An Alchemist’s Tale [3.1 Alpha] [Captain Allegretto Games]

An Alchemist’s Tale [3.1 Alpha] [Captain Allegretto Games]

May 14, 2024F95

An Alchemist’s Tale is a lighthearted adult visual novel where the player takes the role of a village alchemist and general problem solver. Play as Allen Williams as he stumbles his way through the stories of various characters, helping them with their problems as much as he can and usually fucking them twice as much. Allen does his best to not burn down the house, walk in the giant footprints of his heroes, and discover his own place in a diverse world.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-16
Release Date: 2024-04-15
Censored: No
Version: 3.03 Alpha
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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Male protagonist, RPG, 2DCG, 2D game, Fantasy, Monster girl, Monster guy, Futa/trans, Big tits, Big ass, Anal sex, Gay, Oral sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, MILF, NTR
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1. Extract and run.
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V3.03 “Champion of Gorra”
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  • Main Quest continuation
    • Speak to Maria about more tasks after bridge quest is done and Zeleshi is met.
    • This includes a riddle/puzzle. I BELIEVE IN YOU! You can do this. You don’t need to believe in yourself. Believe in me who believes in you!
  • Maria Character quest – Obtainable after Main quest via dialog option.
  • Maria Oral scene – Part of Maria quest, Version 0, and 1 are in this update. 3.1 will include another version.
  • Maria Peek 3, trigger-able after peek 2 and the main quest above.
  • New scenes added to gallery. Fixed a number of smaller gallery bugs.
  • 1 New “Best friend hangout” scene, the trio discuss Janna’s business venture.
  • Short lewd lore item that can be found in Maria’s house at a very obvious point in her new quest.
  • Rain X Zeleshi Tent scene bug fixed that made the scene unplayable.
  • Re-balanced Maria’s relationship stats. The titfuck takes more to trigger but more things increase relationship now.
  • Maria has a high relationship cooking event now, this is just fluff at the moment but will be a scene lead in some later version.
  • Made Zeleshi onsen scenes repeatable. After it has triggered a new option will become available from the conversation menu in the onsen.
  • Farmers daughter quest can be addressed by Maria at more times then just afternoon now.
  • Added some pretty dark bit of lore to a book, it has a trigger warning.
  • A lot of map changes. Two new maps, trials and ruins 2nd floor. Added a number of exploration clicks mostly to the ruins and Maria’s home.
  • Replaced main menu twitter link with bluesky.
  • Fixed a longstanding bug in the game files that resulted in strangely missing sections of one characters sprite sheet.
  • 3.01 – Fixed a questlog bug that caused a crash after “Bedtime tails” quest was viewed after finishing it.
  • 3.02 – Fixed a softlock that prevented entry to the ruins during Maria quest because it was looking for Greenquest conditions.
  • 3.03 – Fixed a trigger that prevented Maria Titfuck from occuring.
V2.9 “Bedtime Tails”
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  • Lis story continued: if you’ve reached the end of her content the TBD quest in your journal should simply be active.
