Devious World [v94] [Devious Skooma]

Devious World [v94] [Devious Skooma]

July 2, 2024F95

For most people, reality is a pretty firm concept. It’s a solid thing shared by everyone else, and a room painted blue will always be blue no matter which doorway you enter it through or who else is in the room with you or who walked through first, it won’t suddenly be red because you waited an hour before you went in.

And then for some people reality is a little different. Suffice to say, because you waited an hour, the room is not only no longer blue, the walls are covered in tentacles and now want to molest you. There, how’s that?

Become one of these weirdos and watch as reality bends around you, the mundane becoming strange, the strange fantastic, and the fantastic becomes lewd. Okay, that’s a lie, everything is lewd.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-02
Release Date: 2024-07-02
Developer: Devious Skooma Patreon
Censored: No
Version: a36
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Female Protagonist, Character creation, Incest, Furry, Bestiality, Rape, Virgin, Transformation, Mind control, Blackmail, Urination, Futa/trans, Cosplay, Lactation, Necrophilia, Sissification, Graphic violence, Monster, Monster girl, Big tits, Lactation
Bimbofication, Mythological creatures, Paralysis, Breath control, Infantilism, Public nudity, Snuff
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “DeviousWorld[…].html” to start playing.
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v94 Alpha
So yeah, June was… not great.
While I had a ton of great ideas and initially had some great momentum going on them, issues such as power outages and illness came up and slammed the brakes on more than a few. I recovered (fairly literally) in the last part of the month but still.
So to sum up in brief:
Jamie has a new key from the box he can use, a new dream in the journal, and can recognize the demon from the other journal dream as a new form.
Cyan has a new storyline that can be started from checking her email. (The html file is the same as the incremental since I didn’t manage to add any more content after it.)
There’s a new female character Mundanity-side, Marissa Mallone. (Her portions are heavily in need of typo fixes and whatnot, I think I might have written them while getting/still sick?)
And Michika now has options for taking out a loan to fix the intrusion ship on Karnol.
Devious Mundanity a36
More Michika stuff, two new characters.
v92 Alpha
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Devious World
  • Jamie being forced to bond with his bully via isekai.
  • Earring of Infinite Rizz Jamie picking a new outfit at the mall.
  • A new magic item for Jamie on Nile.
  • Palladium City gooped Eric asking the helpful lady to take him to a hotel.
  • Cyan camping on the near side of the stream for the werewolf meeting.
  • Cyan starting a vanilla(ish) playthrough of Skyrim on her VR rig.
Devious Mundanity
  • A new male villain character, Backlash.
  • A bit of expansion of Michika meeting Cindi Cyko in the Pervcursor sim.
v91 Alpha
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Devious World
  • Main: Jamie can try Kit’s “crossplay gateway drug”.
  • Main: Jamie can mess with the options on the SpinJob app.
  • Main: Jamie can drink the Dragonfruit Devil soda himself.
  • Main: Cyan can suggest taking action the morning after seeing her mother in the backyard indulging her curiosity.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Konko can now help (or possibly “help”) the nerd girl being bullied by gyarus.
  • Main: Michika can make further decisions on hands-on sex ed for Gao and Aki.
v90 Alpha
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Devious World
  • Main: Jamie can decline the oddly charismatic man when selling chocolate.
  • Main: Holly can ask Santa for things. (Holly’s Christmas eve outfit has also been altered a bit further up. I’ll probably edit the other path a bit later too.)
  • Main: Cyan can agree to help the villagers when playing Dean’s solo tabletop game as Cybil.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Defiance can poke around the office in the containment facility.
  • Main: Michika can decide to try and escape the quarantine zone at the mine.
  • Main: Horse-Caliburn can decide he’ll call Pink again.
  • The initial release of the SCPX document to go with Defiance’s storyline. (And eventually other characters.) I’ll add things to it that either show up in the storyline or will eventually show up there, and I may or may not start taking suggestions for things to add to it, I’m still pondering that one.
  • Anyway, feel free to use it as inspiration for your own projects!
  • Anyone who attempts to criticize it for not being like the actual SCP wiki will be demoted to D-class, confined to a 10x10x10 room, and sentenced to cross-testing every other SCP with 682.
v89 Alpha
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Devious World
  • Jamie can now order what one Deviant aptly called the “earring of infinite rizz” off of Nile.
  • Cyan can now go looking for a werewolf meeting.
(Note: Since the World files only got one update each this month, I went ahead and included the incremental files instead of just renaming them, to save some people from potentially creating unnecessary clutter in their file directories. Also me some time.)
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Caliburn can choose the “+Equine” option in the Labyrinth of Change.
  • Main: Michika can take Lolina’s offer to be a dancer in her club.
  • Main: Michika can teach the Red Team guys in the apartment to not let their guard down.
  • Main: Defiance can check in on running plots.
v88 Alpha
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Happy Halloween~!
There’s a fair bit of Halloween to this update… or at least there’s magic and demons and creepy places. And, y’know, a couple of bits at a Halloween party too. Getting to it:
Devious World
  • Main: Jamie can decide to go through with streaming tomorrow.
  • Main: Buddy-Mai can join in with the cat-twins and Candy. She can also complain to Lizzie after getting centaurfied.
  • Main: Cyan has new options available in the VR app store.
  • Main: Monk Cyan can remain silent when her slaver captor offers the deal.
  • Main: Cyan can find a new item for sale on DeviList.
  • Main: Wilma has suggestions to explain the Beefy animatronic’s “reaction” in the stables.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Michika can investigate the abandoned house for Professor Prism.
  • Main: Leo can veto continuing after Errin returns the favor.
  • Main: Michika can take action at her urgent situation after leaving Hexia’s clinic.
