Ero Dungeons [Alpha 2.8] [Madodev]

Ero Dungeons [Alpha 2.8] [Madodev]

January 7, 2024F95

Like Darkest Dungeon, but lewd.

You are to establish a new adventurers’ guild in the wastes to the North. However, a corrupting miasma of unsatiable lust still seeps the soil. Send your brave adventurers (female) forth to claim these forbidden lands. But beware, lead and train them well, lest their minds and souls be corrupted by the depraved creatures of these wastes. They will stop at nothing to kidnap your daring adventurers and subject them to unspeakably lewd horrors. So expand your fledgling guild, overcome those misbegotten instruments of desire, and fight your way towards the lewdest dungeon.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-29
Release Date: 2023-12-29
Developer: Madodev Patreon Itch
Censored: No
Version: Alpha 2.8
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Other Games: Ero Witches
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2D Game, Multiple Protagonists, Female Protagonist, Bdsm, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Sex Toys, Tentacles, Fantasy, Mind Control, Rpg, Turn Based Combat, Pregnancy, Lactation
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1. Extract and run.
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Alpha 2.8
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  • Full rework of the class system.
  • Adventurers now have personality traits. These traits influence their personality which is measured on 5 axes.
  • Crests now influence, and are influenced by, personalities. Same with Quirks.
  • A large amount of curios for all dungeon types.
  • A quest system and a large amount of flavor text.
  • Translation support.
  • Healing no longer is no longer percentage based on max HP, instead healing done is increased by WIS and healing received by DEX.
  • The Mental Ward now allows instilling mantras which slowly change the girl’s personality.
  • Bunch of new equipment from hoods to boots. Courtesy of Heretic Angel.
  • Quirks now have icons.
  • There’s a UI for the personalities, which also shows the progress in different crests.
  • There are console commands for setting personalities, traits, and mantras.
  • There’s now an overview of all missions in the overworld.
  • A bunch of collectable doll accessories.
  • Some performance enhancements for larger guilds and the desire panel.
  • Hypno eyes for desire textures.
  • A bunch of new (sometimes cursed) weaponry. Thanks to Meoaim.
  • Icons of goals that the girl is under levelled for are now greyed out.
  • Technicians now prioritize build over reinvigorate.
  • Surgery success can now reach 100%.
  • Changed goals for curse accessories, making the cursed class equips easier to remove.
  • Loot from enemies has been reduced to take curios into account.
  • Cramps token increases cramps chance with 10% instead of 5%.
  • Divine intervention has been buffed, it goes one save further back and resets the random buffer.
  • Armbinder of Adequate Violence now behaves like the Armbinder of Excessive Violence.
  • Vine bangle now only reduces DUR damage by 30%.
  • Save and saveplus tokens now counter blind tokens.
  • You get access to maid jobs a bit earlier.
  • Ratkin Paladin can no longer heal himself.
  • Warspider’s Guard now has a two turn cooldown.
  • Warrior’s Mark Target now adds two vulnerability tokens.
  • Mage’s Blink adds stealth instead of dodge.
  • Mage’s Magic Missile now ignores defensive tokens.
  • Cleric’s Pray now also heals a bit.
  • Cleric’s Shield of Faith now adds riposte.
  • Cleric’s Seamantle now gives two dodgeplus tokens.
  • Cleric’s Bane does a small amount of damage, gives exposure and can no longer be resisted.
  • Rogue’s advance and retreat now deal less damage but have a bleed dot.
  • Rogue’s find weakness now always removes positive tokens.
  • Rogue’s open vein does slightly more bleed damage.
  • Rogue’s upperslice does a small amount of bleed damage.
  • Alchemist’s upper damage ranges have been increased.
  • Chronic Masturbator has been changed and is now a negative quirk.
  • Collar of lust now puts minimum lust at 75 to prevent prisoner’s explosion exploit.
  • You can now hide invalid items when sorting equipment.
  • There are icons for the minimap and you can see adjacent rooms.
  • You can now check missions even if you have an empty party.
