Strive for Power [v1.0d] [Maverik]
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Strive for Power [v1.0d] [Maverik]

January 21, 2024F95

Strive an adult, text based fantasy themed slave management game in development. You take a role of an aspiring young Mage, who takes a possession over a mansion and aims to achieve greatness by utilizing power, wits and magic, take control over various procedurally generated slaves of over 15 different races. You control your servants, which are used to generate food and gold, but not only that, – mana, utilized by magic, generally can only be acquired from sex. You can brew potions, learn and play with spells, modify servants and yourself at the laboratory, and keep human farm. The turn-based combat allows you to capture and train slaves of different races and upbringings with unique traits.

Thread Updated: 2021-07-17
Release Date: 2019-08-08
Developer: Maverik PatreonItch.ioBlog
Censored: No
Version: 1.0d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Slave, Management, 2dcg, Bdsm, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Furry, Futa/Trans, Gay, Handjob, Harem, Incest, Lesbian, Loli, Male Protagonist, Management, Mind Control, Monster, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Rpg, Slave, Text Based, Trainer, Transformation, Turn Based Combat, Spanking
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1- Extract to desired location
2- Play game
(If the game won’t start download Mesa3D For Windows and put opengl32.dll in the game folder (super slow but starting).)
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Updated Mansion Info.
Small Balance Changers.
Several Bug fixes.
  • Fixed bandages usage
  • Fixed portrait folder selection
  • Fixed some tooltips being unreadable
  • Fixed constants mod
  • Fixed Tisha quest
  • Fixed Nurse occupation crush
  • Fixed Animalistic tattoos on player
  • Fixed Dominant trait preventing stat increase
  • Upgraded to 3.1 engine
  • Switched to gles2.0 with faster portrait loading time
  • Disabled secondary event system
  • Long list of bug fixes provided by Ankmairdor
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  • Invigorate’s stress gain is capped at 10 now (previously could go negative at high maf)
  • Fixed Dark elves gaining bonus mana from sex instead of Drows
  • Fixed assassins not getting bonus 5 damage in combat
  • Fixed a bug with Zoe recruitment in sandbox mode
  • Fixed sex interactions giving normal responses when takers should resist instead
  • Fixed a minor bug with skill cooldowns
  • Fixed merchant specialization not increasing selling item cost
  • Fixed some tattoos not working correctly
  • Fixed some issues with latest sex system additions
  • Added category selection back to the sex system and fixed some issues
  • Reduced frequency of slave speech to 30% of the time
  • Fixed quickstart option
  • Fixed event timers not progressing correctly
  • Maple, Ayda, Yris and Zoe can be recruited in sandbox mod
  • Multiple improvements to sex system, including:
  • Resisting slaves will have to be subdued/tied first
  • If slave had an orgasm during interaction, their lust will be reduced to 0 after it
  • Slaves will occassionally have a request, completing which, will end up in bonus to loyalty/lewdness
  • Every next orgasm for character is slower to obtain
  • You can now assign slaves to occupations which are already taken (i.e. by slaves not present at mansion)
  • Ayda will give her consent after quest line is finished
  • Rebellious tamers won’t do any taming
  • Fixed multiple event related bugs
  • Fixed character effects duration being affected by fear for some reason
  • Fixed a bug related to loading an earlier save with items and spells from previous state
  • Fixed player portrait not saving properly
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  • Fixed event combat leading to crash on rare occassions
  • Fixed old emily sprite not updating correctly when toggled in constants menu
  • Fixed some pregnation related events not scalling properly with custom pregnation settings
Code related:
  • Added tag to races for them to be accessible through sebastian
  • Shop inventory is no longer an inbuilt script
  • Added new icons for boss debuffs
  • Fixed daily events related to slave generation
  • Fixed cave lake area
  • Added new endgame area with 3 bosses (can be unlocked at Umbra)
  • Duplicated mods in load order should be erased
  • Bosses damage has been increased
  • Bosses are more resilient to debuffs
  • “Slam” attack can miss now
  • Ai skill use is more randomized
  • Heal scales better with MAF
  • Mindblast damage against bosses reduced
  • Fixed Guidance not being less effective in underground
  • Fixed wrong races spawning in guilds and few other race issues
Notable Code Changes:
