Zombie Zone Gunsweeper [English 1.0 bugfix] [T-ENTA-P]
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Zombie Zone Gunsweeper [English 1.0 bugfix] [T-ENTA-P]

July 8, 2024F95

Your team of sexy ghostbusters are sent to a mission outside of Japan by their company GEC (Ghost Extermination Company).
Your goal is to break the seal that is affecting the area while fighting against zombies (embodied ghosts) and floating ghosts to liberate the zone.
Find new weapons, create bullets and change clothing!
Collect certain favorite items of each character to get a secret bonus!

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Use special sexoplasm to damage the ghosts (jizzum-based projectiles)!
Your heroine also replenishes her body by swallowing spunk.
Harvest sperm from ghosts via battle to fashion new items.
4 types of ecchi skills to level up for each character.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-20
Release Date: 2014-02-01
Developer: T-ENTA-P DLsite Ci-en
Translator: archedio
Censored: Yes
Version: English 1.0 bugfix
OS: Windows
Language: English (Moderately edited MTL)
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1. Install Japanese language pack
2. Run Japanese locale
3. Extract and run.
Developer Notes:
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Aki Shijou – attacker of the GEC team. Anime otaku girl who loves to frequenter Akihabara.
Sylvie Duffaut – backup member of the team; ex-nun French girl. She mastered Japanese through her love for ramen.
Seishi Masuta – technical member of the team. A perverted middle-aged man called “Master” inspired by his name and his habit of masturbation.
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Where to get weapons, items, etc.
Shotgun (Defeat the zombies on the 2nd floor of the shopping mall)
Rifle (Key to the door required to defeat the Zombie Soldier on the 1st floor of the shopping mall)
Grenade launcher (inside the coin locker on the 1st floor of the shopping mall)
Bottom rail (Adehos ) Walk around the outside of the graveyard fence at the bottom right of the village)
Launcher-equipped rifle
Grenade launcher, rifle, and mount rail are all available and then integrated by “generate”.
Knife (Defeat the Zombie Soldier on the 2nd floor of the school)
Sword (2nd floor of a large mansion in the area where the Feint City Hospital is located)
Wooden stick (a private house with two zombies in Adehos village)
Bow and arrow (hospital-defeat the zombie doctor on the north 1st floor)
Crossbow (a hut in the graveyard of Adehos village)
Black Hitsugi No.1 (In the tansu of a three-story private house in Faint City)
Black Hitsugi No.2 (The hut on the left of the doctor’s house)
Black Hitsugi No.3 (In the Tansu of the Adehos village private house)
Black Hitsugi No.4 ( Shopping Mall-1F Inside the coin locker)
Black Hitsugi No.5 (Hospital-North side 2F inside the locker in the hospital room on the right)
Dynamite Mexican soy sauce (two apartments on the left from the Faint City Research Facility, Tansu on the upper left)
New Yorker’s miso butter (in the refrigerator of Adehos villager’s house)
African of the sun by Tonkotsu of the setting sun (Doctor’s home underground warehouse locker) Middle)
Taiwan Ramen de Russia Kitakata (Shopping Mall-2F Coin Locker)
Tropical Amazon Salt Flavor (Apartment housing in the area where Faint City Hospital is located, upper left tansu)
Maemae Card (Jijii standing by the pond in Feint City ) Yutan Card (
inside the locker on the 3rd floor of the school)
Mikarin Card (house on the left side of the area where the Feint City Research Facility is located)
Nami Card (crack in the wall of the direct road)
Eko Card (Toilet in a large mansion in the area where Feint City Hospital is located)
Gasoline (inside the research facility)
Gasoline carrying can (underground of the hospital)
Private generator (next to the left entrance of the shopping center)
Key to recollection (Talk to the general) Key to
the shopping center store (in the tongue of the room on the left side of the 2nd floor of the
doctor’s house) Key to the hut of the doctor’s house (dining room on the 1st floor of the doctor’s house) Key
to the house of the doctor (in coin locker 212)
Locker No. 15 (Shopping Center 2F)
Locker No. 121 (inside Black Hits No. 5)
Locker No. 212 (in the grave of Mrs. Sarah Barbitulate)
Locker No. 232 (Hospital ) Defeat the Red Zombies in the basement of
Materials for evolutionary virus lysing agents・
Epoprostenol Hospital
 -Nurse Center on the 2nd floor on the south side
・ Urokinase
 Hospital-1F on the north side, rightmost room
・ St. John’s Wort
 Shopping Mall-1F, display shelf behind the escalator
・ Benzodia herb
 Zombie Warrior
 Feint Mountain Trail
Erotic Tech Acquisition Level
Fucking-Level 1
Handjob-Level 5
Blow-Level 13
Production (Acquired at a shopping center)
・ Sylvie
Handjob-Level 1
Blow-Level 4
Production-Level 12
Intercrural Sex (Obtained in the basement of the hospital)
・ Masuta
Handjob-Level 1
Blow-Level 6
Production-Level 12
Anal (Card Complete)
Translator Notes:
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– I’m in no way a professional translator.
– English is my 3rd language, so there’s bound to be some grammar error.
– I’m using Google translate, Bing translator and other web translator to translate this game.
– I’m translating this game by manually [copy-paste] all the sentence, word by word, from the game to RPGMaker Trans. IT IS a really hard work.
– I put a lot of effort to make all the lines in the game readable and make sense, so forgive me if this not a perfect translation. I’m still so much to learn.
Uploader Notes:
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I fixed the issues with missing graphic and audio file if you have any issues let me know by @ ing or dming me Doom_


Unofficial version not provided by the developer use at your own risk

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    Zombie Zone Gunsweeper [English 1.0 bugfix] [T-ENTA-P]