Big Bad  Principal [2.25a] [Givu]
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Big Bad Principal [2.25a] [Givu]

May 18, 2024F95

You are appointed as the new head of a university. Such a position comes with power, how will you use this power? And what will you do to the women around you?

Thread Updated:  2020-09-21
Release Date: 2020-09-20
Developer: Givu – Blog Twitter Discord-Server
Censored: No
Version: 2.25b
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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Male protagonist, Male domination, Real porn, Anal sex,  Animated, Big ass, Big tits,  Cheating,  Corruption, Creampie,  Exhibitionism,  Groping, Handjob,  Humiliation, Managment, Oral sex, Pov, Sandbox, School setting,  Spanking, Internal view, Interracial, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Teasing, Titfuck
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1. Extract and run.
Tips for new content (2.25a/b):
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You will need  a  high “school corruption” and high “player reputation” to unlock the new scenes in the Arts-Wing. You will also meet the new minor-character here, in order to “unlock” her you will also need a phone (you can buy it in the mall)
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-Fixed broken dialog option in an Arts-Wing event
-New (and first) minor character (A female student)
-Player can now buy a phone (New shop in the mall)
-Several bug fixes
-Tons of spelling/grammar corrections (Big thanks to the Proofreaders)
-2 new events in the Arts-Wing
-Added soundtrack to the start screen
-Some visual adjustments
-New Character to Corrupt
-Bugs and spelling fixed
-Reworked “look” of the game
-Intro for next Character
-Many Events scattered around the school (unlocked by improving school, raising school corruption, and Player reputation)
-Flavor Images and Scenes
-Mall and Sex-Shop added
-New Bugs and Spelling-Errors
Demo V2:
-No new content!
-Fixed some spelling etc.
-Fixed Mrs.Rogers Corruption growing after it reached the cap
-Reduced file-size by a metric fuck-ton (converted gif to webm and changed code accordingly)
-Reworked  how Dialog is shown
Developer Notes:
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Vote for Next Character HERE
Yes you read the Genre tags right. No sissification, transformation or similar stuff!
This is my first project, so any feedback is welcome.  Feel free to message me on this forum as of now this the only place this game is available on.
This is my very first attempt at coding and twine provides an extremely easy approach. Also I will not updated this game in bits and pieces. There is the release of the demo and the next release will be a full release. I wanted to put most of the basic code in place at the beginning so adding further content will be easy for me. Future genre tags will most likely include “Trainer, Cosplay,  Milf and more”, so if you´re into any of that keep an eye on this one! Any wishes for characters/content are welcome.
Look at the code with caution, it will probably give cancer to any one who knows html. However if you choose to look at it feel free to give me some tips, just be aware that as of now I know little to nothing more than the commands used!
Last but not least I´m not natively English speaking (No not Russian), so keep that in mind too!

2.25a to 2.25b hotfix: MEGA

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    Big Bad Principal [2.25a] [Givu]