stuff in Hellhound Syri content. (Gedan)
  • Minor fixes to some Wulfe scenes. (Gedan)
  • Minor fixes to some Dhaal Motoblitz scenes. (Gedan)
  • Minor fixes to some Aria scenes and her bust display. (Gedan)
  • Fixed non-text buttons being disabled. This fixes the storage menu for example. (Gedan)
  • Cache the default bust rather than attempting to pull it out of the image manifest every time we need it. (Gedan)
  • Hand-So console tweaking. (Fenoxo)
  • A bunch more rooms in Dhaal have real descriptions. (Fenoxo, Donkey & Jacques)
  • Reworked some internal functions that allow for genitalia selection. We had two versions of these for each type of menu we wanted to generate that had become somewhat out of sync, so this was an attempt to cut the least-functional version and convert calls from one to the other. There may be issues lurking in the wake of this. (Gedan)
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  • Backers: Ardia’s low-dom expansion is now available.
  • Haleypreg should be more resilient. (DrunkZombie)
  • Various mimbrane tweaks. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Tail Genitals have been cleaned up. Much of the data relating to tail genitals was reworked right on the cusp of us moving over to the JS port, and there was a lot of things that needed tweaking to fully account for their new structure. (Gedan)
  • A variety of scenes written by Will and scattered around the game. (William & Leek)
  • Slightly improved cache-control headers, hopefully better avoiding issues where peoples browsers refused to see a new version of the game. (Gedan)
  • Random ship fights have been re-enabled. (Gedan)
  • Evenings talk menu should work properly. (Gedan)
  • The Great Majin should work properly. (Gedan)
  • AoE attacks should no longer cause a crash in combat. (Gedan)
  • A second means of getting duplicate Siegwulfes should no longer occur. (Gedan)
  • Riley should no longer trigger too often. (Gedan)
  • The ship installables menu should now be in the installables-tagged room and not storage. (Gedan)
  • Results of Event Whorizon should be more verbosely inspected to drive access to Syri Hellhound. (Gedan)
  • The pool in Ten Ton Gym should no longer leave you with the Temporary Nudity Cheat, nor should it allow you to leave the pool room in this state. (Gedan)
  • Anno’s bust should properly update depending on her clothing state. (Gedan)
See More
  • The version number is now a real number to demark our shift from predominantly porting, to primarily expanding. The number was selected to make it clear that the JS builds are much more recent than the last Flash build.
  • Public releases now have access to Dhaal. There should not currently be a disparity in content between backer and public versions.
  • Achievements have had a few fixes, and the historical unlocking system has been enabled. Their unlock state should save and load properly. (Gedan)
  • A collection of issues relating to the drop list and “reverting inventory” should be fixed. I think I understand the root cause of how this was happening, but it’s possible that I missed some edge cases about when it can happen. (Gedan)
  • Vendors that use non-standard credits should display this more obviously. (Gedan)
  • All instances of fractional credit display in shops should be fixed. (Gedan)
  • The Blade should no longer cause crashes in combat. (Gedan)
  • The Moondast map should once again consist of euclidean space. (Gedan)
  • The mail system now supports buttons related to the displayed content. (DrunkZombie)
  • A variety of bust displays have been tweaked around the game, too numerous to properly detail. (Lowercase_donkey & Gedan)
  • In some circumstances the inventory buttons can disagree with the item actually selected; an attempt has been made to avoid crashes caused by this, but the underlying mismatch may still occur. This is the root cause of “useFunction must be overridden” crashes. (Gedan)
  • Internal Tooling: A custom VS Code extension to help speed up the process of scene coding and a baseline for generating useful metadata extracted from the build. (Gedan)
See More
  • New Content: It should now be possible to wander the brothel on Dhaal and proc some exciting new scenes by William!
  • Gedan built up support for pop-up achievements. It should all be turned off for you guys atm so that it doesn’t break anything…
  • Fixed Nessa’s nude “belly” bust.
  • A potential crash in Throbb’s bad end was fixed.
  • Applied a fix for Uthra sap’s menu buttons.
  • Fixed checks in Rat’s Raiders and Evening that were checking against incorrect inventory data.
  • Fixes for masturbating with panties gifted by NPCs with configurable names.
  • Fixes for Anno’s post walkies lap sex.
  • Crew “blurb” display (what shows up when checking the “crew” menu) should perform better.
  • Nastizia shouldn’t appear pregnant on first meeting.
  • Fixes for Breedwell softlocks.
  • Fixed Sylvie’s mount sex having a broken button.
  • Fixed an issue in raskvel pregnancy where content for non-hazard rooms was displaying in hazard rooms (and vice versa!)
  • Misc typo fixes.
See More
  • [Backers] Dhaal is available!
