A Life Lived [v0.65] [ZennyDarkstar]

A Life Lived [v0.65] [ZennyDarkstar]

May 8, 2024F95

As a young child you are found at the gates of the hospital. After being looked after by the staff, a kind couple who had been at the hospital giving birth to their first child, decided to adopt you and take you home with them (OK it wasn’t that simple, but that’s another story).
At age 10 your adopted parents decide you are becoming to hard to handle and send you to boarding school, where you spend the next few years. As you approach your later teens, you end up getting into more trouble there and find yourself being kicked out. Now finding yourself back living with, as you now know them, yours parents and sister. You are starting a new school, in your final year, in a new town with lots of new people to discover.
What has this time in your life got planned out for you.. well actually its totally up to you to decide, as this is a sandbox!

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Warning: I want to stress a clearly as I can, this is not an easy game, this is not a visual novel, this is not a collection of porn present to you by a series of clicks. This is a real porn, stat based, RPG, puzzle, sandbox, old school style game.
The game is meant to be challenge (to a point) and it is also meant to take time to develop your character to unlock content.
I will also say that this is still in its infancy and while I am doing my best to balance the grind / reward. At the moment there is still a little more repeating grind that I hope to see in later versions.

Use your browser magnify feature to get best fit to your screen.
There is now a export save to a file feature.

