Victoria in Big City [v0.55] [Groovers Games]
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Victoria in Big City [v0.55] [Groovers Games]

March 22, 2024F95

You play as Victoria, a young woman who makes the difficult decision to uproot her stable life  in her hometown
to move to Big City, a bustling metropolis, to pursue better career opportunities.
This new environment brings its own challenges and adventures,
and it’s up to you to make the decisions that will shape Victoria’s new path in life.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-22
Release Date: 2024-03-20
Developer: Groovers Games PatreonTwitterSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.55
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English; German
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3DCG, Female protagonist, Voyeurism, Corruption, Cheating, Oral sex, Lesbian, Anal sex, Interracial, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Exhibitionism, Creampie, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Spanking, Groping
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1. Extract and run. 
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In this update, there are over 1150 images, including 9 animations, which is more than before. While there might be slightly fewer scenes, I hope you’ll enjoy them even more. I dedicated a lot of time and effort to these hot scenes to achieve an even higher level, and I hope I succeeded. To discover all the scenes, you’ll need to follow different paths because whether you see them or not depends on the decisions you made earlier.
For the next update, we plan to introduce some new features and improve and refresh the game. We aim to expand aspects of the game beyond just the storyline. I’ll keep you updated on the new additions in future posts.
Added Xmas Special v2.0
-This revamped edition features a brand-new scene comprising 75 images.
I am thrilled to finally present to you the new update. The journey to this point took longer than I anticipated, but I am immensely grateful to each one of you for your unwavering support and patience. In my opinion, this is the best update we’ve had so far, but I am genuinely curious to hear your thoughts. I acknowledge that, considering the lengthy period, there should probably have been double the content. Unfortunately, I faced numerous obstacles this year, and some persist. However, at this moment, that’s not essential.
This update is undoubtedly the largest one yet, containing nearly 1200 images and 6 animations. I aimed for more, but achieving that would have taken an additional month, at least. You’ll find quite a few hot scenes in this update. Yet, if you’re on the path of being a good girl, you can avoid them, and consequently, the update might seem shorter. I encourage you to explore various paths; you’ll discover diverse outcomes.
I had hoped to include a gallery of scenes to provide a glimpse of what’s yet to be discovered, but I encountered some errors. I’ll strive to rectify these in the future and either release a small update or include it in the next one. However, that requires a clear mind as it involves intricate thinking.
Now, diving into what you’ll find in this update: there’s a continuation of the bar scene with David, alternatively, Victoria goes out with her friends to a club. The night at the club has two different endings, offering three potential outcomes for Victoria. As mentioned in previous reports, Victoria returns to the ocean. Her experiences there are contingent on the choices made during her initial visit. In the good girl path, you can bypass many events that unfold there.
Moving on, there’s a scene in the office with two variants, depending on your previous choices, and two variants in the scene at the Stevens’ home, again, based on earlier decisions. The remaining scenes are the same across all paths.
I hope you enjoy this update. Victoria might turn out to be very naughty in this one. Once again, thank you all for your unwavering faith in me and your persistence. To those who have been supporting me throughout, words can’t express my gratitude; without you, I would have given up long ago.
Special thanks to #Dwayne for crafting exceptional dialogues and assisting in testing and bug fixing. Also, a big thank you to #Kasi for the German translation (I haven’t managed to add everything yet, but I’ll try to complete it in the next few days).
Added Xmas Special
The first version is only a representation of the character and an introduction to the whole story, which is why there is no choice in it.
From the next parts the story will start to grow sideways.
Developer Notes:
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My name is Groover. I’m a fan of adult games and inspired by some I decided to try my hand at creating them.
For now it is only a hobby but I would like to do it more professionally in the future.

Xmas Special 2.0

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Extras: MC Renamer* – Gallery Mod*

* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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