CataclyZm [v0.26] [AmorousDezign]

CataclyZm [v0.26] [AmorousDezign]

June 19, 2024F95

The world of Cataclyzm is the result of a mysterious cataclysmic event that has merged two different worlds into one. The inhabitants consist of Humans and Beasts, which are humanoid animals (Furry). You take on the role of a wannabe hero called Miles, an orphan boy who is raised at the village church by a busty and voluptuous nun. Great adventure and destiny await you in the vast world of Cataclyzm, where you have to battle wild beasts, meet sexy women and make hard decisions. The game is a work in progress and your support will help me deliver more content and regular updates.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-19
Release Date: 2024-06-91
Censored: No
Version: 0.26
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Voices: English
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2D Game, 2DCG, RPG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Big tits, Milf, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Furry, NTR (Optional), Handjob, Titfuck, Voyeurism, Group sex, Pregnancy, Swinging, Romance, Turn based combat, spanking, internal view
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1. Download Cataclyzm.rar
2. Extract using Winrar or similar software
3. Run game.exe
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– New Features:
  • Father Fox has a new sprite image
  • New battle sprite for Yugi Bears
  • New battle sprite for Hermit Mages
  • New battle sprite for Female Necromancers
  • New battle sprite for Death Wraiths
  • Collecting books is now much more fun (Books show up in the books category of your items menu)
  • Now there’s a Log Book at the taverns which allows you to rent a room at night when the bartender isn’t available.
  • You can now order a Lust drink at the Brothel.
– New Items:
  • Rare Gem (You can get these from some statues)
  • Gold Maiden Statue (Found in Lady Dimitresque’s vault)
  • Lady Heather Ending Portrait
  • The Huffington Diamond
– New Locations:
  • Huffington Manor – Noble Quarters
  • Arbor Sewers – in the harbor
  • The Three Towers – at the Arbor
  • The Potion Shop – at the Three Towers district.
– New Characters:
  • Human Tier Brothel Girl #1 – Candy
  • Human Tier Brothel Girl #2 – Violet
  • Lady Heather
  • Shafira – the potion shop.
– New Enemies:
  • Sewer Serpent
  • Sewer Rats
– New Quests:
  • The Missing Jewels
  • The Huffington Mystery
– Added Scenes:
  • Candy Sex CG (+Pregnant variant)
  • Candy Handjob CG (+Pregnant variant)
  • Violet Blowjob CG (+Pregnant variant)
  • Violet Sex CG (+Pregnant variant)
  • Lady Heather Sleep CG
  • Lady Heather Kiss CG (+Clothing variants)
  • Lady Heather Sex CG (+nightie variant)
  • Lady Heather Blowjob CG (+clothing variants)
  • Lady Heather Anal CG
  • Lady Heather Bathing CG (SUN and FRI mornings after completing her first quest)
  • Lady Heather Masturbation/cunnilingus CG (SAT, TUE and WED afternoons after completing her second quest)
  • Lady Heather Ending Portrait
  • New CGs for Gem Statues (created with the help of AI)
  • New CGs for Angel Statues facing Left and Right (created with the help of AI)
  • New CG for front facing Maiden Statues.
  • New CG for Swamp Fountain statues
  • New CG for gold statue found in the mountain caves
  • New CG for Statue of Adah (found in Susan’s room)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Fixed some bugs you probably never knew existed.
  • Fixed Ms Eve’s bug on Sunday mornings when she was naked and you chose sex.
  • Fixed Lala’s visible sprite at the Manor when she is pregnant with Grimm’s child.
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– New Features:
  • Starting the game on “I’m here for the sex” mode now gives you 100 relationship points with the women.
  • Nixie added to Campfire scene
  • New Item Category “Cards” added to the items menu (Please forgive me)
  • Changes to Kaali’s Interactions (Now you can gift her different spears and earn different outcomes – Spear of Destiny and Spear of the Lionheart are WIP)
  • Flirting options with Kaali have been removed – Kaali’s CGs will be unlocked as her story develops.
  • Sleeping alone may trigger CG scenes with Nixie or Kaali depending on your Lust and relationship level.
  • Random weather effects in the Arbor.
  • Some NPCs and pets don’t come out under the rain in Arbor.
  • You can now ask for a room to spend the night at Inns and brothels.
– New Items:
  • Nallaria Priestess Card – found behind a painting in Father Fox’s attic room.
  • Skeleton Warrior Card – found in Ancient Crypt in the swamps (2 Cards)
  • Skeleton King Card – received after defeating the skeleton king in the cursed castle
  • Agnes Card – received after finding the second piece of Cecilia’s Armor for Agnes.
  • Kaali Card – received after defeating Kaali in the Lion’s Den.
  • Direwolf Card – found in the Direwolf’s lair in the mountains.
  • Foot soldier Card – found in the Armory in the cursed castle.
  • Foot soldier Card – found in the tent in the forest campsite where you go with Lydia.
  • Lala x Grimm Ending Portrait
  • Blue Stingbutts (Poisonous Flowers found in the desert)
  • Brainshrooms (Poisonous mushrooms found in caves)
  • Posion (Can be brewed after taking Kaylee’s evil route)
– New Locations:
  • Capital Brothel
  • Arbor Graveyard
  • Arbor Church
  • Slaver Camp #1
  • Slaver Camp #2
  • Slaver Camp #3
  • Slaver Camp #4
– New Characters:
  • Madame Web (Brothel Madam)
  • Brothel Girl #1
  • Brothel Girl #2
– New Quests:
  • Rewarding Faith – talk to sister Kaylee
– Added Scenes:
  • Kaali Amazon Sex (with Lui in his cottage and with Miles at camping)
  • Kaali Threesome (with Lui in his cottage on Sun, Wed, Thu afternoons if you choose to let Lui have her)
  • Alexia Sleeping CG (+2 variations)
  • Lala Cunnilingus and Sex (non-NTR route variation)
  • Lala x Mr Grimm (+ non-NTR route scenes)
  • Lala Threesome (+ non-NTR route scenes)
  • Lala alternate ending CG (NTR route)
  • Sister Kaylee Hug CG
  • Sister Kaylee Sleep CG
  • Sister Kaylee Peeing CG
  • Sister Kaylee Analingus CG
  • Sister Kaylee training CG
  • Mother Celest Anal (Follow Kaylee’s quest)
  • Brothel Random Sex CG 1
  • Brothel Random Sex CG 2
  • Brothel Girl #1 Sex CG
  • Brothel Girl #2 Sex CG
  • Random Beast Kissing CG (After you rescue a beast from the Slavers)
  • Random Beast Boobjob CG (After you rescue a beast from the Slavers)
  • Random Door Knock (2 variations, morning and afternoon) – knock at the first door on your right on the cobblestone road in Nallaria’s Hill
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Hey everyone,
Amorous here with a new update. I hope you enjoy the game and consider supporting me on Patreon. Your support really helps keep this project alive. I’m currently very busy in my life and so I have so little time to spend on the game. But I hope you like the content I’ve provided for you.
