Akasen Powerleak [v0.2] [Aisuuuuu]

Akasen Powerleak [v0.2] [Aisuuuuu]

July 5, 2024F95

One day, the Main Protagonist wakes up in the night due to a weird feeling at her crotch, only to find out a penis grew in the night, she tried to keep sleeping and figure out what’s happening in the morning, but when she wakes up again, the penis disappeared. Was it all just a dream…? Her interest for Akasen grew since then, and these mysterious events, true or not, she decide to go into Akasen, assured that if there is an answer, it will be here.

NOTE: Futa can be skipped, but if you do, the game will have no content.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-04
Release Date: 2023-12-05
Developer: Aisuuuuu Itch.ioPatreonTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, AI CG, Futa, Lesbian, Futa/trans protagonist, Scat, Turn based combat, Rpg, Sandbox, Fantasy, Vore
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1. Extract and run.
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Version 0.2
Version 0.1
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Content Related
+ Introduction Chapter
+ Marisa’s Quest (Available but not completable)
+ Emperor Gashin’s Quest (Available but not completable)
+ Old Grandma’s Quest (Available but not completable)
+ Futanari Filter
+ Bathroom Filter
+ Inflation Filter
+ Vore Filter
+ Toilet Interactions
+ Toilet Needs
+ Fight System
+ Fight Tutorial
+ Pleasure Train Routine
+ Train Lesson
+ Welcoming Ass Wrecking
+ Gul’Nashär Zone
+ Gul’Nashär Tower Sub-Area (1E, 2E, 3E, and Roof)
+ Gul’Nashär House near Tower Sub-Area (Old Grandma House)
+ World Map
+ Scarlet Train Station Entrance
+ Scarlet Train Station Train
+ Pleasure Train Sub-Area (Wagons 1 & 2, Wagons 3 & 4)
+ Akasen Train Station
+ Inflation Great House Zone (Not implemented yet)
Character Related
+ New Main Protagonist Sprite
+ New Main Protagonist SV Battler
+ Main Protagonist Father Sprite
+ Main Protagonist Rival Sprite
+ Main Protagonist CG
+ Main Protagonist Nude CG
+ Main Protagonist Fat CG (Not implemented yet)
+ Cold Paladin Clothed CG (Not implemented yet)
+ Cold Paladin Nude CG (Not implemented yet)
+ Cold Paladin Outside CG (Not implemented yet)
+ Introduction Weird Night CG
+ 4 Bathroom Stuff CG
+ Mortuary Greeen Sprite + Naked
+ Mortuary Green Faces + Naked
+ Mortuary Green SV Battler
+ Mortuary Green Meeting CG
+ Mortuary Green Beaten CG
+ Mint Sirop Sprite + Naked
+ Mint Sirop Slime Sprite + Naked
+ Mint Sirop SV Battler + Naked
+ Mint Sirop Slime SV Battler + Naked
+ Gate Keeper Sprite + Naked
+ Gate Keeper Drake Sprite + Naked
+ Gate Keeper SV Battler + Naked
+ Gate Keeper Drake SV Battler + Nake
+ Gate Keeper Meeting CG
+ Gate Keeper Beaten CG
+ Gate Keeper Beaten Naked CG
+ Gate Keeper Beaten Drake CG
+ Gate Keeper Beaten Drake Naked CG
+ Dolls
+ Rings
+ Thighhighs
+ Belts (Armor)
+ Condom
+ Dildos
+ Chains
+ Flails
+ Pumps
+ Masturbators
+ Teeths
+ Cock Rings (Not implemented yet)
+ Geisha Balls (Not implemented yet)
+ Anal Plug (Not implemented yet)
+ Duck (Not implemented yet)
+ Belt (Not implemented yet)
+ Plastic Duck
+ Nashär Sword
+ War Drink
+ Fragina
+ Skinny Beverage
+ Ice Tea
+ Vampire Deal
+ Seven
+ Lenoss
+ Soccaiser
+ Blueballs
+ Waspberry
+ Laws Paper
+ Cum Bomb (Not implemented yet)
+ Stranger (Class)
+ Inflator (Class)
+ Inflated (Class)
+ Predator (Class)
+ Prey (Class)
+ Grower (Class)
+ Grown (Class)
+ Shrinker (Class)
+ Shrinked (Class)
+ Feeder (Class)
+ Feedee (Class)
+ Metamorph (Class)
+ Sadist (Class)
+ Masochist (Class)
+ Tamer (Class)
+ Pet (Class)
+ Master (Class)
+ Slave (Class)
+ Vore (Not Implemented yet)
+ Vore Lv 2 (Not Implemented yet)
+ Escape Vore
+ Bluberry Roll
+ Bluberry Roll Lv 2
+ Cloth Ripping
+ Get Naked!
+ Get Clothed!
+ Slimification!
+ Unslimification!
+ Drakization!
+ Degenerescence!
Skills and States aren’t really implemented yet, some exists in the database but aren’t usable ingame, it’s mostly story for the first version. However Classes are fully functionnal.
Developer Notes:
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Here is a little disclaimer about this game.
Akasen is a limitless fetishes universe, meaning that you will see a lot of fetishes and not only the ones you’re here for. You can disable them in the Filters Menu if you don’t want them. But keep in mind that some stuff are mandatory for the story to go on, and the filters won’t disable main story related content. Filters are enabled by default so don’t worry about seeing what you don’t want for now. There won’t be any Filters for Nudity. If you’re here you’re already asking for it.
Akasen is a NSFW universe with a lot of stuff going on. So we hope you’re ready for the ride in the universe I worked so hard for 5+ years !
Possible Content :
– Weight Gain Content (BBW, Stuffing, etc…)
– Vore Content (Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Digestion, Fatality, etc…)
– Inflation Content (Classic Inflation, Cumflation, Blueberry, etc…)
– Expansion Content (Giantess, Body Spelunking, etc…)
– Metamorphosis Content (Futanari, Fusion, Bodyswap, etc…)
– Petplay Content (Pet, Cattle, Tamer, etc..)
– BDSM Content (Slaves, Torture, Bindings, etc…)
– Exhibition Content (Nudity)
– Bathroom Content (Scat, Uro, etc…)
– Sexual Content (Cumflation, Futanari, Sex, etc…)

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