Most of this month’s work went into Cyan playing with her new magic book, a route with a lot of fun options and some fun new characters. Personally I think the most quality thing this month though is the Buddy-Mai centaur thing… it’s a shame I only really got that in mind and set to it today, when time to release meant I couldn’t keep rolling on it. But, hopefully I’ll be able to keep momentum on it for this next month.
v87 Alpha
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Devious World:
  • Main: Cyan can now access the app store on her VR rig.
  • Main: Cyan can look into the “Find a Date Meeting” on DeviList.
  • Main: Cyan can agree they should lock the door when fooling around with Leslie.
  • Main: Cyan can leave the office after being welcomed to Space Ranger Academy.
  • Main: Cyan can agree to Alrid’s suggestion that she might be married off to a human noble.
  • Main: Cyan can decide to fool around with her cousin.
  • Main: Wilma and Tanya can check out the Beefy Fajeeta animatronic in the stable.
  • Main: Cyan and Leslie can spot a bunch of guys in suits approaching Leslie’s neighbor.
  • Main: Cyan can agree to be put off the ship after being Space Ranger pressganged.
  • Main: Marei can be honest when the newly-activated Guard questions her.
  • (And over in the -M version)
  • Main: Liam can now discover which book Gwyn was reading before.
  • Main: Gyarufied Ranma can now make a decision about what to do.
  • Main: Jamie can decide to try a store to expand his collection of butt toys.
Devious Mundanity:
  • Main: More of the Leo and Errin line.
  • Main: Jane can now decide to look into Bioteknik Solutions.
  • Main: Michika can eat the brown and orange poffin in Hexia’s mind-maze.
  • Main: Michika can show some modesty after bringing Knight home.
  • Main: Michika has a new open job she can take.
v86 Alpha
Male side: New Jamie stuff featuring sex demons (as y’do) and just some little Eric and Gwyn bits.
Female side: We have a new game for Cyan.
Devious Mundanity side we’ve got two new paths for Leo, some switchups and a bit of setup for Addi, and a little more of the Blue vs. Red storyline for Michika.
v85 Alpha
Cyan complimenting Destroyer’s sheath.
Jamie playing a new VR game.
Michika taking a new reinforcement job.
v84 Alpha
Main: Eric can now see the mysterious ‘Matchmaker’. He also has a new option in the want ads.
Main: Jamie can decline to help set up the entertainment system.
Main: Jamie can keep his head when Mac spots space pirates.
Main: Holly can give in when hit with the full force of the stranger’s smell.
Main: Cyan has a new starting option where she can meet up with her friends directly.
Devious Mundanity
Main: Jane can now elect to investigate the night club.
Main: Michika can now go see the Hex Maniac in Rainbow City.
I realized that most of Cyan meeting up with her friends occurs via very circuitous paths that draw on something else and there’s not much chance for “normal” hanging out and doing stuff. (Not that there won’t be plenty of abnormal stuff, as this update shows, but the potential is there!) It’s just Leslie for now, but I doubt most of you will complain.
v83 Alpha
This was one of those months where as I started to wrap stuff up, I began to despair of how little I’d done, then actually looked at the change logs and went “Oh, it was actually a fair bit, wasn’t it?” Not nearly as much as I wanted to get done, but that’s usually the case. Still, hopefully enough lewds to satisfy everyone along with setup for future stuff.
This month we’re looking at four, count ’em, four new player characters. In Mundanity we have Addi, an interdimensional livestreamer, and Jason and Jane, agents for a mysterious agency called… uh… the Agency. In World, we’ve got new housewife Theresa, who will no doubt be having many, many wholesome adventures where she stays entirely loyal to her beloved husband. (Just… not this update.) Theresa’s the only one with any amount of new content so far, but unlike some of the previous non-starter player characters (which I may eventually decide to trim a few of) I have solid plans for all of them.
Anyway, tackling the actual roster of updates:
Devious Mundanity
Main: Continuing Michika with Ramses.
Main: Michika can tell Heiloh to make the Cutlass drone imposing.
Main: Leo has a new retrieval job available.
Main: New male character Jason and female character Jane have been added.
Main: Riley can agree to become Tassita’s co-streamer.
Main: New female character Addi has also been added.
Main: Michika has a new reinforcement job.
Devious World (M)
Main: Jamie can suggest he and Kevin skip the mansion when selling chocolate bars.
Devious World (F)
Main: New young adult female character Theresa is now available.
Michika definitely got the lion’s share of attention this month, but she is wonderfully easy to write for, almost as much as Cyan. Anyhoo!
Alpha 81-F
  • Main: Cyan can now decide she’s addicted after indulging with Cam.
  • Main: Layla can now tell Song she’ll go on the run.
Alpha 81-M
  • Main: Eric can decide not to use the want ads Sean gave him.
  • Main: Jamie can agree to Bonding so as to fight the Earthlord.
  • Main: Jamie can tell dick-wielding Maya that his night was full of anticipation.
World a79, Mundanity a22, “Losing Big”
Devious World
  • Main: Gwyn has a third option after getting shot down by Maria.
  • Main: Austin can take a look at the camera from the box of his uncle’s artifacts.
  • Main: Austin can also go down during Motoko’s time in the bath, or not bother with an alarm.
  • Main: Jamie can discover he’s bought a new item from the mysterious store.
  • Main: Cat Burglar Eric can decide to steal another jewel while burgling Lianna Guyer’s bedroom.
  • Main: Cyan has a new game in the infernal VR rig’s list.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Michika can tell Heiloh she wants the Cutlass drone to be shiny.
  • Main: Michika can actually take the genetic material retrieval job.
  • Main: Leo can decide he’s going to take everything from Nova.
