Yandere Simulator [v2023-09-19] [YandereDev]

Yandere Simulator [v2023-09-19] [YandereDev]

May 17, 2024F95

Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating anyone who seems interested in him,
while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl.
In the game, players control a Japanese highschool student named Ayano “Yan-Chan” Aishi, who must eliminate other students who compete for her love interest.

Thread Updated: 2023-09-20
Release Date: 2023-09-19
Developer: YandereDev BlogDonateWebsiteDiscordPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 2023-09-19
OS: Windows
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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– The headmaster now has 17 voiced lines in the 80s. 5 for when you enter his office and stand far away, 5 for when you enter his office and stand really close to him, 5 for when you walk around inside his office with a cardboard box over your body, 1 for when he is delivering a eulogy at a dead student’s memorial, and 1 for when he is shooting you with a tazer.
– If the Light Music Club closes down, the 5 musicians of 1980s Mode lose access to their instruments. This resulted in a bug where the musicians stood on stage during Ai’s week without instruments. This bug has now been fixed; they won’t perform on stage if their club has been shut down.
– Added a portable bunsen burner to the game. This is to allow the player to set students on fire even if the Occult Club has been shut down and the player has lost access to the candle. The portable bunsen burner is found in the Chemistry classroom.
– The “Use Photo of Senpai to Restore Sanity” feature now deletes the photo from Ayano’s phone, to explain why it cannot be “Used” again and why she loses access to the “Gaze at photo of Senpai to speed up time” feature.
– From now on, if the player runs into a student soaked in gasoline while holding an open flame (such as a candle or portable bunsen burner) other characters will recognize this as a deliberate murder attempt.
– The boys who follow Chigusa around school in 1980s Mode will now stand further away from her when she is meeting with someone, such as when she’s talking with Ryoba on the school rooftop.
– Type the letters “M E D I B A N G” while at school to change Yandere-chan’s outfit to the outfit designed by the winner of the Medibang Art contest!
– The training dummy in the martial arts club was not broken until 202X, so it will no longer be depicted in a broken state in 1980s Mode.
– The protagonist’s footstep sound effects are now “bare feet” sound effects when the protagonist is wearing the martial arts club attire.
– Removed the “Change Shoes” button, since it became non-functional after shoe-changing began to happen automatically.
– The act of picking up a collectible in the asylum no longer makes a loud clunking noise.
– All teachers now have different bust sizes instead of each having identical bodies.
– Improved the appearance of the planters on the school rooftop.
– Updated the textures for Mai Waifu, Midori, Pippie, and Ryuto.
– Updated the clothing that Ryoba wears in the street scene.
– Updated the character models used by the 202X teachers.
– Updated Himedere’s hair model.
– Updated Kiba’s hair model.
Fixed bug that caused a rival to return to her desk instead of continuing to her destination, if the player spoke to the rival when she was between her own desk and Senpai’s desk, but only on Friday.
Fixed bug that would cause jogging students to lose their walk animation and use a jogging animation as their walking animation if anything interrupted their routine while they were jogging.
Fixed bug that prevented the game from recoginzing that a tranquilizer/sedative was no longer in Yandere-chan’s inventory after it had been used to tranq a student in the gym storage room.
Fixed bug that caused the game to skip past Monday and go directly into Tuesday if the player used Sunday as a playable day instead of skipping it.
Fixed bug that prevented the player from using the “Escape” key to summon the “Exit To Menu” window if debug commands were disabled.
Fixed bug that prevented the game from acknowledging that a club leader had died/gone missing under certain circumstances.
Fixed bug that caused the text box in the End-of-Day results sequence to clip into any 3D models directly in front of it.
Fixed bug that would cause an object to become stretched out while it was stashed inside of a weapon bag.
Fixed bug that caused the game to never advance past Sunday if the player used Sunday as a playable day.
Added the optional “80s blue tint” effect to certain scenes that didn’t previous possess the effect.
  • In 1989, it is possible to use a lockpick to open the nurse’s medicine cabinet. However, between 1989 and 202X, the cabinet is upgraded with a more secure lock. This means that, in 202X, the player is not able to open the cabinet using a lockpick. Many players were reporting this as a “bug.” To make it clear that this is intentional and not a bug, a message saying “Cannot be lockpicked!” will now appear when attempting to lockpick the nurse’s cabinet in 202X.
  • If a delinquent sees a corpse, he is supposed to run out of school. There was a bug that would make the delinquent boys forget about leaving school and go sit on a bench, if they were defeated in a fight after witnessing a corpse. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from correctly remembering whether or not one of the garden plots was occupied by a dead body, if the player saved, buried a body, advanced to the next day, then loaded their earlier save.
  • I realized that “only one tarp bag spawns when you dismember a corpse on top of a sheet of tarp” was not a bug, it was how the feature was supposed to work. So, the feature has been reverted back to how it originally was.
  • Since 1980s Mode takes place after Ryoba had already been stalking her Senpai for 1 year, the Senpai Shrine in her room is now filled with items from the start of the game.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to enter first-person mode and rotate around, during points of the tutorial when Ryoba was not meant to be able to move or turn.
  • Fixed bug that caused the protagonist’s bookbag to float in midair when loading a save file, if the player was wearing a bookbag when the save file was made.
  • Some of the delinquent boys’ profiles were mixed up. (Backstories intended for one boy were in another boy’s profile.) These errors have been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the day to prematurely end if the player reported Osana for vandalism on Thursday morning instead of Thursday afternoon.