  • explorationregions is now created in globals instead of exploration
  • Area data now also stores music
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  • Fixed Constants mod
  • Fixed Some slave guilds issues
  • Excessive attribute points can now be converted into mansion upgrade points
  • Enchanted items can now be traded at Umbra for random enchanted items (with a chance of multiple enchants)
  • Can set contraceptives for main character
  • Contraceptives also work on males now
  • Enemies no longer spawn with armor until player reaches level 2
  • Added loading screen for mansion load
  • Added dynamic portrait loading (thanks to Kyler2’s mod)
  • Thumbnail creation for portraits is disabled by default
  • Some fixes to the modding code
Notable code changes:
  • Guild spawn and start rules have been added to the races.gd
  • All races existing in race.gd now automatically added to the allracearray (any custom race can be spawned when all races can be spawned
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  • User portraits and bodies should clog the memory considerably less now by creating 100×100 thumbnails
  • Constants mod now supports string arrays, tooltips and has more options
  • Fixed Emily event not triggering for MacOS
  • Added inbuilt mod for constants menu (activate in mods)
  • Updated a few item icons
  • Fixed rebuying slaves giving them additional ‘protect’ skill
  • Fixed some mistypes
  • Fixed some combat issues
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  • Dating screen now displays if intimacy has been already unlocked
  • Added Gear button to player tab
  • Influential and Gifted traits no longer stack (having more children with these traits won’t boost prices/upgrade points)
  • Fixed Ayda’s quest items staying in inventory after they are handed
  • Fixed a bug with Ayda’s quest on game reload
  • Fixed gangrape sequence never triggering after combat
  • Fixed some mistypes
  • Fixed Emily scene not properly unlocking
  • Fixed slave’s sex not properly updating on genital change
  • Fixed multiple typos
  • Fixed slaves from getting relation points with themselves
  • Fixed sex interactions addressing player relatives wrongly
  • Fixed long enemy lists being hidden outside of screen
  • Fixed some issues with mods crashes
  • Nipple fuck can now be initiated with 2 givers
  • Sexual scenes will mention relatives in some cases
  • Relaxing incense action has been removed from sex interactions
  • Base Sex actions per day variable has been added to variables.gd
  • Fixed eye color laboratory change on player character
  • Fixed Emily quest not properly updating on save/load
  • Fixed slaves which should be inaccessible from showing up in jail
  • Fixed slimes trait not preventing them from being modificated
  • Fixed daily event giving floating learn points
  • Fixed mutation not updating slave’s sex
  • Fixed Tisha’s quest
  • Updated new event system refactor
  • Fixed some small issues with mod regex
  • Starting slave now has a number of custom events and a scene
  • Random slave generation should respect age settings better now
  • Fixed some issues with text using ‘you/your’ instead of ‘his/her’ when addressing the player during quests
  • Fixed rescue reward always giving an item
  • Fixed sex/age change of player invisibly resetting max stats during creation
  • Fixed music playing after saving the game even if its disabled
  • Fixed some issues with mysterious book and wyvern/golem loot
  • Fixed frottage orgasm description
  • Fixed a bug with ayda quest after game reload
  • Fixed Alise not responding to hotkeys
  • Fixed hunter spec from providing ludicruous amounts of gold
  • Fixed main menu not showing all saves in load list
  • Fixed an issue causing sometimes orgasms not happening during sex
  • Fixed Alise showing up incorrectly on certian settings
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  • Fixed max stat abuse on char creation
  • Fixed player character menu causing an error
  • Fixed some misstypes
  • Fixed some issues with player generation
  • Fixed relations issue with slaves sharing your bed
  • Fixed ending issue
  • Reversed some of main menu changes
  • Added sidequest for Ayda after main quest completion
  • Added 8 new daily events tied to relations
  • Added new mod support system
  • Removed constants from main menu (to prevent possible issues with user mods)
  • Slaves will change their sex according to their genetalia
  • Slave relations with each other are now synched
  • Fixed not getting item rewards on people rescue
  • Fixed inventory sorting issue
  • Some fixes to the main menu
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  • Fixed a relation function
  • Fixed main menu options and some smaller issues
  • Added cheat option to add Learning points
