Unto Starlight [v0.1.3b] [Sano]

Unto Starlight [v0.1.3b] [Sano]

June 8, 2024F95

At the beginning of a new semester, you arrive in Tokyo as a new college student.
But will everything happen as usual?
“Recently, the number of unusual incidents in Tokyo reached five…”

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“Incidents with unknown causes have occurred one after another…”
What’s going on?
Meanwhile, a mysterious girl descends before you…

Thread Updated: 2024-06-07
Release Date: 2024-06-07
Developer: Sano PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.3b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
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3DCG,  Animated,  POV,  Male Protagonist,  Adventure,  Fantasy,  Romance,  Harem,  Sandbox,  Oral Sex,  Vaginal Sex,  Creampie
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Extract and run.
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  • Riko: For 2 parts! You can now continue to take Riko on a variety of experiences!
  • Nono: For 2 parts! She… Something seems to have happened. You can now get Nono’s contact information and talk to her at Yoyogi Park!
  • Ruka: For 1 parts! She looks like she’s got something on her mind…
  • Shion: For 1 parts! She seemed to have something she wanted to talk to you about!
  • New map: Yoyogi Park
  • The gallery system is avalible! You can now view and recall events directly from your computer at home!
  • Add “give me money” function. Since the whole economy system is still immature, so I added this feature, you can use it on your computer!(Temporarily unavailable, will be added back after tweaks in the next update.)
  • Adjusted the icon display on the computer, it should look a little better now.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when calling Nono from a hotel.
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Yuzuki-sensei seems to be looking for you for something…?
  • Yuzuki: For 2 parts. Notice, The absence penalty will removed after Yuzuki’s part3 event.
  • Ruka: For 1 part.
  • Nylarthes: For 1 part.
  • You can go to Toru’s room normally and talk to her now!
  • Fixed the issue where two Yuika rooms would appear in the dorm.
  • Fixed issue where Toru wouldn’t appear correctly in livehouse
  • Added three messages that can be viewed via phone!
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The band is finally getting start! But… Something wrong?
  • Nanami: For 1 part, with 1 animated h-scene. There’s noise from neighbor… ..what is Nanami doing?
  • Toru: For 4 parts, with 1 animated h-scene. Her path to the band has finally begun!
  • New map: Livehouse. You can unlock it in Toru’s event.
  • Animation: Added animations for map interactions that were not added in the last update! All daily conversations in the map are now animated!
  • Text error fixed: Thanks to hayato! I fixed a lot of errors in the English text!
  • 0.1.1a-0.1.1b: Thanks again to hayato, I fixed the extra text error!
  • Fixed an issue where Ramenya’s Shion icon was displayed at the wrong time on the map.
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Finally a break from the previous incident! So…let’s go to the hot springs together!
  • Episode.1: For 2 parts! Enjoy the trip with girls! And…prepare yourselves for what comes after.
  • Added animations for interactions with the girls in the map! Now they will do something when you strike up a conversation with them! (There are a handful of conversations that haven’t been animated yet, don’t worry, they’ll be there in the next update!)
  • Computer: The computer is done! You can now use the computer in your room! And the name change function has been moved into the computer!
  • Added the number of days currently elapsed on the top bar! However, days prior to this update will not be recorded. Pity.
  • Added icons to the map for the characters currently at the location! It’s now simple to see who’s here on the map!
  • Added Gift Cards! You can now purchase gift cards at convenience stores and gift it to girls you have contact information via your phone to increase your affection with them!
  • Redrew the main screen, top bar, dialogs box and choice boxes! They look much prettier now!
  • In version 0.0.9, one of the main screen wallpapers had an incorrect resolution, and it doesn’t appear anymore!
  • Optimized the ui on android, now the ui material on android should be the same as on PC and Mac! (Although, I still recommend playing on PC!)
  • Removed the one-time-only feature to clear the number of absences. Previously this feature was used to make up for too many classes in older version, and it’s shouldn’t be able right now.
  • Fixed several text problems! Some of the early events should be better now!
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Hey, want to join our guild? There’s a lot of benefits! Ah… No? You really don’t want to come?
Change Log:
  • Setsuna: For 4 parts! Do you want to play online games with her?
  • New feature: You can now buy computers there on the shopping street!(The detailed features of the computer will have to wait until the next version.)
  • New Menu: Added a special thanks screen to the game’s menu. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you.
  • New Character…?: Ritsu and Yukari, though they’re not in the character system yet.
  • Bug: Fixed the problem that occasionally the About screen would not be displayed properly within the About screen.
  • Added more renders to the main menu background! (Just the update preview.)
I hope all of you will enjoy this!
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The mysterious girl opens her heart to you, and she seems to be troubled by something…
Change Log:
  • Riko: For 2 parts. You can go around campus with her now.
  • Nanami: For 1 part. You had dinner with her… Uh, not quite right.
