Domina [v9.5.2] [Dekarous]

Domina [v9.5.2] [Dekarous]

January 8, 2024F95

Thirteen evil Demonesses are amassing their strength, planning to invade and conquer Earth for themselves. Like many before you, you were chosen by the Goddess of Light, Llavanya, to stop and prevent their devilish plans. But when you’re dealing with beings whose only purpose is the submission of those around them… Surrendering might prove a hard thing not to do.

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Dark Souls-like femdom RPG. The game is divided into 13 different diverse realms, each housing its own Domina, united by a hub dreamworld. Enter each realm, defeat its Domina and obtain her magic Seal to save your world. Assuming your resolve holds and you don’t submit to them, that is.

1.0 includes the first world, the Realm of Dusk, completed. Every update after this will include the next world and its new Domina.
DISCLAIMER: 1.0 and its bugfixes are free, the next updates will be patron only.

Thread Updated: 2023-11-21
Release Date: 2023-10-24
Developer: Dekarous Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 9.5.2
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Multiple endings, Combat,  BDSM, Blackmail, Corruption, Female domination, Femdom, Fantasy, Humiliation, Rape, Sexual harassment, Sissification, Slave, Teasing, Urination, RPG, Sandbox, Horror, Scat
Toilet Slavery, Whipping, Foot Worship
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1. Extract and run.
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-Fixed Hora’s bedroom, you may now access her numerous enslavement scenes
-Finally added the Franziska sounding scene (can access it after beating her, but before starting Hora’s quest – added in her Memory Bubble too)
-Increased Lost spawn rate in the Garden of Ages due to popular demand
-Added the Pyramid Kingdom
-Changed the font to something that suits the new extended dialogue options better (and is more pleasing to the eye personally)
-Submitting to the Twins now correctly betrays Katrina
Changes from EA:
-Added post-victory story
-You can no longer enter the Catacombs without first receiving Raa’s quest
-Added missing Lost mummy
-Unlocked Anubis room and added his boss battle
-Added and replaced all “loved one” CGs
-Added “Last Soul Shard” scene
-Added enslavement content
-Slightly reduced Sun Goddess healing effect
-Sun Goddess now procs every 8 turns instead of 6
-Music now correctly plays faster when entering Raa’s second battle phase
-Raa will no longer call you an insolent worm every single time you attack her
-Fixed dumb Soul Shard not restoring issue
-Actually fixed double “Last Soul Shard” scenes
-Both “out of soul shards” and “mental breakdown” sequences
should play better and when they are supposed to
-You can no longer still interact with the environment (and talk to the Domina) during her “Last Soul Shard” sequence, which potentially allowed you to begin a fight without actually have Soul Shards
-Added some pussy sounds to Katrina’s Shrinking scene
-Apparently the game sometimes auto-creates a second “No” dialogue choice when a choice branch only has a single choice, like in the Seal Break sequence? I ‘fixed’ it now but Im sure I have fixed it previously again, so if you get a second dialogue option during the Seal Break after winning a fight, just ignore it and let me know that it happened again so I can find a look around
-Made the Labyrinthia jump automatic (like in Katrina’s catacombs) because I have gotten way too many messages of people being confused how to jump
-Nerfed Narcissa in her second fight a bit. She is also using her grapple move less often in all her fights.
-Fixed bug of reverting the MC’s sprite look to naked after you reach a certain Corruption threshold
-All skill trees correctly show up
-Fixed and reworked Lazarus’ dialogue to fit with the new lore
-Fixed double Maki sprite when interacting with Mika
-You can correctly enter Mary’s realm once again
Note that Narcissa’s enslavement sequence still happens AFTER you defeat her like previously. This is on purpose. Narcissa mentions repeatedly that she gets bored of slaves quickly and requires someone who will peak her interest to accept enslavement. Same goes for Mary and the Twins, whose quests would mess up too much if you changed the enslavement process.
Known bugs:
-Rosita’s “Offer Soul Shard” scene is bogged and I just noticed after finishing the file upload. She will take 3 Shards from you instead of 1 and her scene will refuse to play because it hasn’t been transfered to the releasable version of the game yet (all the dev team is working on separate versions from separate PCs). I will release a second bugfix in the coming days with this fix included.
– Finished all skill trees and reworked existing ones
– Reworked (and buffed) crafting to make it more worth it
– New “Easy” difficulty option when you start a new game for people who don’t want to bother with combat that much
– New personality creation system for the MC
