Complex Society [v1.00.1b] [AbrokenA Productions]
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Complex Society [v1.00.1b] [AbrokenA Productions]

January 4, 2024F95

This is the story of a young man who always had feelings towards his landlady and roommate but he always fought against them. Knowing that these feelings are abnormal and wrong, he’ll find more girls around him to interact with and try to keep him distracted. He is even considering a possible career in the biggest e-sport fighting game of all times: Super Squash Brothers. One day he accidentally found a classmate in an unusual situation that he always thought it would be impossible to resolve and is finding that he getting a new perspective of his life by trying to help her with it.

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A Ren’Py VN/Point&Click game made with Koikatu.
Classic seven days a week and morning/afternoon/night format.
Almost no grinding if you play right.
+9900 CGs and 350 animations.
1080p 60fps animated sex scenes.
Completely customized GUI.
Sounds and Music.
Full in-game walkthrough.
Full gallery and in-game replayable sex scenes.

Thread Updated: 2023-07-29
Release Date: 2023-07-28
Developer: AbrokenA Productions PatreonSubcribeStarBuy Me A CoffeeBlogspotItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.00.1-b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Incest, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex, Sleep Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Dating Sim, Pregnant, Romance, Sandbox, School Setting, Anal Sex, Titfuck, Lactation, Virign, Voiced.
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1. Extract and run.
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v1.00.1b – 2023-07-28
— Bugfixes.
v1.00.1a – 2023-07-28
— Final event.
— 56 animations.
— +1200 CGs.
— New sounds and music.
— GUI changes.
— Bugfixes.
— Proofreading changes.
v0.23.1b – 2023-03-19
— Elly’s story progress.
— 32 animations.
— +500 CGs.
— New content in the Main Gallery.
— New content for the Bonus Gallery.
— New sounds and music.
— GUI changes.
— Bugfixes.
v0.22.5b – 2022-10-10
— Alice’s missing sex scene.
— Daiana’s story progress.
— +200 CGs, 16 animations.
— New content for the Bonus Gallery.
— House and school shorcut maps.
— GUI changes.
v0.22.2a – 2022-08-22
—  Upgraded resolution from 1280×720 to 1920×1080.
— All images have been upscaled or re-done.
— All animations have been upscaled and interpoled to 1080p 60fps.
— New content for the Bonus Gallery.
— Proofreading changes.
— GUI changes.
— New sounds.
— Bugfixes.
v0.22.1a – 2022-06-17
Alice new scenes (+650CGs).
— +55 new 60fps animations.
— New small talks and side events for Alice, Lucile, Cody and Cadence.
— New replayable event for Alice.
— New content for the Bonus Gallery.
— Proofreading changes.
— New sounds and music.
— Bugfixes.
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v0.21.5a – 2022-01-10
— +60 New Animations (Mostly re-animated Nicole’s animations from 4 FPS to 60 FPS).
— Alice new scene (+80CGs).
— Alice’s yoga scene has an extended bonus scene.
— New look for Nicole.
— New small talks and side events for Alice, Elly, Cody and Cadence.
— New replayable events for Alice and Elly.
— New content for the Bonus Gallery.
— Proofreading changes.
— Bugfixes.
v0.21.1b – 2021-08-16
— Alice new scenes (+400 CGs)
— Elly new scenes (+500 CGs)
— Nicole new sex scene (+100 CGs and animations)
— CS new scenes (+150 CGs).
— 28 new animations.
— New scenes on Nicole’s gallery.
— New content for the Bonus Gallery.
— Proofreading changes.
— Bugfixes.
— GUI changes.
— New sounds and music.
v0.20.1b – 2020-12-31
— Alice new scenes (+150 CGs).
— Lucile new scenes (+400 CGs).
— New story mode for Lucile.
— CS new scenes (+150 CGs).
— +30 new animations.
— New scenes on Alice and Nicole’s gallery.
— New Lucile and Daiana’s Gallery.
— New content for the Bonus Gallery.
— New sounds and music.
— Proofreading changes.
— Bugfixes.
— GUI changes.
v0.19.1d – 2020-09-30
— Proofreading changes.
— Bugfixes.
v0.19.1c – 2020-09-16
— Bugfixes.
v0.19.1a – 2020-09-15
— One new scene with Alice (+80 CGs, replayable).
— Five new scenes with Elly (+400 CGs, two replayables).
— One scene with Nicole (+150 CGs, 25 animations, replayable).
— Two scenes with Bob/Cadence (completely optional).
— Proofreading changes.
— Bugfixes.
— GUI changes.
— New sounds and music.
v0.18.2a – 2020-05-30
