Disruption [v0.16 Public] [gaaby]

Disruption [v0.16 Public] [gaaby]

May 18, 2024F95

Disruption passes on the beautiful city of Budapest, indulge in this story of strong emotions as you cruise through many experiences, whether you want it to be dominant or submissive is entirely up to you
Imagine this as your second life, as your explosion of what you really want to be, will you be bent or bend others? Discover yourself in Disruption.
Thread Updated: 2024-05-17
Release Date: 2023-10-27
Developer: gaaby F95zonePatreonDiscordSubscribestarTFgames
Censored: No
Version: 0.16 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Anal sex, BDSM, Blackmail, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Humiliation, Incest, Male domination, Masturbation, Oral sex, Multiple penetration, sissification, Teasing , Trap, Vaginal sex, Simulator, Netorare, Gay, SPH, futa/trans
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1. Extract and run.
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Hey there everyone! Welcome to the seventeenth version of Disruption! Been a long way already hope you are enjoying the game! This update was heavily focused towards the wardrobe clothing in the sub path, there 25 new clothes added in the stores! Skirts, tops, dresses, heels, flats etc! Make sure to check it out and costumize your character as you wish, as of now there’s no reaction to what you’re wearing but that will be added and also more clothing will be slowly added! In terms of events we have the continuation of the mom oral training with the level up to Level 2 and 4 new scenes with her, a special event with the dad when you are training and a new work sub event with a new trans character in the sex store! Hope you enjoy this update and feedback is greatly appreciated!
New content:
• Heavy update on character costumization in the sub path, 25 new pieces of clothing added on the stores in the Mall for you to buy and make combos! There’s more professional clothing, girly clothing and slutty clothing which you’ll be able to buy depending on where you are at the story! More clothing will be added and reactions to clothing will also be added!
• Continuation of the mom oral training with the level up event to LVL 2 and instructions for new training! You’re going one step further in your throat level!
• New dad sub event at 100 EXP of oral skill.. he catches you training your slutty throat and that enrages him.. he has to unleash somewhere..
• New work sub event with a trans character, she took a liking to you..
• Grammar corrections from last version;
• Improvements from v0.16;
• Fixed the fatigue not resetting when sleeping;
• Added another back button on top of every wardrobe section to make it easier to go back;
• Made it impossible to wear a dress and jeans/skirts/shorts etc at the same time as it doesn’t make sense..
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Hello my friends! Welcome to v0.16! This update brings a new mechanic on the sub route where you actually have to train yourself and grind to get new events! Anal and oral training! Plenty of new scenes in those trainings (19) and other main story scenes like therapist and receptionist duo, a new quest from your sister, events with the mother and also a new teacher sub scene requested by a Sponsor with specific kinks, public humiliation and ashtray humiliation and other scenes aswell! For the dom content we have new mom and teacher dom events! All details in specific down below, any questions hit me up hope you enjoy v0.16!
New content:
• Teacher sub event requested by sponsor Lucy shaw.. you go on a walk with her in the park and she has no ashtray.. guess you’ll do;
• Sister quest to buy anal lube to start anal training;
• Three new stats! Anal Skill, Oral Skill and Fatigue! More information about them when you play through the game!
• Start of daily anal training from your sister, three leveling up scenes and 15 scenes in the middle, you start at Level 1 and can get up to Level 3!
• Start of oral daily training from your mother, similar to oral training, 4 scenes!
• Therapist and receptionist duo sub event when you reach the maximum of oral skill, train to get it!
• New mom dom event continuing her corruption..
• New teacher and classmate duo dom event teasing her in public;
• Grammar corrections from last version;
• General improvements from last version;
• Changed the link color for the repetitive peek the dad in the parents bedroom;
• Changed the sister middle finger gif to a png in the sister buying panties scene, it was causing some people to get stuck;
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Hello my friends! Welcome to v0.15! This updates continues major storylines in both dom and sub however the sub path got more events since the poll was heavily tilted towards sub enjoyers! There a new dad event, new sister event and mom so all the family got attention, both in dom and sub! Also changed a few details in the game to just make it more appeasing and fixed some weirds bugs, all specific details down below, hope you enjoy this update, any questions hit me up, Enjoy!
• Grammar corrections from last version;
• General improvements from last version;
• Changed the way the first weekend events trigger, they trigger sooner now when you achieve fem stat 1 or masc stat 1;
• Changed the fem stat 5 weekend event to trigger in the morning instead of the evening;
• Decreased the chances of the random event in upstairs hall, they were a little bit annoying, now they will be less recurrent!
• Changed the color of each bedroom to fit its character.
New content:
• New dad sub event if you are in chastity!
• New mom sub event with continuation of her storyline.. she will be helping you more from now on as a parent should in a gentle way!
