X-Change™ Life [v0.20 June] [Aphrodite]

X-Change™ Life [v0.20 June] [Aphrodite]

June 12, 2024F95

X-Change Life is a daily life Twine RPG based in a universe where it’s normal to take over-the-counter,
gender swapping pills that last 24 hours (or more).

Thread Updated: 2024-02-12
Release Date: 2024-02-12
Developer: Aphrodite SubscribeStarTFgamesWiki
Censored: No
Version: 0.19
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2dcg, male protagonist, female protagonist, gender bender, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, group sex, creampie, real porn, drugs, groping, interracial, masturbation, oral sex,  prostitution, titfuck, transformation, simulation, pregnancy
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1. Extract and run the HTML.
If you’re installing a patch file, simply extract and copy the contents of the patch over your existing directory.
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Version 0.19 – After Hours
Happy 2024, X-Change enthusiasts! We’re kicking off the year with a bang and a host of thrilling updates that’ll keep you on your toes (or your back). TWO new X-Change Pills, sex scenes with stepdad, new sex scenes with Bruce in both male and female form, 800+ new outfits, and a host of quality-of-life changes to improve your gameplay experience!
Note that my roadmap has been slightly shuffled around – I have completed some items that were further down the roadmap, so I have moved the version number up to 0.19 for this one.
  • Stepdad content (voted on by subscribers) – this content is unlocked by working as a Secretary. You will need to go to a massage post-work, and somehow acquire “phoenix root powder.” This will turn your hair red, and remind your stepdad of his ex-wife… and then you will have the option to slowly escalate things. (This includes, 7 unique story scenes, 2 sex scenes).
    • The sex scene with stepdad and you as the secretary, involves trying not to make too much noise such that Alexia catches you. She has actual AI and wanders around the house, you have to listen for where she is – if she’s close, be quiet until you hear her walk away!
  • Two New X-Change Pills: Cum-Cure and Resistance
    • Cum-Cure Pill: This transformative pill lasts for one month by default, but if you swallow cum, the effect decreases by a week or more, depending on the size of the load. Priced at $625, you can play it safe and avoid oral activities or, if you’re feeling adventurous (or cornered), use it to shorten your transformation. But be aware, there’s a pregnancy chance, though it’s lower than with the X-Tra Strength pill.
    • Resistance Pill: This pill keeps with the spirit of the r/XChangePill subreddit lore, by “punishing” you for orgasms with a longer transformation. But how is that a punishment if you like being a girl? The catch is that you can only climax once every three days without incurring additional stacking side effects. Cum more than that, and you’ll start experiencing stat debuffs, XP debuffs, and random arousal. It’s a game of “orgasm rationing,” but for those who like to live dangerously, let the side effects pile up and see what happens!
  • Bruce/Bree Scene with Cum-Cure Pill: I’ve added a scene with Bruce where if he loses at Blackjack, you can make him (as Bree) drink your cum and shorten his transformation.
  • Bruce’s Resistance Deal: Bruce can now offer you a Resistance pill instead of a Breeder (which was kind of unfair!) However if you accept this change, you agree to let him visit you during the duration of your transformation whenever he wants. You can set ground rules for his behavior (such as telling him to always pull out), but he may then set ground rules for you in return (such as charging you $50 per orgasm!)
  • Secretary Gameplay Overhaul: To reduce repetition and add strategy, I’ve made changes to make the secretary minigame more enjoyable. Key features include the new “flow state,” which doubles your points during auto-work, and “Let’s keep it professional,” which allows you to lower NPC horniness and attraction to prevent distractions from your work! Now, the ideal playstyle is to solve Wordle once yourself, then to use Auto-work after that. Additionally, you can purchase stat training XP at the end of each secretary day to make low-stat characters easier to improve.
  • New outfits and enhanced clothing system: With over 800 new outfits added (donated by the wonderful Curio on the Discord), you’ll enjoy more unique and impactful clothing choices that affect gameplay, thanks to gameplay enhancements contributed by Ebiora. Sluttiness now has a much greater effect – it affects who approaches you, comfort impacts mood strength, and price influences potential partners’ wealth. There are too many new outfit features to easily list here, including both gameplay mechanics and quality of life. For instance, you can only get unique outfit buffs once per week, and your character will naturally rotate them accordingly if you have enough outfits. Outfits no longer rip as much!!! Additionally, it will be much more obvious what your outfits actually do – previously there were a bunch of hidden mechanics which I tried to make immersive by hiding them and subtly influencing the game, but players agreed it was more fun to see and understand them.
  • Autosave and UI Improvements: An autosave feature has been introduced by Maxahoy, and the saving functionality has been built out by Goctionni – I had previously released the updated saves screen, but there are a few new usability features now. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the new saves screen… it’s possible there are still some kinks to work out.
  • Also integrated a mod from Portinari that changes the “wait while getting fucked” scenes to have an actual progress bar so you know how long they are taking.
  • Gameplay balance additions. In general, levelling core stats will now be more challenging. Additionally, your levelling is determined by your character type – Nerds train intellect faster, Jocks train fitness faster, and Playboys train charm faster.
  • Made some improvements to your drink getting spiked – you might get one of the new pills as well!
  • Many changes with a focus on performance improvements. I am still working on improving the game’s performance, and now you should notice some additional speed-ups. The save files will also be a lot smaller, as the game does a better job at cleaning up variables after various scenes.
  • Lots of other little changes and bug fixes I can’t remember!
Version 0.18b – In the Hole
  • 5 new sex scenes – including new topics, like free use, Purple Pills, etc.
  • 2 new item types
  • Achievements system
  • 50 new female NPCs
  • New interactions with male NPCs
  • 100k words’ worth of new descriptions and content
  • Lots of new game mechanics and balance improvements to add depth to existing content
  • Dozens of new quality of life features!
  • Performance and technical improvements
  • More details
    • Bruce – the playboy son of Victor Maddox, CEO of SWP, now has his own goals and will increasingly act as a “chaos agent” in the game. He will start sleeping with the in-game girls in the background, and might see you as a threat!
      • Bruce will have an effect on the girls at the bar – if he’s currently sleeping with them, they will be more resistant to your advances. You can shake his hold by giving them lots of orgasms etc!
      • Bruce will also hit on Alexia sometimes at the club – your options when this happen will depend on your relationship with her
      • Bruce will try to convince you to “bet your masculinity” – lose a game of cards, and you take a pill to become a woman (he’ll then try to convince you to fuck!)
      • Or take revenge! Bring your own X-Change pill to the card game, beat him, and make him take a pill and become a woman himself! (If it’s a Breeder pill… you might be able to take advantage of his – now her – urges…)
      • Blackjack has been fully revamped with new mechanics and rules to make it more interesting to play. https://x-change.life/wiki/docs/summer-city-blackjack/
      • 2 sex scenes – 1 with Bruce as male and you as female, 1 with “Bree”
    • Achievements! Thanks to the tireless work of datdude69, and achievement suggestions from the wider X-Change Life community, we now have an achievements system in place – this will help you track how much of the game content you’ve seen! I bet there’s more than you thought 
      • Achievements are tracked outside your saves
      • Modders can also add their own packs of achievements!