I am very keen to hear all feedback (preferably constructive). And will do my best to respond.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-08
Release Date: 2024-05-06
Developer: ZennyDarkstar Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.65
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Male protagonist, Corruption, Cheating, Netorare, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Handjob, Multiple penetration, Group sex, Interracial, School setting, Adventure, , Prostitution, Lesbian, Blackmail, DILF, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Gay, Incest, Male domination, MILF, Masturbation, Sexual harassment, Sissification, Transformation, Stripping, Sandbox, Simulator
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1. Extract and run.
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V0.65 Changelog
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This is a Engine update version, with some content.
What happens on the road – Trip 3 (Due to the popularity of this quest on a previous Patreon poll, ive updated it another few steps)
Wild Aunt Chase no has resulting text message features to post quest. (All paths)
This quest will be getting a new extra branch (Love Route). And will also be getting in person interactions for all branches. (Hopefully next update)
Bite the cock that feeds Quest, now reaches the end of its content correctly, which I believe unlocks the last of the vids which was previous blocked behind a coding issue.
Fixed a few location issues (corruption interaction) with Riley, and changed the talk interaction for those also.
Bully NPCs no longer try to bully you when inteacting.
Locations added
No New Locations this time
I have fixed locked doors / NPC answering them, so that if you are on a certain point in a quest that requires a trigger inside that building then person answering recognise that and lets you in.
The current only example of this is that Jimmy will let you into his appartment during the wild aunt chase quest to do the trade. While before you would have had to be friend him (like 15+) to get in.. that made no sense..
Engine changes
This is where the biggest changes have happend
There are now random location events that will occur at certain place / times.
These are limited to 1 occurance per day, to make sure they dont end up annoying the player.
Bully events now occur at certain location. At current these are limited to around the school.
These will develop as they fit in to quests and will start to occur in different locations (sister around house for example)
The bullys are both boys and girls, and you can choose to fight/Run(success depends on stats), pay or offer something else (depending on if you have what the bully wants)
There is gay content with the NPC bullys, but you can avoid this by paying / fighting.
At current there is one example of a non bully NPC becoming a bully in Bailey. (this depends on if you ended the quest with the sub route).
Aunt Chase is going to also turn bully in the future, based on her quest finish.. And like I say, so will others.
You can only be bullied once per day in total. This should again avoid this becoming a irritating occurance.
Code line count on v0.6 – 13776
Code line count on v0.65 – 14286
V0.6 Changelog
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This is a content update version, voted for by the members of patreon.
1 Quest from place holder to finished(Bailey has a little secret) with 3 different outcomes with each resulting in different future interaction and texting. All in place.
This Quest is the most complete quest with outcomes that I have created. It builds on process put in place from the previous Fox quest. This is how I want the sandbox elements of the game to go.
1 Quest has additional steps (What happens on the road). This is going to be a bit of a slow burner quest. Content will be added to the quest at least every few updates.
1 Completely new quest with a start, middle and end. This quest as two completely different paths in it, which the player has to decide between. The main outcome to the quest (which has been built for this version) will be the same from either path, but I am noting which path the player takes and that will play a part in the future.
I was unable to build the other completely new quest due to time, but I have started adding some of the people and locations involved.
5 completely new NPCs.. yes I know its what a game with 54 NPCs needed! A single interaction for each of these added.
These are mainly extras in the new quests or the quest that is coming, but I have built them as full fledged NPC for future possible development.
Fixed a few dialogues / missing images for fox
Added a few new interactions for Nan Julie for her new apartment
Bailey now has a full set of chat interactions at all locations she appears plus 1 of 3 other types of unique interactions for each location depending on quest outcomes.
The 3 later interactions also have degrees of severity based on the npcs(Baileys) stats. So the more sub/dom/corrupt she gets the more text and images show.
Locations added
3 main locations added with lots of component parts.
You grandmother Julie now as an apartment
There is a new shop opening up at the mall
And a new mysterious dark alleyway has appear on the map with some sort of club in it!
Save Export
I have done a little more work on the save export and porting old saves into new versions.
Both I feel are more stable with each release.
Engine changes
New way of gaining corruption at the club implemented.
Code line count on v0.55 – 111261
Code line count on v0.6 – 13776
V0.55 Changelog
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what to make clear straight away this is a .x5 game update.. these updates are focused on QOL / Engine / features etc. and might contain a small amount of new content.
No new quests or quest steps on this version
Added a unique chat dialogues/images for Coco, Aunt Fyre, Cousin Raquel, Cousin Angel
Add Corruption dialogues for Coco.
Added some more text pictures for one or two of the npcs.. normal and corrupt..
Locations added
Built Coco’s house and Aunt Fyre’s house.
Save Export!!!!
You can now export your save file.. (And reimport it).
This is in its beta phase.. but all testing seems to have worked well.
I strongly recommend you dont delete the in browser cache saves unless you really must.
Also and I can’t stress this enough.. Please do not try to alter the exported text file.
If you alter the file and if the system becomes aware of this, it will fail to reimport the file.