• New sis sub event involving you being her cuckold.. finally you get some action aswell!
• Added the male prostitute to the brothel, 8 new events there both sub and dom! Be careful if you are in chastity and go there though!
• Continuation of the classmate storyline with the addition of your teacher to the equation.. now you two will work together
• Continution of the mom dom storyline, she seems more and more on edge about you..
• New dom random encounter when you go to the city center
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Greetings my friends! Welcome to v0.14! Hope you are all doing well. This update focuses mainly on the sub path so if you are a dom path fan I ask you to wait for the next update! Sorry! I wanted to work on storylines that were a little bit forgotten so the dad got a new tiny event, there is a new storyline with romance if you chose to break up with your girlfriend and new events with your best friend, other than that there is ten new events in a new location in the Red Light District named the Brothel, you can guess what you can get there.. if you are on chastity and ask for service there they may react differently.. Also new teacher event continuing her storyline! More specific details down below, if any of you need anything don’t hesitate to hit me up! Happy easter!
• Overall optimization from v0.13 update;
• Grammar corrections;
• Fixed a bug in the tutorial where you’d go to a non-existant passage in the park;
• Fixed a bug in the gloryhole dom path where you’d get stuck if you finished the current storyline content;
New content:
• Two new work sub events with two characters that have appeared in the past..!
• New optional romantic homosexual sub path if you chose to break up with your girlfriend in past scenes.. It is with a guy who gave you his number before.. If you proceed you’ll change your orientation to Bisexual!
• New teacher sub event. She finally uses the strap on your greedy mouth!
• New location in the Redlight District, the Brothel! Ten new unique scenes there depending if you are in chastity or not, more to be added, you can get dom events there aswell, female whore only for now.
• New school sub event with your bestfriend and your bully.. she gets dragged again, and you spy.
• You can now peek on your dad at night when he sleeps if your feminization is above two.. perhaps you are suprised with your dads tool!
That is all for now! Hope you enjoy v0.14! See ya!
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Hello there! Welcome to v0.13. This update focuses mainly on the continuation of some sub and dom path storylines, specifics down below. Also reduced massively the size of the game as it was getting pretty big converting the gifs to mp4, fixed some weird bugs and added a new button, also special mention to the first Sponsor, you can see who it is on your sidebar! Thank you all for the continued support, hope you enjoy this update, any questions feel free to hit me up anywhere, feedback greatly appreciated, details of the update down below!
• Overall optimization from v0.12 update;
• Grammar corrections;
• Fixed a bug where you would get a weekend sub event even if you were in the dom path;
• Changed the daily tasks color in the tips menu and in the link event to fit the color of the teacher, so players don’t mix up main path events with daily tasks;
• Changed all the gifs to mp4s to reduce the size of the game;
New content:
• New changelog button on the sidebar that allows you to see your current version changelog and the one ahead if you are playing a public version so you know what is coming in the next version!
• Two new weekend sub events with a scene written by nutluck!
• New sub sis event, continuing her storyline;
• New girlfriend bbc cuckold event, continuing her storyline, she’s getting kinkier and kinkier, degrading you to a mere cuckold;
• New watersports/cuckold event scene with your sister requested by the new sponsor Lucyshaw! It is optional and you will be warned, you can skip it if you want!
• New dom mom event continuing her storyline, you are starting to get control of her with the help of your sister;
• New dom event with the classmate, you use what you have to blackmail her and get her under your control;
• New dom event with the best friend, trans content, you are confused of what you really want, perhaps a secret is in order..
That is all, hope you enjoy this update, see you in v0.14!
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• Overall optimization from v0.11 update;
• Grammar corrections;
• Changed the position of the back button in the wardrobe to help mobile players play the game better without it breaking the game;
• Added a changelog button
New content:
• New teacher sub event with her reaction to you being in chastity in her class!
• New mom sub event with the continuation of her caring femdom storyline, she will continue to slowly turn you into her servant maid..
• New sub best friend event, you ask her how she gets release when in chastity.. you need help!
• Continuation of the sub school bathroom gloryhole bbc event, now you can suck him off..!
• New dom best friend event with the continuation of the storyline.. you cant get her out of your mind since last time..
• Addition of the gloryhole in the dom path.. there’s a naughty student who gets off sucking her school mates off.. you who is though..?
• Start of the dom storyline with your classmate Sasha.. she’s such a mean bitch however she has a dirty secret..
• Continuation of the mom dom event storyline with a little help from your submissive sister..
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• Overall optimization from v0.10 update;
• Grammar corrections;
• Optimized the tips button to separate things better;