  • Clarified when you can’t complete dev goals due to low dungeon difficulty.
  • Added more leeway for clicking towards the next room.
  • Rarity display is now more clear.
  • Spruced up the losing conclusion screen.
  • Sort now sorts on job automatically.
  • You get a summary of guild events after each day.
  • Added minor autosaves in the guild, ensuring that the game saves when employing girls or changing their equipment.
  • Missing gear (through mods or save incompatibility) now shows this clearly instead of turning into a Leather Armor.
  • Adventurering girls are now shown at the top in the guild.
  • Paladin wouldn’t get divine favor if the flagellate didn’t make her bleed.
  • Suggestion effects didn’t actually work
  • Daze on enemies with multiple turns would delete a turn.
  • Added missing massage textures.
  • Stop “Overencumbered” from appearing for a split second when exiting battle.
  • Victory streak no longer starts at 8.
  • Dungeons didn’t get saved in the overworld.
  • Token scaling didn’t work and could crash the game.
  • Daily desire gain didn’t work and could crash the game.
  • When a girl ripostes a dead enemy (e.g. after multiple ripostes) the game would crash.
  • Some randomness, like afflictions, wasn’t kept after saving.
  • Bunny ears no longer prevent wearing earrings while allowing other ear types.
  • Movement indicator would remain visible after switching rooms.
  • Weakness scanners didn’t die if everyone dodged it’s attack.
  • Weakness tokens got highlighted even if the move did no damage.
  • Blind tokens got ignored if the move did no damage.
  • Acid bangle has been removed, so acid bangle (cursed) is the only acid bangle.
  • You now get the infinite gear for a class once unlocked.
  • Lust was incorrectly aligned in combat.
  • You can no longer call preset teams “”
  • You can no longer retreat during the enemy’s turn
  • Right-Clicking the in-combat info no longer opens it again if you were hovering an adventurer.
  • Retreat panel was off-center in the dungeon.
  • Desire panel wouldn’t stay selected in dungeon or combat.
  • Player effects weren’t saved in dungeons.
  • The immobile token wouldn’t always work.
  • Hovering over curse revealed items in the conclusion panel would cause a crash.
  • Healing abilities could crit, but wouldn’t consume crit tokens.
  • Pubes didn’t show on non-Tomo characters.
  • Open Mouth Gag and Penis Gag were cursed without goals.
  • If two girls got ungrappled at the same time only one got ungrappled.
  • Ungrappled girls wouldn’t immediately move other ones back visually.
  • Move goal now only works when moving yourself. It sometimes worked when getting moved before.
  • Incorrect color for trinket slot in EquipmentPanel when swapping between a girl with an unremovable item in that slot, and one without item in that slot.
  • Provision tooltips didn’t show correctly.
  • Guard tokens wouldn’t disappear if the guardian died.
  • Mods didn’t work on Linux.
  • Durability wasn’t displayed in case of items in the dungeon equip group.
  • Forced tokens weren’t recalculated after repairing broken gear.
  • Armorless goal was missing for level 1-2.
  • Minimap curio didn’t reveal minimap.
  • Goal checks could cause crashes when reequipping partially cursed gear that got unequipped after kidnapping or curio.
  • Pick random wasn’t actually random. This caused caverns to be overrepresented in missions.
  • Doubleclicking a girl on a hidden building would unemploy her.
Alpha 2.7
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  • Large lust rework. At maximum lust, girls now get afflicted. They must satisfy this affliction before returning back to 0 lust.
  • Girls now have lewd desires, the higher they get the worse their affliction become. These also decide which type of affliction she’ll get.
  • The tavern has been reworked and now passively reduces lust. You can assign wenches to increase this reduction.
  • The game will now (if you explicitly allow it) gather data analytics for further balancing.
  • Full rework of the hypnotic suggestions and suggestibility system. Suggestibility now decays passively, and suggestions are applied at the end of the dungeon.
  • Full rework of the dungeon generation. Dungeons are now dungeons instead of linear corridors of fights.
