Amoral Quest [v0.42] [CootyzBoi]

Amoral Quest [v0.42] [CootyzBoi]

June 4, 2024F95

You play as a transfer student, but the same night you get transported to a strange new world,
You have to manage both your student life where everyone has alter motives and the hard life of the strange new world

Thread Updated: 2024-06-01
Release Date: 2024-04-25
Developer: CootyzBoi Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.42
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, female domination, foot fetish, adventure, fantasy,  school setting ,face sitting, footjob,trample,
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1. Extract and run.
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*Added Zindy [Feet]
*Minor changes and bug fixes
*New Scene For Sylvaria [Feet Lick]
(Complete changelog and Walkthrough in Game Folder)
*Press ‘C’ Key to check time and Day
*Press ‘E’ To fast travel to your room
*Press ‘Q’ while talking to someone to get extra pics [doesn’t work on everyone yet]
*Change your name in your room using laptop
*Remade Dealer’s CG
*Added Miss Jennifer’s route
*Added a scene for zoe
*Tracy’s Route [Zoe’s Friend]
*24/7 Burgers [Can eat there]
*Story progress
*Female Knight scene
*Aela scene
*2nd Boss
*Secret Hidden Scene
*Remade Intro CG’s and Added New CG’s For Intro
*Added New NPC’s [School Nurse, Miss Karen, Linda Shop Owner, Nerd Girl, Deborah, Head teacher (In Intro), Janitor, etc]
*Special Key ‘Q’ Works on [most female students, Deborah, Alea]
-Bug Fix
*Enigma battle not ending after scene
*Female Knight Scene picture stuck on screen
*Kaitlyn Scene Bugging out
*Leaving Enigma Area fix
v0.4 Test Build 3
-Main story/ intro
*The new intro will only occur if you start from new game
*New story will occur for everyone when you attend class
*If you have already complete the main story in previous version (witch quest) your progress will continue after the new witch intro is completed
–time zones
* 4 time zone
*Morning,noon, evening,night
*Press “C” to check time and day of week
–Remade Kaitlyn
* Available during evening (Ground)
* Noon sometimes during her progression “when increasing her RP”(2nd floor School main building)
*All new fight
*4 different scenes
* Can heal below a certain Hp mark
* can surrender to her now, to lose to a grab faster.
-Office lady
*Her story progresses talk to her at the bench after attending your class
-Maid& Matilda
*1 scene added (Trampling)
-Kim(School Girl)
*Introduction (keep attending class)
*Can pay attention (to get on teacher good side”in future”)
*Distract yourself
(Small feet scene)
(Small ass scene)
*One scene
*Can eat with her (evening at food stall behind the school)
-Added 2 scenes to hobo girl
-Remade Zoe’s route and CG
-Added 1 new scene to Zoe
enigma 3-4 times or by beating her.
#Added a school girl- can be found in the library 1st floor of school main building
#Added a woman in the school lower side alley -need 300g or more to see her scene
#Can now buy drugs and sell them to make a profit -talk to jack in your classroom after avana’s introduction
#added scenes for maid and matilda in fantasy world – available through main quest
(Old Saves From Before 0.4 Won’t Work)
Save file before the new content in the game folder


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    Amoral Quest [v0.42] [CootyzBoi]