• Fixed a bug where if you increased the feminization stat beyond what you could it’d break the game;
New content:
• Two new mom sub events, advancing her story, she will now start feminizing you at home with the help of the teacher and the therapist.. she’s gentle though, she loves you!
• One teacher and mom sub event where you see your mothers POV;
• Two new repetitive tasks in the weekend evening suggested by your mom.. you will clean your house in a sissy maid outfit..!
• Sister and dad reactions to you cleaning your house in the sissy maid outfit.. they will humiliate you pretty bad..
• New sister sub event with the introduction of chastity, increasing your feminization stat to max 7!
• Adjusted the checking yourself button on the bathroom if you have the chastity on;
• Removed the option to masturbate if you watch porn and have the chastity on.. you will have to find some other way in the future to cum..
• Small event in the bathroom the first time you head there with the chastity on;
• New therapist event involving the receptionist and the therapist.. they want to further change you..
• New work event if you go to work with chastity on;
• Watersports scene with the dad in the shower at night requested by Ultimate Disruption member slydmc! Entirely optional and you can skip it, feel free to suggest your own scenes if you are an Ultimate Disruption member like he did!
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• Overall optimization from v0.9 update.
• Fixed a bug where you’d get the GF Cuck MSG event even when you chose to end her cuck storyline.
• Fixed a bug where while in the dom path you’d get alot of the teacher sub detention events.
• Fixed a bug where you’d get a sub sunday event in the dom path
• Fixed a bug in the Sunday Dom Event, you go out with your girlfriend, not your mother!
• Changed the colors of the tasks on the tips button to distinguish better
• Removed the phone events from interfering with the end of main content on the tips button
New content:
•Reworked all the therapy sessions, now they are cut off into topics and gradually increase the intensity of content, making for a more gradual and enjoyable hypno sessions;
• New therapy session with a new breakthrough pill and something else.. also.. your therapist gets physical with you..!
• Continuation of the girlfriend cuck storyline with a new cuck event, you go out for lunch again!
• New teacher event in detention where she orders you to buy a new sex toy!
• Two new teacher tasks, one related to the toy you bought!
• New dom teacher detention event with the start of her storyline in the dom path
• New best friend dom event with the start of her storyline, trans content warning, you can decide there to end the sexual content between the Player and Trans bestfriend if you wish!
• New porn added, Femdom porn and Maledom porn, for sub and dom path respectively!
• Added a new clock button on the sidebar to skip time anywhere you are.
• Added an option to skip the weekend if you don’t wanna play through the weekend events over and over again
• Added a waiting warning on the tips to show when you can trigger a new main story event, usually you have to wait three days to get a new event, you can check it on your tips button!
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Hey there fellas! Welcome to v0.9! This update focuses entirely on rehauling the way the scenes will trigger from now on in the main story and addition of ALOT of scenes to the Sex Shop, 13 in total over the course of 26 days of working! Hopefully you all enjoy the writing made in these scenes, feedback is greatly appreciated and more details will be added down here in the changelog, this was really fun to make and hope you enjoy these scenes!
• Fixed the wrong name on a scene where it was supposed the be the bestfriend and not the girlfriend, sorry!
• Fixed a bug where the male underwear would stay on after the sister removed your underwear completely;
• Changed the way you go to work;
• Completely changed the way the scenes will trigger to make the game flow from now on;
• Fixed a bug where the uniform preset wasnt working;
New content:
• New character added, a costumer named Mistress Ruby, there will be two scenes with her, hope you enjoy dominatrixes..!
• Six new general scenes in the sex shop that you get as you work gradually in the beginning, you need to work 14 days to get every general event, they have dom and sub options and then as you grow your feminization or masculinization stat, you get more sub or dom focused events.
• Six sub/fem focused scenes in the sex shop with characters like the best friend, Mistress Ruby, manager etc..
• One masculinity focused event in the sex shop, unfortunately that is where the game is in terms of max masc, so it will be the only one with that focus for now!
• 13 SCENES added overall in the sex shop over the course of 26 days!
That is all for this update, hope you all enjoy, any questions hit me up!
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Hey there my friends! Welcome to v0.8 this update is completely focused on the sub path so if you’re a dom troupe I apologize! This update introduces a new very important mechanic in the game! You can now go to work in the evenings at the new location the Sex Shop! I recommend you restart the game from the beginning and play through it all since the events there are like you were in the beginning of the game, I’ll be adding more events in the next update, other than that there’s new events with main characters, a new teacher task, new sister random events and event in general and more dad content! More detailed info down below, hopefully you enjoy this update and if you have any questions as per usual hit me up anywhere!


