World of Secrets [v0.1.2] [RWA Studios]

World of Secrets [v0.1.2] [RWA Studios]

March 24, 2024F95

Enter the captivating realm of “World of Secrets,” where your choices shape the destiny of this enigmatic protagonist. Embrace the path of virtue or surrender to the allure of darker temptations along the way. Your decisions will intricately weave a tale filled with captivating and diverse outcomes, featuring deep and compelling characters within a realm of boundless freedom. Overcome various obstacles and challenges that reveal the true nature and inclinations of this mysterious figure. Embark on an immersive journey of discovery, where countless secrets lie waiting to be unraveled!

NTR will be optional.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-24
Release Date: 2023-10-17
Developer: RWA Studios PatreonitchIODiscordTwitter F95zone
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, +14
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3DCG, Big Ass, Big Tits, Humor, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile Game, Sandbox, School Setting, Teasing, Voyeurism
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.1.1 – New Language Options
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In our commitment to bring “World of Secrets” to a global audience, we are proud to offer support for an array of languages. Now, you can unravel the mysteries in the language that resonates with you. The current update includes support for the following languages:
v0.1.0 – Rebirth of the Game
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Unique Font Design: In order to elevate the game’s aesthetic, we’ve introduced a specially designed font for all areas and menus. This gives the game a more distinctive and aesthetic touch.
HUD Enhancements: We’ve made various improvements and modernizations in the HUD design to optimize user experience.
Room Names: Instead of generic ‘Male Room’ & ‘Female Room’ labels in Jenny & Jack’s rooms, we’ve introduced personalized room names for a more tailored gaming experience.
Revamped Phone Interface: We’ve introduced a more modern and user-friendly phone interface for players to interact with.
Daily Events: To invigorate the gameplay, we’ve added over 20 daily events. These events ensure a unique experience for the player each time they log in.
Foundations of Mini-Games: We’ve laid the groundwork for mini-games that we plan to introduce in the future to increase in-game fun and interaction.
Phone Messaging System: We’ve introduced a messaging system, allowing players to interact with characters and advance the storyline.
Profile Pictures: To make characters more recognizable, we’ve added unique profile photos.
Roadmap Application: An interactive roadmap app has been added to the phone to help players track their in-game objectives and understand the necessary steps to reach their goals.
Wallpapers: Over 10 unique wallpapers have been added, allowing players to personalize their in-game phones.
Easter Egg: We’ve introduced hidden surprises for players to discover.
MC’s Room: The entrance to MC’s room has been redesigned with aesthetics and functionality in mind.
Location Lighting: To enhance the atmosphere, lighting in certain locations has been revamped for realism.
Interactive Location Names: Now, as players hover over a location with their mouse, the name of the location will automatically appear.
Time Management: Players can now fast-forward time in-game by resting, sleeping, or using the skip button on the map.
Perspective Diversity: To enrich the visual experience, we’ve added over 15 new perspective angles.
Karma Event: Surprise karma events have been added to astonish the players.
Notification Button: We’ve modernized the notification button to make it more user-friendly and enhance the user experience.
GYM & Locker Room: A new gym has been added to the school. Additionally, this gym includes a locker room for players to store items, and within the locker room, a shower area has been added.
New Classes: We’ve expanded the educational section of the game by introducing four new classes.
Popup System: An interactive popup system has been introduced to provide important information to the players.
Location Notifications: Other characters can now inform you of their whereabouts via messages, making it easier to follow along with the unfolding story.
Initital Release.
Developer Notes:
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Upcoming Updates
(v0.1.2) Sound and Music Additions:
  • Over 200 new sound effects.
  • Over 100 music tracks.
  • More than 50 ambient sounds. Our goal with these additions is to enrich the game’s atmosphere, offering players a more immersive experience.
Introducing a dynamic rewards and achievement system! Through this, players can earn exclusive badges and prizes for completing standout tasks and missions in the game. This system, especially valuable for the Steam platform, serves as an ideal tool to easily track your progress and achievements.
Television Feature: TVs, central to in-game homes, are becoming functional. Players can now access additional story content and entertainment by watching specific shows and programs.
Laptop Access and Applications: Players can now use the laptop within the game, allowing access to various applications.
School Facilities:
  • During the day, the main character can use the men’s restroom in school, enhancing realism and in-game experience.
  • Lockers in school corridors are now interactive. While the main character can access his personal locker, others might be locked.
Educational Lesson Topics: Subjects taught by teachers will now vary randomly, providing a unique experience in every gameplay.
Clothing Store: Access to the fitting room on the right side of the clothing store is granted, with more content coming soon.
…And much more!
Character Relationship Level System:
Introducing a new UI to track your relationship status and the physical and personal information you’ve gathered about the game characters.
Gallery and Vault System:
  • We’re launching a new gallery system. With this, players can collect in-game images and expand their collections.
  • Unlock hidden images to enhance your gallery.
  • Additionally, a new “vault” feature is added. Patron players can access renders locked with special codes within this vault.
Camera and Photography: The camera app on your phone is now usable. In various locations, like the bathroom, take photos of the main character or others and add new images to your gallery.
…And much more!
Pool and Swimming Activities:
  • Dive into the pool and showcase your swimming skills.
  • Monica will offer swimming lessons, which will improve your swimming abilities and deepen your relationship with her.
Shopping and Style Change: Explore shopping adventures with Monica and Anna. Change your character’s look with new clothes, accessories, and styles.
Special Dinner Night: A special dinner event is being added for Fridays. Engage deeply with characters during this event.
…And much more!
Welcome to School Party and Beyond!
…And much more!

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