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We Were Just Kids [v0.3b] [MissFortune]

May 19, 2024F95

“Too much, too soon, or was that simply my excuse?”

Our Protagonist (Rainn Nichols) has just moved to New York with her mother after her father vanished into thin air. Left with little more than a paycheck to live on and a broken down truck to move them around, our protagonist is uprooted from her home and now ex-boyfriend, forced to live in a motel on the wrong side of the Big Apple.  This is where she meets our other protagonist (Logan Knox), the red-haired guitarist and founding member of the virtually unknown instrumental metalcore band, We Were Just Kids. Made up of himself, bassist Jason Butler, and drummer Reagan Lee. What begins as our protagonist joining the band on the fly for a school talent show swiftly evolves into the quartet being thrusted into a spotlight of sex, drugs, music, fame, love, and perhaps death.

Not everything is as it seems on the surface. The corruption of music, the lack of balance in the industry’s power dynamic, and the temptations of stardom all test the unity of the band as past relationships come back to haunt our protagonists. Can they handle the heat of the spotlight, or the pressure of sudden fame? Can our protagonists operate through the weeds? Or will they crumble like the many before them?

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Thread Updated: 2023-03-05
Release Date: 2023-03-04
Developer: MissFortune PatreonSubscribeStarBuyMeACoffee  –  Twitter
Censored: No
Version:  0.3b
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Other Game: Playing Judas
Language: English
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3DCG, multiple protagonists, male protagonist, female protagonist, big ass, creampie, exhibitionism, lesbian, oral sex, voyeurism, big tits, romance, pregnancy/impregnation (no actual pregnancy yet, just confirmation. :p), graphic violence
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harem, drugs, anal sex, footjob(s), group sex, multiple endings, possible futa/trans (will likely have a poll at some point), possible trans encouragement (again, likely a poll when the time comes.), some light coercion as well. This is all subject to change, of course. Anything added will always be optional.
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1. Extract and run.
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– There’s 205 or so updated/upgraded renders here. Including new animations for all of the sex scenes. Further on the note of animations, some may be a bit wonky, as I’ve been experimenting with keyframes and speeds between them in regard to sex. You’ll probably notice a bit of it in the Lukas/Veronica bathroom blowjob bathroom scene and/or the facial portion of it. All that said, I feel like I’ve got a stronger hold on animations because of it. I don’t expect those kinds of issues to show up in any other release. Funny enough, this segues perfectly into the next point quite well:
– I’ve come across a way to turn Camera Raw/XMP files into LUTs for Premiere. This will result in less of a noticeable color shift between animations and still renders pre and post-animation. There’s still going to be a bit of it due to color space differences (I believe, could’ve easily changed in newer version of Ren’py.), but it should be far less noticeable in the early scenes.
– Code is now to my liking. This should be the final forced restart going forward, short of the unlikely event that something essential needs to be changed.
The Sports bar scene with Lukas/Veronica is now entirely skippable with all but two questions needing to be answered. I’ve gone over it before, but it was a bad writing choice that’s too late to fix at this point. So, breaking the fourth wall or not, at least you have the option to never see it again. The option to skip oral sex (unless you pull out) can be avoided, as well.
– The Logan Intro scene early on has been updated with a couple of extra renders, and sprinkle of foreshadowing.
– Park scene with Rainn/FMC and Reagan has been somewhat rewritten and shortened. Plays on the same sub/dom tendencies as the original, but is largely more of a small infodump for Reagan. I am aware of the render dimension issue at the end of the scene, will be fixed in the next update.
– As said at the end of the update, I’ll be taking a short break to finish up Move The Chains and get it out, then I’ll decide on a schedule between both VNs. I’ll, of course, update Patreon before and after I make said decision. That said, there may be another update coming soon with smaller, non-immediate adjustments like the normalization of the audio and the credits page.
– Fix for crash on startup.