• Fixed a small bug in the mom cooking scene in the kitchen;
• Changed the name of all locations to be more aesthetic when moving through them in the map;
• Fixed a small bug in the first teacher detention event;
• Fixed the best friend events in the school hallway;
• Fixed the whole of the inventory, it was overall scuffed and badly done;
• Finally fixed the major bug that was making it impossible to go to feminization stat 5, now things should go smooth!
• Changed the way teacher events trigger to further prevent bugging, hopefully!
• Changed the third sunday event to be a mom sub event instead, the event may repeat if you have seen it before!

New content:

• New sister event with complete removal of male underwear from your wardrobe and feminization stat increasal to 6!
• Two new locations were added! The Redlight District and the Sex Shop!
• Made a new small event that should trigger almost in the beginning of the game that suggests you should find a job!
• You can now apply to work in the Sex Shop and work there every evening!
• Introduction of your co-worker in the Sex Shop… I wonder who it is;
• With the addition of the new locations, there’s a very hot random new event in the Redlight District at night.. be careful!
• New scene when you enter the Sex Shop for the first time with introduction of a new male character, the Sex Shop Manager!
• New spicy event with the teacher, she will make you buy your first own toy in the Sex Shop!
• New daily task after you buy your toy like you teacher ordered you to do;
• New scene with the dad in the new daily task, hope you dad lovers like this one;
• Two new random triggering events in the upstairs hall with the sister;
• New random triggering event with the dad in the upstairs hall;
• New random triggering event with the teacher in the school hallway with the best friend;
• New Sunday event!
• Updated the random sub event in the bus, you can go further with the random guy now;
• Updated the night event in the park, you can now go further with the Interracial couple;

That is all for this update, I really enjoyed developing this one for some reason, I spent alot of long hours just developing it trying to make the game feel overall better, hope you enjoy it, if you need anything from me I’ll be active everywhere really paying attention, kisses

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Hey! Welcome to v0.7! This update is mainly focused on fixing old stuff that was broken or outdated aswell and giving the dom folks some attention, doesn’t mean sub didn’t get aswell but you get my point! I want to wish you all happy holidays and hope 2024 is better than 2023 for y’all! The beginning of this journey for me was very important since this is currently my main font of income for now so thank you all for the support, any questions hit me up on discord patreon or anywhere you can!


• Fixed the phone in the introduction, reworked;
• Now after the intro your start on Tuesday;
• Now instead of going to your Room after classes, you’ll always go back to the School Hallway, makes more sense;
• You can now play the event where you go to lunch with your girlfriend in the sub path through talking with her in the School Campus;
• Fixed being unable to go back to where you were when you had an event on in the school campus with your girlfriend;
• Now you cannot steal panties and bras if the person you are stealing from is in the room you are in, no more stealing under their noses;
• Corrected alot of the grammar in the game with the help of the great AWolfe! Thank you!
• Added the back button on phone events;
• Reworked Whatsapp completely in terms of design, it was ugly and not functional;
• Fixed a bug where if you didn’t watch the POV of the GF in her NTR event, you’d not be able to trigger feminization stat 5.

New content:

• First event with your best friend, dominant and submissive options, up to you!
• Added new options in the submissive detention where your classmate Sasha makes her first appearance, now you have choices..
• Continued the submissive main story with a special message from your beloved girl friend..
• Added Cuckold and SPH related dreams after the events;
• Fifth phone message cuck related on Monday;
• Continuation of the dominant storyline with a new sister event that makes you increase your Masculinity stat to 1;
• Added Dominant Dreams after you get Masculinity 1;
• Two new weekend Dominant events;

That is all, happy holidays folks!

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• Overall improvement of game quality and mechanics.