  ◦ 4 cutscenes and 1 scene following this quest leading up to the decision point for her arc. Future Lis content will be split into what I’ve been calling the “Stag/vixen” and “Monogamous” routes. FOR NOW You will be able to change routes once either has content added so don’t worry about the decision yet just pick one.
  • Rain X Zeleshi Tent scene – Unlock rain’s store and have 100 gems to open this option.
  • Josie X Allen scene and quest – Unlock the equine potion and head to the farm to start.
  • Allen X Wes – Available in the southwoods after Shelby makes her proposition.
  • Wes VN Art added to all previous conversations.
  • 4 New “Best friend hangout” scenes. These are short cutscenes where characters talk about recent events. I’ll hopefully be adding one or two every update. These four are: (Bilia first met), (Green first met), (Green questline finished) and (Zeleshi revealed).
  • New scenes in gallery, fixed a problem where two entries where using the same variable.
  • Added a “Fix screen” option to debug wand that should resolve most strange errors that can occur. (like screen filter remaining on after a scene)
  • Fixed a bug where the fishing quest didn’t actually appear in journal.
  • Fixed a bug where a bunch of switches turned on for no reason and caused some things to go out of sync. Saves will auto-fix themselves but If you viewed Bilia’s bad bet specifically it may act like you haven’t and give you the first time viewing again.
  • Fixed some backend code for VN art to give me some extra control.
  • A lot of little map touchups.
V2.8 “Some Content”
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  • Zeleshi Reward HJ scene (and Chieftess version)
  ◦ Offered in onsen after unlocking it and having a soak with Z.
  • Bilia’s Bad bet extended
  ◦ Bring a strength potion and steal warren’s spot for public fun.
  ◦ Another alternative version can happen if Allen has finished the “Bar slut” chain of events with Warren.
  ▪ This alt gets better if you do it twice.
  • Shelby Tent scene. As the other tent scenes but requires knowing about her and Wes’ relationship first. (Happens when you are able to trigger the equine potion scene with her)
  • First “best friend squad” conversation. This will be a series of cutscenes between Izzy Allen and Jamie where they discuss story events while goofing off in the woods. Only the first one is right now but I plan to add one or two every update.
  • Jamie VN art. Slow continued effort of moving characters that matter out of their silhouette era.
  • Fixed some bugs, Notably:
  ◦ one that caused Bilia’s capstone scene to keep reoccurring.
  ◦ Added some blockers that should help prevent players from accidentally getting timelocked in the wrong time during greenquest.
  • Expanded the gallery space and added a missing scene or two along with the new ones.
V2.71 “Femme”:
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  • Lis quest continues.
  • Lis Ambush 2 scene.
    Ambush 2 scene naturally occurs at the end of this quest. If you’ve seen ambush 1 the new quest should already be in your log.
  • Shelby’s Little helper scene. Triggers on the Trenar central stairs when Shelby’s relationship >= 9 and the player has an equine potion in inventory. (Patreon NTR poll winner)
  • New scenes added to gallery.
  • Izzy VN Art!