  • Optimized the performance of some past events.
  • Optimized the Affection arrangement for overall character event requirements.
  • Removed the Affection rise for some events.
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What are the true thoughts that have been buried by the girl…
Change Log:
  • Yuika: For 1 part. You can head over to dine with her now!
  • Nanami For 2 parts. She knocked on your door at night… As if asking for help?
  • Dorm: You can now visit Yuika when she’s home!
  • Home: You can now travel to visit your neighbor Nanami!
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where Episode 1’s part 10 was not triggering correctly.
  • Bug: Fixed the issue where Yoyogi’s noon background was missing.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where Ramenya would not unlock after Episode 1 part 1.
  • Bug: Fixed the issue that the version number of the APK installer for the Android version was not changed.
  • 0.0.7a-0.0.7b optimization: Added back button to action in Episode 1 part9. You can now temporarily exit the action by clicking the button in the bottom left corner of the screen at the front door of the BU company. Don’t worry, your progress will be retained!
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You went back and reported what you found… It’s okay to take a breath.
Wait, there’s a girl there who needs help…
Change Log:
  • Episode 1: You can return to the activity room to report your findings now!
  • Yuika: Updated 3 events! Enjoy your time with her!
  • New Area: Yoyogi
  • New map: Dorm
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that reported errors when playing Nono’s personal storyline in English text!
  • Bug: Fixed a bug in the font display.
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You began to deal with the first incident… Will everything go smoothly?
Change Log:
  • Episode 1: You can start working on a recent incident! Good luck!
  • New Action: BU Company infiltration operations
  • New Area: Kitazawa
  • New map: BU company
  • System: Added economic system! It’s not perfect yet, but it will be gradually improved in the following versions!
  • New part-time job: Convenience Store, you can do the part-job in the convenience store!
  • Modify fictitious area names to real area names: Uehara and Tomigaya.
  • Changed map movement logic! It’s now easier to move through the map!
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where Nanami appeared at the wrong time.
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The game is supported on Android!
  • 0.0.4-0.0.4bBug: Fixed an issue where spending time in Shopstreet late at night would not automatically skip to the next day.
  • 0.0.4-0.0.4bBug: Fixed an issue with Shion’s message appearing when it shouldn’t.
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As you learn more about the incident. The goal begins to reveal itself gradually……
Change Log:
  • Episode 1: Mystery girl wakes up… Meanwhile, you find the entry point to all these incidents.
  • Nylarthes: Update with 1 new part!
  • New character: Nono, she works for delivery health, so you might…
  • New map: Hotel
  • New place: Study room at College: If you have been absent, you can make up the lesson at here!
  • System: The absence system is now complete, now you will indeed be penalized for absenteeism!
  • Classes have been reduced! Yeah!
  • When you have a class, you can go straight to school and start it from your home with one click!
  • You can now change your name from home!
  • From two make-ups to compensate for one missed class to one make-up to compensate for one missed class!
  • Since the absence system has just been completed, I’ve added buttons to clear the number of absences at home! It can be used only once.
  • Bug: Fixed a spelling error on the map.
  • Bug: Fixed several places in the text where MC names were displayed incorrectly.
  • Bug: Fixed some syntax and grammar issues in the text.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where occasionally it wouldn’t jump to the map correctly.
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Merry Christmas!
It’s a special Public Release!
As you learn that the unusual events are getting more serious, a mysterious girl appears before you…
Change Log:
  • Episode 1: Updated with 2 new parts!
  • Riko: Updated with 1 new part!
  • Setsuna: Updated with 1 new part!
  • New map: Street at Akazaka!
  • New Character:
  • Ruka: You will meet her on the street in Akazaka at noon after you know Riko!
  • Nylarthes: You will meet her in Episode 1!
  • The overall size of the game has been compressed!
  • Bug: Fixed a probability of crashing when entering the game.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where elapsed time sometimes didn’t jump to the next day when it was late at night in a convenience store
  • Thanks to @JMAH1R30 for the English text correction! All text errors raised have now been fixed!
I hope all of you will enjoy this!
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  • The main system of the game is done!
  • 3 new characters: Toru, Riko, and Setsuna!
  • 6 new maps can be explored!
  • 3 main stories of Episode 1!
  • 7 character’s Event!
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  • 4 new characters: Yuika, Yuzuki, Shion, and Nanami!
  • The prologue
Developer Notes:
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It’s time to release a new update again!
This game finally has a gallery system! It’s now simple to play back all the events you’ve experienced! This is a big improvement!
And I tried to write more events out this time, so hopefully you guys will be happy with this update!
At last, welcome to drop in my Discord Server!

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