Word of Mouth [S1 v0.03.F] [Le Gato]
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Word of Mouth [S1 v0.03.F] [Le Gato]

June 9, 2024F95

(Follow the life of Elizabeth Barton, a franchisee of a clothing store.
Holly, Elizabeth’s sister, decides to celebrate a second honeymoon with her husband. Left with no choice, Holly asks Elizabeth to look after her eldest daughter, Jessica, for the rest of the summer.)

Thread Updated: 2024-06-06
Release Date: 2024-06-06
Censored: No
Version: Season 1 – v0.03F
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Portuguese
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3dcg, Mobile Game, Female Protagonist, Big Tits, Big Ass, Milf, Incest, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Interracial, Teasing
Planned Tags: Sex Toys, Virgin, Ahegao, Cheating, Group sex, Groping, Lactation, Romance and Harem
Based on planned F95’s Tags: Foot-play, Teen, Lesbian-Route, scissoring, squirting, massage, boob-play, fingering, beach, strap-on, wholesome, 69, shower-sex, and protagonist-dom.
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1. Extract and run.
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Season 1 v00.3F
This update covers the second half of day 4.
254 Renders
12 Scenes
2 are adult scenes
One stealth Charlotte’s Scene at the end of the day. [ISPOILER]She needs to fuck Leah on the day before. [/ISPOILER]
Season 1 v00.2F
221 New Renders
Choices are added, and Word of Mouth is not a Kinect Novel anymore, a new start is required.
Half the day covered, Elizabeth becomes closer friends with June, her younger sister. Meanwhile, Holly, Elizabeth’s older sister, shaken by the revelations about her husband, is trying to figure out what to do. Is flirting with her maid a good idea?
The Prologue has been fully integrated with the main game.
12 New Renders
Option to skip Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend’s dialogue.
One new character, Rachel. She has appearances on Day 2 and Day 4.
I want to expand Elizabeth’s store neighborhood in the future, which will be important in a specific path.
Season 1 v00.1a
29 New renders
4 new characters:
Jenn, Elizabeth’s younger niece. After lunch and in the evening, she interacts with her mother.
Andrea, Ms. Campbell’s employee. End of Update.
Xyna, Andrea’s daughter.
Anna. Ms. Campbell’s secretary.
“Fan Favorite” Ms. Campbell’s plans continue, what does she want now?
Grammar fixes, thanks to Cboy.
Season 1 v00.1
New 290 renders
One lesbian sex scene with two choices
Two new characters; Leah the Bartender and Aria the Maid
Prologue v0.01
260 Images
Developer Notes:
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About WOM: This novel was created to supply an internal demand, this is a Yuri Novel about Older/Younger women’s relationships.
I’m ESL,  be gentle:) well, the version V003F was proofread by TsubameYui

Patches: Character Rename Patch*

Thanks to @母娘蜜猟 for encouraging me to make this novel, thanks to Arassei for testing, thanks to elsanna_iduna for wise advice, and thanks to the fellow users of the Lesbian Incest thread for the feedback and testing.

*This port/version/patch is unofficial and was not released by the developer. Use at your own risk.

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