    • Handbags – in order to change clothes out in public, you now need a handbag. There’s a whole range of them to buy, and different ones will give you different perks and XP bonuses based on how color coordinated, etc you are!
    • Buy Bubba Zipple – the refreshing soft drink that comes in 7 out of this world flavors, all with different effects! Purchasable at the club, the bar, the mall, and you can also find them in your own fridge – drink them at night though, and you’ll get a debuff in the morning from lack of sleep due to caffeine
    • Your fitness will decay over time if you don’t hit the gym every once in a while, and your charm / sex skills will decay if you don’t go out and at least socialize! (doesn’t affect low stat characters – only if you are trying to invest in high stats)
    • 3 new NPC sex scenes (these are actually VERY hot and fairly in depth – I don’t want to spoil them too much)
      • 2 At the mall (triggerable as male)
      • 1 At the club (triggerable as female)
    • 100 new hairstyles
    • Balance changes:
      • NPCs offering you money for sex has been reduced / nerfed.
      • Stripping payouts are no longer easily exploitable.
      • Action points can be spent on more things
    • Two new types of NPC interactions when males hit on you in public places – they can “Neg” you (backhanded compliments), and you have more options for telling them off / making them go away (the option to “get upset” is more reliable and powerful – and there are hundreds of new tailored dialogue lines for this)
    • There’s lots of other new features but I am getting a little tired of writing this changelog…
    • New modding tools and features to make it easier for Modders to create mods that don’t have compatibility issues with new game versions, and to more easily write scenes.
    • It’s hard to convey just how many hundreds/thousands of hours went into this build, hope you enjoy it!
Oct 28 Mini-release – this is the last release before I switch fully over to the next roadmap item.
  • Added:
    • 2 new sex scenes – Harley & Kendra will now sleep with your character, no matter what race you are – however, they still have slight preferences that affect their attraction gain – you’ll won’t have to work as hard if you’re “their type”
    • Mod loader updated to 1.2.0 – with more features and much better support for mods, allowing mods to hijack almost any code in the game without breaking future compatibility, by using aspect-oriented programming. See this updated guide for creating mods: https://x-change.life/wiki/docs/creating-mods/
    • E-stim support & Sex Toy Integration
      • Thanks to the hard work and experience of salad, the sex toy integration is now properly functioning throughout the game. Please follow this guide to get it working: https://x-change.life/wiki/docs/toy-integration/
      • Additionally, E-Stim integration has been added (right now, you get zapped with a little electric shock if you lose masculinity). This requires a bit of extra software to get running, so please see the above wiki page for additional info. This will be expanded in future.
        • Please do not use this feature if you have a pacemaker or something like that!!!
  • Modified:
    • Score multiplier is now set from the beginning of the game and does not change as your stats increase. This will reward players who start with low stats. Additionally, XP curves were made slightly more forgiving – will continue modifying this.
    • Curiosity quests have been improved and now grant rewards immediately, and do not have any downsides when the quest is active.
    • Many more outfits now available for purchase in the mall
    • Gabbie will no longer not sleep with you after the scene with Dredd
    • Skill check added to orgasm control check
  • Fixed:
    • Left sidebar is now often scrollable if it overflows the screen
    • Lots of types and weird descriptions fixed
    • Pregnancy advancement cheat works properly now
    • Selling cards now works nicely
    • Fixes around the notice board
    • User-submitted Correct Cuban dialect Spanish usage fixes for Mariselle scene
Version 0.18a – Smooth Operator
0.18a is mainly a gameplay loop improvement release, that makes the entire gameplay loop of XCL deeper and more interesting. There are quite a few new scenes and content, but in general the focus of this release is an overall quality improvement of the game, especially from the male character perspective.
  • Two new locations! A disco club called “The Electric Pickle”, which is a new evening activity available on Friday and Saturday (with different music and things happening on those two nights). You can go and dance alone and get an XP boost that lasts the week, or you can invite Alexia along, as well as any of the bar girl NPCs! All of the NPCs have unique text and dialogue. You can affect your relationships with them and stuff. You can bring girls home, or you can just suck guys off in the club bathroom, up to you! You can also dance with guys who approach you (choosing to dance sluttily or normally), as well as explore the backrooms (and who knows who you might find back there???) – the club has a cover charge but legent has it, you can use various forms of “convincing” to get in for free.
  • Close to 100k words of new writing and descriptions spread throughout the game.
  • A brand new female character with an extremely involved sex scene that is hard to find – but you’d better
  • The Potion Shop from maxahoy’s amazing mod has been added to the game and expanded upon! I wrote flavor text and a background story for the shopkeeper, Nyx, and have actually begun incorporating her in my plans for the main story. You can use it to sacrifice stats for rewards like increased dick size!!
  • Alcohol system. Gone are the days of endless bar girl drinking!!! Now you get to drink as well, and alcohol will affect you in TONS of ways. It will make it easier to approach girls, and temporarily buff your charm, but be careful, the more you drink, the more the chance you could get spiked… I’ll let you discover this system for yourself! Basically there are 4 levels of drunkenness, and there are pros and cons to them. Get too drunk, and you’ll wake up the next day with a major hangover.
  • Curiosity quests. I have incorporated Ebiora’s amazing mod, and integrated it into the action points system. Now, action points will regen at a lower rate, and all regen will be blocked if there is something your character is curious about doing, such as visiting a specific location or taking a pill – curiosities are triggered by what you do!  Ebiora and I are going to continue working on expanding this functionality, to act as a guide for what your character feels curious about doing. Complete a curiosity, and you will be rewarded with little things such as additional action points!
  • Player dick! You now have a dick. Yes. Sorry. You do. When you’re a guy, you have dick stats just like other NPCs. The dick is dynamically generated based off your character when you create it, and can be improved at the potion shop if you sell your stats. Your dick affects how quickly girls you have sex with will orgasm, and your ball size even dictates how much you cum (AND YES I KNOW THAT’S UNREALISTIC!) 🙂 You actually gain more pleasure in the masturbation minigame by cumming with larger balls, and thus clear more arousal… if you have a tiny dick, girls will balk when they see it (depending on their personality), and might even kick you out.
  • Office enhancements (courtesy of maxahoy) – low-stat players will now experience an alternate interview process, which if you fail, will put you firmly in the secretary job, you won’t have the option to even be a salesperson. If you want to get out of just getting groped, fucked and doing admin work, you need to work hard! Eventually, you’ll be able to earn a promotion out of it… additionally, the “notice board” section of the DynaPill break room includes demos you can complete at any time on behalf of your coworkers. You will only earn 100% of your commission instead of 125%, but better leads will be available sooner than would otherwise be possible. Also, if you don’t want to complete a demo for a company, you can post one demo at a time on the notice board. Every night your demo has a chance of being attempted, at which point it might be a success or failure. Successful demos of yours will still earn you 25% of your commission percentage. Overall, the office enhancements are designed to both improve Quality Of Life, while also creating a loop that increases the chances reluctant characters will take pills and gain sexual reputation.
