Amore [v0.50.13] [Amore]

Amore [v0.50.13] [Amore]

January 3, 2024F95

Create a criminal empire and fuck all the girls in this sandbox adventure HTML PORN Game!

Thread Updated: 2023-10-18
Release Date: 2023-10-18
Developer: Amore Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.50.13
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Male protagonist, Milf, Incest, Big tits, Big ass, Sandbox
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Fix – Various fixes and tweaks
  • Backers – The x3 multi now applies to experience earned in combat. Meaning you can get x3 the amount of XP after fights.
  • Backers – New backer code
  • Fix – Fixed an issue with Madame Spooky’s level not increasing when chatting to her
  • Fix – Fixed the roomate gym picture not loading correctly on some devices
  • Fix – Fixed a lot of the serum/crafting bugs that were caused by the inventory update.
  • Achievements – EVERYTHING IS FIXED. If there is an achievement you think you should have, but dont, try to do it again or go to the area it would usually unlock for it to unlock correctly. Every single achievement has some sort of place that it can retrigger if in a previous version it did not. For example, the superhero achievements are all unlockable if you completed the requirements just by being in the cell of that superhero. We have tested a fresh save from scratch and were able to unlock EVERY achievement.
  • Basement Business – The basement business has been completely remade. You will need to re-hire your employees again to continue progress. This reverts progress of a few quests.
  • General – The end of day log is now color coded based on if something good happened, or something bad happened.
  • Halloween 2023 – Two new achievements have been added to the set
  • Halloween 2023 – Introducing our first ever dungeon – The Spooky Dungeon! Combat must be enabled and you need to prepare! Finishing this dungeon will grant you a chance to get some sick new item rewards as well as be a real combat challenge!
  • Halloween 2023 – Added the ability to unlock and change Madame Spook’s chat avatar. Can you unlock them all?
  • Threesomes – A new threesome has been added between Madame Spooky and Jennifer! Contains tons of new scenes!
  • Numerous improvements and other bug fixes
  • New backer code
  • Fix – Fixed can’t read books bug
  • Fix – Fixed can’t use the power tools bug
  • Fix – Fixed can’t give Cobra Serum bug
  • Fix – Fixed Harley give flowers bug
  • Fix – Fixed the homeless guy not wanting to buy your products in London
  • Fixed the link for bug reports
  • Fixed the issue with Patches not accepting your diamond.
  • Added multiplier functionality with Madame Spooky, allowing you to get extra relationship when interacting with her
  • New Backer code
  • Added some text guidance for the new inventory.
  • Fix – You will need to re-buy the keys for Apate and Daisy. Progress isn’t lost, you just need to rebuy them.
  • Fix – Fixed some items having errors in Ahmed’s shop
  • General – The inventory system has been completely overhauled. Meaning bugs with items missing should not happen going forward. HOWEVER, if there is any issues, it will be due to the old code still lingering. Let us know if you spot any issues with the inventory system.
  • Fix – Shop out of stock fixes
  • Fix – Various fixes and improvements to the ‘Easter 2023’ quest
  • General – Clothing system! – You can now wear clothes!
  • General – Stats are now limited
  • Ahmed’s Shop – 4 New Clothing Items Added
  • Pachinko – 1 New Clothing Item Added as a pachinko reward
  • Crime – You now get crime points from selling illegal items to Patches/Other Characters
  • Halloween 2023 – A brand new quest has been added to the game! – Can you gain access to the haunted mansion?
  • Halloween 2023 – New lovable character – Madame Spooky!
  • Halloween 2023 – 10 New Love Scenes
  • Halloween 2023 – Brand new achievements!
  • General – I’ve changed the graphics for Molly to someone new.
  • General – Added a clothing store to London
  • General – Slight nerf to strength and intelligence gains in order to emphasise the clothing system stats more
  • General – You can also take a pair of panties for your wardrobe from Jennifer’s room
  • Step-Dad – Mind wiping step dad has been re-added.
  • Gallery/Achievements – We have completely reworked the achievement system. There are now 152 Achievements to unlock with more added with every update. You will need to start a new game. If you dont start a new game, some achievements wont show as compelete.This new system includes categories for each character. All achievements are unlockable in a single save. Pop ups occur when an achievement has been triggered in the game.
