Ultimate Angel Zerachiel [v1.0.18] [Kujilab]
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Ultimate Angel Zerachiel [v1.0.18] [Kujilab]

February 4, 2024F95

The religious city of Logres.
In a city that worships the Goddess of Luck, an angel descended.

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Her name was Zerachiel.
Zerachiel struggled to rescue her imprisoned companions from the cult,
and was defeated and subjected to unimaginable shame by a young girl claiming to be a saint.
Several weeks later, Zerachiel, discarded like trash, was finally freed and resolved to seek revenge against the cult.
Little did she know that destiny had already set in motion significant changes.

A grand drama weaves together as various fates intersect.

Thread Updated: 2024-01-17
Release Date: 2023-12-27
Original Title: さいきょー☆えんじぇる ザラキエル!
Developer: Kujilab – DLsite
Translator: DazedAnon PatreonDiscord
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 1.0.18
OS: Windows
Language: English (GPT-3.5)
Store: DLsite
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2D Game,  2DCG,  Censored,  Japanese Game,  Female Protagonist, Anal Sex,  Ahegao, Bdsm,  Big Ass,  Bukkake,  Corruption,  Creampie,  Exhibitionism,  Futa/Trans,  Group sex,  Groping,  Handjob,  Humiliation,  Male Domination,  Masturbation,  Milf,  Multiple Penetration,  Oral Sex,  Prostitution,  Rape,  Sex Toys,  Sexual Harassment,  Tentacles,  Teasing,  Titfuck,  Urination,  Vaginal sex,  Virgin,  Adventure,  Combat,  Fantasy, Monster, Monster Girl,  Religion,  Sandbox ,  Turn based combat,
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The PATCH will contain the latest updates and fixes to the game. Install It.
To Download and apply the Github Patch.
1. Extract files from patch to game folder and replace all.
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Ver 1.0.18
– Issue where the experience points for reserve party members behave inconsistently
  → We have changed the battle result screen to fix this.
– Specification change for random target skills “Magic Flash” and “Explosive Fist (Enemy)”
  → Changed to either attack all or a single target.
– Reduced the rate of “Seal” and “Confusion” additions from all enemy skills by 50%
– Weakened the skills of the secret boss
– Adjustment of level determination for the slime in the Reminiscence Room
  Currently, all skills can be acquired by talking to it.
  We will make it a selection system in the next update.
  → Learn all skills or skills that can be learned at the current level
– We have prepared data in the Reminiscence Room to ensure save data from Ver1.0.12 and earlier (including skills) is reflected in the latest version. However, looping and new game can still be performed normally with previous save data, so this will be a minor patch.
  How to fix: Please talk to the slime in the Reminiscence Room.
– Experience points can now be earned by reserve party members.
  → We have received reports that they are not being earned, and we are currently investigating.
– We have changed the flag management so that save data from Ver1.0.13, where everything was unlocked, can be used.
  We expect to replace it within the 25th, so we ask you to re-download it.
– Issues with story progression when unlocking everything at the beginning.
  Example: We are addressing issues such as the event with Lulu on the ship.
  We have changed the flag management from this version.
  We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you could send us your save folder and data to the email address listed in the accompanying text, we will provide you with save data that is compatible with Ver1.0.14, so we kindly ask for your cooperation.
– Strengthening of Rabi and Satia
  All stats have been enhanced to match those of Pururin.
  Satia is now immune to confusion, and Rabi is immune to seal.
– Added Resist to Claudia.
– Added Protection to Lara.
– Due to the adjustments, we have increased Zerachiel’s stats.
– Due to the adjustments, we have increased Rabi’s HP by 1.5 times and defense.
– Due to the adjustments, we have increased Satia’s HP, attack power, and doubled her agility.
– Due to the adjustments, we have adjusted Claudia’s spirit.
– Due to the adjustments, we have adjusted Lara’s spirit.
– Oni Heaven Summoning  Attack power 1.5 times  →  Attack power 3.0 times
– Trick Arts  Agility doubled  →  Agility tripled  Attack power doubled  Critical rate added 100%
– Rapid Sword  Damage multiplier doubled  →  Quadrupled
– Musou Triple Slash  Damage multiplier tripled  →  Fivefold  Guaranteed hit
– Implementation of Full Unlock
  Due to many requests, we have implemented it.
  Added as an option at the start of the game.

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