Bad Influences [v1.01] [zenhawk]

Bad Influences [v1.01] [zenhawk]

January 6, 2024F95

Bad Influences is a pretty standard HTML game where you take the role of a college girl taking
the world on one smutty encounter at a time.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-17
Release Date: 2023-12-14
Developer: zenhawk Ko-fi
Censored: No
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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v1.01 Release
– Fixed errors from selecting certain choices during character creation
– Made each choice have a default value in character creation
– adjusted check for stealing from register, events should start faster now
– Shower masturbation now gives +1 corruption and advances the time, making the very early game less grindy to get any corruption.
– Regular masturbation now passes the time as the text would suggest.
– Fixed error with Pawn store sex scene pacing.
– Fixed some scenes playing at night causing you to sleep for 2 days (lmao)
– Removed debug text from the Therapy Clinic lobby
– Added some new gifs to Shower Masturbation
Special thanks to everyone for reporting bugs! I absolutely missed some obvious ones.
v1.0 Release
Initial release.
Developer Notes:
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Hey folks. I’ve been a lurker for a few years now but recently I’ve gotten into the HTML Twine games on here and decided to make my own.
Its much of the usual style as you’d get anywhere else so don’t expect this to break new ground or anything. There is non-consent events present in the game, however it’s written with the tact that you can expect from a HTML porno game. So you won’t witness a scene intent on being harrowing or uncomfortable if you know what I mean. Its a cheesy porn game, the tone is gonna be silly.
One thing that makes it stand out however is that this will be never have content locked behind a paywall. The whole thing is free and will be downloadable from this page no matter how long it remains in development. Also, all cheats will be available by default, no secret passcode required. You can access them on the desk in your room, just be careful not to break anything ;).
This was also a one-person job so if you find any bugs or just have a suggestion, please let me know. The game is intended to (currently) have 2 sizeable expansions. The current version is 1.0, the base game. By the current end it will have reached 3.0. Plenty of stuff in the game (Like the character creation) is first draft kind of stuff so don’t think about it too hard and just try to enjoy yourself.
All that said, if you feel like donating, there’s a ko-fi link both here and in the game :).

1.01 Win: GOFILE

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    Bad Influences [v1.01] [zenhawk]