Night mode..
For atmospheric immersive reasons. I have created night versions of all outdoor locations. So after a certain time in the evenings these will show instead of the day ones.. Some are really only placeholders (like the beach one) which I will update in the future with a better night version pic.
Workout incentives
When you work out in the gym in the school, you will now get to see a short vid of an attractive lady (or boy depending on your stats).
This is to make the grinding strength stat more enjoyable..
This is going to be a future feature for many of the stat grinding process where appropriate..
Engine changes
The mags (porn or otherwise) now work on a cooldown like the books, but not as harsh.. its 3 hours(i think, its about that)..
This is to stop the corruption stat being able to be spammed..
I intend in future release to make more porn mags (the cooldown is unique to each mag like with the books).
Also I want to bring in more ways to raise the corruption stat, like spying. (at current you can also do it via pc porn).
So while this is a nerf to one method, I want to give the player more variety of methods going forward.
Due to time constraints, I was not able to do this in the release 🙁
I have gone through all the images in the game and made sure they fit the screen correctly.
I have played through the game and fixed a few minor bugs that I found
I have included a bug fix in this one that refixes any previously broken triggers that reenables corrupt on certain NPCs and naughty texts.. If you the quests required have been completed.
Code line count on v0.5 – 10689
Code line count on v0.55 – 111261
V0.5 Changelog
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(0.51 includes bugfixes)
I have to be honest, I have been working on this for what feels like ages, so I am probably going to have missed out something that has changed from this list!
2 Quests Fox(Sweetie Fox) and Riley
Both quests are complete with one having 3 different ends
All quest ending will unlock new interactions (in person and text).
The 3 different ending will unlock different future interaction.
I have added the steps to getting the costume for siscam quest via Fox.
Added a unique chat dialogues/images for Fox and Riley
And text dialogues for these two also
Locations added
Your neighbours house where Arnold and Riley live is now built.
Big changes to the map, I have reverted back to the map without names on it.
I have made the map react to mouseover to show you who is at a current location.
So when you mouseover the building, anyone who is in any location in that building is shown in the box on the top right.
If you have not met that npc yet, they show as a silhouette.
Engine changes
Few icon changes. (Corruption is now a devil instead of the paying someone icon)
Added in more clarity about how to unlock the corrupt for npcs.
Addded new unique interactions
(Negging – the act of saying something negative about someone to lower their sub/dom)
(Complimenting – the act of saying something nice about someone to higher their sub/dom)
Code line count on v0.45 – 8715
Code line count on v0.5 – 10689
V0.45 Changelog
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First I want to stress as a mid release this is more of a engine update than a content update.
A few NPCs have extra unique chat interactions
Sister and Eva have more unique corrupt interactions
Improved the look of some of the pictures with new backgrounds.
No new quest steps for any quests
Locations added
No new locations added
I have added a few names to the map to indicate where some of the NPCS live. This is not the solution I wanted to develop to the problem of helping know where NPCs are.
I have got a working bit of code that I have tested in isolation that does exactly what I want. But I did not have time to integrate it into the game on this update.
Engine changes
Massive changes here. There is now a fully working difficulty setting. Be default a new game will be set to hard and no stat tracking.
The player can choose to work with the quest hints that are more cryptic and just hint at what the next step is.
Or they can flick the difficult to easy to get an easy quest hint stating where and when they need to go. And also what stats or items are required to also.
If the use flicks the stat tracking on.. The quest guide will also display the require stat for the next step on the quest hint page. This is coloured green if you have the amount and red if you dont. This can be used in either easy or hard mode.
I have also altered a number of the harder stat requirements for some of the quests to make them easier to get into.
I have altered rewards from certain action and quests to help build up MC corruption easier.
I have added a scroll bar to the text output panel.. this has two advantages, it allows me to write more dialogue and make the text size bigger and also the photo camera gallery now will scroll to show all the pictures that are taken.
I have also added a new line to the NPC page, so when you look up one of the NPCs if they can unlock the corrupt dialogue, it will tell you how. This is important as I have for a while not been sure the best way to unlock the corrupt interaction option. And got a bit lost between ideas. So now I can keep it different for different characters and also keep a track of what I have set it as (and relay that to the player).
Code line count on v0.4 – 8097
Code line count on v0.45 – 8715
V0.4 Changelog
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Firstly let me say that the content in the new version has been strongly influenced by the patreon polls and message I have received from supports.
New Quest – What happens on the road
New Quest – Grandma Vs Grandma
New Quest – A wild Aunt Chase
New Steps – Eliah2Ella
NPCS with unique talk interactions at location
Grandma Lisa (im dropping the ann)
Grandma Julia (im dropping the ann)
Cousin Eva (smarted a few up)
Cousin Eva Added some corrupt interactions
A few odd extra interaction that I cant remember now with other npcs
Locations added
Jimmys house
Chase family house
The Mall (one clothes shop)
Apartment on holiday site (Quest only access)
A number of new spying locations added at the chase house bathroom
Engine changes
I have tried to smarten up the merging of an old save. This is still in the beta stages..
I hope this is working.. if you are loading from a much older version (than v0.35) this might not work as well.
If in doubt a fresh save will always work best.
