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Sylvia [2022.03] [ManorStories]

January 14, 2024F95

You the player just started in a high tech company as a main coder. Your boss is a beautiful girl “Sylvia”. After some months you already have a good working and friendly relationship. In the meantime “Lea” a young assistant, seem to do everything to create an affair between you and Sylvia. Is it safe to deal with sex at work ? Should you hide your real girlfriend to your boss or hide this situation to your girlfriend ? and why Lea is so keen to get you between the legs of your boss ? It’s not about how many ending you have … it’s all about how you get to them. Our stories have different branches and cross references. We plan to have 5 different endings. Anyway the path to get to those endings can be different, make your own way !

Thread Updated: 2022-04-17
Release Date: 2022-03-03
Developer: ManorStories PatreonWebsite
Version: 2022-03
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, French
Voices: English, French
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Visual Novel, 2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Animated, Big tits, Adventure, Voiced, Handjob, Oral sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Outdoor sex, Lesbian
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1- Extract to desired location and run
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December 2020:
– Léa path end for chapter 4 voiced (152 new voiced files)
– Léa standing fuck against mirror scene improved
– Gallery extended to 17 pages in total (153 unlockable images in total)
– Updated Android Port
– Minor bugs fixes and improvments
August 2020
– Valérie path ended for chapter 4 (voice acting for secondary character pending)
– Talk Battle added to the bar scene
– Added one background and one artwork
– Added 100 new voice lines for Valérie path (Valérie, Léa and Sylvia)
– French voice for Léa (A total of 73 lines in chapters 0,1 and first part of chapter 2)
– Compressed desktop versions
– Updated UI: added quick_menu in more screens allowing to load/save/rollback in choices,maps and during interactivities
– Updated UI: added more saveslots (150 instead of 96)
– Updated Android Port
– Minor bugs fixes and improvments
July 2020
– Completed Valérie handjob & fingering scene and added one artwork (Valérie cumming)
– Valérie path story extended with new artwork for the bar scene
– Interactivity added to Valérie in bar scene (Choices, custom menus and QTEs)
– new characters Sergei,Claude and Philip
– 50 new voice lines added for both Valérie and Léa
– Added lines in Valérie’s and player dispute in chapter 1 to better introduce Valérie’s father story
– Added 2 music tracks – Updated Android Port
– Minor bugs fixes and improvments
Jun 2020
– Valérie path story extended
– Completed Valérie intimate massage (interactive)
– Added 7 expressions to Valérie intimate massage
– Added Valérie Handjob & Fingering scene -> 4 Arts (some arts still need coloring)
– 120+ voice lines added for Valérie
– Added 1 music track
– Updated Android Port
– Minor bugs fixes and improvments
May 2020:
– Valérie path story extended
– Added Valérie Kiss scene
– Added Valérie intimate massage scene early version (interactive)
– Topless version for Sylvia in lingerie sprites (seen after titfuck scene)
– Fixed bug in Sylvia’s titfuck scene (mouse wheel now controls speed)
– New expressions for Valérie sprites
– Improved graphical assets in Lea’s Room (Better notebook + glow effects)
– Added 2 music tracks
– Updated Android Port
– Minor bugs fixes and improvments
April 2020
– Rework of chapter 4 hospital scenes (faster pace, more intuitive choices)
– Added transitions and animations in chapter 4 hospital scenes
– Completed artworks and added variants for Sylvia “Doggy Style” sex scene
– Added 2 animations for Sylvia “Doggy Style” sex scene
– English Voice over for Sylvia “Doggy Style” sex scene
– Sylvia path story extended with Léa’s secret (including short mini game)
– New background for Léa’s room
– New outfit for Léa
– Updated Android Port
– Minor bugs fixes and improvments
March 2020
-Added English voice over (600+ voice lines) for the first part of Chapter 4, performed by Pixie Willow, VoiceLikeCandy, Milly Stern and ZeroDiamonds
-Added new backgrounds and updated old ones (The office of Dr Moore, Sylvia’s Bedroom, Chapter 0)