Change Log:
– New Features:
  • New Camping CG
  • You can now dismantle weapons at Bertha’s shop and dismantle armor at the Blacksmith at the Arbor.
  • You can now marry Sunny and move in with her at the Arbor Manor house in the town center.
– New Items:
  • Regular Dress (Can be bought at tailor stalls)
  • Elegant Dress (Can be bought at tailor stalls)
– New Locations:
  • Arbor blacksmith – at the docks
  • Arbor Manor House (You can now buy and move into the manor house at the town center)
  • Arbor Inn
– Added Scenes:
  • Minerva sleeping in your bed at the Patron tower in the desert
  • New Random girl at the Capital Tavern (Sat, Tue, Thu afternoons)
  • Sunny Anal (+ fishnet variation and peeing)
  • Sunny Kiss (+4 Clothing variations)
  • Sunny Bathing (After marrying her)
  • Sunny Sleeping (After marrying her)
  • Sunny Sex CG (in bed)
  • Sunny Fishnet Lingerie bust image
  • Sunny Common Dress bust image (Buy a regular dress and gift it to her)
  • Sunny Wedding Portrait
  • Kaali sleeping CG at the campsite (Different outcomes based on relationship status)
  • Agnes Kissing (Activated after finding the second part of Cecilia’s Armor)
  • Agnes sleeping CG at the campsite
  • Lydia Bathing CG (Sun, Tue, Fri mornings at the oasis in the desert)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Fixed nude sprite with ranger armor, magician robe etc.
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Hey guys,
The new update is ready. Thank you for being patient and supporting me. Just a quick WARNING for this update, the new Pets might not function properly with the new build, so if you encounter any bugs with the pets that’s just from using an old save file. Also, the new passwords for the second Patron tower and Patron Pets will be uploaded to Patreon and Subscribestar for my Patrons and Subscribers to use.
I hope you enjoy the game and keep supporting me.
Change Log :
– New Features:
  • You can now play strip dice with Enid
  • You can now play strip dice with Bertha
  • You can now play strip dice with Daphne
  • You can ask Daphne to change clothes based on your relationship level.
  • You can play dice at the Tavern in Peasant’s Square (earn the black dice)
  • Walking long distances in the World map advances time.
  • Pets have been added to the pet shop.
  • Patreon exclusive pets added to the pet shop.
  • Purple caskets can now be opened with a crowbar.
  • Some NPCs react to Miles wearing the Witch Hunter Armor
– New Items:
  • Sundering (Tier 1 Patreon exclusive Sword)
  • Cataclysm (Tier 2 Patreon exclusive Hammer)
  • Nallaria’s Divine Armor (Tier 3 Patreon exclusive armor)
  • Black Dice
  • Crowbar (required for opening some chests and crates – found at the item shop in the Capital)
  • Crafting instructions for Beast Armor (in the Hermit’s cave – requires Beast Blacksmith)
– New Locations:
  • Desert Map
  • Tower of Patrons #2 (In the Desert exclusive to Patrons)
  • Hermit cave (North of the Mountains map in Blackforest)
  • The Capital Tavern
– New Characters:
  • Enid the Librarian
  • Lydia
  • Daphne the Barmaid
– New Enemies:
  • Sand Cobras
  • Slavers
  • Slaver Boss
– New Quests:
  • Lydia’s Quests
– Added Scenes:
  • Enid’s character bust
  • Lydia’s character bust
  • Daphne’s character bust
  • Sunny Blowjob
  • Sunny Boobjob
  • Sunny Sex
  • Lydia Kiss
  • Lydia Sleeping + variations and sex CG
  • Lydia Blow Job
  • Lydia Hand Job + Sex CG (at higher Relation levels)
  • Lydia Pussylicking + Sex CG (at higher Relation levels)
  • Peeing on Nancy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays when Nancy is cleaning the floor
  • Nalla peeing during anal with Baron
  • Peeing on Liz after boobjob in the lake and at Liz’s new house
  • Peeing on Wet Bandit after throat fuck.
  • Wet Bandit peeing after pussylicking
  • Freya peeing after anal sex
  • Peeing on Susan after you catch Fox having anal sex with Susan in her room.
  • Peeing on Susan after you make her pee during sex
  • Peeing on Nalla during throatfuck
  • Random Babe at the Tavern in the Capital (Saturdays, Sundays and Fridays)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Lala will now give you the Milestone gem key in the beginning of her quest which will help you achieve fast travel quicker.
  • Book of love stats and relationship stats updated.
  • Lots of exciting new bugs ;P
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– New Features:
  • Chicken Contest added to the Warrior’s Hill map.
  • Wheel of chance added to the Arbor map
  • You can now buy and rent out houses in the Capital and the Arbor.
  • You can now fill your bucket at fountains and use it to remove the burning state.
  • Thee green, red and blue shards have new holder images.
  • You must now collect pink shards from lust statues to increase your maximum Lust capacity.
  • New Music and BGS
  • You can now craft weapons and Armor at the Blacksmith if you have the instructions.
  • Wearing Common overalls now has a new character bust image.
  • You can toggle random encounters in the world map ON and OFF.