  • Poe A, Gastigoth, Vesperia, and Zheng Shi are now available for public players.
  • Gedan converted our image backend from using pngs to webp, resulting a near 10x reduction in filesize with negligible loss in image quality.
  • Pre-recruitment Syri got a new scene: face-fucking, by Sqwhyurs.
  • The infinite items cheat should work more often.
  • Fixed a bug with Badger’s silicone tank.
  • Fixed Haley preg not progressing.
  • Fixes for Mirrin’s kids.
  • Fixes for a small libido bug.
  • Fixed a typo in Bess’s menu.
  • Fixed Bianca’s day display in the quest log.
  • Fixed the Wetraxxel bad end not happening.
  • Leek built up some systems for testing for invalid or broken parsers.
  • You can now choose to fight the mining robots in Zheng Shi even if they no longer attack you.
  • Inspect display now shows damage flags.
  • Fixed the “Exit” option appearing on every room of the Phoenix mission.
  • Fixed decorations not showing up at the security consoles (crew access) on your ship.
  • Fixed a crash when giving Pippa hardlight panties.
  • Fixes for Lorelei’s room.
  • Futa Shekka’s bust should now display.
  • Shizuya’s button shouldn’t crash anymore.
  • Fixed giving a SteeleTech suit to Ardia crashing.
  • Fixed a SubTuner crash.
  • Fixed an issue with ship turrets.
  • Feruze’s fight on Dhaal should work again. This one was a doozy requiring me to dig deep into the old flash code and find some custom code that never got ported into Javascript. I was able to play it through to completion on the test save provided with the bug report, so you should be able to as well!
  • Sabrae sells the combat tail again.
  • New parsers were added for dick nipples, because why not, I guess? (nippleCockHead and oneNippleCock, mostly)
  • Kally’s drink menu no longer crashes on selecting a beverage.
  • Extrameet no longer causes a crash when used on Vesperia.
  • The Cheat menu now has the option to force treatment variants.
  • A bunch of broken parser stuff got cleaned up by Leek! <3
  • Flying to Poe A should work better.
  • Fixed some image scaling & cropping issues.
  • Jacques00 did some under the hood work on our custom playing cards. Soon(tm).
  • Fixed being unable to leave Velta.
  • Fixed the zil callgirl bust.
  • Fixed some broken “loadInAss” instances.
  • Fixed sex with Molli crashing.
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip in Shekka’s content.
  • Fixed the map expansion not working.
  • Fixed Qualle movement calls to prevent possible crashes.
  • The Gabilani Chemist’s preg should be hooked back up.
  • Fixed the zil hornet’s bust.
  • Fixed more crash landing stuff…
  • Fixed Jumper movement calls to use the newer format and hopefully prevent crashes.
  • Fixed the dicknipple type setting in the “goo shift” menu to work properly. (It was forcing gabilani type every time!)
  • Fixed a jumper scene missing its images.
  • Fixed more broken movement calls in Ramis that could cause crashes.
  • Fixed more broken movement calls in the federation quest that could cause crashes.
  • The zil spear is now rare. (Stats unchanged – it was not tagged as the correct rarity.)
  • Amber’s statblock was updated to use TYPE_DEER instead of TYPE_LEITHAN. She existed before TYPE_DEER did!
  • Fixed the rats raiders getting stuck in the combat-UI post-combat.
  • Deleted an unused Sera file. (Don’t worry – it was empty!)
  • Fixed sex with Erra crashing due to trying to move to a non-existent space.
  • “Sam” got a proper creature stat-block in the code.
  • Rivet’s shop should work better.
  • And probably a handful more…
v0.69.420 -1270
See More
  • Syri’s recruitment quest is live! Written by Savin and coded by Leek, this picks up right after the Uveto quest put a Syri in your hold! It might be a good idea to have Anno onboard for maximum pupperonis.
  • Gedan waded through the late changes on the flash version and applied them to the javascript version. This was an enormous amount of work, and we salute you for it! o7
  • Buying food on New Texas should work properly again.
  • New bust: male sexbot
  • New icon: ship wheel for navigation.
  • New icon: pool rooms.
  • Fixed Ula appearing in two rooms after completing her quest.
  • Fixed sexbot gender tracked and display functions. (Thanks donkey!)
  • Locked down a few cuntsnake scenes to properly require tail parasites.
  • Cleaned up the cunt snake feeding routine to make sure the game wouldn’t accidentally feed a non-parasite tail.
  • Fixed the “hasVaginas” check returning “true” for single vaginas instead of just multiple, as was intended.
  • Fixed two “stuck in combat” message bugs after interacting with female zil.
  • Fixed several female zil crash bugs (thanks donkey!)
  • Fix “quickies” in goo combat so they display as they should.
  • Fixes for the parser barfing on some Vanae parser calls.