-Translation of Chapter 0 and new version of Valérie’s letter in French
-French voice for Valérie (140 total lines) for Chapters 1-3, performed by Midnight Datura
-Minor bugfixes, polishes and improvements
September 2019
– Completed French translation
– Completed French voice over for Sylvia (110 new lines)
– Improvements on chapter 3 Sylvia’s kitchen background, splash screen and game logo
– Fixed an issue with typewriter display
– Fixed an issue with French voices replaced with English voices during the TitFuck interactive scene
– Fixed an issue with TitFuck interactive scene halting half way through if viewed from scene selector
– Replaced ‘Hold’ interactivity with ‘View’ in Valerie’s scene (‘Hold’ was not funny to play)
– Gallery updated with chapter 3 content (15 new unlockable images)
– Updated to Ren’Py
June 2019
This build contains many improvements and the sex scene with Valerie (first penetration scene).
I want to thank again BBCchan and Marjaana for the artworks on Valérie’s scene.
This scene include a new interactive section, I hope you will enjoy it.
Voice acting is also shining in this release. VoiceLikeCandy did a fantastic job with Valerie.
Her performance is great!
And we now have all our character voiced (except for the player), thanks to Ivan E. Recshun, SilkyMilk and Laddinger for providing additional voices.
– Valerie sex scene playable
– 3 additional musics for Valerie Scene
– Improvement of chapter 1 offices backgrounds
– Game-play improvement during chapter 2 swimsuit quests leading to Léa different behaviors
– Additional branches to include Léa new reactions
– Full Voice Cast in English (except for player)
– French Translation for Chapter 2 & 3 (Except for Valerie sex scene)
– French voice acting completed until chapter 3 shower scene with Lea and Sylvia
– Additional music for Valérie’s Memory
– Graphical options set to full AUTO (*)
– Bug-fixes and minor improvements
– Updated to Ren’Py
April 2019
This build is the result of quite intensive work from the art department.
You will discover younger Valérie!
It’s an intermediate release progressing story only.
Not everything is done for the scene (it miss 2 artworks and their variants for the spicy scene)
And the new dialogues are not voiced yet
From the “cinematic” standpoint, this memory scene is one of the most complex ones I coded with many elements in sync.
I can’t wait for our voice actress to bring even more life to this scene.
I added rocks in the boat at night sequence and in Sylvia’s nightmare.
Here is the changelog:
– Story completed until the end of chapter 3 (the “spicy” scene with Valerie is still to be drawn)
– New sprites and expression for Valerie (young)
– New sprites for dr mikes
– New backgrounds and variations (hospital room, nature)
– New interactive view (using two layers)
– Animation for Valerie eyes and jewels
– 2 New pieces of music for Valérie’s Memory
– Added rocks in dream sequence and boat at night animation
– Shift + G shortcut enabled to change Renderer options to improve performances on low-end GPU
– Typo fixes in the English version in chapter 1 and 2 (I may have missed some be patient)
March 2019 – Promoter Tier
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This special version gives you have access to the scene selector (New Game -> Start from a scene)
In the build folder below you can find a PDF containing an updated walk-through of the game.
This build is an opportunity to introduce a new Voice Actress: Zero Diamonds voicing the nurse Katia.
A lot of work has been done by all members of the team to bring this build to life.
The shower scene is now complete with smoother transitions, background animations, new pose, and extended dialogues.
Now, I am very happy to let you discover this build and hope you will enjoy it.
– Story extended
– Improvements on shower scene A (new lines of dialogues, smoother transitions)
– New shower scene B with an animated background
– Chapter 0, Chapter 3.2, Chapter 3.3 voiced (251 voiced lines were added)
– MC name default to “Player” and no longer “Pierre” (also if use the scene selector)
– Currently selected load/save slot has a green color to avoid confusion with mouse-hover (per request on F95 the default is the last save to date)
February 2019
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– Chapter 3 first scenes!
– New sex scene
– 7 New backgrounds