– New Items:
  • Awesome tier weapons added to the Blacksmith in the Capital
  • Summoning Stone – Now you can summon your party members anytime, anywhere (Item can be found in the Item shop in the Capital)
  • New crafting materials added for crafting weapons and armor later on (Iron and steel ingots, leather strips, Red Oakwood).
  • Pink shards
  • Lots and lots of new items, weapons and armor.
  • Witch Hunter Armor Crafting Instructions
  • Great Long Bow Crafting Instructions
  • Potion of Strength Recipe (You can brew it at your shed)
– New Locations:
  • The Capital
  • The Capital – Peasant’s Square
  • Item shop
  • Pet shop
  • Blacksmith
  • Book shop
  • The Capital – Nallaria’s Hill
  • The Grand Cathedral
  • The Capital – Warrior’s Hill
  • The Capital – Noble Quarters
  • Lady Dimitresque’s Manor
  • The Yellow Brick Manor
  • The Arbor
  • Town center
  • The Baron’s Manor
  • The Harbor
  • The Desert Ruins
  • The Forest Ruins
  • The Mountain Ruins
– New Characters:
  • Mother Celest
  • Sister Kaylee
  • Sunny
  • Abby
  • Bertha the Blacksmith
  • Dorothy
  • Lady Dimitresque
– New Enemies:
  • Male Necromancers
  • Female Necromancers
  • Sorceresses
  • Elementals (summoned)
  • Hermit Mages
  • Paladins
  • Rogue knights
– New Quests:
  • Obtaining an Ownership Permit
  • The Art Theft
  • Warrior Queen Cecilia’s second piece of armor.
– Added Scenes:
  • Mother Celest Character Bust (+Futa variant)
  • Sister Kaylee Character Bust
  • Mother Celest and random nun Anal sex
  • Mother Celest Painting
  • Abby character bust
  • Sunny character bust
  • Dorothy character bust
  • Lady Dimitresque character bust
  • Peeping Event – house at the Arbor
  • Peeping Event – Yellow Brick Manor bath
  • The Red Sorceress Painting
  • Queen Guinevere painting
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Weapon Hit rates normalized – A lot of people complained about missing their hits, hopefully this’ll fix the issue.
  • Black Questlog in android version fixed (hopefully)
  • The Clothes and weapon common event has undergone some changes so now you can see your equipped weapon in the character bust with every costume.
  • Plenty of Parallax map layers added to make maps look cooler.
  • Lots of exciting new bugs ;P
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– New Features:
  • At the start of the game you can choose game modes, “I’m here for the sex” or “I don’t mind the Grind”. The first choice gives you lots of gold, armor, weapons and equipment with a level boost to 10 and increase in your relation with the women. The second option just starts the game in normal mode.
  • You can now ask Liai to change clothes.
  • New Icon added to the HUD to show time of day
  • You can now disable the Income/Expenses announcements on the weekends in the options menu
  • You will now earn 200GBs a week after building the Bathhouse.
  • Some characters now react to the Chicken Costume
  • Granny Dee now reacts to Miles being nude
  • You can now look up the regulars at the Bathhouse by checking the book on the reception desk and also pass time in the bathhouse by doing the accounting.
– Added Scenes:
  • Dyani Anal CG
  • Baron’s character CG
  • Agnes Bathing CG
  • Baroness Xavier Bathing
  • Nancy Bathing (2 variants)
  • Alexia Bathing (2 variants)
  • Gretel Bathing
  • Maya Bathing (2 Variants)
  • Bessie Bathing (2 Variants)
  • Miles Bathing
  • Miles Bathing with Susan
  • Miles Bathing with Liz
  • Miles Bathing with Susan & Liz (+Pregnant Variants)
  • Susan & Liz Boobjob
  • Susan & Liz Sex
  • Susan Handjob (Without veil)
  • Susan Hug (Without veil)
  • Susan Blowjob (Without veil)
  • Susan Boobjob (Without veil)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Infinite cluster bomb fixed
  • Smoke bomb confusion rate increased
  • Cluster bomb damage rate fixed
  • Nancy reacts when you fuck Eve’s ass in front of her.
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– New Features:
  • Uncle Walter Character bust and facial expressions added
  • Commander Cain Character bust and facial expressions added
  • Liz can now be impregnated in the Good Path.
  • New Lingerie for Eve – Unlocked with the NTR path.
  • New Dress for Eve – Unlocked with the normal path
  • You can now ask Ms. Eve to change clothes.
– New Quests:
  • Aunt Liz Good path story progression and ending.
– Added Scenes:
  • Ms Eve gangbang – On Saturdays and Thursday afternoons visit the tavern 2nd floor. (You can join the fun on Thursdays)
  • Ms Eve Aftersex
  • Ms Eve Sleeping
  • Ms Eve Ending 1
  • Ms Eve Ending 2
  • Liz Ending 2
  • Liz Facial – cum outside when fucking her by the window.
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Removed some old bugs
  • Added some new bugs 😀
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– New Features:
· Liai Pregnancy
· Liai leather outfit – if you defeat Liai in battle you can find this outfit to gift to Liai.
· Liai added to the Tower of Patrons
· You can now ask Gretel to change clothes.
– New Items:
· Hades Bomb – throw one to end a battle quickly…careful you might die!
– New Locations:
· Dyani’s tent – can be used as a refuge and for sleeping
– Added Scenes:
· Vela Blowjob
· Vela Assfuck
· Vela Sex
· Liai Boobjob
· Liai Sex (4 variations)
· Liai Ending – obtained after she gives birth to your baby (requires level 100 Relationship)
· Susan x Fox blowjob (2 Variations)
· Susan Ending 1 – Obtained if you get Susan pregnant
· Susan Ending 2 – Obtained if Fox gets Susan pregnant (after you see them having sex for the first time you have to catch them having sex on a Friday night)
· Gretel Analingus
· Baroness Xavier Sex with Hog
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
· Removed some bugs
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– New Features:
  • Male swamp villagers busts
  • Oba has a new bust image
  • New Gameover screen
  • New Camping scene
  • Milestone added for the Tower of Patrons
  • You can now retake the trial of four with the Oracle after you have received the book.
  • Using the statuette of Adah will grant you in-game help and guidance.
  • You can now change the time of day and day of week with the time pendant.