  • Various other sundry fixes.
See More
  • New enemy on Dhaal: the Leyaks! These floating, betentacled heads have an insatiable thirst for bodily fluids, and they know just where to get them! Written by Frogapus, these are an uncommon encounter anywhere in the Gyre or Gobtown and include four loss scenes (special ones for hyper penises and one for tiny penises among them). Should you win, you can look forward to breastfeeding, face sitting, face fucking, and a special scene for ‘taurs packing a lot of cum…
  • Haley’s preg expansion is in the game! Written by Skom and coded by Drunk Zombie, it allows you to impregnate her AND be impregnated by her, if that’s your jam. There’s a lot of complicated under the hood stuff going on with this one, so DZ recommends you back up your save before trying this stuff out, just in case.
  • New bust: Leyaks (x3 – minor coloration variations)
  • Hyper Bimbo Kiro can now use the dildos you gave her. Yay!
  • Removed the “special scrotum” status that was used to track custom fur/scales/colors for your ballsack and replaced it with some new variables properly baked into the Creature object. This means any TF obtained with that status is effectively null and void – you’ll have to grab some Furball again, but it also means we can reference the effects and interact with the data in a more sane and performant way.
    • The same may happen with how the “Uniball” status, genital slits, and tail-mounted genitalia soon. (Key word: may.)
  • Shark-nagas should be better supported.
  • Brute Salvagers should be less damage resistant.
  • Fixed some crashes and typos.
See More
  • It is now possible to offer bimbofied Kiro a couple doses of Throbb, resulting in quite the hyper-sized ‘nuki endowments if you’re into that. Written by QuestyRobo, it features three new sex scenes, modifications for old ones, the ability to sleep with Kiro at night, and a new threesome with Kaede. Some of these enhancements also work for regular-sized bimbo Kiro.
  • The Cylirian Codex should now properly unlock when dealing with Maike.
  • The Pumpking’s dungeon no longer has “Public” flags set on the rooms.
  • Syri’s panty-giving gift should now be possible to proc on Uveto since the scene had a variant in it mentioning Uveto’s icy weather.
  • A number of smaller fixes and tweaks to checks and text in Syri’s content.
  • Inessa’s bust now has a variant for pre/post chastity cage.
See More
  • Ardia will now request a better jumpsuit a week or so after recruiting her, and you can give her a SteeleTech jumpsuit to fill that need. Along with the Jumpsuit, she gets a new scene (if she’s dommy enough), and a lot of busts to go with it – 16 different variants to handle things like domminess, ‘nuki nuts, penis type, and the always classic nudity.
  • If you stole the Sidewinder, defeated Teyaal during your return trips to Zheng Shi, and saved her during the final confrontation, you can now encounter her along with her daughter on the recreation deck. This tidy little content bundle offers a smidgen of familial exposition as well as an opportunity to nip back to Teyaal’s office for an in-person check-up with the good doctor. (So what if her doctorate is in engineering?) I just hope to wake up with some Sela scenes to slide in there as well, to provide a nice little capstone for that event.
  • Teyaal can now impregnate the PC using the Gryvain Pregnancy type that was added with FIRST-14.
  • New Ardia art for getting missionary from her, drawn by Rama.
  • New art for losing to Gryvain Techie in FIRST-14 and having your face sat upon. Again, drawn by Rama.
  • Other new busts: Geoff, Daerworm, Daer Wormlings, and the Pumpking
See More
  • If you’ve asked Kiro to keep her nuts all plush and squishy for you, good news: she’ll wait a few more hours before getting annoyed by the size and “resetting.”
  • You can no longer start Paige & Kiro threesomes while lacking in genitals.
  • Some scenes for parasitic tailcocks were able to be accessed by those with non-parasitic tailcocks. This has been fixed.
  • Bhakar now shows in the bust window for his race’s Codex entry.
  • The PC will no longer get a drink with Kally’s special ingredient if they are kui-tan or have the “‘Nuki Nuts” perk. This will now be tracked to be appropriately mentioned when discussing the secret ingredient with Kiro.
  • The male naleen can no longer somehow put both his dicks in your ass while also somehow putting one in your tail. The poor guy only has two to work with!
  • Getting sucked off by a slyveren slavebreaker was skipping the follow-up and actual dick growth the scene was supposed to impart. This has been fixed.
  • Po’s drone has regained its aphrosting attack.
  • Lola’s pool scenes should now properly prioritize penises over hardlight phalluses. Always go for the real deal!
  • A new scene was added to the image pack for sleeping with Anno & Shekka, drawn by the lovely SugarBugTrash and graciously allowed to be included in the game.
  • You can no longer have a threesome with Anno and Kase before Kase heals.
