Wolf’s Dungeon [v240204] [Eluku99]

Wolf’s Dungeon [v240204] [Eluku99]

February 9, 2024F95

Wolf’s Dungeon is a hentai side-scrolling game created by Eluku. The game, and all images were created by Eluku, this site is an informational site about the game. You play as Nona a wolf girl who is captured by orcs and taken to a dungeon. There you must break out, solve puzzles, fight monsters, and hopefully avoid being…raped.
You will encounter many different monsters each with unique attack, grab, and ending animations. As you progress through the game you must solve various puzzles and defeat ever stronger monsters and bosses.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-09
Release Date: 2024-02-04
Developer: Eluku99Pixiv
Censorship: No
Version: 240204
OS: Windows
Language: N/A
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Rape, Monsters, 2D Game, Animated, Combat, Female Protagonist, Futanari, Side-Scroller, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Tentacles, Ryona, Adventure, Fantasy, Monster girl
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1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.
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– Updated the following parts of the Torture room boss area. → Added the finishing scene of “DirtyOrga” (*still in progress)
→ Adjust animation speed (early)
  Added an overall gimmick to the Touture Room, the solution to which is currently secret
  Given the scientist a strength gauge
  Adjusted the difficulty level of each torture device
  Nona can now give birth
Updated the following parts of the Torture room in the challenge area.
→ Added a mini cut when collecting breast milk.
Added the wooden horse to the torture room and the ability for the player to move their body, similar to the struggle mechanic on the piston rack. No accompanying animations/game over screens as of yet.
Updated the following parts in the Torture room in the challenge area:
→ Updated so that the triangular wooden horse torture table works.
It is still temporarily installed.
If you are put on the torture rack,
you can only reset it with the ESC key.
Updated the following areas of the Torture Room in the Challenge Area
→Updated to clear the piston torture table (specifications to follow).
→When a person is put on the Piston Torture Table,
Organ Damage gauge (added internal damage).
→Updated the crawling chemo girl to be able to grab the wolf even if she is in the air when she dives.
→Updated the crawling chemo girl’s movement speed to be slower.
→Fixed the problem of hypnotized eggs being spawned.
→Shortened the tempo of the motion when being grabbed.
Pretty small one, but the development’s glacial anyways. If you feel so inclined, go support Eluku at https://eluku99.fanbox.cc. $3 a month means we all get updates just a little quicker. He also mentions that the next device he’ll be working on is the wooden horse, but it’s just the piston table for now. As always, press “W” on the title screen to access the new content.
→Added a common finish in the torture room.
→Adjusted the amount of SLEEP gauge increase by hypnotic gas (less).
Furry N/A
The updated part is …
・ Adjust around the gauge in the Slug Girl battle
・ The lower left is the wolf’s condition gauge
The condition turned brown when the meat hole expansion was blamed.
When the gauge decreases during the standby motion and the gauge runs out
The meat hole expansion state is canceled.
・ The lower right is the body fluid gauge of Slug Girl.
Wolf-chan’s attack defeated Slug Girl
Approaching ↓ key (S key) to grab and reduce the gauge by breast suction
At the time of breast suction, the CPU side is rebuffy.
Gauge recovery when Slug Girl sucks Wolf
Clear the Slug Girl battle when the gauge runs out (not implemented)
-Adjusted so that it can be pulled out early with a rebagacha when sucking.
Slug Girl’s gauge recovery deterrence,
・ Adjusted the attack power of Wolf-chan’s striking technique against Slug Girl.
-Updated the following in the CatFight room.
・ Updated so that the SlugGirl’s foetation will rampage irregularly in the SlugGirl battle.
-Added Suck Reg to Enemy Gallery
Added 3 Enemy Gallery.
Updated Cat Fight in the cliff area
 -Added a finish scene when Wolf lost in the Gray CAT battle
 -Added wolf-chan’s blame motion in the Gray CAT battle
  * The finish scene is not yet available
-Added the scene when entering the egg harpy area in the cliff area. *Currently, once you enter, you cannot leave the area
-The same attack was added to the egg harpy.
-Similarly, the wolf was adjusted so that it could not be caught when in the air.
-Adjusted the behavior of Wolf-san’s iron mountain rod, and adjusted it so that a heavy hit is put on the egg harpy
-Added yellow apples to the bed before the egg harpy (when not in possession)
– Unfortunately, I’m not able to understand.
– Unfortunately, I’m not able to understand.
– Adjusted to be able to defeat milking beetle ; Added finish scene
– Level cap increased from 18 to 20
– Adjust physical strength of FluidStar, SuckLeg and SeedScorpion
-Able to give golden apples to merchant cat (Minika)

Nixi~ thanks for the link

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