Uncle Vulvius’ House of Pleasure [v0.15.2] [CherrySock]

Uncle Vulvius’ House of Pleasure [v0.15.2] [CherrySock]

May 2, 2024F95

Take charge of several beautiful sex slaves in a fantasy world. Teach them how to please men and earn more coins. Climb the career ladder to be entrusted with serving VIP clients. Learn personal stories of your proteges, patrons and staff. Discover their secrets and complete quests.

Choose how you are going to treat the girls under your command. Will you prefer to be their friend or a cruel master?

Thread Updated: 2024-05-01
Release Date: 2024-04-25
Developer: CherrySock WebsiteItch.ioPatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.15.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Max
Language: English
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Male protagonist, Vanilla, Oral sex, Anal sex, Harem, Slave, Violence, Rape, Trainer
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1. Extract and run.
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Main changes
1. UI is completely redone.
2. Version for Android
3. New save/load system. Now you can save manually (but not in training or discipline scenes). The game is still autosaves on time advance and on quitting.
4. Added backgrounds to all the rooms that have windows.
5. Added camera panning effect during dialogues (with parallax).
6.  Added additional setting: Training Music Volume. It sets the music volume separately for training scenes and discipline.
Now what changed for UI besides visuals
1. During dialogues to advance forward you now should click directly on dialogue window or press Space/Enter. Previously it was enough to click anywhere or press any key. I made this change, cause now there might be other UI elements on screen during dialogues.
2. You can now hide the dialogue window by pressing the arrow down button.
3. You can now use number keys to select dialogue options.
4. Added new popup menu. You can see it by hovering the cursor in the top part of the screen. It contains the following buttons:
·   Main menu. You can use it instead of pressing Esc.
·   Hide UI. It hides all the UI elements. Press any key or click anywhere to bring it back.
·   Quests. Shows the quests menu.
·   Skip cutscene. Available during cutscenes. More on that later.
5. During cutscenes pressing Esc now shows the main menu. To skip a cutscene you need to use the button in popup menu.
6. In Clients Assignment menu if a slave is absent that night, it shows the reason for that in a tooltip.
7. It now shows the result of the previous session differently. To be honest I’m still not happy with that. I will have to improve it later.
8.In oral training the list of commands now works a bit differently. Instead of buttons appearing and disappearing, they now grey out when unavailable.
9. In Clients’ Assignment menu, when selecting a slave, it now highlights skills and features. Green – if she can perform it/has it, red – over wise.
Known issues
  • There can be a lag when opening save or load menus if there are a lot of saves. Delete the old ones.
  • When saving in Hub menu (the one where you select a location and advance time) it doesn’t capture the screenshot.
  • Tooltips don’t work on Android for now.
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The biggest change is of course adding 2 new slaves and the beginning of Act 2. Although there are no quests yet, but you can play with the girls. All the training, disciplines, clients’ encounters and accompanying dialogues are available.
Save files from 0.13 should load properly. I also added the ability to start new game directly from Act 2.
Other changes and fixes:
1. Sound system is improved when it comes to breathing, moans, screams etc. Especially noticeable during corporal discipline, but also in training.
2. In anal training scene slave’s mouth now properly animates when she screams.
3. In training and discipline slave’s eyes now properly animated and show differently depending on the girl’s emotions (half-closed, closed etc.). Previously they were almost always open.
4. In oral training scene when the protagonist speaks it now shows his name instead of generic “player”.
5. In oral training scene fixed Tizita’s earing sometimes start to rotate uncontrollably.
6. In oral training scene fixed a bug that prevented a button with number 8 to be activated with keyboard.
7. During dialogues fixed a bug that caused slave’s blush and mascara to flicker when she undresses.
8. Fixed a problem that made Alicia’s collar not appear after the cutscene if player skipped it.
9. Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented entering the Clients’ Area if one of the slaves was on the Pole of Shame.
10. Fixed a bug that made a save game not to load if player exited the game during peeping for a slave.
11. Fixed a bug that made the UI disappear sometimes when changing slave’s pubic hair.
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Most of the changes is about oral training scene:
1. Most of the animations are improved or recreated from scratch, a lot of new ones added.
2. Now you can visually see when a slave becomes experienced in blowjob (provided she is trying hard enough).
3. A girl can now lick main character’s balls.
4. A slave can enjoy the blowjob herself if she likes the player.
5. Removed manual movement (it’s when you drag the mouse to control the girl’s head). Instead player can set depth and intensity through the UI.
6. Added gagging and choking.
7. Player can now praise a slave for her obedience during the training (specifically for allowing cum in mouth and swallowing).
8. Improved AI during training.