  • Syri will now wait at least 48 hours from when she gives you her panties before skipping town for Uveto. It was pretty weird to run into her, screw, get a gift, and then walk to the bar to discover she somehow snuck off planet… Maybe ausar get a class level in rogue or something?
  • The Holotrap event in KiroQuest has had some of its if-checks cleaned up and corrected.
  • SirensBounty should now assign correct tail flags when TFing a tailgina.
  • The ballSizeMod stat should no longer be initialized at 0. That means saves created before now got to be a lil bit bigger off the hop. I might need to give ballSizeRaw a nudge up…
  • The Easter Jumper’s sexual likes & dislikes should now represent a unanimously positive regard for cum-covered PCs.
  • VKo no longer instantly vaccinates you against all SSTDs when you get one cured, and instead now offers an optional choice after doing so – the price scales up with level.
  • Kaede’s encounters should check more thoroughly to make sure she is available before proccing themselves.
  • Kaede’s “Ride Rocket” scene should now use allow for more in-depth hole selection.
  • The Casstech Z14’s description has been updated to match the tutorial text.
  • Hips will no longer be described as slender just because your character has high muscle tone.
  • Assorted tiny typo fixes, broken parser fixes, and the like.
  • I’m sure one new bug crawled back in before I could close the door… if you spot him, you can post about him on the bug report forums!
See More
  • New punishment wall short scenes activated: “Tail Whip”, “Pierced Horsecock”, “Condom Stuffing”, “Butt Chug” (lol), “Pawjob”, “Ball Worship”, “Pussy Pump”, “Hypercock Docking”, “Synth Sheath’d”, “Shekka Visits” (This last one I wrote! -Fen)
  • Kiro (in big ball mode) has her her relief BJ scene added to her proper sex menu.
  • Kally’s data object now has the proper penis type assigned (which should change volume calculations slightly).
  • Kally will now no longer serve ‘nuki PCs her special drink when they meet.
  • Gryvain penises should know have proper knot volumes assigned when setup with the “shiftCock” function.
  • Several dildos that had knots have had their knot volumes properly bumped up.
  • Several dildos that mentioned giving taint in their descriptions now give taint.
  • Fixed a ton of typos, minor logic error in-scenes, and the like thanks to people like SBJ and the other bug reporters.
See More
  • It is now possible to “Act Up” after talking through all of Cherry’s talk options (or “Push It”) with Molli to get yourself in trouble in the Tap-Hall – and get put in the wall as punishment! Once there, you’ll go through a large scene with an appropriate NPC and three randomly selected mini-scenes. Some of these scenes include transformation and chances of pregnancy, so don’t act up if you can’t handle your punishments! Written by Adjatha. (There will be more mini-scenes coming – I ran out of time to code them all.)
  • New implant in Sabrae’s shop on Dhaal! The inseminator pro is a utility implant that lets you control virility, max cum, max probable cum, and refractory rate. It requires a cock and is not compatible with Nuki Nuts.
    • Virility: (0% – 5,000%)
    • Cum, Max Probable Ejaculation (Up to 50,000 mLs)
    • *can be set to use steele’s natural calculation or override it with a specific number.
    • Cum, Max: (10 mLs – 50,000 mLs) Refractory Rate: (100% – 5,000%)
    • Coded by DrunkZombie.
  • Dracoguard can now give a Gryvain tongue.
  • Dr. Lash gained resistances to some additional damage types.
  • Lumi can no longer be encountered before level 7. (Previous was 6.)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with Anno’s reverse pet-play event.
  • FIRST-14 should no longer replace your tent during the tutorial if you do it later with a better tent.
  • Taint gains from the VR versions of Kiroquest should now be more consistent (minor gains, still nowhere as severe as the real deal.)
  • The VR version of Doctor Po’s bad end no longer permanently messes with your intelligence and willpower.
  • LionO’s texts for cum TFs should be more accurate.
  • VR fights can no longer generate rare item drops.
  • “The Twins” had their sexual preference values set.
  • Fixed some minor errors in several Kiroquest enemies’ AI routines.
  • It should be easier to get the “hyper docking” loss scene for bored jumpers.
  • Added “earsNoun” and “earNoun” as valid parsers.
  • A real buttload of other typos were cleaned up thanks to the diligent folks on the bug report forum (in addition to most of the above bugs!) I’ll blast through more soon…
See More
  • The “Anno Walking You” event now has a few new scenes added: one for New Texas, one for bumping into Syri, and one for running into Saendra.
  • Fixed a bug where bad pets would wind up with a next button that doesn’t work.
  • Fixed some broken parsers, a bold bleed, and some variants that didn’t have logic.
  • Fixed the taursuit accidentally giving double taint.
