Zero G Academy [v0.7] [Noce]
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Zero G Academy [v0.7] [Noce]

July 4, 2024F95

You play as Jacinto, the new student from Earth that has recently been admitted to Zero G Academy, a place where the Federation’s government recruits it’s next generation of bureaucrats, soldiers, scientists and more. Here, you’ll meet new species, people, and grow to maturity (or not).
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You’ll have to endure weirdness, lewdness, and pettiness as you complete your classes and side stories before the end game. Zero G Academy takes place in an original science fiction setting that we are always developing and expanding. Our game has animated sex scenes, mostly static cut scenes and character sprites. We aim to include 4-8  of these animated sex scenes per monthly update along with any reworks, improvements, or expansions to older content we can fit in. Each update we do advances a segment of a class or is its own side story. By pledging, you really assist us in getting the project going, updating smoother, while gaining input into development and able to favor what you want.
Updated: 22-12-2018
Developer/Publisher: Noce & Windward – Patreon | Discord
Censorship: No
Version: 0.7
Language: English, German
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Incest M/S, Milf, Voyeurism, Gender Bender, Vanilla M/F, Vanilla M/M, Anal, Group, MM/F & FF/M, Trap, Futa, Public Sex, Doctor, Toys, Muscle Girl, Exhibitionism, Orgy, Tentacles, Sissy
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1- Extract to desired location. 2- Click on “zeroGAcademy.exe” to start playing.
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  • Fixed Issues In Art 1, With Incorrect Scenes & Overlaid Sprites
  • Implemented A New Menu System That’s Much Simpler
  • Added In Content For Art 2 Focusing On Proa, A Slime Girl Student
  • Art 2 Content Includes 4 Sex Scenes With Proa
  • Purged All The Old Code (RIP Freeman)
  • Removed the Free Roaming System In Place of an Automatic Schedule System
  • Added Side Events Tied to Main Classes For Outside Completion Needs
  • Implemented Pose Rework Part 1 For Libya, MC (No Nudes, Towel, Sport), Fora, Aktrenat, Btier (No Nudes), Viper, Vaal
  • Changed Art 1 to work with the new system.
  • Removed Gym until rework and more innovation to it it’s contents.

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    Zero G Academy [v0.7] [Noce]