    v2.71 – fixes a gamebreak that causes an event to loop forever when going to sleep. If you have v2.7 you only need the patch located in the mega/gdrive links.

V2.6 “Scars”:
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  • Bilia new date (Onsen, unlocked after location found and Zeleshi is known to the town)
  • Bilia new Cutscene, some backstory.
  • Bilia capstone scene, just keep taking on good dates until it happens
  • Bilia’s Bad bet, After finishing her capstone scene the option to interfere and cause an NTR scene opens up at The Matron.
  • Allen X Chaska (Ft. Josie with the steel chair), Simply talk to the centaur in the barn after seeing their scene with Josie.
  • Fixed an issue that required 200gems in pocket to buy the 100gem cauldron.
  • Oh fuck just a lot of typos.
  • Added some new typos.
  • Learning audacity. Increased the net-volume of some too-quiet sfx.
  • Did some brute force nonsense to prevent some cutscenes from repeating themselves.
  • Chokon nutts have been made slightly larger and blue to help with visibility.
  • Fixed a bug that causes scenes to think you were viewing them as gallery scenes.
V2.5 “Unnamed update”:
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  • Llus scene (Previous content poll winner)
  • Llus sprite, textbox, home map, cut-scene, and silhouette all adjusted to match.
  • Zeleshi Chieftess route “offscreen” Tent Silhouette NTR scenes – 2 for now one sexy one funny, more will be added occasionally. Both scenes are ignorable if you don’t prefer the content type.
  • Green Tattletale scene – Alt version of existing Green X Zeleshi scene triggered during Chieftess route when asking Green to stop accepting challenger. Base scene got slight updates as part of this. Might touch it up again later.
  • Drinking in bar alone Scene 1 – Triggerable after all Warren bar-slut scenes seen.
  • Chieftess Zeleshi story cut-scenes.
  • Fixed two softlocks that could occur during Green’s Main Quest or during Bar work.
  • Some background work for better sfx and animation things that will slowly get rolled back into some older scenes.
  • Almost total upgrading of item icons.
  • V2.51
    • Chokon Nutts are a bit bigger and purple.
    • Fixed a loop that triggered Llus scene forever and broke central fairy circle.
      • will trigger one more time if you have seen it prior to this patch and fix itself.
    • Fixed some harder to reproduce errors where cutscenes didn’t turn themselves off right.
      • if this has affected you it will trigger one more time when entering the relevant areas and then fix itself.
    • Sanity check on greenquest in the rare case where it didn’t start correctly speak to bernard in the tavern and it should fix itself.
V2.42 “Horsing Around”:
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  • Janna Update:
    • New cut-scenes, quest, matron prosperity level.
    • New main scene
    • Both Janna scenes repeatable in game
  • Kasa Scene.
  • New side character introduction and related niche shop (check the south-woods after events with Kasa)
  • “skip whole first day” option when starting a new game now adds items/money for skipping the repair a cauldron quest.
  • Finally found and squashed a bug in the base RPGMaker MV code that causes higher then 60hz monitors to speed up the timers and walk speeds in RPGmaker. The fix should make Minigames significantly easier for people who have reported that they felt they were way too hard.
  • New scenes in gallery
  • Zeleshi training now checks for/causes exhaustion properly
  • Added some more facial expressions for Janna/Allen
  • Incorporated the QOL patch (2.32):
    • Green appears more often in grove
    • STR trains much faster
    • Dank herb has more generous spawn.
    • Fixes some whoppsidoodles.
  • additional bugfixes for 2.42 – fixed random bed in barracks, fixed two harpies in intro, fixed a bug when finishing western bridge quest that prevented it from completing correctly. Affected saves will self-correct by re-entering western woods.
V2.3 “Green Machine”:
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  • Zeleshi updates:
  • New conversations
  • Strength Training With Zeleshi
  • First challenge scene changed to a BJ
  • Second challenge scene is the old first one.
  • Challenge Zeleshi too many times to start a quest that ends with becoming her bitch.
  • New ‘Onsen’ location unlocked by training STR.
  • Save compatibility update, resets the current Zeleshi scene if you’ve already seen it.
  • New scenes added to Gallery.
  • There existed an out of order error that resulted in a quest not clearing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Green X Zeleshi from firing after Greenquest finished.
2.32 quickpatch
  • More generous dank herbs, now gives randomly 2-3 instead of 1-3 on harvest.
  • 2 more dank herb locations in westwood.
  • Questlog text fixes.
  • fixed missing prices on str potions.
  • Removed “STR experience” the STR training just increases str now.
  • Green grove removed restriction on tue/thur.
V2.2 “Tongue Tied”
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•  Lisandre update:
◦  New conversations
◦  Enter after peeking scene
◦  HJ scene
◦  Nighttime scene (Content for lis ends here for this update, final quest is a placeholder for save compatibility.)
•  Added patreon button to start menu.
•  Fixed a broken heartbeat sfx.
•  Fixed a Rain datenight bug when starting a new day but not having finished the quest.
•  Save compatibility update.
•  Small sprite art changes for Lis.
•  New scenes added to Gallery.
•  Green’s bell no longer works when indoors.
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• Bilia Datenight and scene.
