Z-Island [v0.17] [GTS]

Z-Island [v0.17] [GTS]

January 22, 2024F95

A graphic novel in a 3d world that you can freely explore
Live the story through the eyes of Ryan, our hero.
Who after the death of his father decides to get rid of the company that his father built from dust.
But once he goes there, he will be trapped and delighted with the charisma and sensuality of its members,
who will fight to get the company off the ground.

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Thread Updated: 2023-10-16
Release Date: 2023-10-12
Developer: GTS Patreon Itch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.17
OS: Windows
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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New features v0.13
Chapter 13
1 new location
2 new rendered sexual encounters animations
More quests
New in-game actions during dialogues (teleportation)
Dialogue box allows to advance in dialogues
Bugs fixed
Overlay of teleport sites sometimes froze the UI
Text improvements
Dialogue box does not allow to move forward with clicks under certain circumstances
Strange traffic
Bugs in dialogs and texts
Chapter 12 (story)
2 new animated sexual encounters
+50 new renders
More quests
Limit your FPS in the main options panel (for older machines)
Improvements and bug fixes
First person sex animation bug fixed (MC dissapeared)
Empty entries for dialogues in history fixed
Some audios will not change their volumes based on the main settings – volumes have been fixed
Known issues
Clicking inside dialogue box won’t let player skip dialogue
Cars and traffic will behave strangely
Some typos
New features v0.11:
Chapter 11 (story)
2 new animated sex encounters
1 more fight
Improvements and bug fixes:
Controls screen has been changed for better reading
Known issues:
Some typos
Cars and traffic will behave in weird ways
Some audios won’t change their volumes according to main settings
What’s new in this version:
NPCs actions and interactions with the MC will also trigger pre-rendered events (currently only works with Josy)
When following NPCs during special events, the MC’s speed will be adjusted to the NPC’s speed to make following easier and smoother.
New renders
New quest
New animations (lots of new animations with Josy)
Improvements and bug fixes:
NPCs hit by moving vehicles will no longer get stuck.
Correction of erroneous meshes and doors in Josy’s house.
Correction of vehicle collisions.
Known issues:
Strange traffic behavior.
Some wrong dialogues or in different languages.
Some sounds keep their volume level in spite of option settings.
New features:
NPCs will get smarter and do different kind of stuff at the main island.
NPCs will walk around the gym and do random stuff, you can try to interact with them.
3 new random sex-in-game events at the gym
NPCs walking around at the supermarket
Free-mode during sex can be activated by pressing wheel-mouse-button during sex-in-game events, this is still a WIP
Bugs fixed:
Dialogues typos
Camera errors during sex-in-game interactions
A character that has been undressed will appear as dressed if the game is saved and loaded at the time of the dress-up/undress event bug has been fixed
“Characters speaking after exiting the map” bug fixed
Invisible travel items still working has been fixed
Interrupting Aiko while you help her with her boxes may freeze her (remember to save/load as a workaround)
Dialogues which kept the wrong background fixed
Car traffic behaving strangely (won’t be resolved until the end of the main story/content production).
Some interactions with characters won’t correctly work after you talk to them, you can talk again and “reset” action, or save/load if it doesn’t work
Randomly “E” action will be disabled, you can still interact with the character with “click” until we fix this bug
New features:
New localization
1 new rendered animation
Many new renders in dialogs
New quests
1 new set of clothes
Option to enable/disable camera bobbing (press ‘B’ or change it in the options -> gameplay menu)
Change mouse sensitivity in the main menu (options -> gameplay)
Fixed bugs:
Bug in initial sound volume setting fixed.
Danna’s dialogue in the Gym fixed (if the player obstructed Danna she could behave strangely)
Characters keep “walking” while talking to them bug fixed
Mirrors reflect light correctly (WIP).
Known issues:
Car traffic behaving strangely (won’t be resolved until the end of the main story/content production).
Some dialogues might still be in Spanish
A character that has been undressed will appear as dressed if the game is saved and loaded at the time of the dress-up/undress event
Some characters may speak again after exiting the level.
Some dialogues keep the wrong background
Some invisible travel items will still work.
Interrupting Aiko while you help her with her boxes may freeze her (save/load and it will be fixed as a solution)
Boxing minigame
Random events hidden in the world
Many bugs fixed:
Game options will be correctly saved
Pop-ups will correctly behave (just once and not multiple times)
NPCs will get more interactions
Sounds during in-game-sex fixed
Still some known-issues 🙁 but we’re working on them:
Sometimes traffic will have strange behavior.
New chapter and the story continues
Lots of new missions
Lots of new renders
MAP for fast-traveling
Game progress at the items screen
2 new rendered animations
First commercial production (new quest type)
Added more NPCs and “traffic” to the city (still no drivers and still bugs XD)
CRAFTING” screen fixed
1 new location
We also have some known issues:
Some NPCs not moving to desired destination under certain circumstances, save/load and should be fixed (this is a workaround)
Traffic is still under development, sometimes cars will have strange behavior.
4 new sex animations
New commercial production system, this will allow players to make movies/money
A new location
Addition of a new set of clothes
More interactions between the player and the NPCs
NPCs will behave depending on their own states/locations
Fixed bugs:
Fixed HUD issues during sex scenes
Naked player after sex scenes has been fixed
Multiple sex scenes in the game stop suddenly
Fixed the problem of asking for an object during the dialogue with Sophy
Initial equipment duplication bug has been fixed
Initial money reset on first arrival to ZIsland bug fixed
Known issues:
Some unimportant dialogs will appear in Spanish
Typos in dialogues and quest descriptions
Wrong volume option applied when loading
“Your inventory is full” message at crafting
We’ve added:
Interactions with NPCs (we recommend visiting the night club at night)
More story
More renders and animations
More quests
Some NPCs to the environments
More controls in options to improve the game experience
We also fixed bugs and improved:
Show & hide the HUD pressing the scroll mouse button
Automatic correction of player direction when performing the “fast traveling”
Specific events during dialogues
Finally, we have some “known-issues” we’ve added to the product roadmap:
Talking to Sophy may request an item and throws a message
Items do not appear in inventory
Money management at the beginning of the game
“Serialization error” in previous recordings (we recommend playing the game from previous saved games and try again)
Volume options
Please keep in mind this is still a work in progress, save often.
Chapter 3 update
We have updated chapter 3 to version 0.3.1 which contains fixes and improvements over version 0.3.
You can download latest version HERE
– Now you can hide HUD with mouse wheel button during dialogues.
Bugs fixed:
– Duplicate characters at the hotel reception.
– Riz’s quest marked as “work in progress” correctly.
– Van collision enabled
– Corrections to several dialogues
chapter 3,
1. it contains a significant amount of improvements and new features, please keep in mind that this project is still under development and we may need to adjust some elements.
Previous saves will be compatible with this chapter. If you play from the beginning you will notice just one new character at the supermarket, everything else remains the same.
2. We will be releasing chapter 3 by the end of this month.
3. Some bugs fixed and enhancements:
a. Starting a new game will delete any previous progress properly (bug fixed)
b. Sound options in “Options” menu (enhancement)
c. Background opacity for dialogues can be changed (enhancement)
d. MANY NEW INTERACTIONS, this is a feature we’ve been working for a month now, we really hope you like it (new functionalities)
4. Plus, more girls!
More Quest’s
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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