  • Changes – Easter Egg Quests have the random chance removed. You will ALWAYS get the easter eggs if you find the right location
  • Fixes – Tons and tons of bugfixes
  • Fix – Fixed Zoe’s special scene not showing as intended
  • Fix – Fixed many XP bugs (Your characters will have XP nerfed according to their level to prevent endless level ups)
  • Addition – Changed the total XP needed after a fight to just the XP you need until your next level up
  • Fix – XP gained is 1.2 * the amount of the enemy level, previously this was more
  • Jennifer – Added new interactions / lewd scenes / special scenes
  • Zoe – Added new interactions / lewd scenes / special scenes
  • Fixed – Step-Mom Gallery image is now fixed for having over 2000 relationship level
  • Fixed – Zoe’s bum love scene is now fixed and completely re-done
  • Fixed – Fixed stamina softlocks when trying certain interactions with no stamina!
  • Fixed – HUGE combat changes, including a full rework of the XP system. Expect characters to auto level after combat
  • Amata – You can now ‘reset’ the step dad. Doing so will increase his combat level, giving a chance to gain increased XP, even more stamina implants and replayability
  • Amata – You can now ‘reset’ Elsa. Doing so will reset her quest completely and her relationship level
  • Fixed – Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Combat – Dr Funk update, this includes new characters to recruit as well as a new combat move
  • Panty Throwing – Characters can now learn the panty throw combat move from Dr Funk, includes animations!
  • Fixed – Fixed the ‘Cock Slap’ move being learned by female characters in combat
  • Tweak – The chance of getting essence in fights has been increased from 20% to 80%
  • Game Start – There have been a number of changes to how the game setup works, the text has been completely redone and I have added a player bonus system. You will see five different bonuses to choose from when starting the game to give you a ‘kick start’, choose from having $500 in your pocket, maybe some herbs? Or increased starting relationship with your family!
  • Amada Friend – Added new interactions to the Amada Friend (Diamond/Misty)
  • Amada Mr Maximus – Added new interactions to Mr Maximus
  • Gallery/Achievements – New ‘Special’ animated gallery unlocks, look out for the gold ones!
  • Gallery/Achievements – New gallery images
  • This update fixes a few reported issues, typos and balances combat a little
  • It also has a lot of backend changes to make it more compatible for website hosts
  • There is a little extra content too 😉
  • This update just fixes some of the glitches/softlocks with the combat system that were reported
  • Fixes a bunch of other issues that were reported too
  • Added 6 new images you can use when recruiting NPCs from Patches or Bernie
  • New Backer Code
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  • Added over 20 new gallery pictures to unlock
  • Added random event in the garden with Zoe
  • Added new interaction with Jennifer in the garden
  • Added over 5 new interactions with Zoe that can be used in the living room as well as convincing her to change her outfits.
  • Added a new London quest/activity! – Invest in a Game Dev Studio! This includes a new way to make money through game development. Create your own games and make big cash! The higher the review score = the highers the sales from your games! This also includes two brand new fuckable characters! However they both have different paths and you will have to carefully choose who to put in charge of your new business venture! This includes over 7 new scenes!
  • Added level scaling to the hobo fight. XP is given based on enemy level so should help with grinding and providing more of a challenge.
  • Fixed Harley’s fuck counter not working – Thanks for reporting!
  • Fixed Lisa Quest Progress not showing correctly in the quest log
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  • Added some new gallery pictures to unlock
  • Added Aunt BJ scenes
  • Fixed Daisy’s Fuck Counter not working
  • Fixed Aunt Dildo Bug
  • Added more dialogue to the Aunt, hinting at what you can do next with her.
  • Added more text to the ‘Capturing Superheroes’ quest info screen.
  • Removed the ‘Not Started’ text from all quests in the quest log.
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  • Added option to give Elsa facials when fucking in her apartment
  • Brand new questlog system.
  • Added a Gallery! Unlock photos by completing certain tasks. To be expanded on in the future.
  • New dialogue, mostly with the Mrs Moon/Zoe scenes. These are replayable in the University if you want to see what has changed.
  • Combat is now disabled by default. You can still turn it on via the phone menu.
  • Fixed the Jennifer stripping images not working as intended
  • Fixed UI issues, game should be more playable on mobile.