Other changes
1. In clients’ area you can now actually see clients.
2. Improved artwork for 2 cutscenes (“Introduction” and “Memories about Alicia”).
3. In vaginal and anal scenes also removed manual movements (l understand that they are a bit boring right now. In later versions I’m planning to add more stuff).
4. In vaginal training scene main character’s dick is redrawn (before it looked different from oral scene).
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Major changes
  • Added an anal training.
  • Added a side quest about the previous Tizita’s overseer. And there is a new outfit as a reward for completing that quest. The quest will start automatically during the first dialogue with Uncle Vulvius. You need to start a new game.
  • Now there are builds for Linux and Mac too. Unfortunately, I don’t have either of those systems. So, if you encounter any problems, please tell me.
Minor changes
  • Changed how cumming works. Instead of 2 buttons “Cum inside” and “Cum outside” there is now just one. Where the protagonist cums depends on whatever his dick is in or out. It concerns vaginal and anal training. In oral there is only cum outside for now.
  • Bug fixes and many balance changes.
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In this update the main plot of the first act is concluded.
Major changes:
  • Added 3 main quests together with 2 new characters, 2 locations and a couple of cutscenes.
  • Added a side quest about Vilda’s past (it includes 1 character and 2 cutscenes)
  • In training scenes added a visual indication of pleasure and pain that a slave experiences.
Main and side quests will start automatically in the first several days of the game time.
Smaller changes and bugfixes
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes happens when entering a blowjob training scene: buttons are unavailable and a slave does nothing.
  • Added an icon for the game executable.
  • Increased the rate with which a slave gathers proficiency doing certain acts (in training scenes).
  • In training scenes reduced player’s arousment so you can train a slave for longer. But the minimum arousment to cum is reduced, so you can still finish faster if you want.
  • Reduced the price of gifts for slaves (2 coins for small, 10 for expensive)
  • Slave’s popularity now does not fall below her current tier.
  • Now every night there is at least one client that each of your slaves can serve.
  • Other minor fixes and balance tweaks.
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1. Added sound (breathing, moans, slurps…)
2. Added blush
3. Added crying and running mascara
4. Added saliva (guy’s dick getting wet and also drooping from slave’s mouth)
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1. Added sound to discipline scene.
2. Added background music.
3. Added a second spanking tool (wooden paddle) and an interface to select them.
4. When player disciplines a slave for the first time there is now a short dialogue in the dungeon.
5. Dialogues after the discipline sessions now also shown in the dungeon.
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1. Slaves now make sounds in vaginal sex training scene.
2. Added cum on stomach in vaginal sex training scene.
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The most important change is adding the oral training scene as well as corresponding dialogues.
While in the scene you can either let the slave act on her own. In that case you can give her orders. Try to repeat it if she doesn’t do it the first time.
Alternatively, you can hold girl’s head and make her move the way you prefer (just press and hold the left mouse button on her head and move the mouse)
Hitting 80 % of arousment will allow you to cum (you’ll cum automatically when you hit a 100%). For now there is only one cum animation. There will be more lately.
Slave won’t be able to do a deepthroat right away, but if you keep trying after several sessions it will be possible.
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New interface design. That includes new main menu and pause menus.
Now you can change slaves’ outfit. Added 1 outfit that is available for both girls.
Now you can change slave’s pubic hair. Added 3 styles plus clean shaven.
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1. Added a second slave Tizita.
2. Reworked animations in Training and Discipline scenes.
3. Added favors/misbehaves system.
A couple of issues with this build:
1. For now, it is too easy to make girls do what you want. I will rebalance it later.
2. I just realized that Unity removed the standard dialogue with the resolution selection. So currently the game only runs in 1280×720 (but you can make it full screen with Alt-Enter).
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It’s a pre-alpha. Obviously, the game is far from its final state. But you can already test some of the systems and also check out the art.
What you can do in this version:
1. Chat with a slave
2. Vaginal training
3. Corporal punishment
4. Verbal encouragement
5. Strip her naked
· All the interface is temporary. I will make it look nice in the latter versions.
· There is almost no sound at this point.
· The animations are far from perfect. They will be improved.
· Trust and Respect parameters are currently don’t affect anything (almost). They will be important later when I introduce favors and misbehaves system.
· Most of the actions are limited to one per day. Advance to next day in order to make them available again.
· Game saves automatically when day changes and when scene changes.

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