  • Tweaked some codexes, lore, and the appearance screen so that some things could be clarified and more consistent, so: ausar don’t have slitted eyes, gryvain knots are functional knots, and Fen has a big ol’ ween.
  • New Busts: Updated Big T (Shou), Anno Huskar Casual, non-Huskar Anno (&nude & casual), Alexandra, the Dong Designer, and the Mindwash Visor.
See More
  • Anno and pet-play: has there ever been a more iconic duo? Well now you can invert the pet-play and get walked all over some of your favorite locales thanks to William. This mega-scene clocks in at almost 150 pages in the google document and takes up around 5,000 lines of code in the game files. To unlock it, suggest getting walked to Anno in her talk menu, just do the deed. After your first go-round, a dedicated button will appear in her sex menu.
  • Due to the size and complexity I couldn’t possibly test every potential variation. Expect this one to come with some bugs. I already managed to track down a nasty bold bleed buried two or three variations deep.
  • Urbolg sells a new item: the Techsuit. Thanks to DrunkZombie for coding on it!
  • New poster in TamaniCorp shop: juice that makes you cum super hard, featuring art from Servik (if you’re using the ImagePack version).
  • New embedded image for finding a synthsheath, by Servik.
  • A few small bugs and fixes.
See More
  • New bad end for Overqueen Ysolte, by William. Lose to her after raising her lust to 100 to experience it!
  • Tutorial message added: it should now recommend you save the game in Ysolte’s office before fighting her, just in case…
  • Tutorial message added: if you used your survival tent before getting to the tutorial, I made some text changes about somehow skimping by with what little power it has left, to help preserve immersion. I’m not going to bad-end someone by covering them in acid because they used a mechanic before the tutorial for it.
  • New Bust: Anno (non-huskar) by ToonNik
  • New embedded image (only in the embedded images version) for Salacious Sally, the slyveren on Dhaal. It’s drawn by Winemomicorn and is fucking amazing!
  • If you spot Dane in New Texas’s milker barn, he will no longer mention your cousin after he loses his employment with them.
  • The Gryvain Tech has had a missing newline in her post-combat text added.
  • Fixed Molli’s cleaning scene not actually cleaning tall PCs.
  • Dicksprout can no longer be used on non-long tails.;
  • Support functions for matching genital types to race types have been improved to better work with lion-morphs made by Lion-Os.
  • Typos, minor grammar errors, and broken parser calls fixed.
  • Geddy improved our android build delivery to hopefully eliminate the dreaded “Error parsing package” message for most users.
See More
  • Molli can now be interacted with at Cherry’s Tap-Hall whenever Cherry is busy in her room. The big squishy goo comes with six different talk topics and four sex scenes, as well as a possible bad-end for those with truly titanic loads (36 thousand liters or more).
  • New Gianna scenes: ‘taur service. While it’s one button, the scene is vastly different depending on which set of genitals you direct her to pleasure.
  • New Anno pic in the image pack for huskar Anno in a maid outfit.
  • Azariah can now play with Paige and Kiro assuming you have both onboard!
See More
  • New Azariah scene: Marathon! Have a marathon bang with Azariah and her harem. Depending on the player character’s libido, this scene can extend on for quite a while…
  • New Azariah scene: Share (w/Harem)! Have fun with one part of Azariah while her harem helps with the other.
  • Cleaned up a few small bugs in Azariah and probably introduced a bunch more in the process.
See More
  • Sylvie can now get pregnant! She can start or stop taking birth control. High virility Steele’s have a small chance to impregnate her even when on. She has special talk scenes during pregnancy, and futanari Sylvie can impregnate Steele as well. Nursery scenes are included in a special area.
  • New Busts: Big T, Bianca (though only for two of her variants), Cherry.
  • New Imagepack art: Anyxine under desk service (illustrated with SEVEN new images by SimplePhobia), Cherry’s Slutwall, Slut Wall Gabilani creampied, Slut Wall leithan creampied, Slut Wall raskvel creampied, Slut Wall ratboy creampied, Slut Wall slyveren creampied, AND I updated the Slut Wall spots that were missing embedded versions of their Adjatha bust to include the art.
See More
  • Azariah the slyveren mistress is now on Dhaal! She comes with two sex scenes that have significant forks (each the size of a small scene on their own) and a blowjob that you can trigger from almost anywhere in her content – with significant variation based on when and where you start it. B really outdid himself on that one!
  • Gianna will now get out of your bed when you tell her to. Naughty companion robots, I swear!
  • Slave Sera’s inventory can now contain Vernacola and Dicksprout.
  • Tuuva can no longer have a threesome with Nenne while Tuuva is indisposed.
  • The “Twins” from Kiroquest will now properly offer their “Get Service(P)” scene to males. It was blocked by an error in disabled button placement – unless the PC was herm, like my test PC. Whoops!
