BrokenPanty [v0.5.4] [XGroundhog]

BrokenPanty [v0.5.4] [XGroundhog]

May 15, 2024F95

BrokenPanty is a 1v1 girls fighting game where. The objective is to break your opponent’s clothes and subdue her, in the middle of the battle you can use sexual movements and objects against the opponents.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-15
Release Date: 2024-05-15
Developer: XGroundhog Itch.ioPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3DCG, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Sex toys, groping, combat, side-scroller, Female Domination, masturbation
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1. Extract and run.
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– Fixed bug: Card animations not running correctly.
– Now you can struggle to get rid of a sexual movement.
– The camera systems on the end of combat screen (Fpv mode- Wip) were improved.
– Updated the interface on the end of combat screen (Fpv mode- Wip).
– Improved the animation of the sex move “Sitting_Breast”.
– Added sex move “Strapon_Lying_01″+ strapon model.()
– Added sex move “Strapon_Back_Pussy_01”.
– Added “Pussy_Eat” sex move.
For more information on changes see the Development log.
– Added secondary outfit selection menu.
– Added 2 “Cosplay” Outfits (2b-Nier automata) &(Morrigan-darkstalkers).
– The bug of falling to the ground when playing with “Roxi” characters has been fixed.
-Note: At the moment playing with 2 identical characters produces animcaimones errors. It will soon be fixed
– Added a card selection system (Using the RB key in the fighter selection menu).
-The “A” key was changed to “RB+A” for the action of lifting the opponent when they fall.
-The stocking of the character “Caroline” was changed.
– Added a bra to “Caroline” and an alternative outfit.
-Added 2 new sexual movement card (Breast_Sitting) & (Pussy_On_Pussy).
-CPU never loses bug was fixed.
-You can now help lift the opponent by pressing the “A” key when he is on the ground.
-Updated 6 Naru attacks.
-The suplex that Caroline uses was temporarily fixed.
-Updated the “Health Bar” segment in the how to play guide.
For more information on changes see the Development log.
– Changed stun element due to weakening:
To weaken the opponent you must hit them until a green indicator appears on the health bar. When the opponent is weakened, you can use a sex card. When you apply the card, the debilitating effect will disappear.
-Sex cards now use energy bars and are used after you weaken the enemy.
Cards can be used whenever you want as long as you have an energy bar, you are within 2 meters of the enemy, and the enemy is weakened.
-Sex toy cards now generate constant excitement.
By using a sex toy card, the opponent’s arousal will increase, the more toys the enemy has, the more excited he will be. You can use four, maximum 4 at a time (head, chest, between the legs, butt).
-Change undressing with grip to undressing with attacks.
-A orgasm action was added when filling the excitement bar.
-Every time you perform a sexual move, the opponent’s arousal will increase. If the emotion bar fills up she will have an orgasm and fall to the ground. Once there, you must fight to get up otherwise you will lose.
-Most of the sex card animations have been redone to be compatible with this new version of the game.


-Added 2 new sexual move cards (Deep Throat Dildo, Anal_Dildo).
-Panties states changed to (normal, side, torn, naked).
-Added the “torn” status to “Roxi’s” skirt.
-Added a key remapping system.
-Changes were made to the UI of the Main menu, Character Selection and Combo list.
-A new section was added in “How to Play” (Tear Clothes).
-Change the attacks (Grap & Special) of the character “Zephia”
For more information on changes see the Development log.
-The aesthetics of the character selection menu have been improved.
-Improved the pause menu in fighting mode.
-Added an option to choose Cpu Vs Cpu. You can select this mode from the character selection menu.
-A basic explanation guide on how to play was added but it still lacks content that will be added later.
-Added struggle system. Now the grabs to undress have grappling mechanics..
-Undressing your opponent no longer requires being in stun mode nor does it require removing the shirt before the bra, you can now remove them in any order you want.
-Each garment has 3 states: normal, undressed and damaged, in addition to completely removing it. Not all garments have these ingredient states at the moment, I will soon finish making them.
-3 new sexual actions have been added:
-Shae attacks have been updated.
-Sexual actions system has been added (Wip): It is used in the (F) and at the moment it is only cosmetic.;
-dialogues have been added to some actions;
-Action system has been added to Use Area Objects: You must approach the object and press the (Down + Grap) keys
-Fixed hit boxes with low fps (minimum 15fps required)
– Now you can put your underwear back on by pressing (Down or Up).
– Fixed and reduced overall difficulty.
– The vsync was activated to limit the fps to 60 .
– The option to break clothes with blows was reinstated.
-Added a key to hide the panty in the defeat scene.
– The characters Dhalia(Robot), Shae and Zephia were reinstated:
Updated Dhalia(Robot) model, animations.
The Dhalia model is still under development.
Dhalia’s electroshock attack has no effect, for now it’s just visual, I’d also like your opinion on the urine from the electroshock, I find it funny but tell me what you think (urine hasn’t been added yet), comment about it; ).
To Shae and Zephia nothing has been updated yet.
-Fixed cpu pinfall bug (now 100% damage is required for cpu to start pinfalling).
-Fixed Panty ico error does not disappear sometimes.
-Removed shae’s max attack that was on test.
-Added a new combat interface system.
-Added grip to the front.
-Added skills system.
-Added combo grips with skill bar.
-The unstoppable attack element was added.
-Updated part of the home interface.
-Attacks in 3 directions (up, back, down) have been replaced by 2 directions.
-Changed some animations of the character Roxi.
-Added a new system- dressing (Panty and bra).
-Added flip vibrator animation.
-And others fixed.
-Fixed “cpu” does not execute special movements.
-Fixed “cpu” does not execute Submission.
-Fixed error that caused closure on some PCs.
-Icons were added to the undressing actions.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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If the game crashes, try disabling physics in the settings menu.
Currently In Game:
4 Characters
1 Scenario
4 Sexual Objects.
Gameplay & Controls:
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Gamepad || Keyboard :
A || C (P1) or Num 0 (P2)
: Evade/Block.
X || J (P1) or  Num 1 (P2): Punch.
Y || K (P1) or Num 2 (P2): Punch Special.
B || E (P1) or Num 3(P2) : Grap.
LB || Q (P1) or Num 4(P2): Change Pose.
LeftStick || A/S/D/W (P1)  or  Up/Down/Right/Left (P2): Move/Directional.
To win, you must weaken your opponent into submission using a grab :(Grap + Punch Special).
To activate the special move press: (Block + Grap).
When the opponent is stunned, use ( Grap + Dir Up or Dir Down) to undress them and open up more sexual actions.
To use sex items you must stun the enemy and use (Block+ Directional)

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