Losing Big
  • A short prose story in my cyberpunk setting of Makarzia, featuring a small group of mercenaries operating in Megasector 8.
World a78, Mundanity a21
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Devious World
  • Main: Cyan can continue the branch of obtaining a car from her uncle.
  • Main: Jamie can continue the special services from Nurse Joi.
  • Main: Holly can decide to visit family for Thanksgiving.
  • Main: Maya can discover Jamie’s had a different reaction to her post-potion self.
  • Main: Amanda can buy the Space Explorer playkit for her brother.
  • Main: There’s a new class in the ‘Complete Mage’ book Cyan can look at in the library.
  • Main: Jamie can sneak peeks at Ms. Lorne after staying to help her clean up.
  • Main: Jamie can answer in the affirmative to his mother’s suggestion for a family activity after Knight of Glory.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: More of Michika in the Pervcursor simulation prison. (Haunted house party and continuing to explore the corridors.)
Devious World
  • Main: Rags-clad male fighter Eric can now try to make money by pickpocketing.
  • Main: When playing with her new computer’s VR, Cyan can try the data storage option.
  • Main: Jamie can agree to help Kowsumi fix the ship.
  • Main: Buddy can assume the witch and catgirl trick-or-treaters are prostitutes.
  • Main: Buddy can give Ciara some privacy until dinner.
  • Main: Jamie can pick the body “unnatural powers” to look at in the magic book.
  • Main: Wilma can agree to undergo the same process as Tanya in Bunzy’s Bodacious Makeovers.
Devious Mundanity


: Michika can now browse retrieval jobs.
Well, this last week (and this month) was filled with distractions, both those beyond my control and self-inflicted. I wound up getting derailed from working on a lot of stuff I was excited to work on, and instead nudged onto the path of working on something else.
But, as usual, I think I still got a bit of fairly great stuff in there, so not too bad!
  • Main: Jamie can now suggest that he and Maya look at the “Poshuns” in the magic book. He can also choose “Anh Ihmppe to Sarvh Yoo” under the summoning options.
  • Main: Jack can now anticipate his son asking for more dubious things.
  • Main: Celeste can now check out more obviously dubious job listings too.
  • Main: After touching the longsword, Eric can now run away from the attacking bandits.
  • Main: Jamie can try the pentagram key again.
It sounds like readers are already really enjoying some of the results of the last one, and I’ve got lots of ideas for that moving forward. Of course we are also firmly in spoopy season, so I’m going to at least try to revisit some appropriately skoopy content, we’ll see what happens there since I am (as always) at the mercy of how brain sometimes no do.
v75 alpha
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Leo can now ask Vima if she has any leads on ships (Leo’s starting passage).
  • Main: Added new female character Michika.
  • Removed Simone and Nicholas for eventual retooling/replacement.
Devious World
  • Main: Continuing Holly’s infernalized July 4th party.
  • Main: After freeing the futa vampire, Eric can look into her eyes.
  • Main: Cyan and Sapphire can decide to accept their new situation after returning to Earth. Earlier on, the double Cyans can decide to stay with Celest.
  • Main: When searching for water on the mysterious island, Amanda can forget to check before drinking.
  • Main: A new store for Cyan to check out has been added to the shopping district.
  • Main: Jamie can tell Kalli the important part of a good relationship is defined roles.
  • Main: Cyan can now think better of just grabbing the interruption in the motorcycle’s ignition.
  • Main: Cyan can now select Schwanstuckers of Skyrim as the first mod to use in VR Skyrim.
  • Main: Jamie can request the sampler box for the popular girls’ party.
v74 alpha
  • Main: Continuing some of the scenarios with Jamie and Maya and the Minidigitizer.
  • Main: A new branch has been inserted when Eric agrees to let Anubilis have his body. (“Confront her as you are” leads to the original choices.)
  • Main: Some more of Jamie in the Skyrim sim, starting in the torture room and going down both paths.
  • Main: And for a completely different approach to the same subject, Cyan can also play Skyrim on her new VR rig.
  • Main: Mallory-in-Jamie’s-body can claim the enhancement bracers from the lockbox at the bank.
  • Main: Helen can decide to see to the Advanced Chemistry Students at Fakkushiri High.
  • Main: Jamie can now be offered a completely normal Pokemon to start his Selassa-obligated journey.
  • Main: Jamie can attend to his mother’s MILF guests first in the Errana-influenced storyline.
  • Main: July is now available at Holly’s start.
  • Main: Added a Lewd Smartphone to the debug items option of Eric’s Ranma sim.
  • Main: After using SpinJob to turn Maya into a happy sex slave, Jamie can agree they should get cleaned up.
  • Main: Eric can tell wimpified female Ranma he’s going to fuck her pussy.
  • Main: Decided to remove the “Advanced Programming Techniques” option from the Digitizer sim.
  • Main: It will be replaced by “Fate/Lewd Order”.
  • Main: Girl-form incuJamie can now do clothes shopping with Maya and Keva.
  • Main: Jamie can now do a brief pass-through play of Farmster Girl World to unlock other options for the Virtual Dimension Rig. (See dev diary for more info.)
  • Main: When visiting Liam, Gwyn can sit and wait for him to return.
  • Main: Cyan can now wake up Fang after staying over at Bellweather’s.
  • Main: Blessed Buddy can decide to see just how far he can take things with Ayako and Laura
  • Main: Cyan can decide to purchase The Diablo from Brightstar Electronics.
  • Main: More of Cyan and her uncle.
  • Main: Cyan can also just grab the thing that’s keeping the motorcycle from starting up.
  • Main: Eric can tell Rei he’s good with whatever will make her happy after butt stuff.
  • Main: Austin can hang out on the first floor of the party at his Japanese university.