— It’s a small update with 2 scenes to connect the other branch of the story.
— Nicole’s gallery has been update.
— In-game WT is fully functional ( I fixed a few things that let the player break the story, making the hints missplaced).
— Proofreading changes.
— The missing map bug patch is now in-game (inside the WT).
— Bugfixes.
— GUI changes.
v0.18.1a – 2020-05-15
— Five new scenes with Nicole
— New content in the Bonus Gallery.
— In-game WT is fully functional
— Proofreading changes.
— Minor bugfixes.
— GUI changes.
— New music and sound effects.
— Voice acting for Nicole’s new H scenes
v0.17c – 2020-02-29
— Fixed the main map disappearing problem that affected some players.
v0.17b – 2020-02-27
— New scenes with Alice
— New scenes with Elly
— New content in the Bonus Gallery.
— In-game WT is partially back.
— Proofreading changes.
— Minor bugfixes.
— GUI improvements.
v0.16b – 2020-01-13
— It’s just a super customized new menu that I made in less than a week and it needs to be tested. No new content.
v0.16a – 2020-01-07
— Added Alice’s Christmas scene (+250 images and +30 animations) places inside Alice’s Gallery.
— Profreading changes.
— Reduced size (more content with better compression than the previous release).
— Added new music.
— Added new sound effects.
— GUI changes
v0.15b – 2019-12-07
— Reduced size (from 1GB to 500MB, bad compression in the first release).
— Added gallery mode for Alice, Elly and Nicole.
— Effects and animations in H-scene has been improved. Some new added.
— Fixed a bug in one of Lucile’s bonus gallery pictures.
— Fixed a bug who caused players to miss some events with Daiana (Miss Bazzer)
— MASSIVE proofreading corrections.
— Added a new profile picture for Nicole.
— Added a new room in the house and general changes inside the house.
— Added new musics.
— Added new sound effects.
v0.15a – 2019-11-18
— New H-scene with Lucile
— New H-scene with Daiana (Miss Bazzer)
— New scenes with Elly
— New scenes with Nicole
— New scenes with Alice
— Advanced the Squash story
— Some bugs has been fixed
— New exit screen
— Subscribestar and Buy Me A Coffee links added
v0.1c – 2019-08-26
— Proofreading changes in the dialogues
— Fixed a bug where Alice was drunk in bed and sober in the kitchen
— Nicole no longer stays in the bench if you don’t go with her at the end of her story for v0.1
— Fixed a bug while launching with Nate
— Fixed a bug about the in-game WT’s hint
— The bonus content in the gallery is fixed as well
— The first CS talk is now a little shorter
— Patreon links added
— Fixed some things to ensure save compatibility for the next major update
v0.1b – 2019-08-08
— MASSIVE changes in the dialogues thanks to Nocturnal85, the proofreader of the project.
— Now you can skip the sleep scenes in the beginning of the game.
— Added a link to this thread in the cellpone.
— The white effect in climax scenes were toned down.
— A few hints in the in-game WT were fixed.
— If you name the MC as one of the NPC male characters, the game will warn you.
— A new SSB skill has been added.  This will be useful for v0.2
— Some buttons (like Wait for Bazzer) are bigger/easier to notice
v0.1a Release – 2019-07-18
Developer notes & Known bugs:
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About old saves (v0.22.1 and before):
The game was upgraded from 1280×720 to 1920×1080 in v0.22.2, which means it’s actually a new game with new files and new save files. You can copy-paste your saves from your old save folder into the new save folder and most saves should still work. If none of them work, start a new game.
Elly’s chocolates bug:
It should be fixed for new players, but for old players stuck with that WT hint, there is an option to fix it in MC’s laptop in his room. This may not work for saves prior to v0.22.2. In that case post your save file here and I’ll fix it.
Daiana’s infinite lunch bug (v0.23):
It should be fixed for v1.00, but in case it isn’t, these are your two options:
1. Load a previous file and don’t talk to Daiana in the market.
2. Enable the Renpy Console, load your save file, lunch with her again, press Shitf+o to open the console before the lunch ends and write “jump bazzer08_05” to trigger the right event.
Check the Blogspot’s Typos and bugs for more known bugs and its possible solution.
Old saves may not work, read developer notes.


Extras: WalkthroughFan SigItalian Patch*

* This port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.

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