– 50+ lines of dialogue voiced for all main characters
– Transition from chapter 2 to 3 (using updated pseudo 3d algorithm)
– New music during transition from chapter 2 to 3
– New sprites for Valérie (new pose and expressions)
– New sprites for Sylvia (new hairstyle)
– New characters (Katia, Mike)
– Load/Save menu directly go to page where last saved slot is found
– Scene Selector bug fixed (issue with map after lea’s handjob)
December 2018
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  • We know who knocked at the door interrupting Sylvia in action 🙂
  • Updated Introduction including a name entry form and new introduction to the story (not voiced yet)
  • New Deverault labs mansion backgrounds
  • Secondary character voice over (Isabelle, Mia)
  • First phase of optimizations resulting in a 18% lighter build and including more content.
  • Updated gallery (including chapter 2 arts)
  • New musics for swimsuit shop,Lea sunscreen and hand-job scenes
  • Animated text effect for date and time display
  • Mini-games setting bug fixed (and removed from preference)
  • Better fonts in UI and some minor bug fixes
November 2018
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Story and scenes:
  • Blowjob scene with Sylvia
  • Tit-fuck scene with Sylvia
  • Interactivity on Tit-fuck scene (mouse wheel to select heartbeat frequency)
  • Léa teasing butt “animated” to make the sunscreen/teasing screen easier to understand
  • 140 new lines of dialogue recorded for Sylvia (English version)
  • Sylvia’s introspection scene in Herbert garden at night
  • Improved coloring for Sylvia’s kiss scene in the hotel
  • Start from a scene option, to start directly from a particular scene.
This feature will have to be unlocked in the full game.
All scenes are unlocked by default, as a response for loss of save games between builds.
Choices contains the mention “new” or “updated” to help keep track of what changed.
If you don’t want to be spoiled do not use this feature.
  • Map fixed and more responsive
  • Swimsuit shop selector updated with a “close” button (not forcing you to buy to continue)
  • Swimsuit “quest” re-written to include new branches for the updated swimsuit selector
  • 4 Animated backgrounds for the Greenray
  • Animated backgrounds for Granda Park A and B (with 2 variants for background characters)
  • 2 Background characters variants backgrounds for Pelican beach
  • Sound Volumes (music,voices, effects) normalized, making their adjustments easier from preferences.
  • 3 New musics for tender/intimate moments
  • Title music (main menu) and Boat Run music removed
  • Updated credits and minor fixes
  • Ren’py updated to
September 2018
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– Voice over for Léa (english) for the first part of chapter 2
– Voice over for Valérie (english) completed for chapter 2
– Extended scene with Sylvia in Player’s room
– Improvement on the handjob scene/Greenray introspection with Léa
– Music combination from multiple music track proof of concept
– Fixed some story branches issues before and after handjob scene
– Fixed restaurant’s background animation stopping when character are displayed
– Chapter transitions improved and subtitles changed
– Save on Quit with resume from main menu
– Start from menu or from Quit-save option in preferences
July 2018
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– Léa back story as conversation topics
– Léa sunscreen/massage scene
– Léa handjob scene
– Valérie at her desk Animated background (first of many animated backgrounds we have in mind)
– Léa new outfit for 2nd chapter
– Léa additional expressions
– Improved Swimsuit shop scene
– Bug fixes and various improvements (boat run tunnel exit …)
*Android is still at an “experimental” stage.
June 2018
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– Full voices over for chapter 1 and Bonus Chapter in English
– Sylvia only voice over for chapter 1 and Bonus Chapter in French
– Specific transitions and info windows for the demo
– Skip Mode automatically disabled during interactive scenes to prevent glitches
– Map and info windows translated to French
– Updated credits
– Renpy udpated to

Extras: WalkthroughItalian fan translation

*This port/version is unofficial and not released by the developer. Download at your own risk.

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