Bound to College [v0.6.9] [pridedrawing]
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Bound to College [v0.6.9] [pridedrawing]

March 21, 2024F95

You play a young student in his second year of college. Meet your new roommate and the headmaster wants to talk with you. There needs to be done something about your marks. How far are you willing to go?
Meet Ned, who can help you to improve your rating. Will you team up with him, even fall in love? Or do you just use him to increase your marks?
Or are you more interested in the local sports hero who also happens to be a bully?
And what are the headmaster’s intentions?

Thread Updated: 2024-03-21
Release Date: 2024-03-19
Developer: pridedrawing  Itch.ioDiscordPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.9 Closed Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3dcg, Animated, Male protagonist, Gay, School setting, BDSM, Cosplay, Groping,  sex toys ,  group sex ,  oral sex ,  sexual harrasment ,  humiliation ,  teasing ,
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1. Extract and run.
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What’s Inside?
  • Fresh Chapter with Ron: Experience an all-new narrative where Ron comes to the rescue, alongside the possible paths with Nathan and Ned. Each choice you make now holds more weight than ever before!
  • New Music Tracks: Immerse yourself deeper into each scenario with new music, enhancing the atmosphere and your connection to the story.
  • Bug Fixes: Improved gameplay stability and fixed bugs for an even smoother experience navigating college life.
Unlocking Rescue Routes:
  • Ron’s Route: Achieve a relationship level above 5 with Ron, higher than with Ned, and make sure your actions at the party and afterparty reflect well on you.
  • Ned’s Route: Secure a relationship level of 3 or more with Ned, return his book in the classroom, and avoid being just friends.
  • Nathan’s Route: Nathan will come to your rescue if the conditions for Ron or Ned’s paths are not met.
Hotfix v0.545
I just released a hotfix, fixing an issue that caused the game to crash when Russian language was selected
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We are thrilled to unveil the latest content update for “Bound to College” by Pridedrawing!
Version 0.544 introduces an exciting new chapter centered around a thrilling wrestling match. This highly anticipated addition includes a brand new fighting mechanic and engaging speech-over for the characters “Headmaster” and “Administrator.”
After an extensive development process, we are proud to present this chapter to our dedicated community. We appreciate your patience and support throughout this journey and are confident that you will enjoy the immersive experience we’ve crafted for you.
We encourage everyone to stay tuned for further updates, as we have more surprises and improvements in store for you. Your continued support and passion are what drives us to create the best gaming experience possible.
“We are pleased to announce that the current version of the game “Bound to College” now supports the Spanish language! We have worked hard to provide this exciting feature and offer our Spanish-speaking players a fully immersive gaming experience. If you discover any translation errors, or you can suggest an improvement, please leave a note on the Discord server!
Thank you for joining the “Bound to College” community. Let’s embark on this exciting new chapter and discover the thrills and challenges that await!
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I am happy to bring to you the current state of the game. This adds a wrestling match to the game. It is not finished yet, so you cannot compete with every character yet.
Several aspects influence the outcome of a match. The weight class is the first indicator. If it is above yours, you are less likely to win. Your relationship status also might make the one or the other go easier on you – or harder, if it is negative. And your past choices might also affect your chances. On top of that, you have dialogue options that may change the match result on top of that.
But of course, like in real life, this still will not determine the final output. There is a random factor involved. So even if all the odds are in your favor, you still might lose. Because of that, the “Back” button will disappear while in the arena. So no cheating here. every match counts. On top of that, you can fight each character only once!
So make sure to save the game, before entering the wrestling match, if you want to replay it!
Once all the characters will be in the game, I will add a winner ceremony and all of that.
Since I do not know when I can deliver this, guessed you might enjoy a few training matches in the meantime.
I hope you like it!
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New characters:
He is an exchange student from Seville, Spain. Maybe you go and drink a coffee with him some time?
You already had the chance to examine his swimmer-body in class. Now is the chance to talk with him. Will you be able to get the conversation going?
He is a buddy of Vincent. Are you going to follow them to their “private party”?
About the update
In the party scene you can see the characters you can talk to. The order of which you do so might be of some significance. So choose wisely.
Besides this game mechanics, there has been a lot of bug-fixes been done and minor tweaks there and then. But the bis news is this:
German Translation Available!
Thanks you the Patreon Tarungo, who did write the German translation for, you now can play the current state of the game entirely in German! Choose your language at the very beginning or change it at any time in the preferences menu.
Several other languages are also in development right now, so I hope to be able to provide you with even more languages soon!
Further changes:
  • You now find an eye-symbol at the upper left corner. Click it an you will get the whole view, in case some image catches your interest.
  • The elevator menu now will only appear when you click on the elevator. I had to make space for the new boys to appear, so I needed to hide the interface, when not needed.
  • Two more images were added to your first meeting with Ron, so you can take an even closer look, when he changes for the night.
  • The android version now contains of a single .apk file. So no need to create folders any more and shift them around.
  • Also for the android version, the side-images are now shown also at the small phone-version
  • There is a dedicated Linux-file now available for the Linux-user.
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New Chapter: The Cafe
You are meeting with Ron and Julian at a local café to discuss their next steps in dealing with Ron’s situation. You discover the waiter at the café is another student from your school. One you have already encountered: Ned.  How has your relationship with him developed so far? What is going to happen next between the two of you? There is only one way to discover the answer…
More Content
This is more than a new chapter. When you play the game again you will notice almost every instance of dialogue and narration has been altered. The general story line stays the same, but everything has received a bit of polish. Some added details, to set the scene.
A special shout-out to a member of our Discord community, Luke01, for taking on the role of English-language editor. When the game is fully complete, we hope to find those willing to translate and edit for other languages so that this game can be shared by all.
More animation
If a picture says 1,000 words, how about an animation? For those not versed in the digital arts an animation, even a short one,  requires a lot of work and render time. Done right, I feel it breathes life into the characters and makes a scene more interesting for your eyes. The real challenge with 3D animation is to avoid pitfalls in ‘The Uncanny Valley” where digital representations of people just start to look awkward or plain weird. So far, so good!
In this chapter I played around with some more animation and managed to combine static images with a background animation. By doing so, I was able to let the game develop while the animation is still playing in the background – instead of just as few seconds of animation loop which is killed as soon as you move to the next line of dialogue.
Initial release

Extra: Walkthrough Mod*

VerDeYuki thanks for the share
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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