  • Fixed some newly discovered issues with Lisa’s scenes.
  • Fixed unable to give dildo to the Aunt
  • Elsa & Lisa will now kick you out if you are in their apartment too late!
  • Fixed serious issue where you couldn’t use your phone in London and the game would potentially lock you in that screen
  • Fixed some images at the university not working as intended
  • Fixed Quests not showing as complete
  • Fixed druglab showing in the daily log when the player hasn’t unlocked it yet.
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  • Tweaked the ‘What’s New?’ page. Make sure to check out Realm of Corruption if you haven’t already!
  • Fixed issue with Lisa & Nathaly not recognising player has flowers – Thanks for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed issue with Lisa’s videos not working as intended in the gym area – Thanks for reporting this issue.
  • Added the ability to walk home from Aunt’s house. This will leave you very tired and will end the day. It also fixes the rare issue of being stuck in Aunt’s house.
  • You can now take your ‘landlady’ out on a date. Choose between your Strip Club or Elsa’s Bar! – Strip Club has you potentially leading to a threesome with one of the workers. Elsa’s bar includes 3 random events that can occur with 5 different endings across them all. Involving cuckholding, fucking, trans content, and much more!
  • There is now a background image. It’s a placeholder.
  • Fixed issue with Elsa’s bathroom pics not working as intended
  • Changed how cheats work. There is now a single code for backers which grants access to the ‘Backer Hub’.
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  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t give flowers to Elsa – thank you for reporting this issue!
  • Fixed an issue where Ahmed’s shop wouldn’t work – thank you for reporting this issue!
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  • Fixed UI issues with the combat system
  • Fixed an issue with Marco’s fight making him duplicate across other fights in the game
  • Fixed enemy stats going below 0 in combat
  • Added a scene for the cumshot move in combat
  • Fixed party info screens being bugged
  • Fixed some videos being too small
  • Fixed taxi videos not working as intended
  • Fixed step-dad slap videos not working correctly on mobile
  • Fixed images/UI for Aunt’s ‘True Love’ event
  • Reduced the amount of money you get from Aunt’s ‘True Love’ event from 10,000 to 1,500. I didn’t realise it was this much, lol.
  • Fixed passing out issue in Aunt’s house leading to a game error.
  • Fixed text issues when peeking on roomate
  • Fixed household interactions not resetting the neglect timer.
  • Added a new random event for the basement office (New Landlady & Emily lesbian scene)
  • Added a new random event when in your bedroom (New Landlady scene)
  • STDS now remove half your stamina
  • Added a new random event when in the London underground base (New Harley scene)
  • You can now upgrade the drug lab to increase your weekly production to 3 drugs per week.
  • Fixed basement threesome videos not working as intended on mobile
  • Fixed family meal text not showing as intended
  • Added a notification in your daily log alerting you when your drugs are ready to collect from the druglab
  • You can now carry an unlimited amount of flowers, drugs and medpacks. Time to stock up!
  • Fixed Harley BJ & Sex scenes not working as intended
  • Made some minor changes to Daisy
  • Fixed Girth street showing an error
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  • Videos are more optimised, meaning they will load quicker on your devices. It also reduces the filesize of the game for people who download or host the game.
  • Quests are now split into each area of the game, helping players know which area a quest can be.
  • Replaced the changelog with a ‘What’s new?’ button. If you want to see a previous update’s changelog, you can check the patreon/subscribestar pages (free) or the discord. It’s just cleaner this way.
  • Fixed basement office pictures not working correctly
  • Added new scenes to Sophia (The Maid) – Also includes ability to give her a facial.
  • Big update for Nathaly! (Strip Club) – Nathaly is now fuckable and has her own quest in the strip club and you can now visit her in her apartment. If you can befriend her… This includes over 6 new scenes!
  • Some UI changes, if a character is in an area instead of showing (Lisa is Here), it now just shows Lisa . Which I think is nicer looking.
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  • Videos fixed on mobile (They no longer go full screen on your phone)
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Changed a few videos to more suit the characters
  • Lots of UI changes
  • New passcode for backers
  • Updated ‘Other Games’ Page
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  • Fixed versions not updating correctly
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Brand new Nigeria area!
