Venus Blood -Chimera- [Ninetail & Dual Tail]
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Venus Blood -Chimera- [Ninetail & Dual Tail]

July 5, 2024F95

The Yupitel Empire is threatened by Taranis, a devil. People try to get rid of them, but they finally surrender… Some time later, a sacrifice ceremony is held. Three princesses go to the Taranis’s castle as a sacrifice, but they secretly carry a weapon without knowing it will cause a nightmare…

Title: Venus Blood -Chimera-
Original title: ヴィーナスブラッド・キメラ
Lenght: Medium (10 – 30 Hours)
Year: 31/10/2008 (Japanese) – 23/01/2018 (English translation)
Developer: Ninetail & Dual Tail
Publishers: Ninetail & Dual Tail (Japanese) – Hybrid Translations (English)
Language: English
Voice: Japanese/English
Censored: Some CG are still censored, but the majority of them isn’t.
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Fantasy, Demon Protagonist, Dark Skinned Heroine, Male Protagonist, Harem Ending, Raising Simulation, Branching Plot, ADV, One True End, More Than Seven Endings, Nukige, Tentacle Rape, Sexual Slavery, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Futanari on Male, Anal Fisting, Lactation During Sex
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1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Run the .exe using Japanese location or use Applocale to run as Japanese.
3 – Add the newest patch
4- Play the game
Venus Blood Chimera – 1.1.1e Patch:
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Venus Blood Chimera – 1.1.1e Patch
Hello folks!
Over the last couple of months, I have been slowly going over the story scenes of VBC, and it’s finally done. Here’s what’s new:
“Interrupt/Continue Voice Playback”
First, I want to highlight the new feature I added. I noticed that the game has no option to let the voices continue to play after advancing to the next paragraph. That’s practically standard nowadays, and it was actually not that difficult to implement.
Revised Story Scripts
Next, the main reason of this update is that I edited all of the story scripts. Especially the earlier scenes had some translation mistakes owing to my inexperience, and I also found a few parts where I must have been too lazy or lost patience or something.
I really have to express my gratitude to Tyrog at this point, for helping me with some of the trickier Japanese parts, as well as patiently answering my (sometimes ignorant) questions. お疲れ様! (Probably a bit late to say this. ^^)
Also thanks to Leery for pointing out and helping with a few problematic parts!
I have also fixed quite a number of typos. And I played around with the sentence order here and there to make things sound more natural in English.
Fixed a bug
I managed to find a bug in the original scripts. The “Training Scene Flag” was set at the beginning of harem scenes (zw05-08), but not cleared at the end. This flag is queried during scene skipping. This meant that after doing a harem training in “Skip Training Scenes only” mode, story scenes coming right after would keep getting skipped. Not a colossal bug, I admit. Actually, VBC has a code quality unheard of nowadays. There wasn’t even a single official patch necessary for this game.
Uncensored two more scenes
Well, only one and a half, to be exact. ked03 is now uncensored. ked06 already was, but I put a bit more effort into it this time. With this, all ending scenes are now uncensored.
Edit: (Re)Added the Guide in 1.1.1
I forgot to add the guide in the 1.1.0 release. I’ve added it again, thanks for bringing it to my attention!
You will need the original Japanese game.
Note: The only difference in 1.1.1 is that I added the guide again. Other than that, it’s completely the same as 1.1.0! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

*This port is not released by developer, Download at your own risk

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