  • FIRST-14’s “Overqueen” was missing her full list of “sexual dislikes”. You may find her a bit tougher to tease as a result!
  • “Generic” Enemies on FIRST-14 have had their uncommon drops standardized so that they cannot drop equipment you already have – and will instead drop a piece you don’t have instead. This should make getting pieces you don’t have a little easier and eliminates some random variance in methodology between the two.
Fixed a potential crash related to collecting Perdita’s stories.
I wub you guys. Stay safe out there!
See More
  • You can now take Gianna to bed with you! When she first joins your ship, she’ll ask if you want her to share your bed. You can change this later – just like other crew members. Unlike most of them, her “sleep with” scenes are a combination of numerous different micro-openings (~15 possible with different configurations) and a similar amount of larger, morning variations. I even managed to support exotic character attributes like tail-genitals, dick-nipples, and the like. There’s even a variant for PC’s with 3+ dicks that can fit inside of her!
  • Megrez the mechanic has landed on Myrellion to patch up your ship and blow a hole in your panties large enough to float a freighter through. The big horse boy was written by Doots and coded by Fenoxo.
  • You can now return Zaalt’s shipment of A.I. cores to Anyxine for some money or a one-time chance to make her do subby stuff for a change!
  • The gryvain techie now has her proper combat description enabled.
  • Lighterfluid tore some bugs a new one. Highlights include resolving a crash with Evening, Overqueen typos, italic bleed in Love Starz, and Anyxine emails not getting properly parsed.
See More
  • New cheat: “test” for allowing you guys to experience WIP content that doesn’t slide neatly into the game yet.
  • New encounter: Tiger/Lion salvagers. This is an encounter meant for the expanded intro we’re putting together, but you can fight him now. They’re tuned to be fought by newly created characters with no upgrades, so your current PC will likely shred them. Includes three loss scenes and four victory scenes. (Encountered via new “test” cheat.)
  • New VR event: Rat from Sexena: Arena Tales. As part of a crossover promotion with that game, I had them add Tamani to their game and added a VR encounter with Rat to TiTS. This will eventually find its way into the Mindwash Visor and the like, but for now it is encountered via the “test” cheat.
  • Fixed a crash with post-sparring Paige oral that would crash in certain circumstances.
  • Bimbo Kiro should now have a small blurb on the “crew” menu (instead of nothing but a button.)
  • Sweet Soup’s button should no longer disappear from cooking menus.
  • Lots of typo fixes in the Love Starrz and Bhakar.
  • Fixed an issue with the LGBT where it would heal itself instead of just the pilots.
  • Numerous other smaller fixes.
See More
  • New expansion: Carrie and Cora got some love from Nonesuch (with coding from Lighterfluid.)
  • New scene: male raskvel group, victory sex cunnilingus (includes special “in heat” followup!) By William.
  • New scene: Kelly “Hyper Catch”. Written by William, coded by Gena138.
  • New bust: Bhakar
  • Siegwulfe-related pregnancy should properly account for multiple wombs.
  • A small pile of bug fixes.
See More
  • New busts by Morgore: Shekka (including new futa variants!)
  • More typos fixed.
  • Fixed some references to incorrect penises during an Anno scene or two.
  • Reporting Doctor Badger to Penny’s replacement no longer displays Penny’s bust.
  • Dom Siegwulfe can no longer be offered during the Valden discussions of Syriquest.
  • Lucifer can now remove non-demon horns.
  • Fixed some combat text for proper grammar with “plural” enemies.
  • Made some changes to the Gabilani pilots to keep them from being killed by normal weapons
See More
  • Sluttified Kiro can now be asked about Anno and the troubled relationship between the tanuki and Anno’s girlfriend (detailed in Savin’s Talon Rogue story. There’s also a sequel if you want to dig into the fiction tab and read “Downtime”.) While I enjoyed the story, I did take some issue with how Kiro was presented relatively to my impressions of her. Now, with this new scene and chain of events, I’ve decided to embrace those events and integrate them into creating some interesting new scenes.
  • After making up with Anno, sluttified Kiro has three new threesomes with the snow-white ausar, one featuring some roaming pet-play and two involving a literal triangle of genitals and mouths.
  • The “Androgyny” perk can now be lost.
  • It should no longer be possible to raise vaginal wetness above a value of 5 with Amazona, its derivatives, or Vanae encounters. The Vanae encounters have been updated to promote further wetness by increasing the girlCumMultiplier instead.
  • Syri’s “love” discussion should now be available for more outcomes of her quest.
  • The Implantation Station on Dhaal should now prevent you from going into debt by buying more than you can afford.
  • Using the “Exgartuan” dildo now generates taint.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to use a level up to skip the turret fight on the Stellar Tether.