There is very little new content in 0.3a

. As already mentioned, 0.3a and 0.03b will be reworking the original release of We Were Just Kids.
– As mentioned in the previous update post, 0.3a was made up of small rewrites (specifically within the school early on and the pre-barber scene where I’ve decided to introduce someone that’ll show up later) and just straight re-renders from the original release. That amount ended up being around 160 or so renders. Not much else to add here.
– I fixed the audio/song name error(s) that was causing a traceback (though I don’t believe it was causing the VN itself to crash at all, so not really a true ‘fix’, but the point remains.). I’ve also fixed the typo causing Veronica to pop up while Vick (pointless side character) was talking, I believe. I believe that was the only one, but could’ve missed more. Let me know if you spot any/any possible others. Would be much appreciated.
– Please be aware that due to the way I’m splitting this update, there’s going to be some inconsistencies in the locations and how they look. For example, the scene where Reagan knocks on the female protagonist’s door is still using the old motel room, but earlier on it showers the newer one. There’s a few like that, iirc. Obviously, that won’t last.
– As a side note: I believe I’ve removed the original renders of scenes that’ve been re-rendered in 0.3a, but it’s certainly possible that I may’ve missed a few. If you catch one, or think you may have, feel free to point it out to me.
– 0.3b will be the meat of the rework. Unlike this update, it’ll break the previous saves (hopefully for the final time.) as I’ll be reworking a scene or two that involves said code being changed. Along with that, there’ll be a new credit page for the music, completely normalized music/audio levels, and possibly a page for all those supporting We Were Just Kids.
– Lastly, none of these have been play-tested thoroughly and Android was being a bit of a problem child. Let me know if you have some issues, preferably with some kind of screenshot/log file and/or description of when/where/how it’s happening. I’ll see what I can figure out. But from what I played everything seemed to be fine.
A note for anyone planning to review/critique the first part of the VN: The first three chapters (443 renders or so, iirc) are being re-rendered as I’m typing this. Better quality, far better lighting, and just the general touchups that’ve come with a better understanding of Daz over the months. Some of the early sex scenes will be either outright removed or rewritten. As already mentioned, this will likely come in two updates. 0.3a and 0.3b (and possibly 0.3c, if needed.). 0.3a will be made up of new renders that don’t need to have the scenes rewritten. 0.3b will be made up of renders that had their scenes rewritten. Both versions will rework the audio normalization levels, as well. That’s all I wanted to note, though. Onto the actual changelog.
– 547 Renders, 6 animations (for 1 scene.). 2,465 lines of code and dialogue. I’m too lazy to separate that, not even gonna attempt it.
All Music and SFX should be/are significantly louder for 0.3. Adjust your audio accordingly. They’ve all been normalized as well. I can’t account for every and any speaker out there, so you should probably start out lower and work out a volume that works for you. Working with Audition is making my life a shit ton easier as far as audio goes. All music is going to be redownloaded, normalized, and altered as needed throughout the reworking. As an aside on 0.1 and 0.2, I just realized that I did show the original hotel room again 0.2. There’s likely going to be some level of inconsistency with those scenes, but I’ll cross that road when I get to it.
– Fixed issue with choices and following responses not registering (Reagan park scene, Leigh, etc). An oversight on my part. I had already packaged 0.2, noticed the issue later and fixed it, and thought I had re-packaged 0.2 with the fix on it before uploading it. I got a few reports and tried to replicate the issue people were having, but wasn’t getting it. Reason why was because I’d already fixed it, but everyone else had the version missing it. Big thanks to Hordragg for both pointing the issue out and thus helping realize what was happening, along with helping clean up the code a bit! Might’ve already mentioned it somewhere else, but would like to thank m0us3r for point out some typos that I (inevitably) missed along with a bit of code that made it easier to hit the start button as it was likely giving some users trouble.
– I’ve gotten all the typos I could find after multiple passthroughs, and I’ve gone through most of the branching choices and didn’t notice anything out of place. However, if you notice something or find a missed bug/choice/option/etc, please don’t hesitate to comment here, DM me on Twitter or anywhere else you can contact me.
– Have a new main menu video/screen. Will likely start fixing up the menu image buttons, as well. Will likely take off the help/option buttons on the main menu, as well. Was thinking silver with a hint of blue over them. I’m also (clearly) enjoying the use of AE/PP in some of these renders.
– Fixed a few typos, rephrased some weird sounding sentences, and cleaned up some more potential consistency issues leftover from the last release. Volumes of some music and/or sound effects have been lowered/altered, as well.
– Gave the option to rename Luke/Lukas as some found the name confusing in conjunction with Luca.
– I’ve resized the smaller text meant to imply quiet talking and/or whispering, but I do like the effect. Android users may still have an issue reading it, but it’s kind of one of those rock in a hard spot type of things. I’ll see if there’s anything I can do specifically for Android versions that one mess with the PC/Linux/Mac versions.
