VoiceActress [Dieselmine]
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VoiceActress [Dieselmine]

July 7, 2024F95

Seiko is an ordinary and humble student, and at home, she is an online voice actress.
Because of her father’s work, Seiko’s room also has good sound insulation equipment
In the work of voice actress, Seiko played many roles, and also many 18+ games。

Original title: Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi
Updated: Nov 28, 2017
Developer/Publisher: Dieselmine
VNDB: Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi
: Mosaics
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English / Japanese
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2dcg, anal sex, bdsm, female protagonist, futa/shemale, corruption, internal view, japanese, oral sex, multiple penetration, trap, rape, tentacles, puzzle, slice of life, mind control, bukkake, Scat, shota, loli, humiliation, virgin, romance, voiced
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1- Extract to desired location.
2 – Add 18+ H-Patch to – VoiceActressVoiceActress_DataStreamingAssets
3 – Click on “VoiceActress.exe” to start playing.
Extra Info:
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■Character introduction
· Yonekura Seiko
An ordinary girl.
Engaged in the online voiceactress, the initial work is relatively common,
After participating in the 18+ games, she became a little famous.
In her own room as a variety of different roles.
· Takeshima Yusuke
Heroine’s fellow classmate.
Two of them didn’t talk much, just know each others name
In fact, Yusuke is also a online voiceactor, but also some fame in the circle.
Game system
· TSUM TSUM game
  In TSUM TSUM game, you get the experience you need as a voice actor, and you get more job opportunities as your level goes up.
· Many different game scenario
  There are many different type of scenario in the game
· Male and female character voice include
  We have male character voice include this time


Please put the Unlock file in the the StreamingAssets folder!

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    VoiceActress [Dieselmine]