  • You can now see the goals of your adventurers at a glance, including whether you have progress in them, including the uncurse goals.
  • Goals now have icons.
  • You can now save and load preset party layouts.
  • When selecting a guarded target, it highlights the guarding enemy.
  • Clicking on the inventory in the main adventurer info now immediately moves to the gear equipment panel.
  • Riposte tokens now show info on the riposte move that is being used.
  • You can now hover over the tokens/dots in the effect information on the adventurer panel.
  • Added overview and glossary buttons to the combat.
  • The tavern now shows a breakdown of your passive lust reduction.
  • The barracks now shows a breakdown of your morale bonus.
  • The moves in the enemy info now show the effects to themselves and the requirements of their moves.
  • Console commands to:
    • Directly add an affliction
    • Modify your current satisfaction
    • Modify a desire value
    • Modify a stat
    • Add an enemy to the current fight
    • Set a players class level to a concrete value instead of just levelup
    • Add a move to your current move choice
    • Uncurse equipment
    • Replace a specific quirk
    • Replace a specific development goal
    • Remove all job locks
  • You can now see the chance that you rolled a girl that good or worse on the stagecoach.
  • The caverns now have a dungeon and combat soundtrack.
  • You now build up a victory streak by succeeding in dungeon missions without retreating. This increases loot gained.
  • The caverns now have a background texture.
  • More weapons (some cursed) for the newer classes.
  • New straitjacket equipment set. Courtesy of Heretic Angel.
  • New bunny equipment set.
  • New rubber equipment set. Courtesy of Orchid.
  • An enema.
  • Building textures and a progressively hornier nurse for the hospital.
  • Some preset parties get small combat bonuses.
  • There’s a new splash screen.
  • There’s now a function to report bugs.
  • Tokens can now force other tokens.
  • I cleaned up a lot of the buttons everywhere.
  • Re-reworked item coloring in the guild inventory.
  • Dungeons now reduce their reward level once their reward pool is empty.
  • A bunch of new quirks.
  • New iris texture for high suggestibility.
  • Cursed items can now fake many different items to keep you on your toes.
  • Corrupted girls are now corrupted over time (and you can see the corruption when you inspect their info panel) instead of all at once.
  • Swift is now a hidden script and shown explicitly in the tooltips.
  • All self targeting moves now explicitly show they target self in their move description.
  • Enemies will no longer equip any item from a set when equipping cursed gear, only predefined ones.
  • More enemies can now equip items and advance crests, primarily in spider and machine encounters.
  • Lowered getting blind and silence token requirements.
  • Holy Bolt had way more impact on the GPU than it should.
  • I refactored the scripting system for moves, this should remedy any bugs related to tokens being applied to the wrong person.
  • Taunt wouldn’t get removed on non-damaging attacks.
  • After going to the provisions screen of a dungeon with no item and exiting the screen, dungeons with items won’t show the item they give on their provision screen.
  • Going to the dungeon provision screen of a dungeon with ‘No effect’ will show the effect of the last selected dungeon.
  • The blink animation was shown above the maid face masks
  • If multiple effects would move a girl, she would only follow the last effect.
  • Animated sprites didn’t work on export.
  • Some equipment would show under the expression in the icon of adventurers.
  • There are now a bunch more automated checks so that missing script implementation will no longer happen (as often).
  • Changing censorship now immediately changes the menu image.
  • The level up of your class was only added to your current class, and not to the backup of this class. This meant you could lose levels upon saving.
  • Items with hidden curse conditions wouldn’t turn infinite correctly.
  • The Fertile quirk didn’t work.
  • The take damage goal didn’t work.
  • You could get the cursed items as a dungeon rewards.
  • Orgasmic afterglow could be removed by removing negative tokens.
  • You could right-click girls in closed building panels to bring up their info panel.
  • Technicians could reinvigorate scrap.
  • Collar of Lust and Nymphomaniac stacked, but only during damage calculations.
  • The recoil script didn’t work.
  • The tavern tutorial was outdated.
  • If you retreated after a girl died to a dot, the girl wouldn’t get kidnapped.