  • Major enhancements to the performance of the wardrobe and the trading card inventory – you can now browse your trading cards as if in a binder!
  • Female NPC system with 100 NEW SMOKING HOT NPCS! (read that in a 90s style ad voice) FIFTY smoking hot Female NPCs have been added to the mall, and FIFTY to the club. You will be able to spot them, and sometimes gain arousal. They might make comments about you when you’re a girl, and they might trigger curiosities as well. This NPC system is a precursor to the general female NPC sex scenes coming in 0.18b!
  • You can get spiked by X-Change at the bar!
  • 1000+ new arousal descriptions. Your arousal at different things in the game world will now more heavily depend on your current gender and masculinity level, with tons of unique descriptions depending on your current situation and things you’ve done.
  • Male clothes are now an actual visible outfit! When you’re a girl.
  • The bartender stops you from buying too many drinks for bar girls, and they will get weirded out if you’re not drinking with them as well.
  • Bar girl relationship integration – girls are now much harder to pick up. You need to work up “courage” to even talk to them. And they are just now way harder to woo as a loser/nerd type character. There is lots of new dialogue, and lots of new sex descriptions for sex with them!
  • You can now play blackjack as a woman!
  • Bar girls talk about their sex preferences if you’re a girl! Chatting with them as a girl is a sneaky way to get the inside scoop 😉
  • You can now look at yourself in the mirror in your bedroom!
Version 0.17b – The Secretary
Now, you can take a special pill that gives you an amazing talent for admin… and really big tits!
This update focuses on this new side job, which exists in parallel to your sales job at the DynaPill office. The following on-ramps exist to working as a secretary:
  • You miss 5 sales in a row – your commission is lowered by 2% until you work as a secretary to restore it
  • You can also work as a secretary as a product demo
  • You can also just work as a secretary whenever you want after you do it once for one of the previous two reasons!
As a secretary, you earn points that can be exchanged for money, sales buffs, or even the occasional massage!
I plan to expand the secretary content a bit more over the coming weeks, but I feel that it is ready for the public to try out.
Anyhow, the changelog:
  • New secretary job – this involves over 105k new words of writing/coding! More than the average novel. A lot of this is sunk into depth and variation in the secretary job so that it should be essentially endlessly replayable.
  • 2 new sex scenes, and 1 new masturbation scene
  • Action points – a new daily-refilling resource that can be used for a wide variety of things: to reject/accept any NPC even if your char doesn’t want to, win most minigames… etc. I will keep expanding on this in future. Also, every orgasm you have drains your action points by 1.
There’s a lot of other little bug fixes and enhancements throughout this version as well. But as always, if you find a bug please report it to #bug-reports on the Discord.
Version 0.17a – Rise and Grind
This update is the first of my batch of progression updates – see the roadmap for what’s next!
  • A new set of randomized male NPCs – your coworkers! Every new game will generate 10 of them (out of a pool of 30 overall), and they have a wide variety of personality traits. You can talk to them both while male and female. Current interactions with them (there will be more):
    • They can offer job advice (depending on their rank and personality type, it might be either good or bad advice)
    • Small talk – raise your friendship level with them – and yes there is a full relationship tracker for each of them!
    • Gripe about work – the lazy ones will love this and feel closer to you, whereas ambitious ones or executive types won’t.
    • And of COURSE, when you’re female:
      • You can flirt with them if you choose
      • They’ll make comments about your appearance and outfit
      • They’ll ask for blowjobs and sex like normal random NPCs, offering you leads in return – the higher the employees rank, the better the leads they might give you.
      • They can ask to be fuckbuddies, but at the moment I haven’t really made the fuckbuddy interactions unique. So don’t expect too much extra flavor text until a bit later.
      • Among other things!
  • Subscribers voted, I listened! I’ve now added the GoodGirl Petite sales demo. It’s unlockable after making some sales.
  • There’s a new workplace reputation system. Choose the path of being more professional, and you’ll be treated as such by your coworkers. But the more demos you let devolve into sexual situations, or offers of leads for blowjobs/sex you take up, the more your workplace sexual reputation might increase. There are numerous effects to this reputation, to make your life a little more difficult:
    • If your sexual reputation is high, there is a small chance you’ll get spiked with a pill in the office – someone might drop one in your coffee, along with another few similar scenarios. Depending on your intellect you may be able to avoid it (there are 20 scenarios, and each one requires a different intellect level).
    • Coworkers will approach you at your desk, if your reputation is high enough, in between sales.
    • You can get randomly groped, once your reputation is high enough.
    • The higher your reputation is as a slut, the less likely guys are going to be to give up in propositioning you at the office.
    • A lot of other little effects.
  • Note that if you get caught while having sex, your reputation will get even more sexual, so you’re extra motivated to not get caught.
  • Added leads as a resource:
    • Leads are no longer unlimited and totally random. You can have Cold, Warm, Qualified, Opportunities, and Whales. The better the lead, the more the chance that its going to be a high-value sale.
    • You get distributed leads once a week, which is based on your rank at the workplace. You’re not gonna see any Opportunities or Whales until you rank higher in the company.
    • NPCs get leads just the same way as you do – if you sleep with a junior colleague, he will probably not have the best leads to give you, although he might be more easy to please than a higher-up.
    • Cold leads are more likely to lead to demos. Meaning when you start out, you’ll be doing more demos than you will later on.
  • Integrated McLurkington’s wonderful mod, “Performance Review”, allowing you to negotiate higher commission, base pay, et cetera. And doing some ‘under the table’ convincing. Note that blowing your boss will also affect your reputation.
  • Added workplace ranks. You can ask for promotions every few days, based on the number of sales you’ve made. The higher your rank, the better the leads you’ll get.
    • Ranks: Rookie, Junior, Intermediate, Specialist, Account Manager, Senior Salesperson, Team Lead, Sales Director, Senior Sales Director
  • Added upgradable desks – this is based on the $ value of your current sales. Go to the facilities manager to ask for a desk upgrade (you can chat with him from the break room)
  • Added chat options with Drew – at the moment he can only really sell you Warm and Warm High-Volume leads. He can also give you tips and stuff.
  • Added a notice board – each day, there might be a sales incentive to sell a specific brand of product (WANGL, InstaGirl, SWP). You’ll make more money if you sell the product being incentivized that day.
  • Added a gift shop at the mall, where you can buy expensive items like watches, that can buff stats.
  • Added Color palettes so you don’t have to look at the pink background all the time. This was pretty hard to achieve, and there are only certain values it can change. There’s also a reactive color palette that is pink while you’re female, and dark blue while you’re male.
  • Added experimental Sex Toy Integration via ButtPlug.io. This is quite primitive at the moment. Ignore it for now unless you’re really technically savvy and feel like messing around. Eventually the goal is to get sex toys to sync up to the minigames.
  • Added positive effects for having sex with women, that last into the following day. So if you want to maximize your sales as a guy, go out and bang a hot chick at the bar the night before, it’ll boost your confidence!