  • Fixed bug that caused the week to reset back to Sunday if Ryoba was suspended from school for a length of time that would push her into next week.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from accurately remembering the position/rotation of the shovel, axe, or circular saw when loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Pool’s Closed” sign to change female students’ routines even on days when they didn’t plan on sunbathing at the pool.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from remembering the player’s settings for particles and color grading when loading into the school scene.
  • Fixed bug that caused your Mission Mode target to refuse to check their locker after being told by the protagonist that a note was inside.
  • Fixed bug that prevented student portraits from updating properly if the player used the “Provide Student Info” service from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Reputation will update after attending class” text to appear during Mission Mode, where it is irrelevant.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an unintentional subtitle to display at the bottom of the screen after reporting a corpse to the teacher.
  • Fixed bug that caused the end-of-day text to incorrectly report Ryoba’s suspensions as being shorter than they actually were.
  • Fixed bug that caused the screen to turn blue in 1980s Mode if the player pressed the “E” key while in first-person view.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a female character’s chest to resize itself after the player had completing a task for her.
  • Fixed bug that would cause one of the male students in 1980s Mode to lose his hair model when he witnessed a murder.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some students’ routines to be incorrect if the player loaded a save during Osana’s week.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to pick up any object that was dropped in a puddle of water.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to believe that a 5-day suspension was the same as getting expelled from school.
  • Fixed bug that caused Mai Waifu to perpetually walk in place if Midori was dead during Osana’s week.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to slide across the ground in front of Osana in some circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ryoba’s hair to clip into the camera while walking in first-person view.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki minigame to be accessible in 1989.
With full 80’s mode complete, with 10 rivals! ….and other stuff ???
Osana Release
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Pretty much everything I wanted to say today is contained in that video, but there’s just one thing I’d like to elaborate on…bugs!
I spent the past 6 hours hunting for bugs in the build, and actually found a bunch of critical game-breaking glitches! Bugs that made the screen turn white and never return to normal, bugs that made multiple scripted events occur simultaneously, bugs that made Yandere-chan blink out of existence during cut-scenes…I managed to fix every issue that I encountered, but dang, I’m really glad that I decided to bug-hunt before releasing the demo!
Because I could easily find so many issues during a simple, cursory playthrough of the demo, I’m sure there are other issues that escaped my notice. This first release of the demo is doubtlessly going to be a bit rough around the edges. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day watching people stream the demo so that I can take note of bugs and quickly prepare a bug-fixing update to release within 24 hours. If you run into any issues, I apologize in advance!
There’s only one thing that I foresee being a problem. I usually test the game at a resolution of 1280×720. I recently learned that the depth-of-field effect looks different depending on the resolution that you’re playing the game at. So, if the game looks blurry for you, you might want to try switching to a resolution of 1280×720, until I can release an update that makes the depth-of-field effect appear consistent across all resolutions.
While implementing Osana, I made dozens of fixes / changes / additions / improvements to the game. Because I was making so many rapid changes to the game, I didn’t actually log most of the fixes/additions. I can show you a changelog, but it won’t actually be a complete list of all the changes. Click “Continue Reading” if you’re interested in seeing it, anyway!
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to attempt to attend a “meeting” while standing at their desk, if the player arranged a meeting with that student and then advanced time by attending class.
  • Camera sensitivity when aiming Yandere-chan’s phone camera is now determined by the Camera Sensitivity option in the Settings menu.
  • Removed exploit that allowed the player to kill without consequence if they were standing in the middle of the Occult clubroom.
  • The button prompts that appear at town will now change depending on whether the player is using a keyboard or controller.
  • It is no longer possible for characters to get trapped if the player blocks their path using a jug of bleach.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to stop a student who had been “Sent Home” by aiming a camera at them.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to use the “Send Home” feature on a student who didn’t have a phone.
  • Fixed bug that make it impossible to pick up the cello case, even after joining the Light Music Club.
  • It is no longer possible for characters to get stuck at the entrance to the gardening club.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to pick up one of the tapes in the basement.
  • The Hardware Store on the street now has a shopkeeper.
  • Implemented Osana
Developer Notes:
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What does “Yandere” mean?
A Yandere girl is a girl who loves a boy so much that she is willing to threaten, harm, or kill any other girl who seems interested in him.
What is the gameplay like?
The gameplay is similar to the Hitman series; you are put into a large environment filled with many NPCs, and you must track down a specific target and eliminate them. You can use stealth to kill your target without any witnesses, stage an accident that leaves no evidence, or just slaughter anyone who gets in your way. If you don’t dispose of corpses, clean up blood, and destroy evidence, then the police might be able to link you to a murder and arrest you.
If you don’t want to get any blood on your hands, you can use social sabotage to get rid of a girl; frame her for one of your crimes, get her expelled from school, or ruin her reputation. If you truly want her to suffer, you could convince every other girl in school to bully her until she commits suicide and saves you the trouble.
If the boy you love witnesses you committing murder, he could never love you, and the game would be over.

Extras: Archives of old builds

Nudity Mod

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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