A Ross Story: James [v0.5 Part 2.1] [King User]

A Ross Story: James [v0.5 Part 2.1] [King User]

May 9, 2024F95

“A Ross Story: James” is a visual novel game. It’s about James Ross, a well-known young man who moves to an island with his family. Their life takes a turn as they adjust to the new environment. As a player, you’ll follow James’ life and witness the unexpected events that happen. The game invites you to explore and discover every corner of this new world. Enjoy the journey!

Thread Updated: 2024-05-04
Release Date: 2024-03-16
Developer: King UserPatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.5 Part 2.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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3dcg, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Gay, Teasing, Magic, Supernatural, Anal sex, Oral sex, Animated, School setting, Twins, Fantasy, Monster, Sandbox
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.5 Part 2
Improved task system
Side stories progression
Bugs and typos fixes
Story improvement and gameplay
v0.5 Part 1
– Main story progression.
– New areas to visit.
– Discover a bit more about the Ross and their story.
– Bug correction and typo.
– Story Improved
-New locations
-New school navigation
-Regular classes
-And mores…
PS: Due to the huge changes made to the game, some bugs may not have been noticed by me. If you see any, please let me know by message or comment so that I can resolve them as quickly as possible. The others links are coming shortly for android and mac versions.
-Typo correction ( still in progress)
-Improved areas like Rua Paloma
-New Downtown
-Some scenes improved
-New task system
-Game size reduced from ~700 to ~570
I’ll still update the game progressively while preparing the 0.5
Known bug : If you started a task before this version you may get a error, it’s not game breaking but I recommend a new game.
– Reworked locations with new render like the house foyer
– New phone message system
– Reworked scene and little additional one around
– Updated navigation menu on the new screens I’ll still improve it following your reviews
– New locations
-Slightly updated James model
– Fix of typos and bugs as well as some old renders replaced by better one
– Fixed somes bugs and typos
– Reworked a lot of scenes
– Issue in the Twins route that was stopping the progression after day 3
– New Edward start to appear in game but his old appearance may still be visible at some point, it will be fixed with next updates.
– Some locations has been updated too.
-This update will be followed by a first content update that will focus on multiples points and gameplay improvement, then the main story update.
-Main story progression
-Side content updated
-Lot of bug and typos fixed
-Some scene remade
This update will be followed by another that will add, and improve some content.
–  Lot  of bugs and time issues fixed
– New side content
– Learn a bit more about the Ross
– New areas to visit
– Reworked some old scenes
-New phone system, but  it still a WIP for now .
This update will be followed by the 0.4.1 version that will continue the main story.
Note: The phone system may be too small on some android device , if you have issue with it feel free to message me , i’m working on another display for small devices too.
– more bugs fixed
-lacking pictures are now showing
-rare bug where you could be stuck in story if following some actions you gave the code to adolphus.
– First android release
– Fixed multiples bugs caused by the last updates
– Main Story Progression
– New sides stories and progression in existing ones.
– Correction of multiple bugs, loops and issues, caused after progressing in some paths.
(This correction may need you to restart the game if you are stuck somewhere as I deeply reworked the code.)
– Remake of some old scenes including more dialogue, and a better rendering ( this part will still be update at each updates until all the old scenes have been remade.)
– Loop in some paths
-Missing pictures.
-Issues caused by the early access in area that wasn’t supposed to be already discovered.
If you had any issue in the previous version, you will need to make a new save as some variables may have been altered, that will cause you issues in the future updates or in the others paths.
Initial F95 Release
The story continue : keep follow the adventure of James.
Side content updated :  I still working on some, and preparing some side story.
-Fixed issues in some paths, where the story was looping or some images was lacking.
-Reworked some old pictures.

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    A Ross Story: James [v0.5 Part 2.1] [King User]