  • Spend enough time at the beach as a girl, and you’ll get a relaxtation status that lasts for a while too. Hopefully sleazy guys don’t try to hit on you while you’re out just getting some sun, that would be inconsiderate!
  • Heel-walking sound effects.
  • Added like 20 outfits.
  • Added a MacOS app version of the mod loader
  • Added squeezing-your-fat-ass-into-jeans animations for certain characters.
  • Technical upgrades to Harlowe Audio Library.
  • Technical fixes for core Harlowe engine – upgraded to latest.
  • So many bugfixes! Dozens and dozens. This should be a fairly stable release. Hopefully.
Version 0.16f – I Hear Voices
  • February 11 additions:
    • Now if you get the “swallow cum daily or you’ll be stuck in your current DNA” side effect, you can ask your stepdad for cum at the end of the day, if all else fails. There are a lot of side effects to doing this, but it’s a hot scene in a very degenerate sort of way.
    • Bugfixes
  • 300+ voice lines added throughout the game for a number of primary characters such as Alexia and Callie. These are 100% AI generated but sound incredibly real. Must be heard to be believed!
  • Toggles added for the voice lines – you can turn most of them off in game options if you don’t like the idea of an AI whispering hot things to you.
  • New interracial sex scene added – this can be accessed after Callie’s beach scene (which I highly recommend replaying, with the new voices) – I won’t spoil the new sex scene, but just go to the Jungle area where you first met Callie. This is the world’s first fully AI voiced sex scene of its kind…
  • Reluctance system – this should be pretty unobtrusive, but affects a lot of things in minor ways. When you take a pill you get to select from a drop-down, how you feel about taking it. High reluctance makes it so you don’t want to wear slutty clothes etc. Equally, when you fully embrace your female body, you won’t want to wear your old guy’s clothes anymore. At high reluctance, you are shielded from arousal gains, and also lose masculinity more slowly. You have the choice, about how fast you want to sink into your new lifestyle.
  • Obligatory fishing minigame – players said its not a real sandbox game if there’s no fishing content. So, fishing content you now have. It’s spear-fishing though.
  • A moral debate between Aphrodite and her nemesis, The Wolf
  • 30 new Lana & Alina outfits. Focused on some more slutty stuff.
  • Issue with randomness not being random enough resolved.
  • Updated stripping minigame with 40+ new images.
  • Modding has moved to LoversLab: https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/319-x-change-life/ New mods are coming out every day. I’ve done my best to try and support this budding community, please join the Discord if you’re interested in modding, it’s very easy.
  • More random bits of lore strewn about the world.
  • Lots of bug fixes…
Version 0.16e – The Maid on the Shore
This update is focused on story content accessible as Jia (the redhead). This is one of several planned chapters that are character-specific, in order to give them each time to shine.
  • Jan 26 – more bugfixes and ~15 new outfits
  • Jan 24 – a bunch of bugfixes
  • New “mysterious bikini” you start the game with – explained a bit in intro, and a breadcrumb trail to follow
  • New unique F/F sex scene – transforming to the redheaded Jia body is required to access this scene
  • New unique MFF sex scene – plays optionally after the previous
  • New story chapter, explaining some things in the game that were previously unexplained, setting the stage for some of the main plot motivations (though the plot will always be optional)
  • New unique F/F gym sex scene – play the previous two to access it – this one is really tough but fun and highly replayable
  • Restored iOS compatibility, but no audio at the moment. This is due to an Apple browser bug, not an X-Change Life bug, but we are working around it. The game will auto-detect what browser/device you’re using, and adjust behavior accordingly.
  • Insta-Strip pill now available as a workplace demo (thanks to @Ebiora)
  • Improvements to bar girls sex scenes as a guy (thanks to RaivoAsdf) – ability for girls to cum while you’re ediginghttps://gitgud.io/xchange-life/xchange-life/-/commit/7a1cc15ec63f99ad0cb2290ecd3cd028db743711
  • Insta-Strip stripping game dynamic improvements (thanks to @McLurkington)
  • New portraits for Lana and Alina
  • Lots of minor improvements and bugfixes
Version 0.16d – Booty Calls
  • December 22 mini-update
    • Overhauled the bar girls with almost 100 new animations – these were really old and still had lines and things, these new animations should looke much better – Leah Gotti, Harley Dean, Gabbie Carter, Kendra Sunderland updated
    • Added 50 new outfits – 30 of which were user-submitted
    • Updated mod loader with fixes for MacOS
    • Bug fixes
    • “Slowmo” effect on the keep-the-bar-in-the-middle minigame, once interrupting text hits, the game slows for a couple seconds before speeding back up, to make things a little more fair for the player and give them time to read the text
    • Ability to practice minigames from the cheat menu
    • A new hairstyle for Scarlit and Rae
  • December 17 Hotfix
    • Added ability to take a pill before your previous pill fully wears off, to maintain your transformation (as long as you prepare by buying enough pills in advance)
    • Added ~50 new entries with pictures to the cock database, to support a wider variety of shapes and sizes overall
    • Balance fixes to the minigames, additional descriptions
    • More bugfixesk mm
  • December 16 Hotfix:
    • Tons of bugs squashed
    • Easy mode added to minigame settings
    • Cum on face can cause arousal in public if your masculinity is low
    • Guys’ attraction to you is affected if you turn them down too much when they call you
  • Modding support has been added! There are already 8 mods available, and the community is working hard to churn out more! Here’s a wiki on how to install them. Note, this only applies to the offline version.
  • Added a game intro sequence where you can select your starting masculinity – it also gives a lot more backstory to the main characters, as well as a couple new characters that have only been hinted at previously. For now this is the only real story sequence… more to come soon
  • Added ~350 new sex positions! They are essentially unlocables which can be achieved via gaining sex XP. They’re only usable in your bedroom, when you invite guys over your house… speaking of which…
  • You can invite NPCs over to your house! After sex in public, they’ll sometimes ask for your phone number (depending on their satisfaction)
  • NPCs with your number will also call you and ask to come over
  • They’ll react differently to whatever outfit you select, and you’ll be rewarded for showing them new outfits rather than the same one each time.
  • Your stepsister and stepdad may also interact with the NPCs when they come over – the interactions will be based on the NPCs’ stats.
  • You can train NPCs like pokemon! Satisfy them enough, and you can pick a stat to improve at the end of each session. Turn them into the ultimate fuckbuddy!
  • 100+ new outfits. Also, the wardrobe has been optimized for better performance at high volume. Still not perfect, but better
  • The entire codebase has been revised and place in an open source repository. This has already been extremely helpful in letting people review the code and spot issues. It was a tough adjustment for me, I am used to solo devving it, but the community has been amazing and I’m now more or less adjusted to using git for everything.
  • Important – the “dont cum” / keep the bar in the middle minigame now reverses instead of pausing your input. This keeps it challenging without creating no-win scenarios.
  • Added a cheat so you’ll never be caught having sex.
  • Stats added for all of the new sex positions – they all affect the scenes dynamically based on a large number of factors.
  • Lots of balance tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Other things I probably forgot about.
