Two Faceless Adventures [v0.3] [Ubarefeet]

Two Faceless Adventures [v0.3] [Ubarefeet]

May 2, 2024F95

In the game you are given the opportunity to live an unusual life for the daughter of the leader of the village Folkyork. Complete quests, brew potions, communicate with characters and … do whatever your heart desires. Will you be able to save face, or… will you have to submit to your own lust? It all depends on you.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-30
Release Date: 2024-03-30
Developer: Ubarefeet BoostyPatreonSubscribeStarItch.ioTwitterWebsiteF95zoneYouTube
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows
Language: English (Russian?)
Other Game: Space Prison
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2dcg, Anal Sex, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Female Domination, Female Protagonist, Handjob, Humiliation, Lesbian, Loli, Male Domination, Monster, Monster Girl, Multiple penetration, Oral Sex, POV, Sexual Harrassment, Slave
Planned: Multiple Endings, Multiple Protagonists, Futa/Trans
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1. Extract and play
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-A new scene with the harpy Gretta as payment of a debt
-Goblins Gumba and Sprat, the ability to defeat goblins at any time
– The elf is in the camp
-Quest with futanari underpants
-New Potion Making System
-Preparation for the tournament
-The opportunity to become an alpha
-About 5 pixel art
– Elizabeth’s Rescue Quest
-3 new significant characters
-Many different scenes
-Fix a lot of bugs
-The end of the 1st chapter
-In the early days, you can call for a Mausi fight (There is a scene of both victories and defeats), perhaps this is the weakest opponent.
-Fight with a tigress (Victory – 3 sprouts of Honey Sage and experience, defeat – a new ability for the “Beta” styles of playing for dusty “Purr”).
-Fight with Lena (Victory of 10 teeth, defeat is a very variable scene)
-Fight for Lola with a Beggar from the village, who now has art.
-In addition to the above scenes, an event with a Nightmare, a scene with Futa on Male has been added.
-A scene with a Tigress and a lizard, in case of completing the “long tongue” quest.
-Several quests, a new character, the opportunity to train with your “Dusty curator”, you will fully learn about this already during the game.
– A large amount of content and a new store in one of the “Deep forest” locations.
– 6 full days of the game were made.
– A lot of plot events
– New items
– Simplification of the game at the expense of Greta’s various services (Of course not for free)
– Hidden Easter Eggs
– The “Meat Pit” has been completed
– Changed Dusty’s abilities
– A lot of minor bug fixes and so on
– Changed Dusty’s abilities
– A lot of minor bug fixes and so on
– 5 days of the first chapter (the game will end on the morning of the 6th day)
– New scenes with Lena Hyena, Jeannette and Kate, Centaur NightMare
– New enemies and changing the balance of old ones
– The meat pit continues its development, but the sun is not ready yet!
– Added a bunch of art and sprites, as well as a harpy shop in chapter 1, which can only be accessed in the evening
– Several new random events and dialogues
– Completed the quest with the study of the human language for Dusty
– Added scenes with Lola when she is working in the toilet
-The prologue is completed
-The branch with the blue-haired veil and the Fu Potion quest have been completed (you can see the results of your elections by going to the illuminated window in Lazaru’s Square location)
-Now Blood Ruby is given for winning Charybdis, regardless of whether you remove Helga’s curse or not
-A lot of minor dialog changes and character reactions
-The consequences of your actions affect further dialogues with the characters (In order for everything to work properly, I recommend starting the passage from the beginning)
-Finished the route with the witch Helga
-A lot of lore in her hut
-Redesigned lighting in some locations
-The ability to mine ore in Anthill
-New Bat opponent in Anthill
-Fixed bugs
– Lola finally learn to use magic
-The connection of events with each other
-Now each witch has its own color
– The prologue is almost complete.
-Continuation of the main quest
-Adding a Witch
-Now, after you have talked with your father, you will have access to the quest at Brook (the fish house bartender)
-A new location Anthill
-Fixed some bugs, like Lola’s fixed direction, after the sister’s quest, an error when communicating with the warriors of the blacksmith shop, etc
-The possibility of earning money in the toilet
-New art, locations and characters
-The main quest in the game has been continued
-Added many independent random events
-Added minor and main characters
-Added the final quest with Idannr
-Added several scenes with Elizabeth
-Added Beastmen race character(FUTANARI is comming…)
-Fixed some dialog variables
-New secrets
-Fixed prices in stores and added new items
-A new ability for Lola
-Various dialogues with characters
-Redrawn some old scenes, And much, much more!
-New big scene with Idannr(Sub path)
-Now with sub path Idannr, you can use its usual services if you select “Not yet”
-The Folkyork village map is now available in Luna’s tavern
-New lighting in the Sister’s temple
-After passing the temple, a Blood Lily will appear in its place
-A new character and a location where you can also find flowers
-New Items
-Now you get the herbalist’s bag after one of the main quests
And many many other things!
Exclusive new content dedicated to Halloween
-About 7 new characters
-5 new locations
-2 new quests
-Lots of new art
-Random events and character cues to help you learn more about the game’s lore
-Fixed a bug with Katarina
-New events in Idannr and Elizabeth routs.
Initial Release

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