  • Fixed random images assigning to pregenerated characters
  • Fixed inability to select slaves in some places
  • ‘Reverse portrait’ button will also reverse body image
  • ‘Uncivilized’ trait is no longer considered ‘mental’
  • Added option to assign both body and portrait in same time
  • Updated slave selection screen
  • Added illustration for new Zoe scene
  • Increased difficulty for slaves to accept sex proposal
  • Added basic relations system between slaves
  • Chests now have grades and can be unlocked by either way by selecting a party member
  • Character sprites are used in inventory gear panel now
  • Added 3 new ‘hard’ repetable quests
  • Fixed some inconsistancies to sandbox mode allowing to access Ayda and recruit some other characters
  • Fixed youthing and manturing potions correctly being unlocked on right quest progress
  • Fixed early quests asking for slaves from allowing to select slaves not fitting to the conditions
  • Fixed some item enchants not rounding correctly
  • Fixed ‘Take all’ button
  • Fixed tribal tattoos not boosting awareness
  • Fixed captured state not counting on slave proposal
  • Fixed mindread spell tooltip in combat
  • Fixed sex action counts not adding in statistics
  • Fixed body image replacement for characters with sprites
  • Fixed toxicity mod bug
  • Fixed reverse to default portrait option
  • Fixed double attack animation on animation skip setting
  • Removed not-unlockable teleport from the list
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  • Children now inherit beauty of parent with higher beauty (plus slight random factor)
  • Children now inherit parents’ traits with 80% chance and also might get a new trait with 20% chance (adjustable in variables.gd)
  • Added demo map for easier navigation
  • Added new event for Zoe
  • Added functionality to the “Summon Tentacle” spell
  • Rebalanced end day healing factor
  • Added option to variables.gd to turn back old emily sprite
  • Added new brothel background
  • Added 3 new traits
  • Branding now makes Fear last twice as long
  • Improved reward for Wyvern/Golem boss
  • Fixed some negative stats influencing some parts they shouldn’t
  • Fixed slaves with modified grade not getting obedience modifier bonus/penalty
  • Fixed low obedience modifier on some slaves
  • Fixed negative endurance making slaves pass out from drinking
  • Fixed relatives list showing unborn children
  • Fixed Emily portrait having wrong eye color
  • Fixed obedience enchantment multiplier
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  • Fixed low obedience modifier on some slaves
  • Beauty potion no longer remove ‘Scarred’ trait
  • Deterrent potion no longer removes ‘Sex-crazed’ trait
  • Fixed some effects not applying correctly (i.e. beauty potion)
  • Fixed an issue with slave selection in some cases
  • Added sprite for Forest Spirit
  • Fixed stunned characters not wearing off the debuff
  • Fixed player character sometimes getting random traits on game start
  • Added Clarity Potion to list of brewable items
  • Fixed enemies escape causing combat to freeze
  • Added numeric descriptions to traits
  • Added more traits
  • Added Elixir of Clarity: Allows to remove 1 mental trait
  • Added option to Laboratory to remove physical traits (requires tier 2)
  • Added option to Laboratory to change eye color
  • Added soft random portrait selection from usermade portraits (see options for more details)
  • Added sound volume option in addition to music volume
  • Some potions are added to loot tables
  • End day slave effects now won’t trigger for slaves not present at mansion and are calculated before rules (should prevent accidents when contraception wears off and does not get time to reapply)
  • Slave tooltip now also displays traits
  • Mutation can now provide a random trait
  • Enemies now have more abilities to utilize
  • Heavy Strike now has a chance to stun target
  • Fixed and rebalanced many combat abilitites
  • Fixed impregnation chance
  • Fixed rape defeated sequence sometimes executing wrong
  • Fixed starting slave getting an additional not selected trait
  • Fixed “Escape” action breaking combat on nonescapeable fights
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  • Fixed old saves loading issue
  • Fixed end day issue
  • Fixed MC stat increasing issue
  • Fixed some autosaving issues
  • Engine/executables updated to 3.0.4
  • Frail trait now reduces endurance by 2 (as in item effect)
  • Barrier effect scaling improved from 2 to 3
  • Scarred trait reduces charm instead of confidence
  • Physical stats formulas readjusted (should fix some weird calculations)
  • Enemy characters have 20% chance to keep attribute point unspent
  • Master is immune to lust debuff now
  • Orgasm reduces lust more