  • New Busts: Darius and Blue (of the Love Starz)
  • Other small fixes (particularly typos!)
  • Codex stats for Dhaal were added by Gena138.
See More
  • Interested in competing with Riya for the right to screw a princess? Head to Anon’s Bar (on Tavros Station) after completing the Zheng Shi probe arc. You’ll need to have a penis, not be sterile, and have at least 10,000 credits on hand. As mentioned, Princess Nasti was written by Nonesuch and coded by the fabulous Drunk Zombie.
    • The contests can be challenging, and losing does involve taking shit from Riya. If that bothers you, I recommend avoiding it.
    • A cheat code to reset the event exists. It’s “nastiness”
  • Standardized “save” (think D&D) difficult class systems have been added to the game to help differentiate between “hard/easy/etc” when implementing somewhat vague prompts from writers. (DrunkZombie ported this from my document into code.)
  • Bimbo Kiro got some new content in the form of inviting you to watch a hypnotic slyveren’s jerk-off-encouragement videos. Written by BobSamade and coded by Fenoxo.
v0.8.118 & 0.8.119
See More
  • “Suck Her” added to Kiro’s Halloween scene options when you choose to give her the hat.
  • “Fuck Her” when Kiro is wearing the hat no longer crashes in certain circumstances.
  • The Anno dream sequence should now proc more reliably thanks to Gena138.
  • (0.8.119) Removed the “must have a penis” requirement from the option to put the hat on Kiro.
See More
  • In Feruze’s second fight, you can now avoid her landing attack by standing up first.
  • You can no longer run from Feruze’s second fight.
  • The subtuner exhibitionism scene now disables if you don’t qualify for any of the encounters.
  • You should now be able to Wander in the Paragon Playground a second time (or third, etc) after enough time has passed.
  • Urbolg’s new “Annoy” scene now has a disabled button with tooltip to give a little direction for unlocking it.
  • Cuddling with Dreg should no longer warp time backwards and break status effects and/or the game.
  • A bunch of typos and smaller bugs got fixed.
See More
  • New Busts: Dhaal Party Slyveren, Lorelei Nun
  • New Halloween Event: Lorelei’s Nunnery! Find out all about her new faith (written by B, coded by Gena138)
  • New Halloween Event: Kiro dresses up as a firewoman!
  • New Dream: Syri fertility cult, by Doots.
  • New Artpack Image: Anno Face Flattening
  • New Expansion: Thyvara at Camp (at the abandoned campsite on Mhenga)
  • New Dream: Anno facesitting dream, by William and coded by Gena138.
  • New Bad End: Milodan War Lion for short PCs, by Wsan and coded by Gena138.
  • New Urbolg scene: “Annoy” – which results in some spanking content. Written by Wsan, coded by Gena138.
  • New Cheat: “wargiiandbess” to reset the battle for Korgii Hold. Note that this cheat’s name may change next patch.
  • New Jumper Loss Scene: Get Taken for a Ride, by Zandar and coded by Gena138.
  • Lots of Love Starz bugs fixed.
  • Various other fixes.
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  • A new location has been added to Dhaal: The Crash Landing. Run by a group of somewhat stranded pirates, you can wet your whistle and more besides. Written by Slab Bulkhead and coded by Gena138.
    • There is a mechanic where the staff will warm up to you over time as you become a regular. The game tracks this by measuring visits across a protracted timespan  (~day).
    • This is a huge project (three digit pagecount), so it may come with a pile of bugs to sort out. Slap ’em on the bug report forums, and we’ll get them handled for the next patch.
  • Bug fixes follow: Sabrae actually charges you for implants now.
  • The “safe” square at the entrance to gabtown can no longer proc hostile encounters.
  • Amazona can no longer award you a perk you don’t qualify for (and immediately lose after gaining.)
  • You can no longer visit Thare plantation before unlocking the Zil Codex entry.
  • A number of enemies had attacks adjusted to account for airtight armors.
  • The combat tail now displays on the appearance screen.
  • Prostitute Pro should now properly award the energy gains it displays.
  • A bunch of typos and smaller fixes like properly counting one of Anno’s scenes as a sexual encounter.
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  • The gabilani chemist’s oral path now has options for vagina-toting PCs and rimming. (William wrote them, Fen coded.)
  • If it is possible to sleep with Anno & Shekka, you can now choose “Both” from Anno’s sleep with option. (Previously it was only available in Shekka’s menu.) Additionally, if you are sleeping with Shekka and Anno and tell Anno not to sleep with you, it should preserve Shekka as your bed partner.
  • There is now an Anno & Shekka threesome event that can proc in the mornings. Calling it a threesome really does not do it enough credit. The dom path scene is basically a whole pile of scenes, and there’s a lovely option for getting pounded by a penis-equipped Shekka as well. (Written by William, coded by Fen.)