• Bilia new conversation topics for after first quest
• Made lipstick wearing variants for Bilia standing art expressions
• Rain Datenight and scene.
• Rain now tracks how much money you’ve spent on her for the purpose of triggering this new scene. Will likely play into her future content as well.
• Chokon nutts now wiggle in the trees for easier spotting
• Green’s bell appears in more scenes.
• A metric dickload of new helper events in the background to make animation of future scenes much cleaner. Some older scenes will get revisited slowly with QOL updates.
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  • Green Quest and related scene.
  • Green fast travel.
  • Green interactions post-quest rework.
  • Allen x Ataian BJ scene when traveling from farm.
  • Bilia Exercise peeking sex.
  • Save upgrade from 1.9 -> 2 Stealth stat increased by number of unique Peeking scenes seen. Variable adjustments to fix greenquest start if needed.
  • Peeking scenes now award stealth on first view.
  • Stealth stat makes the QTE games easier « ». Existing QTE games difficulty adjusted accordingly.
  • Str minigame small adjustments.
  • Green random roll replaced with STR minigame.
  • Janna work not properly giving gems.
  • Intro quest needed #of vials and gems for cauldron reduced.
Developer Notes:
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Walkthrough is located in the mega and Gdrive links.
Hey there, generic F95user!
So, long time lurker first time game dev. I really wanted to just be upfront about some stuff before/after you enjoy or hate this first release. This is an experiment and little passion project of mine I started up really just for my own fun. I have a well-paying full-time job and barring support for this being absolutely insane that won’t change anytime soon (though, you know, I’m open to the fantasy of it). This project is funded by me and donations on subscribestar/patreon, commissioning art from artists I like on themes and topics that I like. As of v3.0 $5000 has been spent so far with 2000 of that being from subscribestar donations, and 1000 from Patreon, the rest from my own pocket! If you wanna jump on one of those sites to support, the funds from there have so far all be spent commissioning more pieces of art for this project.  Right now I’m do want to stress that I’ll be completing this project at my own pace. The main reason to jump on subscribestar/Patreon will be to vote on my priorities/participate in my discord where you can very actively bully me to write more about characters or themes you like.
Structurally I’ve planned this out so that individual character stories are largely independent. So, I can complete, expand, cut, or modify as much as I want without effecting the narrative flow overall. There will be as many of these stories as I see fit and feel I can fund before moving to the game-end story arc. I will also focus on making individual stories complete and get to the good stuff instead of the slow crawl of making them all crrreeeeeep forward one shower peek and hand-job at a time.
Also PLEASE DM or post any bugs you find so I can squash them, I’ll be as responsive as I can about that.
On Themes:
The themes in this game are based on what I feel MOST comfortable writing and working on, meaning the list may change over time as priorities and interests shift. It will definitely contain straight, futa on female/male, gay, numerous genders and shapes of characters, monstergirls/guys, transformation, romance, prostitution, voyeurism, exhibitionism, swinging, Lactation/pregnancy, Bad-end, and especially once endgame story starts some NTR. Various storylines will explore these themes to different extents.
If you’re based you can just skip this. Otherwise a brief addressing is in order. This is FAR AWAY AT THIS STAGE, BUT: The main bad guy of this game is planned to have a strong pheromone effect that threatens the whole town in a way that only Allen can stop. There will exist scenes where they can succeed in temporarily stealing your waifu’s while you seek a cure, this is dramatic tension meant to motivate you to stop them. You’ll be able to avoid this on most characters by  intervening, Some minor characters will willingly or haphazardly fall to the effect (Rain and Shelby I’m looking at you). I will not entertain any demands to make it wholesale not exist, or remove it. It’s a story. If the bad guy doing bad guy things in a porn game makes you so angry that you will yell at real people about it you need to just not play this game from the very start. In addition, there will be some bad ends that will contain NTR,  at least 2 planned storylines that focuses heavily on NTR-style themes and several optional side scenes will explore the concept. Again, all will be warned for or have very direct “you are choosing to cause these characters to fuck” vibes. and when they get implemented, It is upfront about where it is.
On incest:
Not going to be in this game. Nothing against it and I enjoy a good “stuck at home with my hot landlady” as much as the next guy but this just isn’t that game. Though I have played with the idea of each character in the Williams family getting their own very different style of game. Allen’s relaxing gathering/craft/story, his sister’s action adventure, and his mothers save the world quest. If I ever introduce twins though they won’t count. Obviously, that’s just hot.
Thanks for reading my ramblings and I hope you enjoy my work.
Artist Links:
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Not all of the artists below have the scenes they did in this specific release. The ones that are missing will be in future updates.

Walkthrough: GDRIVE  –  MEGA

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