  • Main: Added two new items, the Training Suit and the Bot to the ‘Devices’ selection on no-item debug mode.
  • Main: Jamie can tell Gideon he’s not curious about being with another guy.
  • Main: Cyan can dare when discussing “Little Daddy”.
  • Main: Jamie can get home and found he bought a jewelry box while shopping with Kevin.
  • Main: Reth can decide to turn Unielle into a breeder for his farm.
  • Main: After turning Amestra into a Headless Slayer, Reth can say they should move on.
  • Main: Grimalkin can decide he and his pack will go after the Lieze twins.
  • Made Marei slightly older. I admit wanting her to be a young  widow but I also made her like bare minimum old enough to have Ken, so.  Adding a few years gives her slightly more range.
  • Main: Marei can now decide to look at her late husband’s androids for scratching her itch.
  • Main: Cyan can buy the detachable penis.
  • Main: Jack can now decide to get Gabriel for Lita.
  • Main: Jack can also have a son instead of a daughter.
  • Main: Cyan can now also browse the DeviList want ads.
  • Main: Plushified Jamie can see that the dildo Tanya is getting out is really weird.
  • Main: Eric can now blackmail Ranma with the footage he took after using the Slowburn on her.
  • Main: I considered and realized that ‘Barbarian’ didn’t seem very likely as something Layla would pick. It’s been replaced with Druid.
  • Main: Cyan’s infiltration of her parents’ secret party can continue.
  • Main: Eric can summon the Orgasmatron to use on Ranma.
  • Main: Jamie can have a realization when facing Cognitive Tanya.
  • Main: Jamie can kiss Emi after actually talking to him on their hookup date.
>Says probably do stuff with neglected characters in last incremental
>Actually just writes more gay stuff with Jamie
  • Main: Spy Cyan’s adventures continue. (I was originally going to make it so that every option got something at least a little wrong, but that seemed unfair.)
  • Main: Cyan can browse the novelty shirts at The Shed.
  • Main: Continuation of Helen applying for the job at Aspareth’s School.
  • Main: Cyan can use Bran to comfort her mother.
  • Main: Sam can now visit Horrorland.
  • Main: Celeste has a new job offering at her starting page.
  • Main: Sam can suggest doing something about the “biters” before heading to the dock in Isla Sauria.
  • Main: Marei can decide to try out the “glory holes” at Sweet Dreams.
  • Main: Ranma can now beg Happosai to —- her when she’s at his mercy.
  • Main: Male start Ranma can now tell Akane to suck a lemon.
  • Main: Cyan can tell the kobold that’s not a lizard that she’s a famous intellectual.
  • Main: Adult male option Jack is now playable, with some tweaks.
  • Main: Buddy-Mai can now get gold sparkles in the d— gacha. She can also buy the Mega Man or the Centaur from the d— store.
  • Main: After yielding to —- Mai, Eric can ask her to wait.
  • Main: After becoming Hazel’s apprentice, Eric can decide to go to regular school.
  • Main: Eric can order the hentai males to finish breaking Ranma’s will.
  • Main: Added another digitizer sim and look it’s different okay?
  • Main: Full debug mode Eric can now mess with Ranma in guy form.
  • Main: Buddy can agree to mana transfer with the Lizzies.
  • Main: Holly can now elect to browse around the Last Resort looking for a Halloween costume.
  • Main: Buddy can get a costume from Fantasy Life.
  • Main: Blessed Buddy can now take the road less traveled with Dana.
  • Main: Layla can admit to Jasmine she likes the thought of being transformed.
  • Main: Raptarran Cypher can now summon Arana to the bait ship.
  • Main: Eric can now play Red XIII in the FF7 sim.
  • Main: Jamie can seek help from the force of personality in dealing with Joshua.
  • Main: Lionman Jamie can grab the bags of the fleeing bank robbers.
  • Main: After accepting his help, Gwyn can now tell Marius he’s looking for something different.
  • Main: After agreeing to help, Cyan can now accept combat training so she can accompany WP-Zed.
  • Main: Jamie can now order the Servabeam with his Nile gift card.
  • Main: Jamie can use the Spinjob app to make his mother obedient.
  • Main: Jamie can now go with Leanna when she adopts him.
  • Main: Jamie can choose the Dragonfruit Devil Zoo Juice Soda.
  • Main: Layla can just put up with Jasmine after being sent to the farm. Also, after choosing to brag on herself, several of the options are open.
  • Main: The Trikeron scenario has new observations of the invasion, and if you’ve turned him into a harem boi Ranma is now visible in the harem.
  • Main: After saying he’ll stay in town, Reth can say he’ll become a farmer.
  • Main: Valerie can skip the dramatic announcement before jumping out the window. She also has more options available when meeting Thule’s sons.
  • Main: Valerie can also investigate the magic nightclub that’s under construction.
Some old standards and some characters we haven’t seen in awhile, and admittedly a fair bit of setup for future stuff along with the lewds here and there. But ’tis often the way.
  • Main: Jamie can now try to figure out MeistroComp Mobile on his own.
  • Main: Jamie can now refuse to go on a Pokemon journey.
  • Main: Jamie can now be a derp and just free Vex from the start.
  • Main: Buddy can now cancel dinner to focus his attention on Dana.
  • Main: Eric has a new device to use on female Ranma in the sim.
  • Main: Mallory can respond as he sees appropriate to Sandra calling him a dweeb.
  • Main: Gwyn can now accept Marius’s offer of help with Maria.
  • Main: Britney can now go with Jenna on her expedition after becoming a weretiger.
  • Main: The My Little Dollmaker in the Ranma sim has been altered a bit and expanded.
  • Main: Jamie can admit he’s still curious after experimenting with Gideon.
  • Main: Cypher can kill the Raptarran after it’s injured by the local wildlife.