  • Your baby with Susan has an image now
– New Items:
  • Nancy wedding photo
  • Pendant of Time
  • Statue of Adah
– New Locations:
  • Temple of Time
– New Characters:
  • Adah the Spirit of guidance – obtained when you interact with the statue in Susan’s room.
  • Vela the Spirit of Time – Found in the desert temple to the south of the World map
– New Enemies:
  • Scorpions
– Added Scenes:
  • Dyani Kiss
  • Dyani thigh fuck
  • Nancy Facial – Nancy cleaning the floor on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Nancy Quickie
  • Nancy Pregnant bust image variations
  • Nancy pregnant sleeping variation
  • Nancy pregnant kiss variation
  • Nancy pregnant dance variation
  • Nancy bedtime sex
  • Nancy wedding photo
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Now when you follow Aunt Liz at night for the quest “A not-so-royal affair” she will notice you if you get too close and you have to try again another night.
  • You can now threaten Lui to prevent him from having sex with Kaali
  • Miles facial expressions added to conversations with Lui
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– New Features:
  • New Sprite for Finnja
  • New dating option for Gretel
  • You can now get virgin pee from Gretel.
  • You can now Marry Gretel
  • You can now get Gretel pregnant
  • Gretel Casual Clothes
– New Items:
  • New Lore Book – Battle for Cataclyzm – Found in Father Fox’s library.
  • Kraal’s Diary – found on his body
  • Gretel wedding photo
– New Locations:
  • Forest of faces – North of the hidden village
– New Characters:
  • Cora – in the Hidden Village
  • Paarie – in the Hidden Village
  • Bree – in the Hidden Village
– New Locations:
  • A simple errand – From Kraal
– Added Scenes:
  • Cora Kissing CG
  • Cora Boobjob CG
  • Cora Blowjob CG
  • Kraal & Finnja Sex CG
  • Miles & Finnja Sex CG – Vaginal & Anal
  • Finnja bathing CG
  • Bree Sex CG
  • Gretel Kiss
  • Gretel Facial
  • Gretel Anal – 2 Positions
  • Gretel Swimming scene
  • Gretel Peeing
  • Gretel Sex – 2 variations
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Strength and defense potion bugs fixed
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– New Features:
  • New item categories – Books
  • New item categories – Potions
  • You can now change MC’s level in the Tower of Patrons
  • You can now change MC’s outfit in the Tower of Patrons
  • You can now Complete or Reset quests from the Tower of Patrons
  • X-Ray vision added to some scenes – You can toggle it on and off in the options menu.
  • New skill for Kaali at Level 10
– New Items:
  • New Lore Book – History of Cataclyzm – Found in Father Fox’s library.
  • Potion of Revival – revive dead allies
  • Potion of Strength – increases attack – 4 levels
  • Potion of Resistance – increases defense – 4 levels
  • Book of Health and Nutrition is now available (on the Oracle’s bed) – Study in the cellar to increase Health.
– New Locations:
  • Mine Shafts
– New Enemies:
  • The Spider Queen – Talk to the Mole in the mines.
– Added Scenes:
  • Lady Lillian Kissing CG
  • Nalla Blow job CG + X-ray
  • Nalla Bathing CG
  • Oracle Blowjob CG + X-ray
  • Oracle Boobjob CG
  • Oracle Sex CG + X-ray
  • Oracle Anal CG
  • Alexia Sex CG
  • Kaali Blowjob CG (2 variations)
  • Kaali Anal Licking
  • Kaali Vaginal Licking
  • Liai Kiss CG
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Two new Classes added – Furry Archer and Furry Spearman
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– New Features:
  • Alexia added to the tower of patrons
  • Nixie added to the tower of patrons
  • Nalla added to the tower of patrons
  • Lala pregnancy added
  • Bunny quest cheat added to the tower of Patrons (If you’re having trouble finding all the bunnies go and talk to Lala in the tower of Patrons)
  • Mini-game of dice added to the tavern.
  • New state added when Lust reaches 100 (Lustify : -2 Att Speed, -5% hit rate, -5% evasion rate) – the previous automatic fap has been removed.
  • New Light and Heavy Armor costume
  • New Tribal costume (Gained after finishing the Gatoraid Slayer quest)
– New Items
  • Dice
  • Oil (Not what you think!)
  • Fire Bomb
  • Bloodborne – Sword of King Magnus II
  • Book of Bestiary Vol 1 – found in Father Fox’s Library.
  • Crypt fiend head – trophy
– New Locations:
  • Swamp lakes
  • Ancient Crypt
  • Swamp Village outskirts
  • River Falls
  • Bath-house (Talk to Baroness Xavier or the Baron after the Beauty and Beast quest)
– New Characters:
  • Taraji the swamp village milk maid
  • Liai
  • Abeba
  • Dyani
– New Enemies:
  • Crypt Fiend
  • Death Wraith
– New Quests:
  • The Elusive Husband (Swamp village notice board)
  • The Missing Oxen (Swamp village notice board)
  • The Gatoraid Slayer (Swamp Village guard)
  • The Bath-house (Baroness Xavier or the Baron)
– Added Scenes:
  • Isildariah the Goddess of Death (statues of the goddess can be found in cemeteries and crypts)
  • New Maya outfit
  • Baroness Xavier Bathing
  • Baroness Xavier Kiss
  • Liai Battle CG
  • Liai defeat CG
  • Abeba Sex CG 1
  • Abeba Sex CG 2
  • Villager’s sister CG
  • Villager’s sister sex CG
  • Taraji’s husband CG
  • Taraji Milking CG
  • Male Villager Bust images
  • Dyani sex CG
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • The Viper King has a new Battle Image plus new specs.
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– New Features:
  • Alexia’s bust image makeover and facial features added
  • Baroness Julia pregnancy available.
  • Julia content in the village cottage is now the same as the manor.
  • You can now hide the text box using Mouse right click (should be gamepad compatible with X button haven’t tested it) – This is useful during CG scenes.
  • Autosave is back! Don’t worry it has its own saving slot so you won’t notice it’s there (Fingers crossed this time).
  • The Musician in the Tavern now accepts song choices.
