A Father’s Sins – Going to Hell [Ch. 10 Public] [Pixieblink]
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A Father’s Sins – Going to Hell [Ch. 10 Public] [Pixieblink]

April 27, 2024F95

A stand alone *companion game to A Father’s Sins.  Exploring alternative paths and what/if scenarios
where the MC pretty much spends all his time fucking instead of saving the world.
Created specifically for those who wish the main game A Father’s Sins had more lewd content.

*It’s not necessary to play A Father’s Sins first, but it will help understand some of the background story for the characters.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-26
Release Date: 2024-04-18
Developer: PixieblinkWebsitePatreon
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 10 – Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, 3d-daz, loop, Animated, Male protagonist, Corruption, Fantasy, Religion, Small-tits, Mobile game, Groping, Cum on tits, Cum on face, branching-routes,facial, boob-play, masturbation, photo-shoot, pov,  swallowing, bondage, anal
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Extract and run.
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Chapter 10 [release 04/18/24]– Danny’s does bondage.  Creampie.

Chapter 9 [release 03/16/24]– Danny’s hand job scene, with a twist.  The MC turns the tables on her.

Chapter 8 [release 02/24/24]– Danny does anal.

Chapter 7 [release 01/25/24]The game choices are split in two.  Both choices are full sex scenes.
– Choice 1 “Let her Choose” -> Danny picks doggy style with cum in pussy creampie.
– Choice 2 “You Decide”  -> Only blowjob available now (bondage, vaginal, anal & available in future updates)

Chapter 6 [release 12/27/23]

– Say hello to my little friend.
– Sex (vaginal) with Danny.

Chapter 5 [release 11/20/23]– An executive decision.
– Panties / no panties.
– Blowjob and swallow.

Chapter 4 [release 10/21/23]– Revenues are disappointing.
– Danny’s new outfit.

– Cum on Danny (face  or tits, your choice)
– Danny explains the comment “your as bad a mother’s boyfriend”.  Or not.  Depending on in game choices.
Chapter 3 [release 09/15/23]
– Cum on Danny
– Sandra caught between a rock and hard place
(The story is split into two paths, depending on if you signed the contract or not in chapter 1)
Chapter 2 [release 08/16/23]
– Turning the tables
Chapter 1 [release 07/19/23]
– Danny’s alternative path’s
– Where’s my Egg?
– Tiny tits rock!
Developer Notes:
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GOING TO HELL is a stand alone companion game to A FATHER’S SINS,  created to explore alternative realities.
Same characters, but in a much lewder format.  It isn’t necessary to play the main game first, but it will make GOING TO HELL much more enjoyable.  Pun intended.
Though it is story driven this one’s going to be more or less a straight fap game.
Okay, I admit it.  It’s going to be straight up fap game with the same characters as AFAS.  Created more for fun and the lewd scenes for anything else.
Because I can’t figure out how to add some decent sex scenes without mucking up the main story in A Father’s Sins, which has become a very intense and  serious game.  And it would also preclude me from ever releasing it as a main stream VN.
So play it for what it is, and I hope you enjoy it.
Choices will matter.  Different choices will unlock different scenes, or slightly change the outcome of your current story arc with hidden content.
Release cycle should be around the 15th of every month.
I would like to acknowledge everyone that’s helped with the game, including  -CookieMonster666- ,  WaltS,  Moskyx  and Elyxus for a cool sig.

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