Version 0.16c – The Reproductive Update
  • Pregnancy has been added. It is also fully disable-able via a non-cheat toggle in the game settings. Every type of pill has a different pregnancy chance associated with it, and this chance increases/decreases over time in mini “cycles”. You get increased arousal when it peaks, which corresponds to “ovulation”.
  • Clothes now have significant impact on the types of NPCs that get generated. Dress sluttier, and more fuckboy-types will be approaching you. Dress cute or stylish, and you’ll get more gentlemanly types. Improvements have been made to outfit “favoriting” – you can now “favorite all” rather than having to manually select each outfit you want to wear. And you can “buy/favorite” in the same action in the store.
  • Random NPCs may be slightly evil “Breeders” who are intent on knocking you up! They are not instantly recognizable but you will start seeing clues in their behavior.
  • On that note, if NPCs have a bad personality, they will not always cum where you ask them to anymore…
  • A relationship system has been added. It is only partially utilized, mainly being used for tracking your relationship with your stepdad and Alexia at the moment. But it will be expanded to many more interactions and NPCs.
  • Birth control has been added to the New-U machine, for a slight premium over a normal transformation prices, of course!
  • A number of pregnancy events have been added that trigger over the course of weeks:
    • 8-week prenatal appointment
    • The opportunity to call up the baby’s father and try to “persuade” him to help with pregnancy costs
    • 12-week prenatal appointment
    • Various family interactions
    • Various pregnancy struggles that have various consequences
    • Pregnancy removal at 12 weeks, this costs $2500, often your stepdad will offer to help if you can’t afford it. But it depends on your relationship with him
    • Giving birth, of course. There are zero images of babies in game for moral reasons, I felt too weird adding such things to a porn game, even if they are AI generated…
    • A game over, should you choose to settle down with your baby and become a full-time mother.
  • The following toggles are available for pregnancy:
    • Enable/disable pregnancy
    • Enable/disable impregnation notifications
    • Enable/disable lactation
    • Enable/disable whether pregnancy turns your transformation permanent – by default, you can still transform back after giving birth, although the time it takes to do so gets longer every time you do
  • A new minigame called “tower blocks”. This will be mostly used in situations where you have to endure something or do something requiring patience. I think you’ll enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts on if it’s too difficult or too easy. This is my first time coding anything in 3d, so it’s new territory for me…
  • The 6 months after pregnancy, any time spent as a female, you’ll be lactating. Milk builds up over time and can get heavy/frustrating if you don’t let it out occasionally. Milking yourself is an evening activity. Any milk you squeeze out can be sold to Summer City’s communal childcare facilities.
  • A full code overhaul of some of the existing minigames. I can’t take any credit for this, some of the wonderful people on the Discord helped with this. The main point is that a lot of things that used to be slow or janky (like the keep the bar in the middle minigame), will now be smooth. Let me know if you have any issues…
  • A large number of quality of life improvements.
    • If you contribute $50 or more in a given week, stepdad won’t ask you to help with chores! Just keep making that money!
    • New cheats: the ability to remove/add side effects, the able to end pregnancies, the ability to lactate/stop lactating at will, the ability to turn all NPCs into ravenous breeding monsters, the ability to disable chore requests entirely so you can breeze through the game like a madman
    • The ability to commit to helping with rent on a recurring basis, without having to do it manually. Set it and forget it! If you don’t have enough money, the recurring payment will just shut off until you start it again.
    • Chores now are almost instantaneous
Version 0.16b
  • 2 new sales demos for 2 new products, with a total of 9 new sex scenes! One small (GoodGirl Max – the first girl on girl scene), one very large (Hot and Ready). The “Hot and Ready” has to be unlocked by making 5 sales at your job, at which point you will receive a promotion the next time you come into work.
  • Hot and Ready pill demo– this is the sales demo that needs to be unlocked through making 5 sales at the sales job. It will also unlock a brand new side job!
    • THIS SCENE IS HUGE! But it is also dangerous. This demo is similar to the “Dumb Bitch” demo in that there can be permanent stat consequences (namely, charm) – it starts to remove your desire to assert your own will on others, making you into a real people pleaser.
      • Sell lemonade to customers, while the client you are trying to impress is secretly behind you in the lemonade booth, doing his darndest to distract you and make your life difficult 😉
      • Certain actions will raise your “heat” and thus increase the chances that you won’t turn back afterwards from your hot new slutty body! When that happens, you’re in trouble, because your miles from home and no one will recognize you as your prior self…
      • …leading you to survival mode! Try hitch-hiking, or going on foot, trying to get help from random passers by. There around 7 unique sex scenes in this sequence! Note that survival mode only will kick in after your second time trying the demo – you get one try to learn the mechanics first.
      • 2 new potential story events, depending on whether you succeed or fail your first time. You finally get to learn some of Summer City’s tasty lore!
    • Different selling actions are effective against different customer types. It’s a rock-paper-scissors sort of system, and customers will react differently if their suspicions get raised about you getting fucked behind the scenes…
    • A potential BAD END game over if your charm gets drained to zero. Don’t let it happen!
    • If you have one successful Hot and Ready sales demo, you’ll get offered lemonade selling as a weekend side job – $2 per cup of lemonade sold, with a 2x bonus if you hit your targets.
  • GoodGirl Max demo – this includes the game’s first fully girl-on-girl scene! It’s not as in depth as the Hot and Ready demo but it is fun.
  • New cheats – you can now increase identity, as well as your sex skills, through the cheat menu. (You can read about how to use cheats in the wiki)
  • Big boob problems – you will occasionally get a sore back amongst other things if you play a character with massive bazongas. Sorry it’s just facts of biology, you’re probably gonna need to invest in properly supportive bras if you don’t want your stats debuffed. You can also buy a body pillow at Bonwit Teller (the in game clothing store), which will help you sleep more comfortably with your new assets.
  • Updated game engine – I’ve updated Harlowe to 3.3.3. This should mean overall improved performance and the game should be more stable over time. That said, there have been a few growing pains, so if you experience weirdness that is probably why – it couldn’t possibly be any new bugs I’ve introduced, after all 😉
  • Pill timer icon – new icon next to the player’s name, to show how long is left (or at least, how much time your character *thinks* is left) in your current pill.
  • Slightly increased file size – sorry, the game has gotten about 150mb larger. And it probably will continue doing so over time due to the sheer amount of media. But I am paying Pixeldrain about $100 a month for premium bandwidth, so that you, my lovely players, are able to experience the fastest download speeds possible! Although after 32TB total of downloads it gets slowed slightly. So if possible, do download the patch version, it can be merged over any 0.16+ game version and you will have all the latest stuff.
  • AI art – I am now leveraging Dall E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to create environmental art for the game. The new sales demo will showcase a lot of this, it is really speeding up my workflow. Many of the NPC appearances are fully AI generated as well
  • A few dozen new outfits! The outfits in game will continue to expand with each release, as a couple lovely and very dedicated volunteers on the XCL discord have been helping add more. Everything from new cheap clubbing dresses to outrageously expensive $495 LV bikinis lol.