– Added Scenes:
  • Baroness Julia pregnant bust image (3 variants)
  • Baroness Julia sleeping pregnant.
  • Baroness Julia pregnant blow job.
  • Baroness Julia pregnant sex.
  • Baroness Julia new sex scene.
  • Baroness Julia anal sex + pregnant variant.
  • Baroness Julia Milking
  • Baroness Julia Masturbating & Peeing (+2 pussy licking variations from Lala and Miles)
  • Kaali Sleeping CG at the Manor
  • Lala Sleeping CG at the Manor
  • Kaali and Lala Sleeping CG (Saturday nights)
  • Baroness Julia added to the Tower of Patrons
  • Susan Commoner added to the Tower of Patrons
  • Sleeping CGs added to the Tower of Patrons (Susan, Nancy, Julia and Liz)
  • Bathing CG’s added to the Tower of Patrons (Susan, Julia, Ms Eve and Liz)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Now Alexia won’t dismiss you after taking the good path with Kaali, but you will lose Relationship points with her.
  • Eye of the viper king is now a trinket you can equip to avoid fighting snakes.
  • Treasure map #3 added to the spider caves.
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– New Features:
  • Map exits now have a guiding arrow. These are only available for outside maps.
  • Lust level affects Miles’ erection in his bust image (Susan, Gretel and Hansel react to this)
  • Liz and Susan weekly allowance is now active
– New Locations:
  • Miles’ Cottage V2.0 (Built after taking Susan’s virginity)
– Story Progression:
  • Mother Susan story progression with Miles
  • Mother Susan story progression with Fox
– Added Scenes:
  • Kaali dungeon scene (New Dialogue and CG)
  • Ms Eve bathing + Handjob
  • Ms Eve Quickie (Sunday Mornings)
  • Nalla Kiss CG
  • Nalla bathing bust image
  • Mother Susan Peeing (new variation – unlocked after 6 peeing sessions)
  • Mother Susan Sex scene (+5 variations)
  • Mother Susan Sleep/ Sex scene (New)
  • Mother Susan Bust image (+5 variations)
  • Mother Susan Kiss (5 New variations)
  • Mother Susan Bathing (New)
  • Freya masturbating and Pissing CG
  • Susan and Fox sex scene
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Fertility potion efficiency increased.
  • Autosave disabled
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– New Features:
  • A new HUD with HP, MP, TP and experience bars which also shows your level (MOG Hunter Plugin).
  • A new Battle HUD with character pictures (MOG Hunter Plugin).
  • Autosave feature added (Game is automatically saved on the last savefile on main maps) – NOTE: to initiate Autosave, you must have at least 1 manual save file.
  • An all new Options menu with all the in-game options available for you to switch on or off whenever you want. This will make switching content on or off very easy. For example you can toggle pregnancy or FUTA content on or off from the options menu.
  • Toggle moving bust images added. Now you can turn of the moving bust images of NPCs and the MC so when you talk to someone in the game their images just appear without sliding in.
  • Reset switches added to Xavier Manor and the Riverside Cave
  • New Patreon link button on the Title screen.
  • Upgrade and Item cheats added to the Guest Room in the Tower of Patrons
– New Items:
  • Axes of Evil
  • Chicken Costume
  • Awesome bow
  • Shield of house Marigold
  • Paladin Shield
  • Paladin Greatsword
  • Ring of Strength
  • Ring of Health
  • Lesser ring of experience
  • Ring of experience
  • Leash of Magic
  • Eye of the skeleton king
  • Portrait of Lady Lillian Marigold
– New Locations:
  • The Cursed Castle in the mountains is now accessible (more than 9 maps)
  • Ancient Door (in the Cursed Castle)
  • The Bandit Camp (south of the Southern hills)
– New Characters:
  • Gretel has a new Bust image
  • Lady Lillian Marigold
  • Sir Tibald
  • The Huntsman – You can sell animal products to the Huntsman for a higher price (found in the Inner forest)
  • The Bandit Leader
– New Enemies:
  • Wraith Knights
  • Skeleton soldiers
  • Skeleton Hounds
  • Paladin Ghost
  • Skeleton King (Secret Boss Fight)
  • Ghost of Sir Tibald (Boss Fight)
– Story Progression:
  • The Lady and the Knight quest (to initiate visit the abandoned castle in the mountains)
  • The Big Bad Wolf quest CG and story completed.
– Added Scenes:
  • Nixie giving you a handjob at nights if you sleep in the sleeping bag (Conditions: Nixie must be in the party, You must have a Lust level higher than 30, relation level higher than 40)
  • Nalla reading a book on your date and at her room.
  • Kaali defeated CG after you defeat her in the Lion’s Den.
  • Clementine sex scene (2 variations)
  • Aya sex scene
  • Maya sex scene
  • Maya sleeping scene
  • Maya in nighties (seen when you choose not to kill the wolf and have an affair with Clementine)
  • Freya sex scene (2 variations)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • The sleeping bag is now disposable and after 3 uses it will fall apart.
  • Pressing PageUp on the keyboard turns your torch on and off.
  • Red, Green and Blue shards bug fixed.
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes
See More
– New Features:
  • Kaali can now be asked to move in with you at the manor
  • You can now ask Triss to change clothes in the housekeepers’ residence
  • You can now ask Nancy to change clothes on Mondays at her house
  • You can now sleep with Nancy at nights after she gives you the keys to her house on a date (Rel +45).
  • Pregnancy option has been added (content currently only available for Liz)
  • You can no longer have more than 3 followers.
  • You can now get a recipe for a fertility potion from the Oracle to increase your chances of conception.
  • Chicken kicking has a whole new meaning! Your chicken kicking level increases with the more chickens you kick.
  • Chicken mini game added – talk to Granny Dee in the afternoons to initiate.
  • You can now feed or pet your cat and other animals in the future.
– New Items
  • Family Portrait – Having a baby with Liz gives you this portrait
  • Lala’s Wedding Photo – Getting married to Lala gives you this portrait
-Story Progression
  • Liz quest now complete
-Added scenes
  • Nancy sleeping
  • Liz sex and ass eating in the mornings after you sleep next to her at night.
  • Liz with pregnant belly.
