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Unleashed [v0.6b2] [CarbonBlue]

January 23, 2024F95

Unleashed is a slice of life Visual Novel designed to play around with your expectations. To do that it begins in the stereotypical way that many VN’s begin. You might see hints throughout that allude to things being a little different.

You, the male main character, are on your way to your first year in college. An early fire at the dorms has left the student body scrambling to find alternative housing. Luckily, your father is old friends with a local mother and her two daughters, and she was kind enough to offer you a room.

Thread Updated: 2023-05-04
Release Date: 2023-05-04
Developer: CarbonBlue PatreonDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.6b2
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Humor, Romance, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Masturbation,  Spanking, Sexual Harassment, Stripping
Future tags will include: Cheating, Creampie, Exhibitionism (a lot of it), Groping, Handjob, and most of the basic sex tags.
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1. Extract and run.
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~400 renders
characters upgraded from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8
4-part branching ending, so make sure to save at the point you see the endings branching off
•A little over 400 renders
•Bunch of animations
•Fixed old ep1 scene where the MC’s laptop was already in the room (thanks, JFR!)
•Finally fixed the name bug, but after a week in the ICU with covid it was broken again. Damn covid.
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• 310 or so renders
• 3 animations
• Fixed continuity error with Angel saying she saw something she didn’t see if you refused Olivia.
• Fixed Angel’s teeth – Thank you, wibble!
• Finally fixed the episode 1 name and peeking bugs, but then it broke again. Will attempt to fix it next update.
• Fixed the two train animations – Thank you, wibble!
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0.5v1 is part 1 of the 0.5 update.
-Around 200 renders
-My first two real animations. The looping needs work, which I hope to fix by Part 2.
-Corrected the spelling of Bobbitt so that it has two T’s – Thanks, Sulring!
-Fixed typo – Thanks antediluvian!
-Unfortunately due to unforeseen difficulties I had to delay fixing the peeking and name bug, and hope to have those fixed in a future update. I apologize for the delay.
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-Dick fix! The Main Character’s dick should now appear the same throughout. Can’t have a VN with an inconsistent dick.
-Fixed an errant offset that appears to have occurred due to automated image resizing. Thanks, ayhsel for the discovery and a huge thanks to wibble for the fix!
-Corrected the background of the episode 4 renders with Shannon by the staircase.
-Fixed a couple typos in 0.4.
-Fixed an error when Shannon walked up the steps in 0.4.
-Still working on name error and peeking bug.
-Added another secret that none of you are going to find.
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Episode 4 Update
-Around 390 renders
-Fixed several bad renders from previous versions
-Fixed a bad variable assignment
-Fixed the broken name change bug, but it broke again in testing. Will revisit in a future update.
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-Fixed “guy” name error.
-Fixed incorrect variable attributions.
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-Add a new day in the life of our hero.
-About 375 renders.
-Fixed a persistent bug that has been prohibiting name changes and forcing peeking on Shannon.
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-Fixed weird code aberrations that caused the name change and peeking on Shannon errors.
-Decreased serial-killerness of MC’s intro stare by 48%.
-Fixed a few renders that had glitches or clipping issues.
-Fixed an incorrect name attribution.
-Made one of the clues slightly more overt.
-Added some additional club renders because it sucked that the MC didn’t get his dance on.
-Denoised the bejeezus out of the club renders. They should look significantly better.
-Added music to one scene.
-Changed some of the music start and stop locations a little.
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-0.2 is around 250 renders.
-Fixed weird code aberrations that caused the name change and peeking on Shannon errors.
-Removed single choice options from 0.1.
-Renders are now saved at 95% quality. This reduces file size by a large amount and the quality difference shouldn’t be noticeable. If it is noticeable let me know and I’ll release a lossless version, but keep in mind the file size is going to get big quickly.
-Changed the font for names.
-Made the font smaller.
-Fixed a cosmetic error with Angel’s body.
-Adjusted Angel’s body. Now with 68% better ass.
-Decreased goofiness of Olivia’s face in the parking garage hug.
-Added several variables – these are behind-the-scene bits of code that allow your choices to be remembered, like character honesty. HOWEVER, I have to warn you to not worry too much about these. Remember that this game is different. Min/maxing your stats isn’t going to do you any good.
-Because of the new variables you need to start over from the beginning. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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First Release
– Around 150 renders
Developer Notes:
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People are conditioned to play VN’s the same way, because nearly all VN’s play the same. Unleashed is different. There is something else going on here, and, if you are interested, it is up to you to figure out. You should know some basic truths first:
-The game is not contained to the game. The code is part of the game. This forum is part of the game. In each area there is misleading information.
-The girls in this game will lie to you.
-I will lie to you.
-There may be some confusing aspects about the game. Everything will eventually make sense.
-This is not going to be the best fapping game for a while. If you’re looking for a quickie, you might want to look elsewhere for a while.
-Ignore the spanking and sexual harassment tags. Those were put there by a mod for BS reasons.
Project Notes:
• Images are 1920×1080
• There will be no walkthrough necessary. Some of your choices matter, others won’t. Just like real life. And you’re not always in control. There will be no best ending and the choices and consequences will make sense… eventually.
• This game will never become a sandbox.
• The game will not include NTR, but one of the girls will eventually want to make you a little jealous.
• There will be no developer-supported incest, sorry. While you can change character names, they are not written as your family.

Extras: Cheat+Music ModSpanish Translation * – Russian Translation * – German Translation –  Fan SigFan Sig2Fan Sig3Fan Walkthrough ** – Walkthrough Mod **

* Unofficial versions not supported by the developer. Download at your own risk.
** Due to the nature of the game, any walkthrough will be misleading. Play how you wish and don’t worry about the points.

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