  • You could equip multiple items as long as they had hidden curses.
  • Nobles will no longer skip saves when they name adventurers with capital U or Y.
  • Class level tooltips would show your level instead of their level.
  • There was a layering issue during some grapples.
  • Right clicking the nursery behaved incorrectly.
  • Healing moves removed weakness and hobbled.
  • Incubate tokens can no longer be applied if the target doesn’t have a free outfit slot.
  • Ratkin Lancer’s piercer had no damage type. Also made sure this won’t happen in the future.
  • The indicator for an item that was cursed but no longer was all kinds of fucked up.
  • The cocoon status didn’t show in the info panel.
  • If you ever dragged a girl with the cocoon status, all other icons were cocooned as well.
  • Riposte moves weren’t affected by alter move or replace move.
  • Fixed missing morale movescript and food missing its provision move. Also made sure this type of bug won’t happen again.
  • Self-Defence units didn’t use their punchout move correctly.
  • When machines died of dots, they didn’t leave scrap.
  • If a guard token redirected to an enemy you’d normally be able to hit, you would no longer be able to select that enemy until you reselected the move.
  • If a guard token redirected to an enemy you couldn’t hit, you could select that enemy.
  • Moving back multi-size enemies at position three would move them forward instead.
  • Brows would pop out of hoods.
  • Equipment on hidden body parts (like bracers when wearing an armbinder) wouldn’t be hidden on dungeon sprites.
  • The maid bikini didn’t remove a worn outfit when equipped.
  • Visual bug when recruiting girls while at max capacity.
  • You no longer get half essence from some parasite extractions.
  • Cocooned girls would stop moving after attacking.
  • Forced tokens stuck after the forcing gear got destroyed.
  • Removing an accessory which fitted multiple places, would only remove the first overlapping item.
Alpha 2.6.6
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  • New tracks for the forest, both overworld and combat.
  • New tracks for the lab, both overworld and combat.
  • New Cursed Class: The Cowgirl: Whe who uses her gifts of big boobs to support the team. This comes with lactation tokens and two new breast sizes.
  • New Class: The Noble: A dodge tank with Ripostes. The idea is that a knowledgeable player can keep her out of harms way while she stabs the enemy to death. In Darkest Dungeon terms it’s a grave robber who learned how to Riposte. Great for people who like to see enemies die on the enemy turn.
  • New Class: The Alchemist: A class that deals large amounts of damage but is dangerous to use. She has a swift (so can be used before your actual move) move that greatly increases damage at the cost of accuracy and/or hurting herself and her party. In Darkest Dungeon terms it’s a Leper that decided to switch the sword for a shotgun. Great for people who have a crippling gambling addiction.
  • New Class: The Paladin: A slow start hybrid class between a warrior and a cleric. She builds up momentum with Divine-tokens which she can unleash all at once. In Darkest Dungeon 2 terms it’s like a mix between a Vestal and an Occultist. She also gets a move to undo one turn in combat, because that’s neat.
  • The labs area, filled with new enemies. Enemies in the labs are mostly fucking machines, including a new grappling enemy and a milking machine. The gimmick is that they turn to scrap when they die and can be resurrected by ratkin (or human) technicians.
  • Hypnobat enemies in the caverns, that also leech your life.
  • Parasites (six of them) that attach themselves as parasites.
  • A nursery to insert, grow, and sell parasites (for mana).
  • Textures for the merchant of the nursery and her lewdification.
  • Some new encounters types.
  • Modding support,
  • A hospital for cosmetic changes to your characters.
  • You can now sort the guild inventory (alphabetical by default, also type, rarity, set).
  • Added an infinite symbol to tooltip if item is infinite.
  • Doubleclicking employed girls will now unemploy them.
  • Added sorting options to the girls in the guild (custom, alphabetical, class, level, lust).
  • Completed goals, levels, and uncursings are now shown during combat or in the dungeon conclusion.
  • Reworked the layout and colouring of the class panel in the guild.
  • Reworked the suggestibility tooltips.
