Angel’s Redemption [v0.16] [G2320]
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Angel’s Redemption [v0.16] [G2320]

July 5, 2024F95

After helping your friend with her research by stealing a powerful staff, everything went wrong.
Goblins have slain your friend, with the staff, slaughtered entire villages wherever they went.
Now you are banished from heaven for your transgression, barring your return without the staff.
Earth isn’t a kind place for angels, you must recover the staff and avenge your friend.

In this world, magic is rare, Angels are large.
warning: extreme guro-esque content

Thread Updated: 2020-03-12
Release Date: 2020-10-05
Developer: G2320 F95zone BuymeacoffeeDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.16
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3DCG, 2D Game, Female protagonist, Vore,  Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Graphical violence, Monster, RPG, Turn based combat
Other tags included:
Cannibalism, Hard vore, Gory/Guro, Mini Giantess (you)
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Extract and Play
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I’ll try to make this the last full download you have to do. This time it’s quite big primarily because I am including all files to minimize errors.
Most of this patch is backend stuff to make future development easier, but there are a few scenes in it.
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New stuff:
Memory shards now come with a scene (some short, some long) with a fragment of lore for you to piece together
Added one major  defeat scene, 3 quest scenes. [~120 images(excl armor variations)]
Added one branching quest
Added two potential(quest stage dependent) boss fights
Some characters and locales added have more context in my pixiv page(g2320hdb), not sure if I should add them at least partially into the game.
Gameplay changes:
Whetstones are now restricted to map use
Poison now diminishes recovery rate
Memory shards now give more stats
You can no longer kill the civilians
Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue with spawned enemies reappearing and not despawning correctly
Added a debug button to clear images
Fixed an issue with image resolution not matching screen
Fixed some places on the map where you can’t land when you totally should be able to
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Difficulty changes:
Archers damage variation reduced
You now start with a health potion so you aren’t so gimped by wrong dialogue choices
Some fights adjusted in difficulty, and some fights now come in waves
Enemy spawn has been changed to allow easier farming
New stuff:
Added new Orcish enemies and fights, and they will shoot at you on the map screen.
Added Two defeat scenes, 2 misc scenes, 1 quest scene. [~80 images(excl variations) + 2 videos]
Added randomized loot in chests and caches dotted around the map
Added poisons, more potions, whetstones, memory shards(stat upgrade)
Added secondary weapon slot, currently for a bow similar to the throwing sword
Added a multi-stage quest with multiple outcomes
Town can now train your stats for a hefty fee
Gameplay changes:
Added ability to fly on map (shift), flying costs energy, which now regenerates over time
Agility now improves your evasion and Luck now improves your crit chance while Defense now improves your ability to avoid being critted
Defensive Strike now removes Defense debuffs, and defense buff is shortened in duration
Fight animation is a bit faster
The Flaming great sword now always does extra fire damage, no skill required
Skills now have cooldowns
Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug where maul puts you to down indefinitely, and maul is now a two step skill
Hopefully fixed video freezing issue entirely
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Added music system
Added intro sequence
replaced vanilla character sprites with Honeyselect graphics
added an option to toggle extreme content
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+3 death scenes ~70 images
Resolution changed to 1440×810
+1 shop
+~5 skills
enemies have skills now
reworked combat
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+goblin bounty
+2 death scenes ~70 images
+1 boss fight
+1 incomplete large zone
+2 small zones
+~5 skills
enemies now can spawn
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base prototype,
1 scene, ~50 images
3 small zones
Developer Notes:
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I have to warn again that this game is not for everyone. It has extremely graphic death scenes of being eaten mostly (i’ll add other types later). So please turn back if you don’t like anything I’ve said so far.
This is my first attempt at a game, my vision for it is to be focused on giving a fun and challenging gameplay experience at the foremost, and providing detailed death scenes when you are defeated.
I know RPG Maker and HS have a bit of a bad rep here, but they are the only things I know how to use atm, sorry.
It isn’t even close to what I want, I am still learning the tools.
And yes, the file is big because there are a lot of pictures in the death scenes (6 scenes, variations, and about 15-50 frames each scene). I’m used to making these pictures for Pixiv, that’s why there’s so many. Let me know if I should reduce it.
Seriously, if you don’t like guro/cannibalism, you won’t like this.
That being said, there is an option I put in to hopefully filter out the pictures (I added it in post hoc, so it may or may not work well)
Any feedback is welcome.
All feedback welcome
Adds a debug crystal in redwater map to reset spawns
V0.16 hotfix 5:
fixed big map’s respawns, and fixes an ending for the peasant quest
V0.16 hotfix 4:
fixed stimulant
V0.16 hotfix 3:
Fixed another old issue where crashing into ground in areas that don’t kill you, will end the game going into areas that it would’ve killed you.
V0.16 hotfix2:
Fixed an issue where wrong ending would play to one of the new bosses
V0.16 hotfix1
Fixed a bug that prevented you from entering the ruins

*This version is not released by dev, download at own risk

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