Fantasy Conquest [v0.5] [BerndSnail]

Fantasy Conquest [v0.5] [BerndSnail]

July 11, 2024F95

Chapter 1: Introduction and Rising Conflict (Ends with 0.4)

Players start in a peaceful, rustic environment, engaging in tasks like woodcutting and fishing. As they grow familiar with the world,  a troubling encounter with two cruel soldiers from the evil kingdom disrupts the tranquility, spurring the formation of an initial alliance with the warrior Amazons.

Chapter 2: Roadmap (Starts with v0.5)
The character must rebuild his home after an attack. He meets old acquaintances and forges new alliances.  A quiet woodland is used for raids.  Slowly, he becomes a formidable opponent.  While he conquers coins and loins.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-10
Release Date: 2024-07-09
Developer: BerndSnailPatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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  • The mainstory continues you can rebuild the house
  • You catch the first glimpse of your former neighbors (names and relationships can be modified).
  • First scene with Idalia with a new sexsystem
  • Lingerie for Rachel
  • Some bugfixes and skip option for the fighting minigame (skipoption for breedinggame with cheats)
  • Recruiting the Amazons
  • The mainstory continues in a dramatic way
  • New queststructure
  • Animated sexscenes with Grace & Clea
  • New Lingerie
  • Multiple corrections and adjustments in quests, code and pictures.
  • New minigame – Fighting
  • Woodcheat
  • The story continues and you find your first allies:
  • Discover of the amazons incl. new place, Sexscenes and amazing new breedinggame
  • Expanded cheatzone (new furrycontent)
  • Multiple corrections and adjustments in quests, code and pictures.
  • Fishing tutorial
  • New content with Thalia
  • From now on with an android version
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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The old saves from 0.4.5 worked for me, but I’m not entirely sure if it will be the same for you. Let me know.
Android: GOFILE

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    Fantasy Conquest [v0.5] [BerndSnail]