  • Added ‘Finishing’ scenes to ‘landlady’ character. Choose where you want to finish! (Includes new scenes)
  • Added 8 new quests, including open-ended ones for more replayablity!
  • Added over 5 fuckable new characters as well as many more non-fuckable ones!
  • Added lots of new areas in Nigeria!
  • New superhero character quest available! Capture and fuck a new hero! Train her obedience levels in a new twist!
  • Combat level cheats now increase health + stamina (for party members)
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Added autosaving
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  • Fixed ‘Quickie’ move not working in combat
  • Added lewd scene when using the ‘Quickie’ move in combat
  • Removed the christmas pic from Amore title screen
  • Fixed Aunt not leveling up every 5 levels
  • Party characters now level up both health and stamina every 5 levels
  • Updated Aunt combat overview
  • Updated backer codes
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  • Added new combat focused quest: Step Dad Ultra
  • You can now recruit the ‘Auntie’ character to your party
  • Fixed text issues when having a family meal
  • Combat tweaks
  • Added a new passage when asking ‘Auntie’ character to take you home
  • You can now only access the sex menu after completing ‘Auntie’ character’s quest
  • Updated new codes for backers
  • Added new lewd videos for strippers working at your strip club
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  • Save file issues are now fixed going forward: This means that save files from v0.45.12 onwards should always work with future updates. But this also means that ongoing save issues with previous saves will not work.
    Sorry about the inconvenience as I know lots of people had this issue, but rest assured your save files should now be safe going forward.
  • Fixed some minor bugs with the christmas 2022 update (Thanks for reporting)
  • Fixed ‘Sex with Pussywoman not registering’ bug (Thanks for reporting)
  • You can now enable or disable combat via your phone during the game. This might cause issues, but upon initial testing it looked okay. The only thing you need is an empty party to disable combat.
  • Updated new codes for backers
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  • Fixed an issue with images not displaying correctly in PC world (Thanks for reporting)
  • I am working on fixing an issue with one of the quests not showing as completed, this update should come later on but this bug is purely visual and has no impact on gameplay (Thanks for reporting)
  • I appreciate the reports on old saves not working. However, please understand that I cannot fix these issues as its engine specific (Thanks for reporting)
  • Added the amore Christmas logo
  • Added a new Christmas 2022 quest! Speak with Harley to start.
  • New lewd interactions for household members as part of the Christmas 2022 quest
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  • Expanded upon the ‘Step Dad’s Porno Adventure’ quest, some new areas and dialogue.
  • Fixed issue with Penny’s sex scene not loading correctly (Thanks for reporting)
  • More work done on the Nigeria area of the game
  • Added discord links
  • New codes for backers
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  • Added a teaser for a new game in the other projects section
  • Provided the player some guidance on the Sister Bedroom times, (This door will be unlocked on the weekends between 3-7).
  • Removed Frog man from the choosable playerphotos and replaced him with the Amore Guy
  • Added a new quest: ‘Step-Dad’s Porno Adventure’ – Can be started once your step-dad has been kicked our of your house. You can find him outside of PC world at night.
  • Fixed basement office issue showing multiple basement pictures
  • Fixed Katrina’s bugged chat photo
  • Fixed Drug dealer quest not showing as complete when selling to Ahmed
  • PC world outside image is now fixed
  • New codes for backers
  • Fixed London hospital not healing the player fully (Thanks for reporting!)
  • Fixed the teleporting when finishing speaking to auntie (thanks for reporting!)
  • Not interacting with the mom or sister character after a long time will make them miss you and you will suffer a relationship penalty.
  • Fixed lots of videos not loading correctly due to some file formats not updating to mp4 (thanks for reporting!).
  • New passcode for backers
  • Lots of behind the scenes work on the Nigeria area of the game
  • Added a new placeholder photo of the player character in the portrait menu
  • Fixed sister character gym images not working on mobile (thanks for reporting)
  • Added a button to skip the London intro
  • Added a new enemy in London
  • Added credits
  • Fixed sister character quest not counting towards quests complete (thanks for reporting)
  • Hobos no longer use the ‘drink beer’ +1 health move. I have replaced this with another move that decreases target stamina instead.