  • Fixed attribute points/levels number to always follow game’s formula (market slaves and enemies should always have same amount of spent+unpsent points)
  • Fixed some other trait effects not working
  • Fixed children relatives showing wrong characters
  • Fixed health going over max health in combat
  • Fixed harder enemies not scaling properly with area level
  • Fixed combat abilities ignoring requirements and cooldowns in certain cases
  • Fixed some invalid quest requirements
  • Some other bug fixes
  • Upscaled non-character enemy damage
  • Base character damage increased to 5 from 1
  • Added option to make combat animations quicker
  • Fixed propose intimacy bug
  • Fixed relationship proposal bug
  • Fixed autoattack not properly working
  • Fixed female enemies using male portraits
  • Fixed Mindblast skill
  • Redone relatives screen
  • Added new tooltip for slaves and items
  • Added option to show/hide full body imags in slave tab
  • Added buttons to transfer all items from loot to backpack and from backpack to mansion
  • Hade’s sprite reworked
  • Base skillpoints per level reduced to 2 from 3
  • Replaced grade icon with a new one
  • Rebalanced and animated combat
  • Every 2 levels increase character damage by 1 and health by 5
  • Game now stores separate autosaves for last 3 days
  • Magic affinity damage modifier increased from 2.5 to 4
  • Fixed some rescue encounters crashing
  • Fixed decimals showing during combat
  • Fixed the issue causing additional clicks during game start to get more starting slaves
  • Fixed deterrent potion not curing sex-crazed effect
  • Fixed some repeatable quest descriptions
  • Fixed provision and teleport stone purchase for backpacks
  • Fixed some tooltips sticking after combat
  • Fixed purchased slaves sometimes not being assigned to communal room
  • Fixed enemies not properly using some effects of their gear and some residual stats from it
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  • Fixed some mindread instances not working
  • Fixed an end day bug related to fear
  • Fear spell can now be used during the interaction
  • Fear spell effectiveness grows with Player’s Magic
  • Sedation spell no longer imprves obedience when its very low
  • Sedation spell now also slightly reduces fear
  • Dream spell now benefits from Player’s Magic Affinity but basic effect slightly reduced
  • Slaves won’t ask for Specialization for levelup until level 4
  • Added search option to inventory
  • Added option to rename gear items
  • Slave’s sex in guild now displayed with icon
  • Player group panel now shows slave XP bar instead of lust
  • Datings and sex actions will properly reset slave’s attention
  • Praises and Punishments renamed into Discipline
  • Gift option now improves loyalty
  • Fear now sticks to the slave and lasts for days giving boost to obedience depending on slave’s stats
  • Teaching action now tied to stress instead of mood and cause stress to raise. High wit reduces stress gain
  • Clingy trait will start its effect after 15 loyalty
  • When repairing old save player group will be cleared to fix the removal issue
  • Added new costume and accessory enchantments
  • Fixed a bug causing one of the mutations to fail
  • Fixed toggling abilities from character info in combat not updating ability bar
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  • Number of allowed interactions per day increased by twice until system is better optimized
  • Fixed Intimacy request not working properly
  • Fixed ally targeting spells not functioning correctly
  • Fixed library occupation
  • Redesigned combat GUI
  • Added non-sex interactions system
  • Proposing is now done via interaction menu
  • Slaves now have learning points. They can be acquired from personal interaction and are used to improve skills and stats
  • Same-sex proposal is now less difficult if slave has bisexual or homosexual traits
  • Added illustrations for Maple scenes
  • Repeatable quests now require above 80 obedience instead of 90
  • Mental stats are now trained with Learning points
  • Mental stats no longer acquired from occupations
  • Learning points acquired from interactions, some daily events and library
  • Some occupations and effects no longer reduce mental stats
  • Traits:
  • Slaves have 20% chance to acquire additional trait on generation
  • Coward does not reduce base stats anymore
  • Clever does not alter stats anymore and improves “Teach” effectiveness instead
  • Fixed piercing privates
  • Fixed dialogue window closing on giving away your slaves during the quests
  • Fixed a great deal of various other bugs(actual changelog got lost in the process)
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  • Updated market tab
  • Charm can now be increased with Entertainer job
  • Interaction screen now limitedly supports portraits and full body images