  • A lot of bugfixes, and balance improvements
Version 0.16a
  • Rejoice! Blackjack has been mostly replaced with a new minigame – based on the 1995 Tiger Electronics handheld game “lights out” – basically you flip tiles in a 3×3 grid – each tile flip also flips the adjacent ones, attempting to clear the board. It is much quicker than blackjack and the difficulty directly scales with what is going on in the game – should be a lot more fun.
  • Cock Roulette – a game you can play on your computer if you buy one at the Radio Shack at the mall. Pay $100, and it will let you restore your masculinity if you win (or win money). Lose, and you’ll have to face the consequences. You can see more about how it works here: https://twitter.com/aphrodite_tg/status/1549768522620104706?s=20&t=Gf-aUwHuNLI35OCGlfl3dA
  • NPC encounters have been enhanced when it comes to masculinity. If you have 85-90+ masculinity and get approached by guys, you’ll be much more resistant to their advances, and react to them much differently. A lot more new dialogue as well.
  • NPC random sex encounters have been expanded, you now have the option to refuse to give a blowjob, and try to convince the guy to go down on you instead – difficulty is based on your character’s charm, and the NPC’s level of selfishness
  • Sexual frustration has been added to the game as a mechanic. Go too long with high arousal, without orgasming, and your status will be debuffed.
Version 0.16
  • Began implementing the most-requested feature – sex with random NPCs – only in the gym and bar for now – will be adding more locations very soon
    • The scenes are slightly barebones at the moment, but there is foreplay, some dialogue, and huge amounts of variation for each encounter – literally millions of potential descriptions in the brand new sex description engine, to keep things fresh. And the descriptions react to the details of sex happening on screen
    • A new minigame, specifically for sex in public places. It’s a variant of the “keep the bar in the middle” game, with also a green window moving back and forth. Keep the bar in the green window to maximize your character’s pleasure (or escape the window, to minimize it).
      • This minigame is probably too processing-intensive to work well on mobile, so please do use the “skill check” option if you are on a phone or something. And if you’re on PC and experiencing slowness, in play-testing Chrome has had the best performance.
    • NPCs with bigger dicks will cause more pleasure, but big dicks come with downsides…
    • Dynamic stripping based on what you’re wearing – if you have a short skirt, for instance, you can just hike it up rather than go to the effort of taking it off. The choice is yours!
    • Oral sex and BJs also form a part of the scene now – they can help make the initial dick insertion easier – bigger dicks require more lubrication. Also, some NPCs are better at giving you oral than others, and some are more willing than others as well
    • The more noise you make, the bigger the chance of getting caught
    • There is a chance that your clothes might get torn when NPCs strip you, based on how flimsy your outfit is, and the personality of the NPC (selfish NPCs just want to get to the goods!)
    • If you’re on a Breeder pill: it will be impossible to orgasm, unless you get a creampie. Once you start getting misfired / failed orgasms, your character will want to beg for a creampie. If you do get creampied on a Breeder, it is one of the best sensations known to humankind. Note that you can use a bit of serum to temporarily block these negative effects. Note that pregnancy content is not added yet, but is coming real soon.
    • The sex scene’s hit on your masculinity varies depending on what you did during the scene
    • NPCs are much more fleshed out now (under the hood, at least), some even have multi-dimensional personalities. Building up to a future relationship system
  • Now, when doing the chores, you can wander the house and actually do them. You’ll meet your stepdad and stepsister, who have their own activities they’re doing, whether it’s watching TV, practicing for yoga class, etc…
    • You can chat with your stepsister, who has 100s of dialogue lines based on what is currently happening in game. Will definitely be expanding this
    • If you do chores in the same room as your stepdad, he may start to get a lil’ creepy (no stepdad sex yet though, I knew you were gonna ask) – though he may start peeking at you in the shower if you tempt him enough
  • Alexia and Leah from the bar, have started getting some actual voice acting here and there.
  • 1000+ new audio / videos / pictures
  • NPCs all overhauled in the new art style – for the most part, they are all completely AI-generated, not based on real people anymore.
  • NPCs can now buy drinks for the female player at the bar
  • UI improvements
  • A lot of bugfixes
  • I’m in the process of trying to port this game from Harlowe 3.2.3 to the new Harlowe 3.3.0. Once I do this, I should be able to improve performance quite a bit using some of its new features. But as it stands, the game is still compiled under Harlowe 3.2.3, and you may encounter periodic slowness (depending on your device), especially as you new the 100-day mark in game. Please bear with me, it will get better.
Version 0.15f
  • This version is mainly continuing my media overhaul – I have re-edited 2,250 images, videos, and audio tracks since 0.15e… mainly new portraits, new images for the masculinity game, new images for the NPCs at the bar, etc. Too many things to list really.
  • 7 more new original music compositions, super jazzy pieces that play when you’re a girl on X-Change, in the morning
  • 143 redone & new animations, many of these are not used yet, they are planned for future sex with random NPCs
  • Hairstyles now give you a charm buff, but will wash out if you take a shower
  • Cum from NPCs may ruin your hairstyle, or clothes – and you’ll have to do laundry if the latter is the case. Unfortunately, to afford stain remover, you’ll need to start helping with household expenses…
  • “Skippable Minigames” option now moved to cheat menu
  • More options have been added to the masculinity minigame, which is now switched on by default (but you can switch it off still)
  • Tripled the number of randomly-generated NPC penises
Version 0.15e
  • I’ve started overhauling the in-game images. For now, it’s mainly the character portraits and outfits – I’ll be doing more in future releases on a rolling basis, since it’s a lot of work. I think I edited about 1000 images for this minor update.
  • I’ve added 7 new ORIGINAL music compositions for the daily morning music as a guy. 7 more are on their way for the female side.
  • Added a Radio shack with a purchasable computer
  • Added purchasable porn disks at the comics shop
  • Added a hair salon where you can change your hairstyle – currently purely cosmetic but will have gameplay effects later
  • Added 3 hidden-ish masturbation opportunities at the beach in the jungle trail, see if you can find them all, since they have unique animations
  • You can now masturbate as a guy, if you buy a computer and porn. The mainstream porn will turn you on more at first, but over time if you lose masculinity, you may end up liking the X-Change porn more. I plan to add more mechanics around this
  • Bug fixes, of course, too many to list…
Version 0.15d
  • This is hopefully the last of my quality of life updates, I will now be focusing on some more new scenes and progression
  • Finally added the ability to level up Intellect – it is based on the sales you make at the office job
  • All 3 major stats have been added to the stats screen so you can track your progress leveling them
  • Fixed issues with Charm leveling
  • Fixed issues with the Mia gym scene – now the shower noise doesn’t play in the background upon playing it more than once
  • Added shame mechanics for the Mia gym scene where you masturbate at night
  • Made it so that when you masturbate at night due to shame, you can fulfill your side effect “obligations”
  • Added 54 new NPC dick pics to replace ones done in the old style
  • Resolved issues with your choice of activities for the day not carrying over when you change menus
  • Ability to get changed in the office – added a break room and a bathroom for getting changed.
  • Fixed a bug where outfits weren’t being applied in the office.