  • Some extra quality of life features for the combat system
Fixed player punch damage multiplier
  • FINALLY fixed that issue with the UI bar popping in and out. This is a bug that has plagued the game since day 1 and will greatly improve the gameplay for mobile users who need that extra space on their screen
  • Removed ui bar fix from sleeping as its no longer needed!
  • Added the player to the party within the left UIbar and made characters clickable so you can view more in depth stats and movesets
  • Player and Harley will now auto increase their health by +1 every 5 levels
  • Lots of fixes with UI elements
  • The combat system is now completely optional and you will need to choose if you want to disable or enable it at the start of the game.
  • Changed the money needed for ‘a mother in need from 165k to 65k’
  • All videos are now MP4s. This means that they should work on mobile. Please let me know if any aren’t working.
  • Buffed super slut’s health to 55
  • New code for backers
  • Fixed gaining experience showing as 5 regardless of how much you were actually earning in combat.
  • Fixed PC world robbery. You actually need a gun to rob PC world but this isn’t implemented yet. The game was letting players rob it if they had a dildo in their inventory.
  • I actually made a mistake and thought I already fixed the bug with superslut showing up in other enemy encounters. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed issue with lisa’s anal video not actually being an anal video (Thanks for reporting)
  • Fixed issue with not being able to remove Harley from your party (Thanks for reporting)
  • I’ve removed the dev menu as i believe it was causing issues with the combat system. (It shouldn’t of really been used) If you are still getting issues with the combat system please report it
  • Taxi to London now only costs $50
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Fixed some images not loading in the web version of Amore
  • Removed buying beer in London for now
  • Fixed an issue where superslut would load into the enemy slot too early resulting in other enemy encounters being glitched.
  • new passcodes for backers
Fixed issue where bar whore would load into the enemy slot too early resulting in other enemy encounters being glitched.
  • Fixed code issue with Elsa sex scene in her apartment (Thanks for reporting).
  • New passcodes
  • Updated more of the UI
  • Revised the FAQ
  • Fixed bug ‘cant interact with paul after getting weed for the first time’ (Thanks for reporting!)
  • Fixed Lisa sex menu bug (Thanks for reporting!)
  • The fade in/fade out is now reduced from 1 second to 0.5 second which makes the game a lot faster
  • You can challenge the woman at elsa’s bar to a fight
  • Added an in depth turn based combat system to replace the strength check encounters (step dad, superslut, with lots more to be added)
  • Added beating up homeless people in Amore to help grind levels
  • Once you level up you can learn moves such as groping and flashing and increase your max health
  • Added a medpack item you can buy that you can health yourself/party members with
  • Added party members that you can take with you across Amore (currently this only works for Harley, your Aunt will be the second party member)
  • Fixed bugged taxis
  • Fixed drunk status not removed after sleeping (Thanks for reporting this issue!)
  • Some enemies can submit to you in combat allowing you to fuck them
  • Fixed office being upgradable without meeting the money requirement and putting you in massive debt
  • Fixed game crashing when robbing PC world (thanks for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed game crashing when giving Daisy a BJ (thanks for reporting this issue!)
  • New main menu screen
  • New backer codes
  • General – Hash system for backer passwords.
  • General – Game now works 99% on mobile. I remade ALL images one by one for this to work but going forward this is a much easier thing to change.
  • General – ALL gifs are removed. Gifs were usually earlier lewd scenes. These have been replaced with webms/mp4 (these might not work on some mobile browsers). The benefit to this is now the overall file size of the game is about 60% less and the videos are higher quality
  • General – Can now choose between 6 different player icons (generic, jordie and Juann etc) with more to be added
  • General – Added a max stamina which can be upgraded to reduce grind
  • General – Major updates to reduce heavy grinding across the entire game, the game should be fun without any cheats which I dont believe has been the case
  • General – Inventory overhall. It actually works now and has images for each item you own.
  • General – Removed perks (not sure if these will be re-added, they didn’t really do anything)
  • Family – Increased the amount of allowance you get from mom for chores from $35 per room to $100
  • General – Increased amount of strength and intelligence you get from working out and studying
  • Family – The adoption centre is closed.
  • General – Removed all references to ‘Earth’ or the city you are currently in (some reference may remain as I am having to remove them manually from every page). The thinking was that you would eventually go to space and fuck aliens. Its coming eventually but for now there is no reason to remind you that you are on planet earth.
