Beasts in the Sun [Ep.1 Supporter v7] [Animo Pron]

Beasts in the Sun [Ep.1 Supporter v7] [Animo Pron]

April 9, 2024F95

Miss Big Booba Solving Puzzles

Thread Updated: 2024-04-08
Release Date: 2024-04-08
Developer: Animo Pron WebsiteSubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: Episode 1 Supporter – 7
OS: Windows
Language: English
Art Collection: Link
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3D Game, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Futa/trans, Futa/trans protagonist, Monster, Multiple protagonist, Puzzle, Rape, Rpg, Sandbox, Transformation, Urination, Voiced
Future tags: Horse shenanigans
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1. Extract and run.
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Episode 1 – v7
– Fixed major bug with 2 mummies not spawning after Totem sex scene
– Fixed crashes inside/after Tomb
– Returned basic binds for gamepads, you can also customize Gamepad controls (you still need mouse to use inventory or solve any minigames)
– Character is slightly raised, straightening her legs a bit more, making it look more natural
– Increased inventory slots
– Fixed camera fadeouts before/after sex scenes
– Fixed old bug, where “Interact” widget can disappear while moving (after touching mouse Scroll wheel)
– Added Quickload keybind (F9)
– Returned unused “Hard landing” animation, when dropping from medium height
– Fixed Tara’s damage sound reaction, based on damage type
– Fixed bug where Horse’s active items (saddle and reins) disappeared after saving/loading
– Scrolling wheel now works for switching between multiple items pickup in the area
– A lot of additional small tweaks
– Added 1 more secret area/clothing
– Added 12 collectable cards, you can find in 4 different zones
*** in the next version we will introduce a separate “Collectables” inventory Tab, where all Comics, letters, cards will go (to avoid flooding the regular inventory with these items)
– Added black makeup options for face
– Added finger/toe nails color settings
– Added Eye Iris saturation setting
– Added 2 more tattoos
– Changed slider-limits for Muscle, Breast shape, Nipples
– You can now control Tara’s vertical position too
– Fixed morphs list for Tara
– Removed black borders, now using your actual game resolution to make shots
– “Look-at” icon now invisible on the actual shot
– “Look-at” function is no longer transfers into the actual game from the photomode
– Shot now saved into “Pictures” folder of the current user
– Notification on making a shot
Episode 1 – v6
– Added DLSS
– Added photomode
– Added lipsync for Tara’s voicelines
– Added interactive physical bones in sex scenes/inventory
– Added fast-traveling system
– Ability to call the horse in the open environments – for testing purposes (only for this supporters build)
– Foliage now interacts with the player (certain plants are still not, will be fixed later)
– Mirrors are now disabled if using texture resolution setting “Low” or “Medium” (should increase perfomance in these areas)
– Added fall damage
– Alternative animations for cutscenes, while being a “dickgirl” Tara (hand moves away, so it’s not clipping). No sex scenes affected yet, just cutscenes
– Added 1 more secret
– Body type sliders are now separated to “Upper/Lower body”
– Body type settings are not resetting to default on sex scenes (may create some clipping issues though)
– Fixed issue with “Merc Boots” item, hiding wrong character geometry
Episode 1 – v5
A lot of bugs was fixed, it is a very stable version by now.
– Fixed bugs with Inventory items duplicating/disappearing
– Fixed bug with picking-up multiple items in the area
– Fixed bug with character offset in sex scenes, if you were ragdoll-knocked
– Fixed bug of getting killed (but not “captured”) by enemies
– Fixed softlock, if saving/loading while having One nipple placed for the Tomb entry statue
– Horus statue “state” is now saved after loading the game
– “Interact” widget now shows the actual key-bind in controls
– Cutscene skipping now looks better – with faded sounds/screen
– Added sounds for Ragdolls
– Fixed character offset on Lianas/Ladders
– Improved reaction between Tara+Enemy ragdolls
– Fixed collisions for bullet shells/cases
– You can now change difficulty inside Pause menu options
– Difficulty setting is dynamic now, it can be changed mid-game, all the “difficulty-depend” objects will be updated instantly
– Fixed “dropped bag” inventory items physics
– Fixed bugs for NewGame+, where it keep some object states from previous playthorugh
– Multiple small improvements for objects “save-states” in certain places
– Small improvements on the Map, such as additional Lianas, allowing you to go back if you need
– Enabled shadows for small vegetation like grass/clover/bushes and so on
– Increased Ambient Occlusion strength
Episode 1 – v4
– Quicksaving function (F5) / fully reworked save system (should be much more stable)
