You Can’t Corrupt Me! ~Tale of the Naive Elven Swordswoman~ [Final] [Saohime Darc]
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You Can’t Corrupt Me! ~Tale of the Naive Elven Swordswoman~ [Final] [Saohime Darc]

January 17, 2024F95

Elseyu is a distant elven village far from human society.
Ryun is a hardworking and proper elven woman who is trusted by her people,
and lives happily in the village.

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However, one day when returning from a food delivery, she finds the village in an uproar.
Her friend Sandra is sick with the “Kusumi” sickness,
and it seems the only elixir for it is being sold in a black market in the human lands.
When Ryun arrives, her precious and expensive gem is stolen,
and she’s left in need of gold.
However, a naive girl in need of money is most susceptible to scammy and scummy propositions…
Ryun may soon find herself corrupted by this underworld…
[Heroine]Name: Ryun Elseya
Race: Elf
Age: 26 (* converted into equivalent human years)
Height: 170cm
B: 110cm (O-cup)
W: 59cm
H: 95cm

A high elf with mastery of the blade and magic.
However, she lacks experience and knowledge of the real world.
Her village has no men, so she is unaware of many sexual concepts…

Thread Updated: 2023-08-08
Release Date: 2022-04-16
Original Title:  堕ちなどしないっ!-世俗知らずのエルフ剣士
Developer: Saohime Darc DLSite
Translator: paperslam
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Fan translation)
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2DCG, 2D Game, Censored, Drugs, Alcohol, RPG, Vaginal sex, Female protagonist, Monster, Rape, Japanese game,  Sexual harassment, Anal sex, Handjob, Titfuck, Groping, Big ass, Big tits, Corruption, Pregnancy, Ahegao, Creampie, Interracial, Oral sex, Shota, Spanking, Prostitution, Tentacles, Voyeurism
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Enable Japanese Locale, then extract and run.
Developer Notes:
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– 25+ scenes including variations
Also includes pose art sexual harassment, etc.
– Dress-up (bikini bunny girl, uniform, etc.) and accessories (piercings, lewd crests, etc) included, with choices reflected in some CG.
– Ryun’s corruption will change her personality and appearance.
– Includes a variety of parameters with no limits. How far will she fall!?
– Items can be used depending on parameters (alcohol, tobacco, etc.)
– Prostitution elements included. She may start with foreplay only, but eventually…
– Events change depending on Ryun’s level of immorality, and it also impacts the ending.
The game ends when you acquire the elixir, but there are no limits before that point.
– Work at the tavern for extra gold, though the patrons do love them some sexual harassment.
– Become a nun by buying the outfit, and collect donations after relieving people of their burdens.
– Fight and defeat monsters for rewards. Includes defeat events if your immorality is high.
– After learning sexual techniques, sell your body to certain characters for big payouts.
– Immorality can be raised or lowered with medicine.
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    You Can’t Corrupt Me! ~Tale of the Naive Elven Swordswoman~ [Final] [Saohime Darc]