  • You can now change the keybinds.
  • There’s now an overview of all DoTs in the glossary.
  • An uncursed cursed item will now have a broken lock in its tooltip.
Minor changes:
  • Added quirks for parasite growth (fertile (+100) – infertile (-100))
  • New prisoner weapon: Armbinder of Adequate Violence.
  • You can now remove positive quirks and lock in negative ones.
  • Console commands that require a target are now more lenient, and will also try to get a player or enemy from a currently open panel.
  • Noble subscribers can now skip between autosaves using ctrl+u and ctrl+y.
  • Added voicelines for dismissal and new classes.
  • Yoke and Featherduster are no longer cursed.
  • Sound sting when equiping cursed item
  • The ratkin paladin can now only use her heal five times per battle.
  • Two items (earrings of protection and earrings of spontaneous orgasms) weren’t included in the loot table.
  • Updated the equipment tutorial.
  • The ‘list’ command now lists stuff alphabetically and also lists provisions and goals.
  • Added a command to set a specific development goal to a player.
  • Added a command to add a provision.
  • Demonic canines are more common nowadays.
  • You can now have a larger roster.
  • Full level cursed classes now confer immunity to the class changing effect of their equipment.
  • So if you are a fully leveled prisoner, you can wear prisoner equipment as any other class without getting turned back into a prisoner.
  • Changed the level curve a tad.
  • There’s a new type of cursed equipment that doesn’t curse on equip but only after a hidden trigger is met.
  • Added a couple new weapons, some of which are cursed.
  • Mark Target move has been reworked.
  • Smoothened out some animations, especially when dying.
  • Your party always got shuffled, even at a 10% chance.
  • Forced dots didn’t work, unless there was also a normal dot of the same type.
  • Very long player names would break all sorts of containers.
  • Updated some building upgrade descriptions to be more clear.
  • A fully upgraded guild would break the Guild Hall panel.
  • The retreat button is now hidden during the tutorial, and those buttons are now aligned properly.
  • The Patreon and Discord link didn’t work in the Settings
  • The dungeon morale wasn’t always an integer.
  • You could still access the equipment panel on a recruit by first selecting it on an already recruited girl.
  • You can no longer access the class panel on recruits.
  • Cutins would show even if the attack (e.g. Incubate) would miss.
  • If a parasite missed Attach, its puppet would disappear.
  • Grapple tokens and faltering tokens would show 100000 turns remaining.
  • Job tooltips now also show the name of the girl.
  • Misanthrope had the effects of Beast Lover and Anthrophile the effects of Beast Fetish.
  • Estrus could kill if the girl was faltering.
  • The guild upgrade panels would get squashed if there were too many veteran recruits.
  • Items can now have multiple types. So you can no longer use gags or visors while wearing a gas mask.
  • Spiderrider is now correctly centered, making it more clear that she takes up two positions.
  • Reworked the versioning system so it’s no longer hardcoded, which fixes stuff like saves from public 2.5.1 not seeming compatible with 2.6.
  • The end dungeons with a parasite goal wasn’t working.
  • The guild camera will no longer move on building panels or when you rename the guild to “WASD guild”.
  • The minimum lust of items would stack, so a Nympho with a Collar of Lust would get a minimum of 100 lust.
  • Dungeon related effects showed up in the guild based on the last visited dungeon.
  • Gas mask didn’t prevent DoTs from non-move sources.
  • If no valid reward was available, the dungeon info at the provisioning screen showed an empty panel.
  • Perfect maid added stealth twice.
  • Mental Ward/Training Field/Nursery would close if you right-clicked a girl for more info.
  • Added role icons for the Patreon tiers.
  • You could reroll the rewards for rescue missions by going in and out of the world map.
  • You couldn’t move girls from the party directly to a job.
  • If you double clicked the lower half of a girl in the guild, the adventurer beneath her would be sent to the party.
  • Completing a dungeon without reward could crash the game.
  • Very long guild names would break the game.
  • Latex hood didn’t block other headgear.
