FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex [v1.5] [MomoGames / Critical Bliss]
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FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex [v1.5] [MomoGames / Critical Bliss]

January 21, 2024F95

Explore a world plunged into chaos, dripping in lewdness and sexual encounters!

Use your newly acquired genderbending abilities as a ‘FlipWitch’ to defeat evil monsters, giant bosses,
and complete quests for a cast of unique and colorful characters.

Adventure through magical forests, deserted dungeons,
and slimy citadels on your quest to defeat the evil Chaos Witch who has corrupted this world into darkness,
and left curses on villagers and monsters.

Save them from these ailments and you will be rewarded with fully animated H-content.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-05
Release Date: 2023-11-28
Developer: MomoGames Steam
Publisher: Critical Bliss TwitterSteam
Censored: No
Version: 1.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Link
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1. Extract and run.
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  • General performance improvements
  • Reduced camera stutter
  • Added game over cutscenes to the Cutscene Gallery (May have to die again to unlock them)
  • Fixed dialogue speed being slow in some situations
  • Fixed bug that could soft-lock you on the Map UI screen
  • Replaced steam’s Easy Mode option with an in-game menu for selecting a difficulty when starting a new game
  • Fixed the game completion icon not being visible at the defeat of the final boss (continue a save and re-save to see it)
  • Changed the Easy Mode starter items
  • Fixed missing Beatrix dialogue line when beating the game and completing every quest (Talking to her now will show you the line if you’ve already done the quests. Also, we’re still planning to revamp the final reward given here)
  • Various equipment UI fixes
  • Various gallery UI fixes
  • Various quest UI fixes (including scrolling not working in languages other than English)
  • Various map UI fixes
  • Various gacha collection UI fixes
  • Attacks now play on button pressed instead of button release
  • Fixed a bug causing the Long Distance Relationship quest to not appear as active or not give the quest item
  • Removed weird sound playing when loading a save file
  • Fixed bug that would show you had done every quest when you still had 1 to go.
  • Reduced the chance of getting stuck on ground corners
  • Automatically pause the game when the game’s window loses focus
  • Talking to Bad Boy after completing Long Distance Relationship quest now gives you 500 coins and plays a ‘kaching’ sound.
  • Removed invisible damage dealing block in Tengoku
  • Fix to prevent player’s cheesing the Goblin Queen
  • Fixed the stunned fx appearing on stunned enemies after killing them and re-entering their room
  • Fixed duplicate stunned fx appearing on stunned enemies
  • Increased the accuracy of Magnetic Hairpin magnetised objects
  • Fixed the Ex-Boyfriend room door not staying open after unlocking
  • Increased the damage done by the final charged ranged attack
  • Fixed the Snapping Plant Enemy being able to attack during its death animation
  • Fixed toxic slime puddles hovering above the ground slightly
  • Added small fx to toxic slime puddles for when the player touches them
  • Cleaned up the Jigoku background
  • Improved ambience to Jigoku
  • Added charge up sound to Ghost Boss beam
  • Fixed Natasha’s interact area being too high up
  • Fixed Dr. Witch Doctor missing some attack sounds
  • Added a missing exit from Fungal Forest to the map
  • Fixed the Tako Red Enemy hitbox not damaging the player correctly
  • Updated Belle’s cutscene
  • Added a Mind Mushroom sound to the Heavenly Daikon room
  • Fixed Pandora’s beams rotating incorrectly
  • Fixed Pandora’s melee attack doing only a tiny amount of damage
  • Fixed the large Chaos Witch midpoint cutscene not resetting her to her correct idle animation
  • Fixed some beam sounds continuing to play their sound after a fight has ended
  • Updated credits for voice actors and other contributors
  • Fixed a missing interact animation for Rover
  • Reworked the UI to prevent it breaking on different supported aspect ratios.
  • Added quest NPC icons to the map.
  • Enabled Steamcloud saving.
  • Inconsistent/slow typing speed now fixed.
  • Added 2 missing cutscenes to the gallery. (The Kyoni quest rewards.)
  • Added missing game over screen for death in the Pipe Zone as a male.
  • Improved backgrounds in game over scenes.
  • Add a map explored percentage tracker.
  • Fixed Gender Flipping and Peach Usage during cutscenes and inventory screen open.
  • Fixed gallery cutscenes vanishing when starting a new game.
  • Added phonebooth interaction in Spirit City.
  • Resized store UI textsize.
  • Fixed Priestess’ interaction animation.
  • Added sounds to the MomoBot booting animation.
  • Fixed teleporters not playing some sounds upon interaction.
  • Fixed ranged items not damaging skeleton guards.
  • General performance changes.
  • Enemy voice updates.
  • Fixed issue with audio emitters.
  • Fixed dialogue text box becoming invisible after purchasing an item.
  • Fixed the missing Summoning Stone 2 for the Summoning Stones quest.
  • Fixed bug that greyed out the continue button if your save file was on the 2nd or 3rd slot. (If this one effected you, your save should still be there!)
  • Enemies now drop more coins. (Except for ‘brutes’)
  • Health and Mana regain from broken jars has been tripled.
  • Fixed the incorrect dialogue the Psychic NPC gave you.
  • Added fix to prevent looping audio when returning to main menu.
  • Changed the particles and damage for the Big Mushroom enemy.
  • Fixed collision issues with the Ghost Boss slam attack and giant Ghost Boss laser.
  • Mimic greeting voice changed and improved audio mix.
  • Deleted some annoyingly placed enemies in Chaos Castle.
  • Made the pipes more visible on the map screen.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Fairy Boss mid battle cutscene from playing.
  • Cleaned up Witchy Woods background.
  • General audio mix adjustments reducing loudness of some gameplay elements.
We’re almost finished with fixing below but it’s not ready to add in a build :
– Map rework, adding icons of NPC’s you’ve interacted with.
– Resolution making Quests Text invisible
– We’re looking into Cloud Saves
– Looking into Unity Screen flickering issue
  • Fixed the Mushroom Sub Boss spawning bug.
  • Fixed issue with achievements not triggering properly. (If already done, missing achievements should unlock on next load)
  • Increased the player’s run speed by roughly 10%.
  • Added a new loading icon.
  • Crystal Destroyed cutscene in Witchy Woods now triggers correctly.
  • Updated the default key bindings for gamepad. (All keys are rebindable, so if the new layout is not to your liking you can adjust them back in the settings > controls menu.)
  • Fixed the Red Wizard costume that displayed the female player frame when ranged attacking.
  • Removed debug text from the Goblin Costume.
  • Fixed missing pixels on the Angler Costume.
  • Corrected wrong text on frog talismans.
  • Adjusted the warp point to Cherry Apartment.
  • Removed the unused secret room in Goblin Caves from the Map Screen.
  • Removed torches that were on the wrong layer in Tengoku
  • Fixed a major issue on Chinese tutorial translation
Developer Notes:
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3121554 1700301591148 | Free Adult Games
  • Handcrafted adult content.
  • Beautiful and unique areas to explore.
  • Flip between forms and collect costumes that allow you to interact with the world in different ways
  • Lots of secrets to find; from hidden NPC’s to rare items and big loot hauls.
  • Fully animated reward sequences.
  • Over 100 lewd animations to unlock.
  • Non-linear quests you can pursue in between dungeons.
  • High quality soundtrack.
  • Retro-feel gameplay.
  • Epic Boss battles.
  • A variety of colorful villagers designs to help
  • Collect Lucky Coins and use them to unlock themed animations at any point in the game.

javajav thanks for the link

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