  • Liz sex in bed CG
  • Liz new Kissing and sex CG after she has a baby – ask Liz for a kiss when both of you are naked
  • Liz Bathing scene – on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons after you build her a new house.
  • Liz Anal scene – achieved after eating her ass in the mornings 6 times.
  • Bessie Handjob scene – initiated after you ask her for milk 5 times.
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Virgin pee bug removed
  • Lala’s teleport bug fixed
  • Nixie clothing bug fixed
  • and more…
See More
– New Features:
  • Fishing in fishing spots around the world is now possible. Different fishing spots can have different rewards.
  • After you give Susan the Angel costume, if she wears it on Sundays, more people will show up at church.
  • Nalla has a new bust image with facial expressions and clothing options
  • You can now ask Nalla to change her outfit in her home provided you have a high enough relationship
  • You can now take Nalla on a date – Requirements, Relationship level, picnic basket, picnic spot (Note: CG’s for this option not yet available)
  • You can ask Nalla to take off her jacket at work if you have a high enough relationship level.
  • You can now give Nalla a floral lingerie as a gift. Available at the Mole peddler.
  • You can now add Baako and Nixie to your team.
  • You can now ask Julia to move in the Manor with you or move out once she is there.
– New Items
  • Fishing rod
  • Bait
  • Picnic basket
  • Carp
  • Rainbow trout
  • Floral Lingerie
– New Characters
  • Kraal
  • Finnja
– Story Progression
  • The Hidden Village
  • The “Nuptials” quest has changes in it so now you can go to Lala after accepting the quest from Mr Grimm and propose to her yourself, therefore avoiding setting up Hansel with Eve and Lala with Mr Grimm. You require the Xavier manor to complete this quest line.
– Added Scenes
  • Susan boobjob
  • Susan handjob scene activates the first time you enter the Church after you have found the statue. Afterwards it can be accessed through the Flirt option.
  • Susan blowjob
  • Susan sex
  • Nixie kiss
  • Nixie handjob
  • Nixie blowjob
  • Nixie sex
  • Nixie Battle clothes
  • Susan Angel costume gift option added.
– Bugs and Fixes
  • Julia moving sprite at nights fixed.
  • Triple Julia’s in the bathtub removed
  • And many more…
See More
– New Features:
  • Now you can ask Julia to change into different outfits (After she moves in the Manor with you)
  • The TP training area in Xavior Manor has been changed to HP training because TP cannot be increased.
  • You can now check Baroness Julia out at nights in her bed. After the Beauty and the Beast quest is done you will have more options with her at nights.
  • Having sex with Julia is now possible.
  • Initiating the Missing Bunnies Quest, Lala will give you a pendant which will help you locate the bunnies easier.
  • Lust potion recipe can now be received from the Oracle.
  • You can now take baths in your manor alone or with Julia after you have asked her to move in the Manor with you.
  • he bucket for cooling down the lava has now 3 charges with each fill
– New Locations:
  • Southern Hills
– New Enemies:
  • Wet Bandits
– Story Progression:
  • Some changes to Kaali GOOD/EVIL path in the Lion’s Den.
– Added Scenes:
  • Julia Fishnet bust image added
  • Julia Angel Costume bust image added
  • Julia Devil Costume bust image added
  • Julia Bridal Lingerie bust image added
  • Julia blowjob scenes added (+6 costume variations)
  • Julia boobjob scene (+4 costume variations)
  • Julia sleeping scene (+4 variations)
  • Julia sex scene
  • Julia bath scene
  • Julia church scene
  • Susan Angel Costume added
  • Nalla throat fuck
  • Wet Bandit 1 Victory scene
  • Wet Bandit 1 Defeat scene
  • Wet Bandit 2 Victory scene
  • Wet Bandit 1 Defeat scene
– Fixed Bugs and changes:
  • Triss “Fun way” bug fixed
  • Dungeon below the Baron’s manor accessible
See More
– New Features:
  • You can now change Sister Susan’s attire in the afternoons
  • You can now ask Liz to change into different clothes
  • You can now help Triss in the kitchen to increase relationship level
  • New Title screen particle effects (MOG Hunter plugins)
  • New Title Screen Button Graphics (MOG Hunter plugins)
  • New Enemy HP bars (MOG Hunter plugins)
  • Liz can now be found in the village market on Monday and Tuesday mornings. If you take the good path in the “Private Detective” quest and help Walter and Liz repair their sex life she will prance around town in the nude.
  • Optional pathway added to Triss distracting the Guard.
  • Optional pathway for Father Fox and Susan added with CG
  • You can now buy a sleeping bag and camp out whenever you need to change the time of day or rejuvenate your HP.
  • Picking Dangleberries and consuming them will raise your LUST level.
  • FAP anywhere button! Pressing “Page Down” on your keyboard will let you FAP anywhere…just for fun.
  • Ground Stomp skill added at level 2 for Hammers.
  • The Feral CBs now stick around after you defeat them for some fun.
– Added Scenes:
  • The Miller’s Wife Bust image added
  • A Swamp villager bust image added
  • Sister Susan Bathing scene (Taking a bath with sister Susan 5 times will initiate this scene)
  • Sister Susan praying at the Altar on Monday nights + CG scene
  • Sister Susan and Father Fox kissing CG (Saturday and Thursday mornings)
  • Sister Susan anal CG (Wednesday nights)
  • Triss casual clothing added
  • Triss Cooking scene
  • Triss Vegetable scene (+5 variants)
  • Triss in bed scene
  • The Oracle DP
  • Ms Eve passed out on the bar (on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons. *after finishing the Missing Child quest)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Pest Control quest bug fix
  • Missing image error when talking to Elizabeth fixed
  • Sister Susan clothing bug in the afternoons, fixed
  • Riverbank non-descendible rope bug fixed
  • Kaali bugged sex images fixed
See More
– New Features:
  • A new HUD Display with a LUST bar
  • Now your lust increases when you interact with sexy women and decreases when you relieve yourself. You cannot perform certain sexual activities if you have a low LUST level.
  • PUBES OFF! At the beginning of the game and at the guest room in the Tower of Patrons you can turn NPC pubes ON or OFF.
