Wife Adventures – The Control App [v0.9.0CE] [Crayman]

Wife Adventures – The Control App [v0.9.0CE] [Crayman]

May 27, 2024F95

Wife Adventures – The Control App is an adult interactive game which follows the life of a married man (you) who comes across a life-changing phone app, granting him with far too much power over his wife. It’s up to you how you use it.

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This adult game heavily focuses on Mind Control and Cuckoldry. These are the more common themes throughout the storytelling in Control App, skewing as you branch down different paths. It’s intended that immersion is utmost, however beware that this game isn’t for everyone. There are no good endings (for now).

Thread Updated: 2024-05-27
Release Date: 2024-05-24
Developer: Crayman Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.0CE
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Slave, Mind control, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Exhibitionism, Cuckold, NTR, Femdom
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1. Extract files to desired directory.
2. Open ‘Wife Adventures – Control App x.xx,html’ with the web browser of your choice.
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Stepfather Dom Wife path updated, Secret path were updated, Job path Hot wife Path, Forced ovulation scene added. Step-Dad dialogue fix
v0.8.4 CE – Sub Path
The content in this release concludes the hot wife content on the step-dad route with an indefinite ending (and accommodating repeatable scene). Also one bug fix for the naive wife path from the previous release has been fixed.
2023-11-18: Added the captions and stories.
v0.8.2 CE
The content in this release concludes the naïve wife content on the step-dad route with an indefinite ending (and accommodating repeatable scene).  This release continues the ‘forced ovulation’ story arc within the webcam content.
  • v0.8.2 – Naive Path
  • v0.8.3 – Hot Path
  • v0.8.4 – Sub Path
  • v0.8.5 – Dom Path
  • v0.9 – Secret Path & end of Step-Dad route
This is the first of 4 beta releases before v0.9. This release opens the untouched wife paths within the step-dad route (Hot wife, Sub wife, Dom Wife). It includes 7 new erotic scenes and a handful of bug fixes (including principal route being locked).
I haven’t had any feedback regarding reverse-compatible save files, so I’ll assume that the change I made in previous versions is working.
This version completes the ‘secret path’ within the Neighbour route, completing that route. There are 4 sex scenes and a bad ending unlockable that’ll be purposed in future patron-exclusive releases.
3 Naive Path Sex Scenes
3 Hot Path Sex Scenes
2 Dom Path Sex Scenes
2 Sub Path Scenes
(and possibly even more…)
  • Roughly 20 passages.
  • 8 sex scenes (2 for each path).
  • Each path is effectively concluded; all that remains are the loop/repeatable sex scenes added for each path.
  • Updated Cheats.
  • Updated conversation with wife.
  • Bug fixes specific to certain events not transitioning time as intended.
Repathing of existing neighbour scenes to better fit wife path
12 scenes, 5 sex scenes, setting up each wife path for the neighbour route
updated cheats
updated conversation with wife
bug fixes from prior release
  • 11 new passages, 5 new sex scenes, 16 new gifs
  • updated cheats
  • updated conversation with wife
  • updated built-in walkthrough
  • bug fixes – all paths should be playable now.
  • 89 new passages
  • 53 new erotic scenes
  • 123 new gifs
  • 64 new unique interactions with wife
  • 17 more possible opportunities to affect liberty/control
  • some bug fixes, I can’t be assed counting how many
  • Debt Route Naive Wife – Old & Young Scenes x2 (including Ending)
  • Debt Route Hot Wife – Webcamming Scenes x2 (including Ending)
  • Debt Route Dom Wife – Stripper Scenes x 2 (including Ending)
  • Debt Route Sub Wife – Blacked/Club Scenes x 3 (including Ending)
  • Debt Route Sub Wife – Blacked Alternative Branch Scenes x 3 (including Ending)
  • Main Story Bad End 3 (Once your debt has been paid off)
  • Fixed some dialogue with wife in interaction (asking about day)
  • Added a cap to variables
  • Adjusted replay bonuses to include new endings
  • Corrected some game flow
  • Debt Route Naive Wife – Old & Young
  • Debt Route Hot Wife – Webcamming x 2
  • Debt Route Dom Wife – Stripper
  • Debt Route Sub Wife – Blacked / Club x 2
  • Further developed the Debt Core path, so you can finally pay off the debt.
  • Adjusted the debt repayment system so you can’t repay more than the remaining debt amount.
  • Added an ‘about your day’ feature within the dialogue with your wife, which offers unique dialogue relevant to the day’s occurrence.
  • Added more opportunities to influence control/liberty within the dialogue with your wife.
  • Added clarity to when your variables change.
  • Capped variables to stay within their intended range.
  • Many bugs resolved.
Game now being built off Visual Studio Code.
New Graphic UI Interface, which improved player friendliness.
Updated the Control App to be more user friendly. You can now track wife’s progress.
Included a quest tracking system to notify you of what you need to do next to progress a route.
Updated wife description and images when interacting with her, depending on the path.
Updated more variation in wife’s response when you ask her how she’s feeling.
images and references to the directory are now lowercase without spaces, to improve compatibility with other OS’s.
Wife’s liberty stats now start from 5, which is the base middle (within a range of 0-10).
Additional Scenes;
Model Path – Naive (2 sex scenes)
Model Path – Dom (2 sex scenes)
Model Path – Hot (2 sex scenes)
Model Path – Sub (3 sex scenes)
Model Path – Pornstar (2 sex scenes)
Bug Fix – Prevented from progressing the debt path. Couldn’t ask wife to get a job.
Bug Fixes – time progressed incorrectly within some passages, resulting in sometimes missing key day-specific early events.
Bug Fix – Hot Wife sequence was incorrect with the modelling path, which prevented progress.
Bug Fix – Dialogue Loop with Stepdad.
Bug Fix – Prevented from progressing the student path.
Bug Fix – Prevented from progressing the neighbour path due to a doubled variable, which forced you to progress too far.
Bug Fix – Fixed a loop bug at the end of content passage in the model sub wife path which prevented the player from progressing.
Bug Fix – Fixed a typo in a variable which prevented progress in the step-dad sub wife path.
Bug Fix – Fixed a day-tracking event which prevented the debt path from triggering.
Bug Fixes – Countless typos, broken html (which resulted in bright yellow text), missing images, and mistyped names.
  • Restructure of game-flow, sequence, and most of the coding, including the use of the control app, to create a more stable foundation for future updates compatible with new features.
  • Created a dynamic relationship system, which steers story direction depending on early choices made by reading the possible combinations of liberty and control.
  • Streamlined event sequencing and triggers.
  • Existing scenes are now integrated into relevant story paths.
  • Slightly altered existing story elements and sequences to speed up game flow and reduce grind.
  • New nameable characters (Principal, Student, Neighbour).
  • The debt system is now functional and includes interest.
  • The stability system is now functional.
  • Additional scenes and sexual encounters including;
  • Blowjob (2 new variations)
  • Sex (2 new variations)
  • Anal (2 new variations)
  • Dildo (2 new variations)
  • Job Path – Old & Young (3 sex scenes)
  • Job Path – Stripper (3 sex scenes)
  • Job Path -Camgirl (3 sex scenes)
  • XClub / Blacked Path (no scenes yet)
  • Bad End 2 (Failed Debt Repayment)
  • And, hopefully, I’ve fixed most of the bugs

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