  • The lovely picture I got from Sulcate (at right) is finally in game in the art pack as part of the L.H.D. loss scene.
  • Fixed an issue where older saves could have Loreleis with incorrectly set sexual preferences that displayed as errors when using the “Sense” action.
  • A few other small fixes.
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  • Two new victory scenes for the gabilani chemist are available: oral (get BJ), and mating press. Both authored by William, then coded by yours truly before Will had time to give them an edit pass. I’m fairly certain he’s poring through it now, but I feel bad enough about not patching yesterday already. Soon!
  • New clothes at GabMart Threadz: Assless “Butt Boy” Boxers, Ephemerobe, Glossy Zebra Print Panties, Hexweave Dress, Latex Egg Panties, Lumisuit, Lycra Briefs, Mating Pressers, Purple Cow Nursing Bra, and X-Strap.
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  • Tweaked Nuki Nuts and Honeypot perks so that their growth effects won’t go crazy while making small movements around the map (unless you have a TON of juice in your gut.)
  • Added current liquid volume displays to the various “Orifice Filled” statuses.
  • Nuki Nuts and Honeypot both now cause liquid in the stomach to be consumed at a much accelerated rate.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in NPCs with “placeholder”-style stat blobs never ejaculating less than 1.5Ls.
  • Fixed Nevrie not actually having any sexual fluids.
  • Fixed some bold bleeds in Vi’s remove parasite options.
  • Fixed a ton of small typos and issues in the battle for Korg’ii Hold.
  • Fixed Olympia calling Doctor Teyaal by the wrong name.
  • Fixed a logic tangle in a Shizuya scene.
  • Fixed gabilani (goblin) encounter rates on Dhaal so the cyborg is as common as the chemist.
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop in a gabilani chemist loss scene.
  • Fixed some typos in the Shade/Amara stuff (and missing busts).
  • Fixed some code that was eating several log notifications – especially emails unlocked while exploring Uveto.
  • Fixed Erra x Anno threesomes using the wrong Erra bust.
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  • Three new win scenes for the gabilani chemist: tail docking (with 3 sub-variants), over-endowed “hyper” fun (with a possible extra ending), and some good ol’ fashioned face riding for the lady-types. (More on the way, including some sex scenes for PC’s with normal sized male endowments. Don’t worry!)
  • A new NPC shopkeeper is available on Dhaal to sell you some fun outfits. Currently she only has six items available, but I have plans for some more on the way, including some fashionable party wear in case you need to attend a shindig with Dhaal’s upper crust…
  • New busts: Huskar Erra (+Big Boobs), Rivet, Lewd Frostwyrm, Sydian cuntboy, and of course, the one and only Focalor.
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  • Kimber’s boob worship should no longer cause a crash.
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  • Kimber’s expansion is live! Four new items to give her, four new stories, four new sex scenes, and a small quest to go along with it! Written by Slab Bulkhead and coded by Gena138.
    • Known issue: one of her sex scenes currently has a crash bug. We’ll have an update to fix that before I clock out tonight.
  • A bunch of Shekka BJ fixes. Sorry about those!
  • Some various typo fixes sent in to me got fixed.
  • Various other small fixes.
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  • New oral thirst submission events added to the options at the gabilani chemist. New scenes include Penny (with a dick), bimbo Penny, and the zaika hydra. All written by me, all coded by me, with some editing help from William.
  • The gabilani chemist can now be fought. As a result, the option to just walk away from her has been removed. She’s quite a complex fight with a lot of different things going on, so I’m sure there will be bugs. Pointing them out to us (especially on the bug report forum) will help us clean it up faster.
  • The gabilani enemies are now encountered in the gabtown area of the Gyre, which is presently identifiable by green squares on the map. (Right now the chemist’s encounter rate is jacked wayyyy up for testing).
  • The energy bar for enemies can now be renamed as appropriate. (It is used as ammo for the chemist, and I even updated her energy change display function to better communicate this).
  • New threesome event with Syri & Erra can be started by entering Erra’s sex menu where Syri is present. By HugsAlright, coded by me.
  • New transformation available for Erra: Huskar. This micro expansion doesn’t add new scenes but does make small tweaks to a lot of her scenes, hopefully with more coming. Also includes the ability to feed her Tittyblossom a few times after. Written by HugsAlright, coded by one minotaur boye.
  • New TF: Vernacola, that lets you change your tongue type, sold by Sera and in the Joyco vending machine in Tarkus
  • New bust: Sabrae.
  • New art pack image: Syri x Erra threesome, by PinkSeito
  • Fixed an issue where the Aphro Gas status effect would double print its damage.
All Changelogs: Google Doc

Image Pack: GOFILE
Extras: WikiSave EditorBestiary PDF

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