  • Fixed a bug where “ashamed” orgasms weren’t being counted towards side effects.
  • Fixed a bug where creampies were double-counted in game stats.
  • Fixed a bug where favorites from a previous character were carried over to a new character and breaking the wardrobe – now chosen outfits will be cleared every time you switch DNA
  • Fixed a bug where any fitness or charm lost comes back instantly upon gaining fitness or charm XP
Version 0.15c
This is mainly a quality of life update, but it should make your play experience much better.
  • Rewrote several in-game systems from the ground up, to fix problems with performance. Now the game is much more smooth and doesn’t get bogged down as you play.
  • Revised character creation sheet, you can now allocate points freely rather than only rely on random rolls. However, max and min starting stats are limited based on your personality type. (i.e. a Nerd cannot have a low starting Intellect, or a high starting Fitness)
  • You can now give sales demos as a woman – you will just transform from one woman into another, and will transform back into a woman at the end.
  • Added 30+ cumshot animations.
  • Rewritten outfit system – you can now explicitly wear clothes, and the game will take you to a changing room if you’re out. Added a lot more in-game documentation for how the outfits are selected, so that people shouldn’t have the same issues as before.
  • Fixed issues with the side effects not working – now they do.
  • New music – daily music will change based on whether you’re a guy or a girl, with more “girly” songs playing when you’re on X-Change. Just a little subliminal thing!
  • Revised navigation in the Jungle – this is a prototype for “free-roam” sections of the game which are in the pipeline.
  • Tons of bug & performance fixes.
Version 0.15b
  • You can now unlock a new pill for sale at Dynapill – “Hot and Ready” – No sales demo yet, I am working on it – pill is unlockable after you’ve made 5 sales of other products
  • “Auto Note” feature at the sales job, where you can automatically take notes on a prospective client. Using this feature will take 15 minutes of the day’s clock, and will be limited by your character’s Intellect – in future a very “Bimbo” character may get things wrong somtimes, so keep your eyes peeled…
  • The option to negotiate higher payouts for blowjobs when monetary payment has been proposed
  • Tons of bugs squashed
Version 0.15a
  • 1.2 million bugs fixed (approximate)
  • Clickable cheat codes instead of typing
  • New-U navigation much faster
  • Performance improvements
  • Refresh page to restart day
Version 0.15
  • 3 new in-depth sex scenes have been added in the gym, with a whole new set of minigames around them – exclusive to the Rae Lil Black, Blake Blossom, and Autumn Falls characters. Look for gym outfits that have the tag “Unlocks a gym scene!” at the mall. Purchasing those outfits will unlock the scene, the first time you go to the gym as a female. I will be adding 7 more scenes as rolling updates, but wanted to baseline this version. By writing these scenes, I am building up the game’s core sex mechanics, to prepare for the next big update, where sex with random NPCs will be enabled.
    Fitness as a stat can now be leveled up
    • The New-U machine – allows you to switch characters. Sometimes, transforming in this machine will trigger side-effects though… some of which include:
    • Swallow cum daily, or the DNA change is permanent (you’ll still change back into a guy, just a different guy…)
    • Orgasm daily, or the DNA change is permanent – just means you gotta masturbate once per day
    • Swallow cum daily, or the effect will wear off the next morning, regardless of its set length
    • Orgasm daily, or the effect will wear off the next morning
    • Submissive Pleasure – you will experience a lot more pleasure in passive sex positions, making the gym sex scenes quite difficult
    • Libido overdrive – your arousal will build quickly over time – this could be more of a pro than a con, who knows!
    • Breeder effects
    • Stat drain
  • Charm as a stat can now be leveled up by performing the “persuasion” minigame
  • There is a toggle in the menu to make all minigames skippable, for those who just want to see “content”
  • Identity hitting 0 is now a game over
  • A lot of redone animations
  • Tons of other things I can’t think of at the moment
Version 0.14c
  • Native saving/loading from file, written by the genius HiEv! Now this is natively built into the game rather than using the Local Storage Manager. To my knowledge, this is now the first Harlowe game ever with this functionality.
Version 0.14b
  • Ability to wear / not wear underwear – it’s a flag you can click in the Wardrobe
  • Performance fixes – found a memory leak that causes the game to slow down over time. Please let me know if you experience any other dips in performance, I have recruited a Twine Harlowe expert to help out on those sorts of things now
  • If you hover your mouse over the portrait screen, it will also now show a list of the clothes you’re wearing. Previously, there was no way to know what lingerie you were wearing lol. Now at least you’ll see “bra” and “panties” listed out lol – I promise I’ll flesh out checking out your outfit more in future!
  • Lots of little bug fixes. If you experience issues in the clothes shopping store, enter cheat code “new stock” to refresh the store inventory in the cheat code menu (Menu -> Game Settings -> Pager icon)
  • A javascript scrollbar that is actually half decent! To help those experiencing issues with stuff being too large sometimes. Let me know if UI problems persist though.
  • New button icons to match the style of the rest of the UI
Version 0.14a
  • Made UI tweaks for various screen resolutions. Lemme know if you spot anything weird.
  • Added an “information” screen in the X-Change pharmacy
  • Fixed several bugs
Version 0.14
  • Outfits! 600+ outfits, about 60 unique for each character have been added. Appropriate outfits are randomly chosen from your wardrobe for appropriate situations. However, you can favorite outfits you want your character to select, and they will always pick those.
    • Beachwear – bikinis etc, used for the beach.
    • Officewear – professional clothes, can boost your charm at work.
    • Casualwear – mainly for going out to the mall, can be used for many situations. There’s cute ones, sexy ones, slutty ones, and super low effort relaxed ones!
    • Stylish clothes – for going out to the bar. Dress to impress!
    • Lingerie – for wearing under your clothes and getting some much needed breast support (note that only huge-titted characters really need boob support, it has very little gameplay impact)
    • Fetishwear (not yet used in context) – will be used for impressing your paramours
    • Loungewear – for wearing around the house and sleeping in. May give random “well rested” bonuses if you get a comfy set of PJs
  • People will sometimes comment on your outfits
  • A new shop at the mall for buying outfits – Bonwit Teller (it’s a defunct department store that closed in the 1990s, that is now brought back in this retro future!)
  • A wardrobe which lets you browse your outfits, and favorite them for specific purposes. You may annoy your stepdad if you are a bit too slutty in your lounging outfit choices
  • If you have large breasts, your boobs may jiggle and get a bit sore if you walk around with no support. Tiny little debuff every once in a while, but you gotta think about it now 🙂
  • Comfy clothes will sometimes make you feel extra nice and give you little random boosts!
  • I also made a lot of non-outfit related updates…
    • New set of icons (by the wonderful TG artist Crown Cosmo, give her a follow on Twitter!)
    • 1000+ new images, a lot of upgraded animations and better compressed videos. I still have a lot of work to do on older videos
    • Audio voice lines for a lot of taunts in the Masculinity Minigame! Like 100 voice lines to make you feel guilty about that cock you just sucked. Or not…
    • The option to save to a file! Using HiEv’s WONDERFUL Local Storage Manager, which HiEv gave me permission to include in this release.