  • Moves that bypass tokens now have their damage displayed correctly.
  • You could reroll gained quirks by hard quitting out of the dungeon conclusion screen.
  • A masturbation lover chronic masturbator didn’t get Masturbate+.
  • Strength tokens didn’t negate weakness tokens.
  • Chastity belts didn’t block masturbation lover’s Masturbate+.
  • Forced moves now have priorities, so the red armbinder will no longer override orgasm and other stuff.
  • Removing lust with a move will no longer work against the “take lust damage” goal.
  • Healing no longer removes silence, strength, crit or other offensive tokens. It will no longer be affected by crit tokens.
  • Combinations of normal tokens and forced tokens would display weirdly.
  • Broken equipment was intact in the kidnap animation.
  • Forced dots combined with normal dots now show turns left.
  • Forced tokens weren’t marked when the attack you used affected them.
  • Fixed some incorrect subtitles.
  • Love added by moves like massage or lick clean didn’t count towards love damage goals
  • Cleanup didn’t target allies.
  • Makeover didn’t add a random positive token.
  • Defeat enemies, get tokens, and take damage goals would only trigger for actions happening as a cause of a move (so no dots or crests).
  • Speed tokens now trigger at round start instead of at turn start, which means they aren’t useless.
  • If you loaded a save where an adventurer was grappled, the game could crash.
  • If an item is broken, it would permanently disable its effect until reloading, even after restoring its durability.
  • Kleptomaniac interacted incorrectly with the loot chests.
  • Bug where interaction with the wooden chest would trigger multiple times when playing by mouse.
  • You can now interact with that chest even if you stand directly next to it.
  • Alternative quirks didn’t work for script conditionals (e.g. gag of temperance didn’t trigger silent support)
  • Some fixes in the tutorials.
  • Only the effect of the last level of a class applied.
  • After swapping, the permanent bonus of a class would apply twice.
  • Equipment of kidnapped girls would disappear.
  • The levelup command didn’t work outside of dungeons.
  • If you select a quirk for locking / removal and switch to the other one, the quirk seems to stay selected but gives an error once you confirm the process.
  • If you started a dungeon without a girl in the first position, you couldn’t lose combats.
  • Chance based timed effects (such as parasites) weren’t shown in the pop overview.
  • Scripts that applied per token, ignored forced tokens.
  • Boob censorship didn’t work with the largest boobs.
  • Boob censorship layer was below the clothing layer.
  • Some corrupted savefiles will be fixed automatically now.
  • Girls would turn invisible if they resisted a grapple.
  • Kneeling puppets didn’t have working larger boobsizes.
  • Cotton underwear showed as latex underwear on larger boobsizes.
  • Lactate would completely brick saves.
  • Veteran cows didn’t get immunity to cow equips.
  • The box of acquired quirk extended all the way to the right in the conclusion panel.
  • Higher level stagecoach adventurers would start with level 1 goals.
  • Block was shown when bypassing block tokens.
  • Icon and class name didn’t update when the equipment changed.
  • Max stat move requirements used the target stat instead of the owner stat.
  • The load console command had some spaces behind the name, making it impossible to use.
  • When navigating with the mouse, you could have some involuntary movement when clicking out of panels.
v2.6.2 – Initial Release
See More
  • Parasites (six of them) that attach themselves as parasites.
  • A nursery to insert, grow, and sell parasites (for mana).
  • Hypnobats, that also leech your life.
  • Textures for the merchant of the nursery and her lewdification.
  • Some New Encounters.
  • Some New Equipment.
  • Some New Quirks.
  • You can now remove positive quirks and lock in negative ones.
  • You can now sort the guild inventory (alphabetical by default, also type, rarity, set).
  • Doubleclicking employed girls will now unemploy them.
  • Completed goals, levels, and uncursings are now shown during combat or in the dungeon conclusion.
  • Added sorting options to the girls in the guild (custom, alphabetical, class, level, lust).
  • A very large amount of bugfixes and minor tweaks. Look at the Itch devlogs for a full list of them.



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