  • Main: Cyan can ask her uncle what kind of arrangement would get her a car. She can also ask about the free one.
  • Main: Upon arriving at their “subversive” camping spot, Jamie and Gideon can make camp.
  • Main: After killing the bandits attacking him, male fighter Eric can decide to raid the dragon hoard.
  • Main: When going to the magic shop with Hazel, Eric can now just look with his eyes.
  • Main: Jamie can select the Lemon-Lime Lion six-pack when being a Testing Agent.
  • Main: Jamie’s mom can now suggest he go to Camp Cross after waking up as an incubus.
  • Main:: Jamie can mutter vaguely after bumping into Gideon.
  • Main: Jamie can follow Kevin’s suggestion that they go downtown.
  • Main: Eric can now use the basic aphrodisiac on Ranma.
  • Main: Jamie can now say he wants to be even girlier for Will.
  • Main: Space bounty hunter Cyan can now follow the craft identified as a Reaping One contact. (Yeah I know I misspelled it in the update list, I’ll fix it later.)
  • Main: Monk Cyan can now give in to the lust caused by Aerienne’s fireball.
  • Main: Jamie can now tell the incubus that for his wish, he wants to be like the incubus.
  • Main: All options are now available when Jamie and Will are discussing Will’s sexual prowess.
  • Main: When playing with the magic book, Jamie can suggest the section on altering society.
DW Alpha 60, DM Alpha 12
Devious World
  • Main: After giving the Slowburn aphrodisiac time to work, Eric can now check outside or in Akane’s room for Ranma. He can also choose transformations when messing with the potions.
  • Main: Layla can now tell Sita to dream on when she offers to get along.
  • Main: Amanda can now spend her summer hanging out with friends.
  • Main: Cyan can know better than to just let Cybil out.
  • Main: When trapped in the log by the alligator gar, fairy Eric can wish for power.
  • Main: Cyantaur can intervene when she notices Amana getting tempted.
  • Main: Ranma can now ask the devil what the worst curse he thinks Ranma has is.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Kai can now take the C-rank assassination job.
  • Main: Caliburn can now challenge Deathtrap when called on to enter the King’s Labyrinth.
DW Alpha 59, DM Alpha 11
Devious World
  • Mike continues his villainous substitute teacher-ing.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Kai can decide she’s fallen in love with overwhelming joy, warmth, or devotion.
  • Main: Kai can tell Jaune maybe she’ll fall in love someday.
  • Main: Kai can now tempt fate after using Atlesian law on Cordovin.
  • Main: When at Brunswick Farms, Kai can now immediately reveal that Salem is Ozma’s wife.
DW Alpha 58, DM Alpha 10
Devious World
  • Main: Celeste can now sign up for the Special Service Program with Fully Automatic Food.
  • Main: Eric can go home for the fall break from magic school.
  • Main: Layla can find her power threatened by a new girl.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Leo-turned-Lina can now ask to be taken by Sokahn.
  • Main: After placating Sakai, Kai can now agree to having her slave chip bricked. (And thus begins the Epic of Remnant.)
DW Alpha 57, DM Alpha 9
Devious World
  • Main: Marei can now call the family doctor for fear that Ken has “fapluenza”.
  • Main: No-bonus Eric can now alter the entire Ranma sim once he’s outside the Tendo Dojo.
  • Main: Eric can meet Mai immediately after obtaining the hypnosis pocketwatch.
  • Main: Jamie can recruit Kevin and Maya to help him take down Sandra’s mental Shell.
  • Main: Cyan can now agree to adopt Puck the cat. (Shockingly he is not just a cat. I bet what happens surprises you.)
  • Main: King Jamie can tell Mama Michi he needs a minute.
  • Main: After volunteering for her experiments, Eric can agree to become Dr. Life’s assistant.
  • Main: Eric can now try to calm Big Momma during negotiations with Duke Emory.
  • Main: Futa-witch Cyan can now make her mother “apologize” when first returning home from Tandy’s.
  • Main: Cyan can continue her infiltration of the sex party.
  • Main: The option for splitting up at the haunted house has been changed to allow Cyan to go alone or with different people.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Iris can now continue to taunt Majestra.
  • Main: “Phantom” can now alter the girls’ minds after “claiming his reward”. Alternatively, after not claiming his reward and instead telling them the truth, he can ask for their cooperation.
  • Main: Reth can now decline to tell Stacia about his past life as the Maou.
  • Main: Kai can now ask Aurora to ask her friends for help.
  • Main: Maxia can have the door in the instant cottage open into a playroom.
  • Main: New characters Nicholas and Simone are in, to fill the niche Jace had in Devious World.
  • Main: Konko can now approach Michiko as something with six cylinders.
DeW Alpha 56, DM Alpha 8
Devious World
  • Main: Eric’s choices for asking Santa for a family have been revised and some opened up.
  • Main: Eric can now stay at magic school over the break.
  • Main: Jamie can now look at the high-tech gizmos or vehicles on Nile.
  • Main: Holly can be snippy to the cat and witch trick-or-treaters.
  • Main: Eric can agree to be a breeder for Big Momma’s orc tribe.
  • Main: While fucking Darian during the threesome, Buddy can tell the other party to play with herself or suck Darian’s nipples.
  • Main: Jamie can now offer no comment to Sandy asking if he’s a virgin, or answer Lil either way. In a nearby dimension, he can also find that Will left a pair of panties out as a gift.
  • Main: Cypher can now bet his sex at Equivalent Exchange. She can also continue playing after being turned into a gynoid.
  • Main: Mike can go to the arcade on the last night of the week after befriending the animatronics.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Female!Leo can now decide to wait out the week in either fashion, hoping to change back at the end.