– New stress and mental breakdown system as you push yourself too far (tied to personality system)
– You no longer need to defeat the Domina to get enslaved by her ~ just allow her to mentally break you 😉
– Reworked most dialogue options (tied to personality system)
– Added a massive amount of (optional) dialogue to every Domina (tied to personality system) ~ get to know your favorite Domina(s)!
– New affection system for each Domina depending on your actions, responses and how much chemistry there is with the MC’s personality
– Max Soul Shards are now 3 instead of 7
– Losing all your Soul Shards doesn’t mean a gameover (it’s actually recommended)
– Each Domina received a new CG sequence of them playing with your last Soul Shard after you lose it to them
– New worldspace – Graveyward; you will be sent here after losing all your Soul Shards now and it has a hidden story aspect to it that will be revealed in the next Dark Domme
– Ability to romance Madeline!
– Franziska now has a “bad ending” if you piss her off, featuring the most extreme scene in the game (check out at own risk)
– All dominas are now aware of how many times you have chosen a specific fetish with them and comment on it
– Most Dominas received new attack moves
– New combat scripting to hopefully make repeated fights less tedious (again)
– All Dominas received many new triggers for different responses depending on your actions to make them feel more organic and real
– Added “Offer Soul Shard” Katrina and Madeline scenes to their enslavement rooms
– Several bug fixes
New scenes based on the polls:
Katrina: Giantess + Farting
Madeline: Giantess + Toilet
Narcissa: Buttplug Transformation
Mary: Sissyfication + Toilet
Rosita: Giantess
Franziska: Piss + Gasmask + Hidden “Bad Ending”
Mika and Maki: Double Sex Scene + Double Facesitting
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-Reworked all Dominas’ stats, moves and combat
-Added 2 different phases to each Domina battle
-Domina attacks now happen instantly (long asked feature)
-Added 100+ new unlockable skills/spells
-Added class system and skill trees (sub-classes for the Warden, Channeler, Arcanist, Duelist and the Rogue side of Ranger will be added in time)
-Reworked all states (ie bleeding, poison, buffs, debuffs etc)
-Added the Lost random encounters
-Added Weapon Proficiency
-Added Mastery Points
-Added 50+ new items
-Added crafting system
-Added new potions
-Reworked Katrina’s and Madeline’s maps
-Added loss scenes for all Dominas
-Added 2 new characters to be frens with
-Changed look of text windows
-Changed font
-Switched all text windows to the new texture one by one
-Grammar checked the entire game
-Added names to locations that didn’t have them and location names are now shown in the middle
-Added new weapon types
-Added new magic types and elements
-Added new loot
-New arcane fires on the map restore all your attributes
-Gladen Lake is gone, can now restore your Soul Shards through a hotkey
-Can restore however many Soul Shards you want instead of a fixed 7
-New HUD
-Remastered Cerulean Fields tileset (Grim Reaper graphic soon)
-Added ability to gift Katrina or Madeline with a Soul Shard for free to access 4 new scenes in total
-Added new map sections to various realms
-Added new shields (shields are now almost mandatory)
-Grim Reaper now primarily buys your stuff instead of selling you stuff; salable stuff moved to other merchants (otherwise shop list would be way too long)
-Grim Reaper is now a new man (literally but you can’t see it in this update yet)
-A LOT of small changes like changed sound effects, text lines, screen effects etc
Forgot to add the whip weapons in the package, will upload a hotfix for whips and other bugfixes that may happen soon
v3.0.1 Beta
Madeline’s Garden of Mazes.
-Overhaul of Katrina’s realm
-Soul Link: Buffed damage, buffed healing, cost 75
-Flaming Slap: cost 50
-Shadowbound: Invulnerability buffed by 1-2 turns, cost 75
-Starter spells reduced in effectiveness, 50 cost for both (they’re not meant to be effectively used)
-Updated Realm of Dusk map for easier movement
-Katrina buffed in Damage and Defense, healing potions are now required unless you high roll critical strikes
-Katrina’s whip buffed in damage significantly
-Rocks and Gems in the Cerulean Fields now float in the air
-Fixed bug where you could exit the room after the cell escape and break the game
-Fixed a bunch of walk-through objects
-Added missing Enslaved scenes
-Added a 1sec pause after Katrina asks you how you want her to finish you off so you don’t press Pussy Worship accidentally as easily
-Added option to stay in the Keep after told by her to run away in the Wimpy Free ending, instead of being forced to actually run away all the way to the gateway
-Added save option before the final choice
-Added Fullscreen mode in Options
-Fixed typos
First version of the game.

Extras: Official Fan SigFan Sig

Steelmole thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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