Aliens in the Backyard [v17 Public] [The Dark forest]

Aliens in the Backyard [v17 Public] [The Dark forest]

January 23, 2024F95

Alien expedition arrives in a small southern town to study the breeding of backward races. They kidnap young man from his bedroom and make him take part in their experiment by threats, but it seems, there are only benefits for main character.

Thread Updated: 2023-01-06
Release Date: 2023-09-01
Developer: The Dark forest PatreonSubscribestarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 17 Public
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Russian
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2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Adventure, Masturbation, Aliens, MILF, Mind control, Animation, Anal, Vaginal, Minet, Furry
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.
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Added a pool scene with Milly (Friday)
Added a pool scene with Judith (Sunday)
Added a Game Console scene
Ramrod quest continued
Cyril’s new quest
Sony’s new costume (with scenes)
Fixed a quest with TimBo
Fixed black screen in Mary’s house
Fixed freezing of Milena’s office
Mary’s story continues
Milena’s story continues
Added a scene with a Ramrod
Added a missing English localization file
Fixed Milena’s quest on old saves
Restored compatibility with saves from 14 versions and below.
Updated the Portuguese language.
Fixed several typos.
By VERY numerous requests, the punishment for the minimum grade in college was removed Instead, indicators of quests and important events were added to the global map (a test is needed)
The alien branch has been continued
Added several scenes with Milly
Added a scene with Miss Ramrod
Fixed a deadlock when there was not enough Psi reserve for Lisa
Fixed a lot of old bugs
v14 fix 3
A college nurse now treats the characters and sells first aid kits.
The Green Menace quest no longer starts on Saturday.
The movement of the hero on the beach with the mouse (sensor)
has been completely rewritten, the Help with selection 2 quest code has been completely rewritten, so it is recommended to reset it.
The story of Milena continues
New sprites of the teacher
added 1 scene with the teacher
added 1 scene with Millie
added 3 scenes with Judith at night
Milena’s quest chain has been fixed.
Fixed frieze on Judith’s quest chain
Fixed frieze on Tuesday afternoon instead of Judith’s call
Fixed alien clones at night
Fixed many minor graphical bugs
Now you can’t skip time until you defeat the raccoon girl
Added a lot of hints why you can’t skip time.
Fixed Hot sabotage 3 quest when talking to Millie instead of asking for help, a dialogue appeared about buying a Harley Quinn costume
Drone combat fixed
Fixed quest Strange Email
Fixed missing sound in android version
By popular demand, the salary in MacPig has been increased by $50, $100 and $200
Reduced the amount of Vixie’s life points in combat
Hello friends, here is the long-awaited version, as usual we are waiting for your comments and suggestions for new versions.
P.s. To continue saving v12 at 12.99, you need to copy the address to Explorer %LOCALAPPDATA%User DataDefault and move the saves to a folder www save
Fixed a frieze in the classroom.
Fixed animation in scenes.
Fixed a rare bug with the installation of cameras.
Added Portuguese Thanks ADS.
Fixed random dialogue with Judith
Fixed all mini-games (battle in the sky, tap opening)
Fixed Nina_Telo.png on android
The Clean Trap quest has been completed
Fixed New guest Now the elevator works as it should
so fixed the battle with drones
fixed the clicker mini game
Fixed a lot of bugs (including with college)
Holly’s story continues
1 new character
The Vixie and Teacher branch has been continued
Fix 11.3
Fixed the art with Nina
Fixed the English text on the military base
Fix 11.2
Fixed the game hanging
Fix 11.1
Fixed missing texts in the English localization on android
Quests Fluffy Diversion, alien challenge and underground mystery no longer conflict
Access to the unfinished area is blocked
So a new scene in the shower
continued the alien quest
continued the quest Help with the elections (changed)
New scenes with TI
New scene with Millie
A new scene with Mary
4 new locations
New quest with Ti
Continuation of the quest A strange e-mail
Continued the quest Help with elections 2
New events in the college
New quests in the park
New events with Holly
New events with Raccoon
Fixed a lot of bugs
Fixed Flirt
Fixed Save on MacOS (test required)
Save files will be directed to: OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/User Data/Default/<game title>
3 new locations
New events with Holly.
New events with the raccoon girl.
The main plot continues
The new mini-game
Lots of bug fixes.
completely rewritten the quest A search for a laptop (changed)
fixed the camera in the shower
added missing drawings
Fixed Uncaught TypeError error: Can’t read the ‘width ‘ null property