  • Main: Caliburn can now take another one of the calls while he’s on watch duty.
DW Alpha 55, DM Alpha 7
Devious World
  • Main: After being welcomed into his new super-family, Eric can become Hazel’s apprentice.
  • Main: Sissified-by-Joshua Jamie can now reveal his condition to his dad. In a nearby alternate reality, non-sissified Jamie can tell Nyle he wants to stick up for himself.
  • Main: There’s now an “Items” option for toying with female Ranma on the basic debug sim.
  • Main: Gwyn can now agree to Liam using his new creation on him.
  • Main: Callista can urge Sandra to escape through the underwater tunnel while she stays behind.
  • Main: The roster of partners available to Callista at the volleyball tournament has been altered and opened up.
  • Main: Eric can just be direct after luring Ranma to the woods. He can also use the Chair to target the most influential girls first.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: More stuff of Ireth (on pretty much every branch). This is a pretty big update, even from the incrementals!
  • Main: Leo can suggest he and Lii talk to Kala in private.
  • Main: Valerie can now use the Mythril wire to forge a weapon.
  • Main: Maxia can now go explore the world of Letoria.
DW Alpha 54, DM Alpha 6
Devious World
  • Main: Lord Aurik can play with new targets in the Oversight Room of the Trikeron sim.
  • Main: Monk Cyan can now listen to the fortuneteller for Kovam’s sake.
  • Main: Holly, when going to a Halloween party as a [lewd thing], can now choose none of the collar tags.
  • Main: Eric can now touch the hand phaser in the high-tech section of the prop museum.
  • Main: Cypher in Jeanne’s body can admit they’re Cypher when confronted by Nyx and Hanlon.
  • Main: Cyan can state her favorite monster when giving Dean the T-shirt.
  • Main: Cyan can decide to not be hasty when discussing her father’s sleepwalking with her mother.
  • Main: Eric can now use “enhancements” on female Ranma. Earlier, he can also take her somewhere more remote for playing with.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Leo can now take an artifact retrieval job.
  • Main: Leo can say he’ll look after the Kwestlyne Twins.
  • Main: Sipha can now go to the Akihabara theme cafes.
  • Main: Leo can now accept Removal jobs.
  • Main: Female Leo can now approach Seiun at the river.
  • Main: Defiance can now focus on Kaville when dealing with her hostages.
  • Main: Added the defeated demon lord Ireth to the ‘Other’ chargen options.
DW Alpha 53, DM Alpha 5
Devious World
  • Main: More of Buddy dealing with the Christmas angel in his living room.
  • Main: After long consideration, I’ve decided to rewrite Jamie’s Pokemon storyline. I don’t usually like to trim off old stuff like this, especially when it’s been worked on, but the more I thought on it the more limited I felt by the setup. The link to the start of that plotline is here and has new content, as well as a link to the old version just for posterity.
  • Main: Buddy can also request the alternative visitation for his Caroling.
  • Main: Actually started on the “None” option under the Ranma sim debug that some of you may have noticed appeared a bit back. Because that’s what that line needed, another option.
  • Main: Jamie can now suggest going right to Gideon’s house for their weekend.
  • Main: Eric can now take two different things from Wiz’s collection of devious items. (Incoming poof transformations. Hey, sorry, sometimes they just fit best.)
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Leo can now agree to join Roaring Eagle.
  • Main: Leo can also take the Kwestlyne escort job, and the “Task Completion” category of jobs is live.
  • Main: Leo can take a walk after taking Aiane to Earth.
  • Main: Kai can now suggest she and Miranda go for a frontal assault. (I oopsed and forgot to put a link directly to this. But stay on Makarzia to work, go to the club, talk to Horace, and then after following that line put up your possessions as the job reward, that will lead you to working with Miranda.)
  • Main: Konko’s visit to the MILFs in another form can continue.
DW Alpha 52, DM Alpha 4
Devious World
  • Main: Jamie can now download the SpinJob or MeistroComp apps from Nile.
  • Main: Cyan can now seduce her drunk and depressed… person who she lives with.
  • Main: Jamie can now order the Sexaroid or the BFFBot from the Nile android shop. He can also browse the magical items.
  • Main: Jamie can tell Shotiel that being fucked by the incubus made him feel unclean.
  • Main: Mallory-using-Jamie’s-body can now choose the bank account instead of the safety deposit box at the bank.
  • Main: Jamie can stay in the library after school.
  • Main: Cypher can now suck the weapon merchant’s cock to be allowed to buy the Omnisonic Disruptor.
  • Main: Jamie can wear the cool shirt on his first day of school.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Konko can decide to impersonate a cute oneechan when pranking Ryo.
  • Main: Yami can accept the starter quest.
DW Alpha 51, DM Alpha 3
Devious World
  • Main: Jamie can now download the SpinJob or MeistroComp apps from Nile.
  • Main: Cyan can now seduce her drunk and depressed… person who she lives with.
  • Main: Jamie can now order the Sexaroid or the BFFBot from the Nile android shop. He can also browse the magical items.
  • Main: Jamie can tell Shotiel that being fucked by the incubus made him feel unclean.
  • Main: Mallory-using-Jamie’s-body can now choose the bank account instead of the safety deposit box at the bank.
  • Main: Jamie can stay in the library after school.
  • Main: Cypher can now suck the weapon merchant’s cock to be allowed to buy the Omnisonic Disruptor.
  • Main: Jamie can wear the cool shirt on his first day of school.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Konko can decide to impersonate a cute oneechan when pranking Ryo.
  • Main: Yami can accept the starter quest.
DW Alpha 50, DM Alpha 2
Devious World
  • Main: Eric can use the “Sword” body wash when showering at Mai’s.