In continuation of the previous point: I’ve changed the name and dialogue fonts. The latter not being all too different from Ren’py’s default type. Slightly thinner, slightly more modern, but not too different nonetheless. For the name fonts, I decided on something with a little more personality. Though, if there’s enough people having problems with it, then I’ll go back to something simpler. On the topic of fonts: there’s a corrupted (or perhaps better said ‘discombobulated’) looking font at a certain point in thee release. There’s nothing wrong with your system or the build/download. This was done on purpose to represent not listening, since I couldn’t find any blurry/neater non-readable fonts to use. Kind of the best option in a lack of selection. Feel free to pass on a better public domain/commercial-free option, though. I’m just not going to pay ludicrous prices for a font license.
– A few GUI changes. In place of a more aesthetically pleasing dialogue/text box, I’ve added a transparency slider for those that would like to be rid of the black blob taking up nearly half of the renders (as mentioned, credit for that goes to LightmanP(/TheWarehouse) for the help with that). Choices have been moved from the middle-left of the screen to the bottom-center, just above the textbox. Also, a new splash screen and ‘animated’ start menu (not technically animated, but made with a wiggle effect in After Effects with a dust particle video overlay’d.). There’s also a couple scenes near the end using the same effect without those particles. Mostly for experimentation, but I think they turned out pretty cool, tbh.
550~ish new renders, some 2,500-odd new lines of code and dialogue. No, I’m not going to count each one and separate them. Proofread twice, though I’ll guarantee I still missed some obvious stuff floating around. Animations are being worked in now, as well. Both sexual scenes in this release include animations. Good ones? I’ll let you be the judge of that. But the first three in the first scene have some clear quality/looping issues (mentioned in a previous progress report (one loops fine, but has a flickering issue. Dunno what’s causing it, though. Maybe on Ren’py’s side?). The other animations in the following scene are higher quality and loop better (for the most part, as one or two still have that flicker, iirc.). They aren’t fantastic, but I don’t think they’re bad enough to ruin the overall experience either. They’ll get better over time, for sure.
Developer Notes:
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This is probably going to pretty long, but I’ll try to keep it all concise as possible.
Playtests done on: a Windows desktop with a 10700/3080, a Windows laptop with a i7-10750H/1650ti, and a Samsung Note 10+. Mac is completely untested and can’t confirm if  working at all, same for any variation of Linux.
– For any future modder, compressor, etc: The layout of the script/code/text is a bit of a mess. It’s all on one page  currently, will probably change that eventually. Just sort of a warning, I suppose.
– I’m aware that some of the skins are pretty rough when zoomed in, especially in the [ISPOILER]bathroom scene[/ISPOILER]. I’m working on getting that figured out, or trying to at least. Not sure what’s causing it.
I know the lighting isn’t perfect, far from it, actually. A lot of the early renders is lighting included with environments or my makeshift attempts at lighting. Some are good, some are better than others, and some just aren’t good. That being said, I’ve been looking working at learning lighting (via YouTube  and Dreamlight), and  hopefully it’ll start coming easier in the next few releases. Especially the motel room the protagonist is staying in, need to see if I can do something about that. Being actively worked on as of 0.3
I know I’m gonna catch some flak for this, but there’s no plans for animations yet. Animations just seem unrealistic for the time being, and putting out bad animations for the sake of animations just doesn’t appeal to me. Animations have been in the VN for a while now.
– Minimal choices in this release. This was more of an introductory release to introduce the characters and storylines, along with laying the tracks to expand on them.
– Third person: The story will mainly focus on the two protagonists (not including Lukas.), at least for a little while, despite what this release may have implied. That being said, there’s important details that couldn’t be shown through a certain character’s eyes, so I figure a silent third-person omniscient view was the best approach to encompass the scope of what’s going on. Head hopping will be left at minimum, though.
– Keep in mind, the storyline vaguely starts in mid-2011. There’s was a ton of homophobia around this time (at least in NY.), throwing that in with that “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” (technically scene kid/core music)  lifestyle, there’s naturally going to be some things that people won’t like/will get offended by. I won’t be getting political or anything like that (2020 gave me enough of that), but I won’t skirt around people’s feelings, either.
Drug Abuse; implied physical, emotional, and sexual child abuse, along with various mental health issues.  They’re topics that’ll be touched on at one point or another in varying degrees. [ISPOILER]Depression, attempted suicide, escapism via drugs, postpartum psychosis, etc.[/ISPOILER]. If any of that bugs you, or ‘triggers’ you,  this is that trigger warning.
– Overall, this might seem a bit dark/depressing for a adult VN, but there is a fair bit of crude humor if you’re into that. It’ll hit at points sure, but it’s not all a pool of edgdepression.
– Lastly, We Were Just Kids features sound/music throughout. Mostly ambient sound or instrumentals sans two scenes. None were overly loud with either speakers about half on my laptop and PC speakers, and heaphones (though a bit bass-heavy at points, for those with subs). No sex sounds or anything NFSW, though. That doesn’t mean play this at work.
Saves from 0.3/0.3a/0.3.1a won’t work. Apologies for having to start over.


Translations: ITALIAN* | SPANISH* |
Extras: Walkthrough & Gallery Mod (Currently oudated.)
Fan SigsTracklist (Alt. Link )

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.
*Translations are not official and thus may not accurately depict a scene as it would in its native language.

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