    • Billions of bug fixes
  • My blood, sweat and tears are really in this update so be nice to me! I got my Patreon shut down over the game’s content, they wanted me to make changes I wasn’t willing to make. So I switched over to SubscribeStar.
Version 0.13c
  • New combo mechanics to make the arrows minigame more fun.
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • UI improvements for mobile devices – the mobile experience is still far from perfect, but try the “Request Desktop Version of Site” option for an improvement
Version 0.13
  • Sex skill experience system. This allows you to skip playing minigames (if desired) by making a dice roll instead.
    • Your chance of success is based at how good you are at the current sex action (blowjobs, orgasm control, cowgirl, etc). And each time you use those skills, they improve.
    • You gain more XP in each skill when you play the minigames, and you also earn more if you have a higher score multiplier, which you get by having an initially weak character.
  • New sex scene. I didn’t advertise I was going to do this, but I wrote a VERY VERY JUICY new foursome scene that will showcase a few new sex mechanics, that I will be working to integrate into the randomized encounters later. This scene is unlockable after “failing” the stripper scene by getting cummed on. Enjoy!
  • Hardcore mode for minigames. I made most minigames a tad easier by default, and added a new optional hard mode. Earn a little more XP if you switch iton.
  • Menu. I made a quite basic menu system, where you can toggle settings, view stats, etc. I’ll continue expanding this. FYI, saving the game is now accessible from the menu screen rather than main game screens.
  • 3 save slots instead of 1. Self-explanatory. If you have any trouble with saves, I highly recommend clearing your browser cache, although this will remove your previous save data.
  • Blackjack improvements. I replaced a lot of instances of blackjack with the “keep the bar in the middle” game, but I also made the blackjack scoring a bit fairer so it’s a lot easier to win now.
  • Minigame option if you want to reject a guy. No matter how high your arousal, you can turn down a guy’s request for a BJ if you beat a relatively easy minigame. I just wanted to portray the struggle of being super turned on, without locking the player into a scene they don’t want. (There’s also the safeword option you can toggle on to avoid anything!)
  • Image / video improvements. I replaced maybe 100 images / videos with improved version. I cycled out some of the NPC images with AI-generated fake faces, and will continue replacing more in future.
  • A LOT of other little fixes.
  • Introduced new bugs, probably…
Version 0.12a (hotfix – as requested this is a patch release, you need to have 0.12 arlaready to use 0.12a)
  • Made sales demos easier to get, now you will always have the option to give a demo for an increased commission.
  • Sales commissions are slightly higher and you’ll also be able to perform slightly fewer actions. These are not extreme changes yet.
  • Added more cumshot animations. These animations were already present in 0.12, but not linked in game so unused, now they are used.
  • Random groping no longer happens if you have the “Safeword” setting turned on. It seemed out of place in that style of playthrough.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs: Basic pills that didn’t run out after several days, issue with the tip jar, and 3-4 other random small ones
Version 0.12
  • The most-requested feature: ability to skip blackjack minigames. Now they can be settled by a D&D style skill check or random dice roll. If you have really high charm, you can breeze past the vast majority of sales checks, for instance. I may add these options to other minigames as well in future but Blackjack was the biggest issue for most people, so I did it first.
  • A “Safeword” toggle in the character sheet. If you set this to Enabled, you will get an option during most scenes and encounters, to exit the scene regardless of your arousal, etc. This feature is intended to respect those who don’t like being forced into sexual situations by their characters’ pill or arousal addled brains. But for those who like this sort of content, the option is off by default, so you will not experience anything different.
  • An audio toggle. Three options: all audio on, all audio off, or music only off.
  • Some other minor improvements and optimizations.
Version 0.11
  • Random encounters, overheard comments, and thoughts as a girl when you’re on X-Change.
  • Random NPC generator, it is a thing of beauty and horror! There are literally millions of possible guys you will meet, all with quite different personalities.
  • Mood mechanics – for now, moods are just bad. I’ll add some positive moods as well, but right now they are stat debuffs based on things that happened in the random encounters. Need to flesh it out more, which will be easy to do.
  • If you’re really ashamed of something you’ve done (like blown a random guy), you’ll masturbate at night. If you cum thinking about the guy, you’ll lose a lot of identity points.
  • A bunch of tweaks and optimizations
  • New option to switch off masculinity minigame entirely, if you don’t like it. Did this based on some feedback, so the people who like it can leave it on.
  • A lot more things that increase arousal. I may have gone overboard with this…
  • I’m in the process of overhauling the Gym. Now it’s a morning event, and “pumps you up”, giving you some pretty big buffs throughout the day. This buff also protects you against certain bad moods. Still no increase of fitness but that will come soon…
  • I added a new layer to standard blowjob quicktime events. Now, they are a little easier, but you have a TIME TARGET. You need to make the blowjob last a certain amount of time, in order to be considered succcessful. This keeps you from just rushing through it, that wouldn’t be fun! You gotta use proper technique now.
Developer Notes:
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This game is still a demo – although there is a lot of content already (25+ sex scenes I believe, many of those having unique variations for the 10 playable characters), but this is more like a sandbox/playset than a game, for now. Here is a long-term roadmap that give some details about my plans for it over the coming months and years: https://x-change.life/wiki/docs/x-change-life-roadmap/
X-Change™ Life is a daily life RPG based in a universe where it’s normal to take over-the-counter gender swapping pills that last 24 hours (or more). The game features heavily minigame-driven gameplay to determine passing / failing checks at different points. You’ll always have the option to skip minigames by using a “skill check”, where your % success chance is driven by your character’s stats/skills. I really enjoy gamifying sex actions, and prefer sex to feel more “interactive” rather than a slideshow or a wall of text as in most Twine-based games.
You get the option to play 1 of 10 characters which each have a male and female version. In the game, you can switch between these characters using DNA-swapping technology, so you’re not necessarily constrainted to one character in a given playthrough.
There are randomly-generated NPCs, with 100 different faces, and each has their own stat block, and will interact with your differently based on those stats. At the moment you can basically have them as fuck-buddies / sugar daddies, and even train their stats, but not much else.
I recommend using the web version if you have bandwidth/storage concerns. The web version will not be as responsive and quick to load media as the offline version, of course. There is also a user called Crazy X Wizard on F95Zone who is very kindly making a compressed version of the game that cuts the filesize in half. The quality of the images is about 80% the main version, and the quality of the videos are about 50%, still totally watchable imho.
You can support the game on SubscribeStar, which will give you more of a say in the game’s development, and also get access to the latest play-testing builds. The game’s full releases will always be free and released at the same time for everyone, but it helps to have a small group to help test out new features and get feedback before wider distribution.
I am bad at “PR” and am most at home on Discord, so please do join the official X-Change Life Discord, if you’re interested in discussing aspects of the game. You can find the Discord invite and other links here.

Extras: OnlineGuide to all sex scenes

CheatsModding Guide Fan SigSex Toy / EStim Integration GuideHow to Make ModsMod Loader Guide

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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