Wild Cats [v1.0] [LopaPhi]
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Wild Cats [v1.0] [LopaPhi]

July 7, 2024F95

You are a highly anticipated up and coming volleyball star. Or rather, you were up until you destroyed your shoulder and your prospects along with it by overworking yourself. Now you’re just a nobody who drowned your sorrows away with a series of poor life choices.

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This story takes place after a wake up call following a year of wallowing in despair with a life that spiralled downhill under the shadow of the star volleyball prospect you once were. You have just received a vague invitation for a meeting from the Dean of Baskerville State University, a highly prestigious university, regarding a potential scholarship when no other universities would give the current you a second glance.

The condition of this scholarship however would turn out to be facing your demons as you return to the sport you turned your back on in a new role, becoming the coach of the school’s women’s volleyball team.

But little did you know that facing your demons would be the easiest part of this task as the team is riddled with fatal problems, each threatening to end your scholarship left, right, and centre!  Yet by earnestly facing these girls and their issues with your eyes wide open, you might just end up growing in a way you never thought you would. Are you ready to coach the BSU Wild Cats and lead them to victory?

No NTR and Incest planned. No need to ask.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-07
Release Date: 2024-07-07
Developer: LopaPhiPatreon Ko-FiBuy Me a Coffee
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Romance, Teasing, Groping, POV, school setting, virgin
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Harem, Vaginal sex, male domination, humor
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1. Extract and run.
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Initial release
  • 36k words
  • 9000 Lines of code
  • 1200+ Renders
  • 150 Sound effects
  • 35 Music tracks
  • 13 Animations
Developer Notes:
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Hello everyone. I am LopaPhi. Introducing the current project I’m working on right now. “WILD CATS”.
And in case you’re wondering, no it’s not a furry game lol.
I never realized developing something like this would be this hard. Definitely one of the harder things I’ve done in life. Every minute of it was a challenge, but enjoyable at the same time.
This is the first game I’ve ever done, but if you can find the time and give it a chance, that’d be amazing and you will have my eternal gratitude.

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    Wild Cats [v1.0] [LopaPhi]