ComeCloser [v0.16] [ComeCloser]

ComeCloser [v0.16] [ComeCloser]

December 25, 2023F95

ComeCloser may look like a fun and simple game, yet it uses cutting edge technologies. With more than 80 physic muscles driving the bodies, realistic simulations of clothes and hair and a high definition VR rendering, the game requires a strong hardware to run smoothly. Options will come in future versions to include more hardware.

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Thread Updated: 2023-07-26
Release Date: 2023-05-06
Developer: ComeCloser PatreonTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.16
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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What’s new:
  • Erica on the beach with Lalago!
  • 3 new sex spots.
  • 15 new poses.
  • 2 new outfits.
  • Earrings for Erica ^^
  • [Desktop] You can now click the zippers to unhook some clothes.
  • Better perfs for the dynamic hair, soft skin, and most clothes.
  • [VR] You can now slide the world on the three axis by clicking and holding the stick.
  • [VR] Smooth locomotion now respects the industry standard: the left stick for walking/strafing and the right one for turning. When a hand is slaved (replication or virtual pelvis), the remaining stick does both.
Bug fixes:
  • [VR] Fixed and attached pelvises were unstable during calibration.
  • [VR] Fixed pelvis was unstable during locomotion.
  • [VR] Player’s bust bugged for one frame at the start of pelvis calibration.
  • [VR] Smooth locomotion was not working in the cabaret.
  • Lips physics were unstable during penetration.
  • [Desktop] The animations lacked amplitude or speed in certain rare situations.
  • Dynamic hair was drifting on the scalp in low FPS situations.
  • The orbit camera on Vanessa cowgirl on the sofa was not correctly centered.
Sneak peak at 0.17 “beta” update: New character: Miku! Two new environments! Three new sex spots!
What’s new:
  • Rework of the hair system: better rendering, physics.
  • Rework of the cabaret.
  • Two new sex spots and six new poses for Charlotte.
  • Two new outfits for Charlotte, including Jessica Rabbit’s dress ^^.
  • Better nipple physics for all characters.
  • Nipples now react to the presence of clothes, and retract nicely.
Bug fixes:
  • Player’s hands physics exploded when VR controllers were not tracked.
  • The replication button didn’t change color in some situations.
  • Erica’s and Charlotte’s genitals were not deformed properly.
  • The skin on the torso above the breasts was not smooth in some poses.
What’s new:
  • The fourth character: Charlotte!
  • A new environment: the cabaret.
  • Two new sex spots for Erica, one for Charlotte.
  • Three new outfits.
  • One new pose for Erica stairs spot.
  • Added desktop gameplay (keyboard/mouse). This has been rolled down to 0.13.1.
  • Added animated toys (for desktop only, will come to VR later).
  • Added “back” buttons in the main menu under each doll.
  • Added an exit button to exit the game from the main menu.
  • Added a button in the main menu to toggle VR on and off.
  • Updated the introduction for desktop players (the introduction is different if you play it in VR or in desktop).
Bug fixes:
  • Some poses had bad foot physics.
  • Cloth toggle was sometimes present even when clothes were not optional.
  • A crash occurred sometimes in VR upon exiting a scene (resolution issue).
Bug fixes:
  • The animated toys was not reset in certain circumstances, causing it to miss the orifices.
  • The cameras and toys of the last pose of the sex spot with Vanessa on the sofa was bugged.
What’s new:
  • Soft skin, adds gentle deformations on buttocks, breasts and legs.
  • Replication, tie a controller to your forearm and see the character moves at your exact pace while you masturbate.
  • Support for Vive Trackers, for both tracked pelvis and replication.
  • One new sex spot in the loft, 7 new poses.
  • Better overhaul CPU performance, especially on Quest.
  • Added the first mini-story in the loft.
  • Added a new fixed pelvis in addition to the tracked one. This one will stay where you place it, and can be repositioned like any toy.
  • Stiffer flexibles and player fingers.
  • Added Tracker selection in the preferences.
  • Added an option to enable/disable soft skin in the preferences.
  • Changed the introduction to explain the fixed pelvis and the replication.
  • New layer for the holo menu, to fit the new tools.
Bug fixes:
  • When changing pose, the characters sometimes twisted their neck to look behind.
  • Player bust sometimes became tiny or huge
  • The holo menu now move smoothly when you grab it.
  • New character: Erica!
  • New environment: the hangar.
  • New story for Erica.
  • Toes physics (Erica only).
  • Removable shoes for Erica.
  • Transition animations between poses (in Erica’s story only).
  • Gesture-based events (in Erica’s story only).
  • New shading sail on the pacific beach.
  • Environments are now simpler with graphics: low.
Bug fixes:
  • Animations were not smooth in some situations.
  • Lalago’s shorty was not visible with cloth physics: low.
  • Lalago’s cutoffs were penetrating a lot with cloth physics: low.
  • Lalago’s grey top had a locked vertex with cloth physics: low.
Known issues:
  • Erica’s ponytail is buggy in some situations.
  • Lalago hand is not aligned with the pole on the stool pose.
  • The menu scene has low FPS on Quest.
– Complete rework of the genital system : enjoy more realistic deformations and physics feedback for both vagina and anus.
– Sex toys: find them and play the way you want.
– Main menu: access immediately to the content you desire.
– 9 new sex poses, 3 new clothes, immediate sex scenes and a night ambiance for the loft.
– Options to get better performance by reducing hair and cloth quality.
– Option to show/hide clothes on CC buttons.
– New penis and male bust.
We hope you will enjoy it all as much as we do!
From now on, “Amuse-bouche” will be the version for 6$ tier. We don’t plan on adding much content on this version but it will always be updated with the latest technology and features. In parallel, a censored, light version will be released for free.
It’s now time for us to take a new step in the development and get ready for the complete early access. We originally planned to start the early access phase as soon as March, by leaving the technology as it is now, and adding new characters, environments and a first story, but you have decided otherwise! Thanks to the January polls, the majority has spoken and you have voted for technology first.
The next update will therefore be a technological one, for both the free demo and Amuse-bouche. Only then will we work on the content of the early access, and this will probably delay it by one or two months.
Developer Notes:
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SteamVR and Windows 7/10 64bits.
Compatible with HTC Vive/Pro, and Valve Index. Compatible but not tested with Oculus Rift/S. It may be compatible with other headsets/controllers, thanks to SteamVR capabilities. Not compatible with Oculus Quest currently.
Minimum: i5, GTX1080ti. Recommended: i7, RTX2070

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