Fixed black screen on android
Now Bella no longer appears during dog walking
Now the simultaneous execution of the magic lamp and the purchase of a Name tag do not block each other.
Fixed Milly’s double
Added auto-save to the first slot during the main character’s sleep.
Fixed Milly’s dialog
fixed Judith’s smock when kissing
fixed the teacher getting stuck bug
Fixed language selection for android
Quest A search for a laptop now blocks the game
Fluffy problem issue has been fixed in the quest
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Continue the morning’s events Judith.
The beginning of events with Holly.
New events with the raccoon girl.
Lots of bug fixes.
The shower has been reworked. Now it is not random, and the characters take shower on certain days of the week
College now opens after the protagonist reaches strength level 5
Milly’s quests are available after the protagonist reaches strength and intelligence level 5
Lisa demands candy right away, and is not tied to Milly’s quests
Judith’s leveling no longer depends on Hot Sabotage (except for the first one)
The trip to the beach takes place during the second week of the game
Holly is no longer dependent on meeting in the park while walking the dogs.
Conditions of visiting professor at night and explosion at night were moved to the more appropriate points in the game
School workshops open their doors on the first Friday
The Final Project quest is displayed correctly
The teacher is no longer stuck at the entrance
Fixed a lot of bugs
continued the quest with the raccoon girl
new scenes with Milly
New scenes with Holly
new quests.
Fixed a bug with Lisa in the library
fixed the Data feeding quest
Fixed hanging when visiting the classroom
Deleted Expensive laptop Because the branch was unsuccessful
Judith is changing again at the weekend
“Fluffy problem” the Cave is no longer filled up ahead of time.
Incest porn fixed a typo.
Modulator updates are no longer enabled ahead of time.
Computer feed is completed correctly.
Strange plant now works as intended.
Contraceptive ring the ring is put on correctly.
Preloading of resources is enabled.
Fixed a bug with side quests
Judith branch continued
New locations city Hall, Hospital, tree house.
Private shots of Milly
The “Fluffy problem” quest has been continued
The story continues
Updated the DKTools_Localization plugin (fixes the language selection on Android)
Rewritten questlog
Fixed animation
Game acceleration has been removed
Holly content
2 quests
Millie the content
9 scenes
Judith cotent
2 scenes
Continue the main quest
Deleted message in Russian when buying a Box of chocolates.
Added the missing image
the Android version has added control buttons
Fixed animation
Removed game acceleration
Quest items can only be purchased if they are needed in the story.
Converted dumbbells
3 new locations
Millie’s Content
New suit
New posing
GG demands a reward
new quest.
Part 3
Now the neighbor’s house is opened not only during the PC riot quest, but also to Pick up flowers from Mary.
Now the Modulator works even if you don’t use it until you complete the Hot sabotage quest.
Menu items no longer open prematurely
The beach is opened during the quest Loud bang in the night(if it was not opened before)
New English translation
Millie’s content
1 posing(with a subsequent scene)
Content Judith
Incest porn and Hardcore porn swapped places
Incest porn(with animation)
Blowjob(with animation)
Was vaginal(with animation)
The anal (with animation)
The main quest continued
Part 2 fix 1
Fixed TypeError, cannot read property ‘Split’ of undefined ” (again)
fixed scene with aliens on the ship
fixed inability to develop Judith branch without completing quest Hot sabotage 2
Part 2
New location.
New character.
New quest.
Judith’s new quests.
Demo fix.1
Fixed a bug where it was impossible to miss the time after
Judith’s Masturbation scene if you did not have time to get the computer
Fixed TypeError, cannot read property ‘Split’ of undefined”
Fixed “Hot sabotage 3” quest display in English localization.
Developer Notes:
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About localizations:
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About localizations. We know our English is bad, but you can fix it. You do not need any of program including RPG Maker.
All you need is to download the game, open the folder Aliens in the Backyard wwwlocalesen or ru. Open files kotorye there is any text editor (I recommend Notepad+++) and edit as you need, without touching the code.
It was:
“event1_1”: “\N<\N[1]> О! \.\.\.\N[2] еще не ушла на работу.”,
“event1_1”: “\N<\N[1] > Oh! \.\.\.\N[2] haven’t gone to the work yet.”,
Save the result and you’re done. Then send the folder enru or the Language that was translated to us in the Discord and we will add it in the next update.


Walkthrough (outdated) – SAVES

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