  • Main: Eric can also decide he likes the club owner’s offer when playing with Honey Trap.
  • Main: Dark General Mike can now do a dress code review while undercover as a teacher.
  • Main: Cyan can now decide she is uninterested in her parents’ party.
  • Main: Jamie can now do fuckall with his vacation so that he starts school again. (The vacation has also been generic’d so it can be either spring break or summer break.)
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Added Kiara and Maxia.
  • Main: Kai can now focus on taking out Street Demons when the meeting is attacked.
  • Main: Caliburn can pick a hallway in the King’s Labyrinth.
  • Main: Added Yami.
  • Main: Konko can now prank the boy skipping school.
  • Main: Kai can now find Niobe after the Street Demons attack the meeting. Back at the Glowworm she can also go speak to the Transcendants.
DW Alpha 49, DM Alpha 1
  • Main: Ranma can now take a look at the haunted devil painting.
  • Main: Cyan can now keep walking after seeing her father’s car parked at the phone store.
  • Main: Cypher can now beg Klydess to use his “special ability”.
  • First Mundanity release
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Alpha 48
  • Main: Cyan can yet again give in to the urge to go get a relaxing cookie.
  • Main: Band singer Erica can now obey when the club owner demands he bend over the desk.
  • Main: In Palladium City, Eric can now say he won’t go to the party.
  • Main: Gwyn can now submit to Saya’s demand he wear panties.
  • Main: After escaping with Striped Trouble, Cypher can augment herself with Raptarran DNA.
  • Main: Homura can now suggest challenging a dojo.
  • Main: Female Ranma can visit Ucchan’s or the Nekohanten after being launched by Akane.
  • Main: Cypher can stammer awkwardly when Shado asks if he’s coming along.
  • Main: Austin can now choose to inherit his uncle’s personal assistant.
  • Main: Jamie can stutter himself into being a Succubus King. A few paths over he can also use mana that feels right for the gacha summon.
  • Main: The twin elves can put the experimental panties on Holly to make her cooperate.
  • Main: Jamie can now ask his dad how to get started.
  • Main: Holly can now untie all the reindeer.
Alpha 47
  • Main: Austin can now tell the hypnotized girls he inherited them along with the hot springs.
  • Main: Imaginarium-using Eric can now try time control when messing about with powers in school.
  • Main: Eric can give up resisting once futa Mai has done the thing to him.
  • Main: Mike now has a new job opportunity.
  • Main: Cyan can now choose to be a Producer when working in the Ag Sector.
  • Main: Road Witch Cyan can approach the camper.
  • Main: Knocked-up girl Ranma can decide to try to hook Soun.
  • Main: Mike can now have Robert set the animatronics to horny.
  • Main: Jamie can now go with his father for his birthday.
  • Main: Cypher can now enter Equivalent Exchange after rolling Karma Slave.
  • Main: Holly can now choose turkey from among the options offered by the Thanksgiving Rebellion.
  • Main: Holly can also reject the Valentine’s chocolates from Allen.
  • Main: Cyan can now resist further stimulation of her candy-induced joystick.
  • Main: Eric can now agree to be the toy of the strange rich man who rescues him at Worldland.
  • Main: Sam can stay away from the strange light she sees when being cyberized.
Alpha 46
  • Main: “Erika” can continue to be stubborn even after Drake makes him do certain things.
  • Main: Buddy can rush outside when he hears his house getting egged.
  • Main: Eric can play with Rei’s item when snooping.
  • Main: Jamie and Maya can select “Teh Chaynj Mohzt Lood” from the magic book.
  • Main: The newly-turned witch Cyan can now go on the road instead of returning to her old life.
  • Main: Wilma can now play skeeball in the Funland arcade.
  • Main: Buddy can now investigate the haunted house on his Halloween walk. Or, a bit further back, he can ask who’s at the door when there’s a knock after lights out.
  • Main: Buddy-Mai can decide to earn some party currency at Lizzie’s Halloween party. (There’s also more stuff at the party in general.)
  • Main: Hax protagonist Jamie can now observe the potential of a kidnapped princess after rescuing Katalina.
  • Main: Buddy can now let Ciara pick her own room.
Alpha 45
  • Main: Updates to Capture:
  • Cyan can leap out of the alley and try to shoot Tifa with the Mysogibot Rifle the second she passes. This completes Tifa’s MB Rifle option.
  • She can now also look in on the reconditioned Tifa in the Slut Gallery.
  • Main: Buddy and Cody can now go to Cosplay Casbah investigating Buddy’s transformation into Mai Shiranui.
  • Main: Wilma can explore the arcade at Felipe’s Funland.
  • Main: Jamie can not hear anything after first arriving in the adventure world with Mary. (There’s a few other tweaks in other parts of the Adventure World scenario too.)
  • Main: “Kovam” can now decide he’s had enough of “Cyan’s” bullshit.
  • Main: Cyan can tell her mother what happened at the dog park.
  • Main: Cypher can now tell Ami to stay behind when going to the Mulsap Twelve station.
  • Main: Incubus Jamie can now suggest that he, Maya, and Keva all go out together.
  • Main: Tifa can suggest splitting up in the abandoned train yard, or search for clues on the mayor’s floor.
  • Main: Anubilis can now continue on to conquer Michiru after enslaving Haruka. Female Anubilis can also elect to leave Rei’s apartment. (Also changed her look a bit.)
  • Main: Sam and Aunt Kelly can now set up their camping tent on the Thunderbird stone.
Alpha 44
  • Main: Cyan can go see Errana again after her little interlude with her and Svarog.
  • Main: Gwyn can now resist taking anything from Liam’s hidden treasure trove. He can also show his interest in the bonfire party after stealing the pendant.
  • Main: Cyan can lay low after overhearing her parents’ plans to hook up.