New content:
• Feminization stat max is now 5 with an event in the bathroom!
• You can put makeup on and off with feminization stat 5!
• New sub event with the mom in the bathroom, it seems she’s very supportive of your changes!
• New Sunday Weekend Event involving the classmate and your mom.. your mom really wants to aid you in your feminization!
• New shop added in the Mall! Happy Girls clothing, it will be the main feminine clothing shop, as of now it only has one dress that you will need for the main story.. more to be added;
• New detention event with the teacher, she wants to feminize you even further to help your progress..
• New game mechanic with the teacher and detention.. now you have daily tasks that you must do for your teacher..!
• New sub event with your Dad.. it seems he’s not very supportive of you using makeup.. be careful if you have makeup on and walk outside of your room..!
• New sub event with your girlfriend.. you will confront her about what you saw last time you went out for lunch.. it’s up to you if you want to change your relationship and stay with her.. or end it;

That is all for v0.6! The game mechanic that was added is very basic right now but as updates keep going I’ll change it and develop it even more.. hope you enjoy this update and if you have any questions, hit me up in discord or patreon, thank you all for the support!

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• Fixed a bug where players would eat in the kitchen and get stuck in the game, making time disappear;
• Fixed a bug where you could go to the school building in the weekend;
• Changed the image of the receptionist for future scenes;

New content:
• Continuation of the main submissive story and main dominination story!
• Two new weekend submissive events!
• New location, School Campus!
• New submissive event with the sister, continuing the storyline, it’s a large scene at home, she will truly humiliate you;
• Girlfriend submissive event when you two go out for lunch, BBC Cuckold themed.
• The characters of the game are now interactive and can be found around the map at certain times! Sister and Girlfriend will be at the School Campus, Mom and Dad at home and the Sister will be at home aswell in the weekend, If there is a line underneath them it means there is a pending conversation with them you never had, the list of interactive characters right now is Dad, Mom, Sister, Girlfriend and Bestfriend;
• Four new scenes with the characters reacting to your phsyical changes with your feminization increase, they will behave differently depending on their personalities, to see them, go talk to them and reach feminization 4 after checking yourself in the mirror after the changes! The characters that will react is Dad, Mom, Sister and Girlfriend!
• New scene with the classmate named Sasha that humiliated you calling you a sissy in the classroom, you can find her in the school hallway, this particular scene was made by nutluck!
• Continuation of the therapy sessions, now the event is repetitive every tuesday.
• New variation to the park scene where you meet a man jerking off in the bench, if your feminization is 4, you can now interact with him and continue the event;
• New dominant event in your room with your girlfriend, she comes to study, and you show her who’s the boss;
That is it for v0.5, hopefully you enjoy this update, feedback will be greatly appreciated, hop on my discord to give suggestions or bug reports, I’ll be fixing them if something went past me! Thank you for all the support!

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• Fixed the back button on the wardrobe, now it shouldn’t go behind the sidebar;
• Fixed and adjusted the clothing system on the sidebar to make it look better and not all over the place;
• Fixed a bug where it would appear that you couldn’t go commando to school in the weeknd;
• Fixed a mistype in the sidebar that euros were dollars in the inventory.
• Therapy sessions are every Tuesday now

New content:
• Therapy sessions are on Tuesday only now;
• Changed the detention scene after the first therapy session, it’s spicier now;
• Now you can go to school directly from school and not only from your room!
• Continuation of the therapy sessions with feminization increase!
• First body changes from the pills you’ve been taking in the therapy sessions..
• New location on the city! The beauty salon!
• New scene if you haven’t waxed and go to school after teacher asks you, sph scene!
• New teacher task to get waxed, the therapist and your teacher agree that you should do it, it involves a small penis humiliation scene!
• New teacher detention scene
• New location inside the school, the bathroom! You have an event there.. hope you like gloryholes.. Depending on your feminization you have different options;
• New phone event related to small penis humiliation, it triggers on Monday and then it’s repetitive!
• New character introduced, your best friend! You can meet her in your school hallway and she’ll be there in the morning, she has something extra..

That is it for v0.4, hopefully you enjoy this continuation, feedback will be greatly appreciated, hop on my discord to give suggestions or bug reports, I’ll be fixing them if something went past me! Thank you for all the support!