  • Sex-related tasks which previously used unlocked actions for calculation now scale from lewdness
  • Fixed daily events sometimes generating invalid slaves
  • Fixed some more issues with end day not processing properly
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  • Lewdness has been added to Mindread effect
  • Fixed ending sequence
  • Fixed targeting mouse cursor in combat
  • Fixed item dupe bug
  • Enchanted items will be visible on selling and sell for extra price
  • Numpad keys now can also be used for shortcuts
  • Fixed player portrait dragged on the inspect screen
  • Fixed bug with end day energy not restoring (due to some slaves having phantom gear)
  • On slave guild purchase available points are shown again
  • Fixed alchemist’s crash
  • Fixed custom full body images
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Fixed portal button
  • Fixed aphrodisiac appearing in spells
  • Fixed crash related to encountering elfs
  • Presumably fixed corrupted save files issue
  • Fixed spell purchase
  • Fixed resource on support panel
  • Fixed bug with tutorial help when asking about servants
  • Fixed bug when bringing captured slaves home
  • Engine switched to 3.0
  • User Data folder renamed from ‘strive2′ to “Strive’. The overall structure is the same, but old progressdata file is incompatible
  • Slave tab redesigned
  • Old sex system disabled
  • Capturable enemies now inherit stats from the character you would capture
  • Base Health formula is now 50+25*endurance+(5*level/2) (previously 35+20*endurance)
  • Sidequest characters have unique traits now
  • New trait for sidequest characters: “Grateful” – removes Luxury check
  • “Grateful” trait is obtained after progressing their story
  • Added more variations to the inventory race shades
  • Added energy bar to the inventory slave display panel
  • Added footjob action
  • Added few basic portraits for MC to choose from on creation
  • Added enchanted item glow
  • When increasing slave’s endurance current health will also increase
  • Fixed a bug allowing to loot single treasaure chest unlimited number of times
  • Fixed couple of bugs related to mutation effect
  • Fixed aftercombat rape sometimes crashing
  • Fixed aftercombat bug randomly crashing the game on capturing
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  • Fixed undercity boss error
  • Fixed portraits at inventory screen bugging
  • Fixed selling items showing no enchants
  • Fixed brothel repeatable quest
  • Fixed slaves getting stress from being ‘naked’
  • More bugfixes
  • Mage’s Order background updated
  • Fixed gear purchase
  • Fixed bug when someone is removed from party during exploration
  • Fixed some inventory item issues
  • Fixed some combat and exploration bugs (including gaining invincibility with armor)
  • Main game window now has fixed base size of 1360×768
  • Redone inventory and gear gui
  • Added necessary sprites for optional final slave
  • Fixed smashing chest cost no energy
  • Fixed some repeatable quests erros
  • Fixed armor enchantment crashing the game in combat
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  • You can now run from undercity fights
  • Fixed a bug with chasing escaping enemies
  • Fixed a bug causing exhausted slaves to deal way less damage than intended
  • Fixed centaurs having wrong energy
  • Fixed couple of daily events issues
  • Fixed multiple music related issues
  • Minor combat screen improvements
  • Slave’s gear should properly update on sale
  • Screen scale set to basic by default
  • Basic scale corrected to keep aspects
  • Multiple misspells and bug fixes
  • Fixed various combat stun issues
  • Fixed frostford’s main quest parts sometimes allowing to go where you shouldn’t and causing crashes
  • Fixed a bug with slaver guild descripting males with pussy
  • Fixed a bug with purchase of multiple items to backpack
  • Mage order assistant income formula altered (should curve out better with magic affinity)
  • Fixed daily event bug
  • Fixed fucktoy assignement bug
  • Fixed minorus/majorus potions applied on penis
  • Fixed issue cleaning button
  • Minor other fixes
  • Added new spell: Guidance
  • Added more actions to new sex system
  • Food and supplies can now be customized to keep certain amount in mansion by chef and merchants
  • Base food consumption per slave can’t be lower than 3
  • New Cali’s sprite
  • New backgrounds for alchemy and library
  • Slightly reworked and visually improved library
  • Backpack can now be managed from inventory screen
  • Fixed Minorus potion
  • Fixed wrong values in food reduction from having a chef formula (previously agility was twice as effective and wit only half of what it should be)
  • Fixed being stunned preventing character from being target of positive effects