  • Main: Cyanide can now trade Sabine the Appearance Change Potion in return for grouping up.
  • Main: Monk Cyan can now stick with Kovam’s group.
  • Main: Helen can now meet the principal instead of Katsuko.
  • Main: Cyan can now “sample” MILK Duds at Tandy’s Candy.
  • Main: Vidya Witch Cyan can now show mercy (sort of) to “Chocola the elf”. The Chocola paths are going to be the first time (outside of Capture) I’ve decided to make branches converge back together, at least in the training sim areas. I don’t intend to do this very often, but for this area it felt like it made more sense.
  • Main: Eric-as-Cypher-in-Jeanne’s-body (whew) can now elect to wait for rescue.
Alpha 43
  • Main: Warrior Cyan can make a decision about the misfit party’s plans.
  • Main: When helping Harold for his father, Eric can now discover he’s got pervy fetishes. (What, in this game?)
  • Main: The young adult male option Billy has been renamed Gwyn to be more distinctive, and has been started.
  • Main: Warrior Cyan can now avoid the other party as well.
  • Main: Catgirl Erica can now give Freia a chomp.
  • Main: After showing himself to Leena and Garri, Eric can declare he doesn’t want to go back to Earth.
  • Main: Incubus Jamie can now do stuff during the foursome.
Alpha 42
  • Main: The pirate-aligned Cypher can now ditch his comrades when he realizes the Raptarran bait ship is trapped.
  • Main: Cat-ified Eric can elect to become human again right away.
  • Main: Cyan can now demand something else when she blackmails her father.
  • Main: Cyan can also check out the “Girlfriend Store” at the mall.
  • Main: Monk Cyan can now suggest either option when her party is being swarmed by Gobberlins.
  • Main: Celeste can now keep her promise to Robert and return to Fast Felipe’s.
  • Main: Celeste also now has two other job options at her start.
  • Main: Warrior Cyan can now elect to explain her situation to Astoriel.
Alpha 41
  • Main: There’s a new attraction in AnimalLand for Sam to check out.
  • Main: Eric can now decide to watch a movie in HollywoodLand.
  • Main: Eric can now ask Santa for a super family.
  • Main: Changed Mike’s soda testing option for Cola Crocodile to Guarana Gator and worked on that.
  • Main: Cyan can now check out the Taimanin Asagi clip in her VR porn.
  • Main: When playing the female standard character in the FF7 sim, Erica can choose the default name.
  • Main: Eric can use the silver tongue stud to tell female Ranma he’s going to fuck her
Alpha 40
  • Jamie can now get bold with his requests from Tanya.
  • Jamie can declare he wants to be seen as a girl during his encounter with Emi.
  • Eric has a new job opportunity in Capital City.
  • A bit of work on Easter Town.
  • In the FF7 debug sim, Eric can now set Tifa to slutty.
  • Cyan can agree with Orin’s suggested marching order at the cave.
  • Cyan can now choose the other centaur option in the Savage Species book.
  • Cyan can now decide to wander around the bad part of town.
  • Jamie can now ask the incubus to turn every boy at school to be more like his current state.
Alpha 39
  • of Ranma’s adventures with Mystical Jan-Ken-Pon.
  • Marei and Carrie can keep watching the lesbian porn Carrie found in May’s room.
  • Eric can now suggest he and Compliant Tifa do something perverse.
  • Jamie can now decide to not enter Errana’s house while selling chocolate with Kevin.
  • Jamie can now go to the school in the quest for a condom to fool around with Maya.
  • Eric-Ranma can now throw the “have a dick” match with Kira instead of letting her throw it.
  • Eric can now go see Nabiki after sending “Best Buddy” Ranma on a fool’s errand.
  • After being sentenced to attend the Space Ranger Academy, Cyan can go to a bar.
  • “Doctor Deviant” can now use the Loyalty Laser on her mother.
  • Cyan can now approach the guy she sees jogging in the park.
  • Over in SIMFITE, Tenta-Z can now select Street Fightercharacters to match with.
  • Cyan can also agree to help with finding the Final Worldpath.
  • The doubled-up Cyan can now wind up being relocated to Japanin a new identity.
  • Shampoo can now choose to try and eliminate Ukyo as a rival.
  • Ascendant Sam can now elect to insist on equality.
  • Replaced the youthful clothes on the Jamie-Amber path with party clothes.
  • Jamie can now agree to what’s asked of him at the MILF futa-party.
Alpha 38
  • Some options have been renamed to their character names, to bring them into line with the rest of the player characters.
  • Dan can now go sell one of Mr. Black’s “special creations”. He can also help out with the invention of new stuff.
  • Fairified Eric can plead with her “rescuer” not to do what he’s doing.
  • Cypher can now use the genetic sequencer after escaping with Striped Trouble. Much earlier on, he can also have Delvan unlock the ship.
  • The default character in the Ranma sim is now available.
  • Eric can go to the part of the Palladium bridge party that Kelly invited him to.
  • Cyan can now avoid blaming anyone when she pleads not guilty at the Space Rangers military tribunal.
  • Monk-in-training Cyan can now ditch Jakson to approach the adventuring party.
  • Valerie the Witch Princess can now refuse to see Thule’s sons.
  • Cyan can now take the rehab assistant job on Orison.
  • Cyan can now choose Dominating Presence from Riara’s options for her cheat power.
  • Sam can now poke around in her aunt’s closet.
  • Amanda can now decide to try for plane tickets to the cheerleader training camp.
  • Austin can now tell Bunny he’ll work with her to help Wonderland recover.
  • Gyaru-fied Austin can now tell Shirou he wants to be highly accommodating.
  • Eric-Ranma can now aim for the street nearby after getting Akane-launched.
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