  • Family – encounters with step dad will now no longer end with you teleported to the ground floor of your house. If you are in the upstairs bathroom and he catches you snooping on mom you will be kicked out on the upstairs floor
  • General – Removed the family mode button on the main menu (i started something that im not comfortable releasing or even teasing at this stage)
  • General – Added a working quest log that will update and track all your active quests. This will replace the horrible guide pages which ar enow removed. There are currently 18 quests in the game. Some are short (defeat step dad) and some are entire areas (London super hero storyline) So there is certainly a huge amount of content currently.
  • General – Fixed Characters being in multiple places at once
  • Family – Fixed input text boxes and included default family names for those who cant be bothered putting character names
  • General – Increased and improved dialog and story across the entire game
  • Family – Removed all stat restrictions from masturbating in the bathroom while mom is there (you can do this and get a negative reaction if your stats arent high enough)
  • General – Added a mobile phone menu in your bedroom where you can enter cheat codes at any time during the game rather than just at one time during the game setup
  • General – Added 24 random hints to display on the sleep screen
  • General – Remade the entire relationship screen into a more simple table
  • Criminal Empire – Added an employee overview screen in your basement office
  • Criminal Empire – Removed upgrades for Emily for now
  • Criminal Empire – Remade the clothing selection screen for employees
  • Criminal Empire – Employees now have weekly wages
  • Criminal Empire – Added a brand new quest for Emily/New Character
  • Sophia – Buffed the relationship increase you get when tipping her money
  • Sophia – Removed stat restrictions from trying to fuck Sophia (Negative reaction from Sophia if you haven’t completed the requirements)
  • General – Added a new character ‘Katrina’ to Amore
  • Empire – Removed all items and replaced the intelligence implant with a stamina implant that permanently increases your max stamina by + 10 allowing you to do more stuff each day.
  • Empire – Reduced the cost of the implant from $750 to $500 and removed all requirements for criminal points
  • General – Replaced Crime Points with Reputation
  • Family – Buffed the relationship increase with mom and sister when having a family meal from +2 to +10
  • Family – Added and fixed dialog when having family meal and fixed reactions to character’s clothing
  • Sophia – Completely replaced the images for Sophia. The actress didn’t have many photos and the ones she did have didn’t suit the game.
  • General – Set default player chat photo as generic
  • Family –  Removed stat restrictions from grabbing moms ass in the living room (Negative reaction from Mom if you haven’t completed the requirements)
  • General – You can only buy one bouqet of flowers at a time. Previously this was unlimited and would break the game.
  • General – Food & Drinks are removed for now
  • General – Removed some photos that were just pointless and were taking up a lot of space in the game files
  • General – Replaced a lot of images with dynamic ones based on which characters are in the area you are in
  • Ahmed’s Shop – All items from Ahmed’s shop will show in your inventory once bought. All items are available straight away.
  • Ahmed’s Shop – Stealing now only works based on a random chance (33%) to get caught but the higher your intelligence the less chance you will get caught. Previously you could only steal up to three times and then never again.
  • Ahmed’s Shop – Buffed the amount of cash you can steal from 50 to 250
  • Ahmed’s Shop – Buffed the amount of reputation (previously crime points) you gain from stealing from 5 to 25
  • Ahmed’ Shop – Buffed the amount of cash you get from selling Ahmed weed from $90 to $290. Also buffed the amount of reputation you get from 5 to 30
  • General – Reworked UI elements, texts, fonts and fixed the buttons apearing as blue when hovering (should of been a different shade purple)
  • Amore Doctors Office – Previously this would only cure STDs and not recover health. This is now fixed.
  • Elsa’s Bar – Chance to catch an STD from using the gloryhole.
  • Elsa’s Bar – Reduced the price of beer from $15 to $5 in Amore
  • Elsa’s Bar – Elsa will now refuse to serve you if you are drunk
  • Elsa – Created the quest for Elsa
  • Elsa – Improved dialog
  • Elsa – Changed images
  • General – Created a better introduction and a starting quest
  • Elsa – Buffed and reduced all requirements for Elsa’s quest and made it trackable in the quest log in 5 different parts
  • Elsa – Changed some of her lewd content
  • Elsa – Fixed being teleported outside her apartment after interacting with her
  • Paul – Changed dialog
  • Paul – Added his drug dealer activity into a trackable quest
  • Paul – Buffed the amount of cash gained from selling drugs from * to $500
  • Paul – Buying drugs now costs $100
  • Paul – Selling drugs now lands a risk of being caught by police (If caught you will lose health)
  • Paul – Buffed reputation from selling drugs from 5 to 20
  • General – Added a cool menu to my other games section in the main menu. These are games, usually smaller projects that I will update over time
  • General – Removed the police station (it currently has no use)
  • General – Removed whoring (it will come back in a future update even better than before!)