Quest guide changes
Having taken plenty of suggestions after the last version.
I have been working on making the quest guide more friendly.
My intention is 2 fold. Firstly I am working on a easy hint mode..
So you will be able to toggle the mode in the setting menu and it means the hints you get will be very much goto x at x time.
This is not yet fully implement as I ran out of time. But the start of the code is there..
I just need to go through all the hints and rewrite them (This will probably change some of the standard hints also).
The second thing I am doing, which I have started with the new quests, is to list for certain steps if an item or stat is needed.
And then colour it green or red if you have the desired amount (listing what you have).
This is not implemented through all quests.. And I am thinking that I am going to make it so you can turn this feature on or off
So Players can choose to play at different levels of difficult depending on what they want.
Code line count on v0.35 – 6997
Code line count on v0.4 – 8097
V0.35 Changelog
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Quick explain.. this is not a full content version update. That will be v0.4
This is a minor content update and a major feature update.
New Quest Job with Father
New Steps First GF
New ability to text 4 NPCs with normal and flirty texts (these unlock at different points in the game)
With multiple random replies now.
Altered the paper round job from weekend morning to before school for an hour..
So can now do 5 days a week instead of 2 but reduced the wage (and takes less time).
This allows you also to work at the garage on the weekend.
Money grind should now be better..
Corruption grind is still a working progress (new starter quests are coming)
Engine changes
These are the big changes and have take a lot of my time since the v0.3 release
Firstly .. The game now has 3 save slots. (These still function like the old one, so no save file)
Secondly I have been able to update the engine to recognize an old save, and merge it in to a blank new one
So you can from now on load old saves between versions.
Both features have been tested and are working, but I have little doubt that there may be teething issues.
So sorry in advance if this does happen.. I have tested them in Chrome and Firefox
You should find your old save in slot 2.
There have also been a number of minor changes to the engine behind the scene to make it more future proof,
balance some of the grind and make the quest info easier to update and keep helpful.
Code line count on v0.3 – 6395
Code line count on v0.35 – 6997
V0.3 Changelog
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New Quests added
Some are only placeholders for now.
Some have a number of steps but dont finish.
Some have a start, middle and end.
More steps added to a number of ongoing quests.
First weekly repeatable quest added (which is a way of making money)
More unique dialogue / pictures added for some of the NPC
Hint system has been reviewed again to make sure it matches actual requirements
Blue text roll out now should cover most stat changes to inform player of changes
An NPC apartment added with a number of rooms inside
Altered the size of the game screen to be slightly wider (use browser to magnify to your requirements)
Quests are now coloured in the quest list to indicate level of difficulty
Backend changes to the save to make it more likely to not require a new save between version.
Primary work done to enable multiple saves in future versions. (UI not implemented in this version)
v0.2 Quality of Life Patch
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v0.2 Quality of Life Patch
Fixed major bug with first GF quest
Fixed a few of the hints not giving all the info needed
Added Themes!!!! (for those of you who like a little colour in your life)
Updated the menu to avoid anyone being able to easily wipe over their current progress with new save.
Added blue text stat update to lessons and book reading
v0.2 Changelog
More quests.
More steps to current quests
Some more quests now have endings.
More NPC and Location Events.
More unique interactions at different times/locations with NPCs.
Group Activities (Lessons and eating meals)
Being bullied mechanic changed in multiple ways
Hint system improved (and more correct)
NPC current location and event hints on the NPC profile page
Blue text added after interactions to indicate stat changes (probably a few missed)
About 10 new locations added (1 Shop and 1 house with multiple rooms)
Access to houses mechanic built. Requires being invited to the house by a resident.
Person answering the door to house needs to be friend to invite you in.
More books / porn on laptop / and other ways to raise stats needed for quests.
Daily lunch money increased and other ways to make money.
Lots of minor tweaks to engine(QOL) and backstory based on feedback from players of v0.1
Patreon Version built with early release and bonus starting money.
And a whole load of extra things that I cant remember now.
3 weeks from v0.1 release, time spent on average over 5 hours a day.
This is the first release v0.1
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Quality of life Edition to v0.1.
I have tweaked some of the stats required for quests. I have made sure the hint shows the right stat requirements and made the quest log give a bit more detail. I have added hints to events of npc on their stats page. I have raise your lunch money from £5 to £10.. and lowered being bullied to £5.. Also you now have a chance to fight your bully. This is random but will be more likely the better your fighting skill. You can also improve your Computer skills.. this is needed for one of the quests.  I have added more the help screen, hopefully this will help guide the new players.  I have tried to match the case of the file names to the in game code. so its more Linux friendly.
There is probably something else I have also done but hopefully this will all help with the playing.
thanks for patience everyone!
Developer Notes:
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The game currently has 70 unique locations, 54NPCs, multiple items, 23 quests and a number of special events.
The NPCs and the stories they will have will be varied to cover most fetishes.
ALL content can be avoided.. so if you dont like something, dont engage in that part.
More information about the game and the direction it will be taking is available on the Patreon page.

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