– Doors are no longer closes up behind the player, all interactive objects are saved – you can return back and find any objects you’ve missed
– Added Difficulty setting (the hardest one unlocks after beating the game for the first time)
– Fixed bug on sex scenes, if player was “captured” while Crouched/Crawling
– Fixed bug with mouth-texture visible, after “forcing out” of 1-st person mode
– Fixed bug with puzzles not combining into 1 book
– “Pee girl” desk puzzles can be reset with “R” button, also fixed problem where this puzzle is “solved”, but not “triggering” as solved
Episode 1 – v3
-Checkpoint Save System added, it’s very stable, however you can occur few bugs with it:
  -There is a rare crashing when loading the save, just launch the game again and it should work
  -After loading a save, an additional bugged “backpack” can appear in the inventory, which has no purpose
  -After loading a save, 2 zombies in the final room can be duplicated (has no effect on game progression or anything)
– New Game+ added – it allows to play the game again, with all Items saved from the previous playthrough
– Fixed bug with Puzzles, where chip’s (pieces) were flying towards the camera (pieces were reaction to collision from Objectives, which was quite unexpected)
– HDR is always returning to default after a sex scene, if you changed them
– You can now wear “open-crotch” clothing+buttplugs at the same time. Open-crotch suits can also be presented in sex scenes
– Fixed a bug, when moving Clothing from 1 active slot to another active slot will hide the clothing inside the game
– Futa-peeing inside cutscenes is no longer altering cock physics
– Added “Horse” type of futa cock (only for supporters)
– Futa cocks materials now working properly with Sand-on-body, Dirt-on-body sliders, Pubic hairs. Also “Veins” slider is now adjusting veins on cock too.
– Added “Eye color” customization slider
– Removed bug with “Physical Cloth” reacting to invisible trigger volumes
– Objectives UI logic is improved
– Various fixes for clothing/accessories
– Smooth camera transition on the end of the cutscene is fixed
Episode 1 – v2
– Fixed Pee collisions on low fps, now it should work good on any framerate
– Tomb “trap ceiling room” is not killing no more, until the save system arrives
– Fixed multiple bugs inside Clothing system, items should never disappear for no reason
– Re-worked Tara AI control (auto-walk to Interactable objects)
– Improved Objectives system
– Buttplugs are no longer disappears on Pee scenes
– Fixed issue, where Buttplug ass-morphs was not disabled on sex scenes (while the buttplug itself is hidden)
– Fixed Mummy BJ character offsets
– Fixed bug with Mummy, not reacting to the player after a sex scene
– Fixed Mummy attack range distance
– Enemie’s balls physics are enabled inside sex scenes
– Raptor is respawning from cave, after sex scene (was broken on initial release)
– Tara’s butt physics is always on (it was not turning back on, after some sex scenes)
– Fixed Smooth camera blend, on cutscene end
– Fixed a bug with potential softlock, while spamming Use key on Lootboxes (or any other interactables)
– Added Tattoo 3 Arm texture (texture was missed on the first release)
– Fixed secret totem BJ scene (dynamic textures were wrong)
– Improved swimming>walking transition
– Fixed potential softlocks, when picking up Box
– Blocked raptor cave hole, you can’t fall inside it no more
– Fixed rare problem, when finishing the Pee-girls puzzle were not activating the doors
– Multiple small improvements to the cutscenes, collisions, hints and so on
– Fixed bunker assets (videos were not imported currently on the first version)
– Added Puzzle Reset function to reset pieces positions (“R” – Reload)
– Fixed bug with Raptors comix, now all pages should be saved inside the book
– Fixed bug with Puzzles, where chip’s (pieces) were flying towards the camera (actually, it was happening in places with high cliffs above the player – pieces were aligning to the cliffs, instead of a board mesh)
Episode 1
Initial Release
-Pee-particles are not following movable objects, which is the biggest issue of this version.
There is also a problem where particles are hitting invisible objects as well.
This will be completely reworked and fixed very soon.
-Skin shader is very high on SSS (“sub surface scatter” – looks like a “wax”), will be fixed.
-Main menu settings are not “connected” mostly, hence they are disabled.
-Some issues on crouching – character is going down more than it should (not happening all the time, though).
-1st person view – sometimes inner-mouth textures are visible in that mode
Developer Notes:
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Press H  to mount your horse
SPLIT (15.32 GB)
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Ep.1 Supporter v5 (Stable)
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(15.62 GB)
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Extra: WalkthroughFull Save

Easy Pete thanks for the torrent

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