  • PC World – You now receive the laptop for free from Paul
  • PC World – Changed and added dialogue
  • Real Estate – Any properties you own will automatically pay out every Sunday sleep cycle
  • Strip Club – Reduced the cost of the strip club from $20k to $10k
  • Gym – Removed strength requirement to join the gym
  • Gym – Buffed strength increase from working out from 15 to 30
  • Lisa – Changed and added dialogue
  • Lisa – Buffed amount of relationship increase you get when working out together
  • Lisa – Reduced the amount of relationship and intelligence needed to give you a BJ
  • Lisa – Added all her storyline to the quest tracker
  • Lisa – Buffed amount of relationship increase when receiving a BJ at the gym
  • Lisa – Added a -25 relationship decrease when failing the BJ
  • Lisa – Removed the ‘ask to see her tits’ option in the Gym for now. Currently this would just show a webm of her squatting anyway
  • Lisa – Changed her apartment photos to be more dynamic and reflect her current outfit
  • Lisa – Reduced amount of of relationship and intelligence needed to convince her to change her outfit
  • Lisa – Added relationship decrease when failing to convince her to be naked/show boobs etc rather than hiding buttons completely
  • Lisa- Lisa’s quest now concludes once you convince her to be completely naked in her apartment. From here the sex menu is unlocked where you can have regular sex and anal sex
  • General – All videos are now webms, this may cause issues on mobile depending on your browser
  • Family – Fixed allowance UI issues
  • Sister – Fixed an issue where sister would have the mom’s name in the shower scenes
  • Strip Club – Reduced the price of renovating the strip club from 9k to 2.5k
  • Strip Club – Removed the strip club income and strip club manage strippers buttons for now as they dont do anything (a more detailed update will come in the future that will feature stripper slots that can be filled by lots more characters
  • Strip Club – Reduced the price of the private booth from $5000 to $500
  • Massage Parlour – Remade images and some text
  • Patches Cave – Redone some dialog and images
  • University – Redone some dialog and images
  • Patches Cave – Removed requirement for crime points and replaced it with reputation. Your reputation does not decrease when getting items. They are all free with the only requirement being you need to be a certain reputation
  • Patches Cave – Removed the moonlight greatsword for now (all it used to do was allow you to defeat step dad if your strength wasn’t already high enough but because this is such a late game item its pretty much useless.
  • Family – Buffed relationship increase when chatting to mom in garden from 5 to 15
  • Aunt – Reduced taxi to Aunt’s house from $350 to $50
  • Aunt – Instead of being in a different room every hour, Aunt will only be in the kitchen
  • Step Dad – You gain a stamina implant (+10 permanent stamina) from defeating him
  • I stopped logging the changes at this point but basically remade many many images and text and nerfed many requirements with characters to reduce grind in Amore
  • Strip Club – Added a button in your bedroom to go straight to your strip club once unlocked
  • London – Changed some of the intro dialog
  • London – Removed the ‘hit list’ from the player bedroom
  • London – Removed the debug from player menu (its not needed anymore as this issue is fixed)
  • Meth – Homeless guy now shows any time in the morning
  • Daisy – Added dialog to Daisy’s sex interactions
  • London – Reduced the cost of taxis from $350 to $50
  • Meth – Increased meth selling price of from $300 to $750 and increased reputation (previously crime) from 50 to 90
  • London Supermarket – Updated Bernie’s photo and dialog
  • London Supermarket – Sex book reduced price from $1500 to $249
  • London Supermarket – Diamonds reduced from $2000 to $500 (they dont do anything!)