  • Kaali can be added to your followers
  • Agnes can be added to your followers
  • Added facial expressions for MC
  • Added missing MC bust images
  • New Milestone near the Xavier Mansion
– New Locations:
  • The Riverbank Cave
  • The Direwolf’s lair
  • The Bear Cave in the Mountains
  • The Forest Maze (Redone)
  • The Forest Manor
  • Julia’s Cottage (After you take the Good path with Baroness Xavier you can choose to let Julia move in with you or let her stay at a cottage in the village)
– New Characters:
  • Kaali has a new bust image (If you take the Evil route)
  • Aya bust image added
  • Freya bust image added
  • Bessie the CB (She is standing next to Gretel’s stall on Thursdays and Fridays)
  • Baroness Xavier
– New Enemies:
  • Red Viper
  • Blue Viper
  • Green Viper
  • Viper King
– Story Progression:
  • Bessie’s story progression
  • New Quest – Beauty and the Beast
– Added Scenes:
  • Ms Eve threesome
  • Ms Eve Face fuck when you give her a gold necklace
  • Elizabeth Handjob in the church (if rel > 50)
  • Nallaria nursing scene at night
  • Bessie giving you her milk
  • Bessie Cleavage fuck at nights
  • New clothing for Julia (based on time of day and story progression)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Fixed a ton of bugs
See More
– New Features:
  • New story content when you talk to NPCs
  • Alexia now reacts to MC being Naked
  • Enemy HP bars (Courtesy of SirMalo)
  • You can now turn off urination scenes at the beginning of the game or from the Tower of Patrons
  • Completing Lala’s quest gives you the Fast-Travel ability.
  • After finishing Agnes’ quest you can choose which dungeon or map to visit with her.
  • New Armor and weapon skins for the main character (Lionheart Armor, Hammer of the Gods and Sword of Wrath).
  • Taking off MC’s clothes now affects his sprite image
  • Sister Susan has a fresh new look
  • You can buy or find fishnet lingerie and gift it to Sister Susan, Elizabeth and Ms Eve
  • You can now renovate the MC’s Shed to make a workshop for brewing health potions
  • You can now sleep in Elizabeth’s bed at night
  • Elizabeth added to the Tower of Patrons.
  • Cumming on Elizabeth’s breasts will result in her showing up with cum on her breasts on your next encounter.
  • Now you can brew some health juice in the shed after it is renovated.
  • BUG EXTERMINATOR! So you’ve all encountered that annoying bug that the CG images stay on the screen after the event is over. I apologize for that. Now by pressing the SHIFT button on your keyboard you can remove all images. This is a preemptive feature that will for the time being help with tackling new encountered bugs. (I’m very proud of this little option)
  • Lala added to the Tower of Patrons
– New Locations:
  • The Mountains
  • The Watermill
  • The Grimm’s house
– New Characters:
  • Mr Grimm, Hansel and Gretel’s father (found in the yard south of the village exit)
  • Jeremiah the miller
  • Clementine the miller’s wife
  • Aya, Maya and Freya the miller’s daughters
  • Nixie the Fox found in the Hidden village
– New Enemies:
  • Yugi Bear
  • Mythical Dire Wolf (Boss)
– Story Progression:
  • New chat dialogues with villagers concerning the MC
  • New Quest – The Big Bad Wolf – Talk to the windmill owner to initiate
  • New Quest – Nuptuals – Talk to Mr Grimm after finishing the “Missing Child Quest”
  • New Quest – Shed Renovations – to initiate you must have completed the “Missing Child Quest”
– Added Scenes:
  • Lala Vaginal and Anal scenes complete (20 and 25 bunnies found)
  • Elizabeth walking naked at night
  • Elizabeth in the pond
  • Elizabeth Kissing scene
  • Elizabeth sleeping (8 variants)
  • Elizabeth Boobjob (12 variants with 3 different outfits)
  • Elizabeth Blowjob (6 Variants)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • Equipping the Lionheart armor doesn’t make MC naked
  • Kissing Alexia while naked CG fixed (Courtesy of SirMalo)
  • Equipping better sword, axe and warhammer now affects MC’s appearance (Courtesy of SirMalo)
  • Nancy and MC persistent bust images on Mondays fixed
  • Alexia and MC persistent bust images fixed
  • Triple attack fixed (Only available for swords and axes)
  • 4 switch puzzle in the random castles fixed
  • Rat kills only count after the rats in the Tavern cellar have been dispatched of
  • Spider Shawl now affects all spiders
  • General enemy bug fixes
  • Swamp villagers don’t crash the game (Courtesy of White195)
  • Demonic Buckets were exorcized (Courtesy of Denchik12312)
  • Gretel’s Got Milk option hidden until Nancy tells you Alexia likes milk (Courtesy of Denchik12312)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs reported by SirMalo, Denchik12312, thevoid089 among others.
See More
I’ve made some quick changes, added some content and removed some bugs.
See More
– New Features:
  • * Shields are now available for use!
  • * Agnes is a dual wield type so you can equip her with two axes
  • * Your cat has a basket to sleep in
  • * NPC’s will now react to you being naked.
  • * You now have the option to rename Susan and Elizabeth at the start of the game.
– New Locations:
  • * Nancy has her own Cottage now just below MC’s cottage (She stays there on her off days)
  • * Swamps
  • * Swamp Village
  • * The Hidden Village
– New Characters:
  • * Lala bunny (You can find her behind an Ancient Gate in one of the caves you explore with Agnes)
  • * The Oracle
  • * Baako
– New Enemies:
  • * Killer Bees
  • * Gatoraid (If you see one, RUN!!!!)
– Story Progression:
  • * you can now visit Nancy at her cottage and help her around the house or ask her on a date.
  • * Lala bunny has a quest for you
  • * The “Missing Child” quest is now complete.
