Workplace Fantasy [v1.2.11+DLC] [HappyCreator]

Workplace Fantasy [v1.2.11+DLC] [HappyCreator]

May 26, 2024F95

The main stage of “Workplace Fantasy” is a fictional seaside town, which tells the story of a newly graduated intern who works, lives, and communicates, interacts, and “delves into” various residents of the town.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-25
Release Date: 2024-04-20
Original Title: 職場の幻想
Developer: HappyCreator Steam
Censored: No
Version: 1.2.11+DLC
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
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1. Extract and run.
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1. Add the first paid DLC content
2. Fix some bugs
3. Fix the issue of Lilith animation getting stuck;
4. Fix the issue of Mr.Money portrait disappearing;
5. Fix the issue of two characters appearing on the same character in the animation;
1. Update the plot of the female ghost story;
2. Add a shortcut to adjust the time at any time (after completing the female ghost plot);
1. Increase the size chart switching function when Get frisky;
2. Add new items, Mr. Qian’s LV bag, which can be picked up to earn more money;
3. Increase the number of goldfish, and fishing on rainy days can earn more valuable goldfish;
4. Modify automatic archiving rules to avoid frequent archiving affecting performance;
5. Adjust some language, tasks, display, and operation issues to optimize the gaming experience;
6. Separate the handbook from the backpack and place the entrance separately on the homepage;
1. Fix the bug where vertical painting cannot collect complete data;
2. Fix the issue of missing keys for 202 and 203;
3. Optimize some English translation content;
1 Complete the plot of the three sisters
2 Optimize several plot animation effects
1 Add a Christmas gift package, give away some powerful earning items, and triple your work income.
2 Remove the limit of giving gifts only once a day.
3 Fix some minor bugs.
1 Add the story of three sisters
2. Add complete plot content to the memory of the plot
3. Add the function of viewing vertical paintings in the album
4. Increase the content of memories invited in the memory
5. Add 50 new layers of cave excavation
6. Add 5 new functional treasures
1. Increase the function of bulk purchasing and selling in the store.
2. Fix the issue of interface confusion caused by continuous selling of ores.
3. Optimize the function of Meimo Stone Slate to reduce the difficulty of splicing.
4. Optimized invitation gameplay, repeated invitations will no longer repeat plot dialogues.
5. Fix the issue of voice disappearance in some CG animations.
6. Redrawn some CG animation graphics and optimized animation performance.
7. Optimize the prompt box for obtaining props.
8. Fish catalog adds location information acquisition.
9. Accelerate the speed of time switching animations.
1. Fixed various stuck issues caused by task tracking tags.
2. Optimize puzzle gameplay and add one click to complete the puzzle function.
3. Fixed the issue of being unable to re-enter the bar after purchasing a VIP card plot.
4. Optimize the interface and process of invitation gameplay.
5. Optimize the numerical problem of subtracting physical strength from invitation gameplay.
1. Add home gameplay, where you can purchase real estate and decorate your home with furniture.
2. Add invitation gameplay to invite girls to play at home and unlock new interactive storylines.
3. Add new characters in the sales office [Madelyn] and the demonic [Lilith].
4. Add mysterious cave gameplay and cooperate with the plot flow of the succubus.
5. Optimize the quality of some CG animations and continue to optimize them in the future.
6. As a small milestone in the official version, we will continue to update the content and add more characters and gameplay in the future.
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1. Optimize the remuneration earned from work and increase income;
2. Add a fish guidebook;
3. Classify the items in the backpack;
4. Fully optimize the mining cave gameplay, with specific modifications as follows:
【1】 The function of exchanging shovels and picks;
【2】 A better shovel can dig up more land at once;
【3】 Better pickaxes with higher attack power and superior durability;
【4】 All pickaxes consume 1 point of durability per attack;
【5】 Enhance the value of the treasure, ranging from 3000 to 20000;
【6】 Add artifacts, Rainbow Spade!
【7】 The optimized treasure guidebook remains applicable even after the treasure is sold.
【8】 Optimize the function of the Nadia detector, the closer it is to the treasure, the louder the beep.
5. Due to the overall renovation of the mining cave gameplay and the preparation of the infrastructure for future new features, this update will reset the mining cave, but the number of layers that have already entered will still be retained. Players can teleport through the stone in the upper left corner.
6. For resetting the mining cave, based on the number of layers dug by the player, when you enter the mining cave again, we will make the following compensation:
【1】 The existing minerals and treasures in the backpack are not affected and can be sold normally.
【2】 The ore and treasure excavated again can still be resold at new prices.
【3】 Based on the number of layers you have dug, we will provide double game currency compensation for your consumption.
【4】 And give an additional golden shovel as a gift to experience the convenience of new props.
7.Improving physical fitness, intelligence, and desire can increase a character’s movement speed, liking bonus, and maximum physical strength.
8. We would like to express our gratitude once again for the player’s understanding and support, which is the source of our continued motivation.
1. Fix the issue where some player versions remain in version 1.0.0;
2. Add voice and sound effects when Get frisky;
3. Optimize the prompts for keys in the Raina event 6;
1. Add 15 new fish species to advanced fishing grounds;
2. Increase the time adjustment function of female ghost;
3. Added animation performance for unlocking mines;
4. Add a new scene seafood market;
5 Add the zoom in and zoom out function when Get frisky;
6. Optimize the favorability interface;
7. 202,203 key changed to obtained in the Tasks of story;
1. Fix the issue of characters disappearing when entering and exiting the primary fishing grounds;
2. Add a character position refresh button to temporarily solve the problem of the protagonist disappearing;
3. Adjust mining income.
4. Fixed the increase in favorability value for gift giving.
5. Add a reminder about the location of Raina’s first meeting.
1 Fixed the issue where some players were unable to start the game on the main menu;
2 Fixed the issue of Maggie Event 6 task prompt content;
3 Fixed the issue of Maggie Event 3 where characters disappeared after moving boxes;
4 Fixed the issue of archive loss caused by save failure in the mine;
5 Fixed the issue of character disappearance in the Raina event 4;
6 Fixed the issue of Get frisky causing characters to disappear;
1. Fix the issue of character 3, event 6 causing crashes.
2. Fix the issue of some character avatars not displaying.
3. Fix the issue of partial interface stretching display in window mode.
4. Fix the issue of background music not stopping after the CG event ends.
5. Fix the issue of characters disappearing in and out of the cave again.
1. Fixed scene crash issue in the mine entrance and exit.
2. Fixed animation crash issue for girls in yellow clothes.
1. Fix the bug that may crash during bathing.
2. Add a prompt for STEAM initialization failure.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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*** Main Story: Players will encounter 5 girls with different personalities in the game, experiencing each person’s unique story, and there is also some linkage between them.
*** Time system: Each day that a player passes through in the game is divided into four stages: morning, afternoon, night, and late night. Different time periods will trigger different stories.
*** Economic system: In the game, you can make money by picking up junk, mining, working, fishing, treasure hunting, and other means. Of course, if you have money, you can do whatever you want.
*** Home system: In the game, you can buy a property for yourself, decorate furniture after purchasing the property, and invite girls to play in your home. Of course, a property consultant is no exception.
*** Task system: In the game, each girl’s story process is advanced by receiving and completing tasks.
*** Other content: There are over 40 CG animations and a wide variety of character interaction scenes in the game.
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