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• Fixed a bug where time would go null and players would get stuck in the game, not being able to do anything;
• Fixed the text positioning on the phone, now it is fixed on the same place and it won’t go everywhere;

New content
• Continuation of the male domination main story;
• Continuation of the male submission main story with the introduction of a new character, The therapist;
• After alot of complains, the phone is now acessible from everywhere! No need to go back to the bedroom anymore!
• Random event in the city at night, cuckold bbc themed;
• Added different outcomes to existing repetitive events depending on your current stats;
• M/M events, one with your dad in the shower at night and one random event around the map, it will have an warning and you can avoid it if you desire;
• Added a new stat, homosexuality, as you increase it, your sexuality will change as the game progresses;
• Different random events as you are going around the map, they will just pop up as you are moving around;
• Repetitive events in the day and night in the park, look around for it;
• Added a new location! The beach! It is full of events in the day and night, you can tan and just walk around in it!

That is it for v0.3, hopefully you enjoy, it’s not as big as v0.2 but hopefully you enjoy this continuation, v0.4 will be bigger! Thanks!

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Alot has changed in v0.2! The routes were merged and there’s no more submissive path or dominant path, as you make dominant or submissive choices you decide what type of content you get! Almost every random event has a submissive, dominant or neutral choice! Let’s go to the specifics!
Please note that a savefile from 0.1 will not work, from v0.2 and forward saves will be able to go through.

V0.3 is almost done and will be out when v0.2 is out for the public in a week.
• Fixed a small bug where the mom and girlfriend variables were mixed up;
• Fixed a bug where you could go to school on the weekend;
• Changed the spacing of all the passage clicks.. they were ugly and occupied too much space on the screen;
• Added bullet points to every passage click;
• Removed the time wasting timers on the eating and watching TV repetitive events;
• Fixed a bug where you could go to school without wearing a uniform;
• Revamped completely the phone style to be more appealing and easy to use;
• Removed the time wasting timers on the intro, now it’s faster to go through, go at your own pace;
• Fixed a bug where the button to go back on the phone in the intro wouldn’t show to android users;
• Fixed and rewrote the intro dialogs and added character backstory and backstory in general to the world and their characters so the game is more immersive and you • have a better idea of what’s going on;
• Changed the whole classroom content, now there’s events there and a reason to go to class!;
• Fixed the Tips button.

New content:
• The routes were merged, now you decide what type of content you want to appear more as you make choices through events around the world;
• Continuation of the submission main story, time to go shopping..;
• Added a new stat named Feminization! As you progress through the game and you play through submissive main events, your feminization will increase and unlock certain aspects of the game, such as clothing and different events in the classroom;
• Start of the domination main story with a completely male domination focused event;
• Added the ability to peek into your parents and sisters room at night when they’re sleeping.. I wonder what you can do with them..;
• Added random repetitive events around the world to increase your stats to unlock the main story events, if you wanna know where they are, check the Tips button!
• Added new dreams as you increasingly progress through the game, submission only for now;
• Added Logos to every passage in the game;
• Added the ability to search through rooms and get random events, repetitive or not, check tips if you can’t find them;
• Completely brand new shopping with three stores, Baci’s Lingerie, ZARA and Futureal, you can buy clothes, lingerie and shoes in them and as you increasingly progress through the game you unlock new types of clothing/underwear;
• Completely revamped the clothing and wardrobe system, now you can wear individual pieces of clothing and choose to your taste what you want to wear, of course, as you progress through the game, you can use different types of underwear..;
• New stat for male domination content named Masculinity, your objective is to increase your Masculinity as you progress with the main story;
• Made phone events be repetitive instead of happening once
• Added the introduction of a new character, the Dad! You will have an event with him in the living room, be careful with the choices you make..;
• Added the third phone event for submission players;
• Added new porn that you can unlock as you play the game, submission only as of v0.2;
• Added The Weekend events! Both Saturday and Sunday have different events, and they are spicy..;
• Added male domination repetitive events, almost every event has a submission, dominant or neutral choice but some will only be submissive or dominant;
• Added a repetitive event in the mall bathroom;
• Added a repetitive event at the park at night;
• You can see your sister showering in the morning, perhaps you want to take a peek at her..;

Around ~25 events with male domination, submissive and neutral choices!

Hope you like this version, thank you!

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v0.1 First release!
Developer Notes:
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This is my first game ever, took me alot of effort to learn and be able to make everything work. Hopefully you enjoy this and I plan to devote myself to this project!
*v0.16 is the public release, v0.17 on patreon and subscribestar


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