  • General – Added a report issue feature which will take you to an anonymous google form, should help with reporting bugs and fixing them in the future
  • Meth – Fixed the homeless guy sending you to an unknown passage if you try to sell him meth when none is in your inventory
  • Harley – Chatting now gives 50 relationship level instead of 20
  • Harley – Kissing now gives 100 relationship level instead of 40
  • Harley – BJ now gives 160 relationship level instead of 80
  • Harley -Fucking now gives 300 relationship level instead of 100
  • Harley – Reduced fucking level requirement from 2000 to 1000
  • Harley – You now need at least 5 stamina to preform a sex interaction
  • Superslut – Reduced strength level needed to capture from 700 to 450
  • Superslut – removed all requirements to take off her clothes. You can now do this at any time (once captured)
  • Superslut –  Chatting now gives 50 relationship level instead of 20
  • Superslut – Kissing now gives 100 relationship level instead of 70
  • Superslut – BJ now gives 200 relationship level instead of 150
  • Superslut – Fucking now gives 400  relationship level instead of 200
  • Superslut – Anal now gives 600 relationship level instead of 250
  • Harley fixed fucking not loading a correct passage (how didn’t I notice this?)
  • Harley – Giving flowers now improves relationship by 100 instead of 40
  • Pussywoman – removed all requirements to take off her clothes. You can now do this at any time (once captured)
  • Pussywoman –  Chatting now gives 50 relationship level instead of 20
  • Pussywoman – Kissing now gives 100 relationship level instead of 70
  • Pussywoman – BJ now gives 200 relationship level instead of 150
  • Pussywoman – Fucking now gives 350  relationship level instead of 200
  • Pussywoman – Feet play now gives 600 relationship level instead of 250
  • General – Added a game status to the intro
  • Nigeria – IMPORTANT – This area of the game is closed off for now
  • Real Estate – Small house now gives $400 per week and the shed gives $150 per week
  • Strip Club – Player will earn $1000 per week for owning the strip club
  • Ahmed’s Shop – Added a stamina implant item for $150
  • Empire – You can now have a threesome with Emily and Katrina if they are both naked in the same room
  • Family – Your mom and sister now need to be corrupted before you can do anymore more than kissing with them (mom is corrupted by successfully playing with yourself infront of her in the shower, sister is corrupted by completing her questline)
  • Mom – You will now always be able to try and access mom’s bedroom at night once you have defeated your step dad
  • Mom – Bj now increased relationship by 150 instead of 75
  • Sister – Fixed instances where the name would show as ‘Sister’ and not the name the player set
  • Fixed interactions with Diamond not resetting after sleeping (Thanks for reporting this issue!)
  • small UI tweaks
  • changed how passwords work (there is a new one now)
  • Fixed buttons with external links having the annoying icon next to them
  • Added a button for a brand new game. This is available in the main menu of Amore if you want to try it
Fixed some dialog bugs in the London to Nigeria Aeroplane scenes
More content added to the Nigeria storyline
New passcode for subscribestar backers
Bug Fixes:
– Some users were reporting a glitch with the days glitching out. If you experience this glitch just sleep in-game and it should put you back to Monday. Let me know if not!
– The drawer in the University classroom was not accessible. This is now fixed
– New winter themed logo.
– Adding the option to whore yourself on the streets of Amore. Includes over 7 different sexual interactions and scenes with new and familiar characters. It’s a new way to increase your crime and money at the cost of your dignity… amongst other things.
– Added STDs. If you see the  emoji next to your status you might want to check yourself into the clinic. Reduces your stamina every time you wake up by 5.
– New passcode for subscribestar backers in the pinned post.
Added the optional ability to use the moonlight greatsword to defeat your step dad bypassing the strength checks
Airport destinations have been updated and are final. These will be the places (on earth) you will be able to visit in the future.
New place to visit – Lagos Nigeria (IN BETA!)
New lewd scenes
You can now join the mile high club!
Lots of bugfixes – please let me know if I’m missing anything
New passcode for subscribestar backers
  • Lots of bug fixes and content!
  • New password for subscribestar backers
  • This is the last update in the London Bound storyline. The next update will be announced soon and will feature another brand new area and storyline.
Cheat Codes:
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Enter the cheat codes on your phone.
  • v0.50.13+Backer Code: twinpeakscoffee

  • DIK X3 Mode Code: npccummers
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Thank you SAHC for sharing

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