  • * New Quest “Suicide Mission” from the Oracle
  • * New Quest “Sly Fox” from the town notice board
– Added Scenes:
  • * Nancy dancing scene (2 variants – based on being naked or not)
  • * Kissing scene with Nancy after dancing with her (2 variants – based on being naked or not)
  • * Swimming in the river scene with Nancy
  • * Sex scene with Nancy at the Picnic (2 variants)
  • * Oracle (4 variants)
  • * Oracle Handjob (3 Vairants)
  • * Lala Bunny kiss scene (2 variants)
  • * Lala Bunny Boob job (3 variants)
  • * Lala Bunny Blowjob (5 variants)
  • * Ms Eve Sex scene (3 variants)
  • * Ms Eve’s Bar scene (5 variants)
  • * Ms Eve Kiss scene
  • * Sister Susan Peeing scene (2 Variants)
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
  • * Nancy disappearing at night
  • * Ms Eve black screen after buying her a drink
  • * The damn cat doesn’t block your way anymore (Courtesy of )
  • * Persistent BGS from the riverside map fixed
  • * The Beavers in the Inner Forest are now swimming! YAY!
  • * The Rat kill count for “Pest Control” has been reduced to 25
  • * Minor bug fixes and changes relating to gameplay and battles
  • * Spiders in the mines are now a one time enemy only they will not respawn.
  • * Rats in the Rat tunnels do not re-spawn after killing the Rat Queen
  • * Alexia sprite disappearance fixed
  • * Fixed impassable curtains in random castles
  • * Fixed moving lamps in the Castle where the Offensive Book is located
  • * If you escape the rats in the Tavern’s tunnels they will disappear (This is to give players some advantage)
  • * Kaali prison scene removed, instead Kaali will reward you for choosing the good path in the Lion’s Den.
See More
– New Features:
  • CHICKEN FOOTBALL!!! You can now kick chickens, knock yourself out.
  • Added various sound effects (cat, dog, chicken, etc.)
  • New Title Screen! (The designed buttons are not yet active)
  • Book of offensive skills added.
  • Added new weapon images for Miles (if you equip different weapons, it will show in his bust image)
  • Agnes will have different attire based on how you end her side-quest.
  • You can now help Hog at the bar to advance daytime and earn a little side cash.
  • You can help Nancy at the tavern to advance time and earn relationship points.
– New Locations:
  • Lots of new dungeons and caves to explore with Agnes
– New Characters:
  • Agnes is now available to interact with in the entrance of the forest path.
  • Lui the Lumberjack now has his fullsize bust.
  • The Godess Nallaria
  • The Mole (You can find him in the Mines)
– New Enemies:
  • All previous enemies are now level 2 in new locations (So be careful)
– Story Progression:
  • Agnes Side-Quest is now available
  • After defeating Kaali, you will now have some progression options with Alexia based on the path you took with her and Kaali.
– Added Scenes:
  • Mother Susan Bathing scene new variant.
  • Alexia Kissing scene
  • Alexia handjob scene (3 Variants)
  • Alexia BlowJob scene (5 Variants)
  • Mother Susan Sleeping scene new Fap option (2 variants)
  • Kaali Prison Scene (8 variants) if you choose to imprison Kaali you can fuck her in her cell, Yay!
  • Nalla oral behind her desk scene
  • Nalla fucked behind her desk scene
  • Nalla Anal and Vaginal scenes in her bed (8 Variants)
  • Triss distarcting the guard at night
  • Statue of Nallaria (when found) is interactable (2 variants).
  • The Godess Nallaria now visits you in your dream if you interact with her statue 5 times (3 images, 2 possible outcomes)
  • Ms Eve sitting at the bar (2 Variants)
– Fixed bugs:
  • Increased visibility range with torch
  • The book of Defense item number is fixed so it will be added to your library once you find it.
  • Spiders in the mines now dissapear once you defeat them (technically Spiders are not bugs they are arachnids, but I fixed them nonetheless,LOL).
See More
– New Features:
  • * Main character can now be named as the players would like.
  • * Added new upgrading options to MC’s yard. Now you can turn the garden into a training ground.
  • * Added new item Lucky Coin (Check it out in your items menu)
  • * Added Torch (You can find it at the lumberjack’s cottage)
  • * New lighting system
  • * Ancient Gates – each of these gates has a riddle of sorts or a condition to open, once you meet those conditions you may enter.
  • * Added new items (Green, Red and Blue shards) – Collect 5 of each to improve respective stats (TP, HP and MP)
  • * Library added – Now you can study certain books you find to increase your stats
– New Locations:
  • * Attic room above the church
  • * Network of rat tunnels under the Busty Hog
  • * Ms Eve’s cottage
  • * Mines are now available (but there is no advancement in there yet)
  • * Inner Forrest with a network of tunnels and dungeons.
– New Characters:
  • * Ms. Eve (in one of the village cottages)
  • * Timothy (Ms Eve’s son)
– New Enemies:
  • * Spiders (3 Variants)
  • * Rats (2 Variants)
  • * Feral CBs
  • * Rat Queen
  • * Wild Boar
– Story Progression:
  • * Now when you defeat Kaali you have some options (based on how you have progressed) on how to deal with her
  • * Alexia Evil path added
  • * Added new side-quest. Talk to Hog to initiate it.
  • * Added battle scene with Alexia
  • * New Sidequest “The Missing child” is now commencable.
– Added Scenes:
  • * Alexia dancing CG added with the options to look at different parts of her body
  • * Alexia drinking milk CG
  • * Mother Susan bathing CG (Visit her on Sunday nights)
  • * Mother Susan “back massage” CG
  • * Mother Susan Sleepping CG (4 variants)
  • * Mother Susan Kissing CG
  • * Mother Susan Hug CG
  • * Nalla ass-fucked by the baron CG (If you tell the Baron that his secretary let you in you get this scene at night)
– Fixed bugs:
  • * Busty Hog’s Cellar passable wall tile fixed
  • * Fixed an issue with the “far from home” quest which crashed the game.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
See More
This build was compressed using UAGC ver 1.9
The Android version might have some issues and bugs which are not present in the PC version due to this not being originally designed for mobile devices.
Some visual plugins have been disabled in the Android version to remove known issues, so the game might not seem as aesthetically beautiful as the PC version.
Save files from previous version will work on this build just remember to save the game the moment you begin your game.
Please report any problems or bugs to me here or on my Patreon page.


Extras: Official Walkthrough v0.26Save Files

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