  • Fixed Mute trait preventing slave from accessing levelup requirement
  • Fixed geisha spec being unobtainable
  • Fixed error with new sex desription calling fairies gnomes
  • Fixed some minor quest parts
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  • More bugfixes
  • Added option to sell items from backpack
  • Fixed nympho spec being unobtainable
  • Fixed baby raising sequence
  • Fixed irvan quest
  • Fixed farm and laboratory errors
  • Other bug fixes
  • Fixed bug with Tisha receiving quest
  • Fixed sex job related bugs
  • Fixed pregnancy related bugs
  • Fixed Maturing potion issue
  • Fixed spell purchase
  • Added new sex & punish system
  • Ayneris and Zoe got their sprites
  • Emily sprite has been reworked
  • Nerfed public entertainer occupation a bit
  • Redone outside usage of spells and items
  • You can now purchase items for the backpack from shops
  • Fluid substance and tainted essence shouldn’t be required for levelup until amberguard is unlocked
  • File structure now allows easier addition of new races and body parts
  • Save files store additional info now
  • Revamped slave description during inspection
  • Lots of small GUI improvements
  • Quicksell slaves price slightly increased to compensate rope costs
  • Changed some music tracks for original
  • Fixed bunch of unique character related errors
  • Fixed main quest options not correctly killing your slaves
  • Many inner restructures of code (might improve some performance)
  • Fixed laboratory operations being deadly
  • Fixed escape costing all your energy
  • Fixed tattoos not properly applying effects on first use
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  • Fixed laboratory operations being deadly
  • Fixed player’s items being unqequiped on inventory reopening
  • Fixed whipping punishment having no effect
  • Fixed player accomodating stress
  • Fixed a bug with Cali’s quest
  • Fixed bug with decisions regarding the defeated
  • Fixed autosave function not working properly
Combat changes:
  • Enemies now have numbers after their names to tell appart who is who
  • Most enemies base speed increased
  • Deep Area enemies have +5 speed
  • Spell type damages now deal 2.5 more damage
  • Acid spit base damage reduced to 4 from 5 and manacost reduced to 4 from 5
  • New spell: mind blast – cheap early game attack spell
  • New Enemy Abilities: Stun and Shoot web
Custom portrait changes:
  • Recoded image selection screen
  • Now image search will also check all subfolders
  • Race lock should properly work and ignores gender now
  • You can choose folder for images (only allows folders inside of user://strive2 to prevent possible issues)
  • You can also set full body image for slaves (can be toggled by clicking on portrait, includes unique NPCs’ sprites)
  • Added option to disable all character images during dialogues
  • Reduced height for Emily’s sprite
  • New Gorn and Amberguard backgrounds
  • New Spellbook Sprite
  • Carry weight provided from strength reduced
  • Added new Accessory: Travelling bag (increases max carry weight by 20)
  • Ability requirements will take into account stat bonuses
  • Added mention to the tattoo purposes to mansion upgrades panel
  • Added teleport seals to Shaliq shop
  • Most interactive actions with slave moved to talk function
  • Added option to customize how slaves should call you
  • Alchemy room GUI update
  • Deep Elven Grove renamed into just Elven Grove
  • Unique character sprites should correctly work for talk function
  • Upgraded image selection system: you can also select character sprites now (will be used in dialogues and sex scenes)
  • Ayneris meet chance reduced by twice
  • Resting only restores 25% health now
  • Learned abilities will be automatically added to the active list
  • Gear on sold or lost slaves will be back on inventory or group opening
  • End day should execute a bit faster
  • Alise’s sprite on end day panel will let mouse clicks through
  • Fixed bodyguard specialization: now provide 4 armor and +20% hp.
  • Fixed Gorn Mountains area being inaccessible
  • Fixed error where you could put slave’s health below zero with beating
  • Fixed leveling up from first quest giving wrong amount of skill points
  • Fixed ability to interact with absent slaves in jail
  • Fixed capturing victims not reducing your reputation
  • Fixed oblivion potion
  • Fixed teleportation stones showing up in backpack management
  • Fixed issue with some character sprites after visiting market
  • Fixed After Combat screen not properly counting ropes in possession
  • Fixed rest taking 2 supplies instead of 3

Extra: > 1.0a SAVES MOD

Cheat code: fkfynroh

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The Butler (only girls portraits): ZIPPYWORKUPLOADNOPY

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