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Another Man’s Wife [v1.092] [Too Perilous]

May 15, 2024F95

“I have a really strange question for you, so I’m just going to ask it.
Would you like to be in a threesome with me and my wife?”

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One simple question without a simple answer sends you on a journey of discovery. By the way, did we mention you’re married? How will you tell your exquisite wife about this offer – or will you? What will become of your marriage if you decide you want to sleep with another man’s wife?

Navigate your way through this erotic story as a brilliant young professional whose choices are never just his alone. Join him in adventures reserved for swingers and help him convince his wife that this is a journey they want to take together. But travel this path with care. You are surrounded by women who are as confident as they are beautiful. They will let you make your own choices, but then they will make life altering choices as well. Make good choices and uncover the secret connection between your new lifestyle and other oddities you and your wife encounter along the way. Make poor choices, and watch helplessly as your wife brings the whole adventure to a premature end.

Another Man’s Wife is an adult visual novel that has a focus on eroticism and titillation. The mental and emotional components of the sexual experience are central to the game and bringing added life to the images and animations used in telling the story. Another Man’s Wife is still in development, but the story elements are mostly complete as are the plots for two sequels. We are releasing a free demo since this is our first product, and we are also releasing the game as Early Access. Join us in this journey and help shape the future of this story.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-03
Release Date: 2024-03-03
Developer: Too Perilous Steam
Censored: No
Version: 1.092
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, big ass, big ass, vaginal sex, oral sex, creampie, group sex, teasing, groping, sharing, male protagonist, voyeurism, animated, lesbian, cheating, netorare
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Bug in bar scene with bartender where a typo was causing a crash.
  • Bug where some labels were incorrect.
  • Bug where players were being sent to the wrong event.
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Version 1.09 of the game is now live. It is not everything I had hoped for, but there’s a lot in there. There are three versions of a scene at the end in the guestroom. All three versions are incomplete. When we update to 1.09a, those scenes will be fully fleshed out.
So what do we have in 1.09?
(A bug. 1.091 is being patched now and we are defining “w”)
  • Three all new scenes that follow Steph’s big moment

  • Several smaller scenes relating to the ending of several story paths

  • 20 all new animations

  • 10 replacement animations

  • 2 added animations to a previous scene

  • A new dialogue option that first night in the bar that better defines the trajectory you want for your relationship

  • Multiple improvements to dialogue and scene flow based on the new dialogue “switch”

  • An actual ending to a couple of the story paths

  • Access to the galleries (Only one is working at this time)
Starting with the last item, the galleries menu is in and the first scene can be viewed. There are thirty scenes available in the galleries, but the last bank of scenes is crossed out since that content is not in the game yet. But when we get to 1.10 all thirty gallery scenes will be available.
We also have an ending for some of our story lines. This part is actually really exciting for us because we are finally giving a peek at the long slow brewing story. People were beginning to figure out that the game is not about sex. It is about relationships, but it’s also about something bigger. How big? Well, bigger than a yacht for starters. You’re choices have mattered more than you know.
We are also pleased to have the new dialogue option in the game that was the result of a lot of conversation with our players. We look forward to your feedback as we work towards broadening the appeal of the game. I will say that I view this addition as a first step in a refinement process that is going to take time and hundreds of little corrections to make it work the way we intend. But as we worked on this, our goal changed from “Managing” your relationship with your wife to “Cultivating” that relationship.
Lastly, we have all new content. The feature in the new content is your first one on one time with Tori. This was a little tricky to build, but fun. Tori’s going to show you a whole other side of herself.
Lastly, I will say that we are going to focus all work in the next few weeks on update 1.09a. We want to completely finish everything we have out there and correct any strange game mechanics we may have introduced with 1.09. We tried real hard to play through all the options, but as I said before, there are over one hundred combinations of principle variable now, and accounting for all of those has been a task (I had to create a separate spreadsheet for it!) We think we got it, but I’m sure we’ll find in the coming days that we missed more than just the necktie that was taken off then mysteriously put back on.
As always, the work continues. Thanks again for being here in Early Access. This update more than any other represents the contributions of our players.
  • Added a quick start option with a default name a pet names.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the existing game.
  • Refined some dialogue in the early game.
  • Added new content where Steph shares a great deal of information with the MC.
  • Restored the challenge to the low confidence path. There is a choice option to opt out of having “No Limits.”
  • Gave the bypass of Tori and Jason a place to go and now that runs through all the content we added.
  • Added two more animated scenes to the game.
  • Replaced another old animation.
  • Fixed a few bugs that were sending conversations to the wrong place.
  • Added some missing renders in one of the departure conversations.
  • Revised some dialogue in the Saturday night scene with Gina and Steph.
  • Added a new choice in the Friday night threesome scene.
  • Updated content from Friday night and Saturday night adding close to a hundred renders and some refinement in dialogue.
  • Replaced more animations from Friday night.
  • Added new content that finishes the scene with Tori and Jason.
  • Added new animated scenes with three unique animations that are new.
  • Added new options in the dialogue that increase player agency regarding Steph.
  • Reworked some of the game mechanics addressing a few bugs and fixing scenes that were not triggering properly.
  • Reduced the size of the game considerably.
  • Started moving some of the animations to webm files.
Revised a couple of recently added animations (Steph and Donny oral on the bed and the Steph/Gina/Donny dream scene where she’s wearing glasses and shouldn’t be.)
Added another animation to one of the Jason/Steph scenes. These two scenes are now complete
Added another animation to the Steph/Gina/Donny dream scene. That scene will get at least one more animation eventually.
Replaced the MC/Steph missionary animation from their Friday night scene if they don’t bring anyone home with them.
Today’s patch does about three things to the game.
Added some content to the dinner scene that will help with something we are working on in a coming scene.
Replaced another animation from earlier in the game.
Added new animation to one of the scenes with Jason and Steph.
Opened up a little content regarding Tori’s second game. That is where we will be working next.
v1.06+b + c + d + e
We needed to fix a bug that was locking everyone into the same experience of the new content.
Let’s get right to what we are featuring in this update.
Replaced two more of the older animations from earlier scenes.
Added a new animation in the Friday night scenes. (Hint, you have to have Gina to see the new stuff.)
Added three major content scenes.
Added three new animated scenes.
Introduced game mechanics to give the player more influence over Steph’s choices.
With version 1.06 we fully introduce another major character, Tori.
The wife and the object of desire will now be in the same room.
What could go wrong?
This update significantly increases our story content, adds several new and exciting scenes and also gives us the framework to add a lot of interludes with the characters already in the story.
Some questions are answered, but more are raised as you dig into not only what is happening in your love life, but the strange things Jason noticed happening at work.
We initially were not planning an update for this week, but some issues were spotted in the previous update, and we felt we needed to put together a new build of the game. However, this is not just fixes. We have included some new content. The content added is all dialogue, but it provides a pivot in the game from the first half to the second half. Most of you should see what we mean with a hint regarding what is happening that we put in the temporary ending.
Included in the update are:
Fixed a CTD event.
Fixed the missing renders issue found in one of the bedroom conversations.
Fixed some issues with how variables are stored coming out of Saturday night.
Replaced another animation from the first sex scene.
Optimized the first sex scene on the couch with Steph.
Added Saturday night content.
Added new animations to a scene from Saturday night that was not previously animated.
v 1.046
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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We will put together a small update with those fixes and a few other things and get it out next week.
All sexual acts in the game are consensual.

Extras: Gallery Mod* –

Walkthrough Mod*

SonsOLiberty thanks for the links
* This unofficial port/version/patch is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.

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